Graduate to Maturity By Kronostar (ap)

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Graduate to Maturity By Kronostar (ap)

Postby annonnibler » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:29 am

Graduate to Maturity
By Kronostar

Oooo, I'm so excited! In just a few minutes I'll be getting my diploma and it'll be the start of my new life in the world. It feels like I've been stuck at University forever. And technically that's true since the paper work says it's been 22 years even though in reality it's only been 5.

My new life as an accomplished woman really began back then in the summer of 2004. I was a 17 year old freshman getting a head start on University life. I was so naive and immature back then, but that was soon to change.

Getting accepted to an out-of-state University on a full scholarship my Mom and I were so proud. I was scared to leave home for the first time to a place where I didn't know anybody, but my Mom knew it was my best chance at getting a better life than she had.

My Mom's a hero and she raised me on her own after a teenage indiscretion left her pregnant with me. Only 16 she was abandoned by her family and the dead beat boyfriend and from then on it was just the two of us depending on each other. Being so young she treated me more like an older sister than a mother and one of my goals in life was to return the favour to her.

So there I am, skinny little shy girl alone at a big University and what is it that I do? I fall in love...

He was the dreamiest most perfect man I'd ever met. Smart, considerate, a good dresser and handsome. Problem was he was Professor Robert Beaser my 38 year old History 201 professor and he wasn't interested in a relationship with one of his students.

At least not the young ones like me. There were a couple of mature students I'd jealously watch him flirt with. The 30/40 something women who were finishing a degree they'd let drop decades ago or after a failed relationship were getting a new start on their lives.

The thing was they weren't very pretty in my vain teenage opinion. They looked old and fat with their weathered skin, big asses, flabby arms, thunder thighs, and saggy boobs. And yet Professor Beaser seemed to love them and complimented them for their classic beauty.

My jealousy and yearning for his attention made me eager to appear more mature and I did my best with my makeup and behaviour to rise above my juvenile classmates. But it was to no avail and soon the summer semester ended.

However, a plan was formulating in my mind. Professor Beaser announced he would be gone for the next year to research in Greece and for those of us who enjoyed his class could take History 202 next summer when he returned. I didn't know how, but I made my mind up that by next summer I would change myself in such a way that he would fall in love with me.

With the start of Fall semester and the returning student body I ended up with a new roommate. Sabrina Merano, a grad student. We didn't talk much at first as she kept mostly to herself and her studies, but little did I know she would literally change my life.

Seeing me one day vainly trying to experiment with my makeup to look older she asked me what I was doing. I replied I was trying to look more sophisticated and mature.

She laughed and said that was ironic since she was getting her Master's degree in gerontology, the study of aging. And if I wanted she could help me experiment to really make me an older woman.

At the time I was irritated with her laughter and brushed her off, but I soon changed my mind. Later that week I was celebrating my 18th birthday party. I hadn't made many friends yet, but I was paling around with some seniors and they decided to hit the club. Getting there of course the bouncer checked for ID and I was made out to be the little kid I was and I was subsequently abandoned.

I was in tears on my way home and looking in the mirror at my skinny girl body I cursed my youth. Even though at 18 I was technically an adult woman I felt like a baby. All those compliments from teachers about how mature I was for my age meant nothing. My bony waif of a body was infinitely separated from the classic beauty praised by my beloved Professor.

Going to bed that night I tossed and turned amidst the nightmares, but within them I found some hope. My mother who was in her mid-thirties had a bit of that classic beauty to her. Surely if she had it I would inherit it too? Thinking back over old photos and other women I knew whose beauty was gained over years of life I regained some of my spirit. And yet I needed to reach that stage in less than a year.

Waking up I made a decision. Approaching my roommate I asked her, "Can you make me older?"

Sabrina got the biggest smile on her face and hugged me squeeling that this was perfect and that she would do her best for me. It turned out she'd been struggling with what her graduate project would be and obviously accelerating the aging of an 18 year old young woman was perfect.

The rest of that morning was a whirlwind as she rushed me off to the lab and had me go through all sorts of tests and measurements. I remember only a couple of them since they're the ones that illustrate the most how much I changed over the next 4 years.

I was 5' 7, weighed 114 pounds, my 32X25x34 frame had me in a size 2 dress and though a 32 A bra fit me well I'd always try to fill out a 32 B extra padded bra. Either way I measured it I was XS. I was in very good shape completing most of the exercises with ease.

"Excellent," Sabrina declared. "Now first thing we need to do is to put you on a diet."

"But I'm already tiny, you don't want to make me anorexic?" I asked.

"No, quite the opposite. And you'll love this diet since it'll mainly be sweet tasty food."


"Yes, the thing is because we're aging you, you'll basically be doing the opposite of most diets and anti-aging advice. So what's bad for you is good." Sabrina smiled.

"I guess so..." I muttered as she led me off to what would be the first of many stuffings.

I didn't think it would be so bad as I'd get to eat lots of sweets and desserts along with avoiding the veggies I didn't like anyways, but under Sabrina's critical eye eating soon became a chore and I wondered what I was doing to myself. But then I reminded myself of my goal and how I was quickly blossoming as a voluptuous woman and I plunged on.

Eating more wasn't the only thing Sabrina had me doing. After all I had to accelerate my aging dramatically over the next few months. But Sabrina had a plan and science to help me achieve Professor Beaser's dream body.

The gist of the plan was to be bad to my skin to age it beyond my teenage years and then allow it to heal with the dryness, thicker skin, age spots, slight wrinkles and other signs that I was an older woman.

We did this in 2 parts. One was I started using the toiletries that Sabrina gave me for my hair and skin on a daily basis. Second was more dramatic, but it sure produced results.

I'd heard about how tanning booths can be bad for you, but that hadn't stopped my peers from occasionally using them before a big date or just to look healthy and sexy. However, Sabrina made sure that's not what would happen to me when I used it. Instead using her tanning oils and method I'd end up looking pinkish orange and got plenty of dead skin. I had to be careful not to scrape too much of it off to help me build up the extra skin needed for me to be a mature lady. Thankfully we only did it about every other week or so as it was a rather annoying process.

Thankfully I was so fixated on Professor Beaser that I didn't care to be embarrassed as I transitioned through these very ugly stages. Sabrina was basically my only friend as I couldn't stand my fledgling and rude peers. I was definitely glad to be escaping my rude generation and to take my place as a sophisticated middle aged lady.

The final component of my aging regimen was an amazing bit of science that Sabrina had access to as a graduate student. It was an experimental, though safe she assured me, pharmaceutical product that promoted pseudocyesis. Basically it would make my body think it was pregnant to a much greater extent than birth control pills. So I would gain all the aging effects of pregnancy and child birth without actually being pregnant. I found it kind of ironic since I was still a virgin too.

So with my bath products, over stuffings, tanning sessions, and pregnancy pills I was on my way to becoming an old woman. I could hardly wait, though it was slow going and I hardly noticed any changes in me other than the bad tans as each day went by.

By the time Thanksgiving came along I felt that I didn't look too different from my slim youthful self. I'd gained the freshman 15 in 2 1/2 months, which Sabrina exclaimed was tremendous progress. But despite what the scale said and Sabrina's promise that I was showing signs of being pregnant and older I didn't feel I was much closer to my goal. I was still wearing my clothes though I'll admit they were a bit tighter around my thighs and I was having an easier time pushing out my gut to get a fake belly, but I wanted to be fat and mature NOW.

Still Thanksgiving was the first time my mother had seen me in almost half a year. Since I was going to school out of state it was a long drive home and we didn't have that much money for gas. Besides I was keeping in touch regularly with her by phone. I hadn't told her what I was doing to myself because I didn't want her to stop me and say I was being a silly little girl. I was going to be a big grown woman and soon everyone would see me that way. And I couldn't wait to show off Mr Beaser to her in a few months.

Arriving home for the first time from University she made a big fuss and commented how much I'd grown. She was worried I was stressing myself out too much with classes. I assured her I had things under control. Everytime she mentioned how mature I'd become or talked about me growing up so much it brought a shiver of excitement to me. Maybe I was giving myself too little credit.

After enjoying the biggest Thanksgiving meal of my life up to that point and my mother carefully joking about Freshman 15 and how well her dieting and exercising has been coming along it was time for me to get back. I'd enjoyed reconnecting with her and I could tell our relationship was changing with my growing independence.

Soon enough it was Christmas break and I was back home, but it was amazing the difference a month made in my appearance. My pseudo-pregnancy had finally kicked in and Sabrina said I was probably close to the equivalent beginning of the 2nd trimester and I had a fat belly that couldn't be hid. I'd gotten larger all over and I was definitely favouring my sweat pants over feeling constricted in my formerly favourite jeans that I'd just bought a couple of months ago.

My boobs had also gotten bigger and I was definitely a full B cup, maybe even close to a C cup. I loved rubbing my hands over myself enjoying my skin's new texture and softness. I could even make out the beginnings of the dimpling cellulite was having on my butt and thighs. It was all I could do to finish studying and take my exams to stop from enjoying my body that was definitely looking older. I thought I could definitely pass for being 25, maybe even older.

Coming home again after just a month my mother immediately noted the difference in my physique and confronted me. She was worried I'd gotten pregnant or worse and it took me awhile to calm her down.

Finally sitting her down I confessed that I wanted to be older. That I'd never felt I'd fit in with my generation. I was ready to move beyond my shallow peers and to skip over the puerile young adulthood. Most of all I divulged, that I wanted to truly be her sister and equal.

She was crying and at first stammered, blaming herself for how she raised me and a few other things. But quickly she settled down and accepted it as we hugged each other and she accepted my dream and new life. That would be the last time I called her Mom as from then on she was Stacey to me.

We had a fun break and soon it was time for me to return to school. I'd of course grown some more during my time at home. I was thinking it was definitely time I stopped taking those pills, but I wanted to follow Sabrina's instructions. Still Stacey (Mom) being the wonderful person she is offered me a lot of her old clothes. She'd been successfully dieting while I'd been growing, so the clothes were definitely a god send as I didn't want to spend next semester in sweat pants.

Putting them on felt so right to me. They weren't a perfect fit, but they were close. Posing for a Christmas photo in them I definitely looked like Stacey's younger sister instead of daughter with my bigger body and fine lined face setting off my cheeks and smile.

Getting back to University and reviewing my progress with Sabrina I was happy with my progress as I looked like I was in my mid-to-late 20s and I finally had some awesome female curves. However, Sabrina reminded me of my goal and that I was still too young for Professor Beaser and my body's shape hasn't yet morphed to the classic beauty silhouette praised by him.

She assured me I wasn't that far away from it and that once I'd come to term with the pseudocyesis my body would redistribute it to give me the timeless traditional look of a ripe mother so adored from antiquity.

It would also make the second part of her project much easier and it was something my naive and frivolous mind hadn't even considered. Despite looking more mature, on paper and legally I was still 18. So if I wanted any chance of seducing Professor Beaser, especially with him having access to the class list, I'd need to change my bureaucratic age to match my body's and Professor Beaser preferential age.

During the weeks that Sabrina and I formulated our plan I continued with my aging treatments. As we came closer to a solution I realised that it would mean I would be older than my mother. It was weird to think I'd be the older sister, but then I started to like the idea and thought it was very suitable to my dream. It would take awhile to get all the necessary (and illegal) paperwork, but there was still a couple of months till I reached maturity.

Once I committed to staying the course Sabrina set to work. One of the many interesting things she did to confirm my soon to be age was to give me a placebo smallpox shot to the arm. She wisely said I needed the scar to prove I was born before 1972 when they stopped doing them. I'd always marvelled at the weird dimple many older people had on their arms and now I had one too to show I'd lived during that era.

Since I was leaving my Y generation behind to embrace becoming an early Gen Xer I studied a lot of cultural history to better fit in. It was pretty easy considering Stacey and I had very similar tastes and I'd always had a soft spot for 80s music. I was wearing most of Stacey's old clothes and the few new things I'd bought were age appropriate, not to mention necessary to support and flatter my bloated body. By this time I'd also gotten a more appropriate hairstyle. I went for a Milf style that would have me fit in well with the Desperate housewives.

Continuing on I finished my fake pregnancy. I'd had it easy compared to most real mothers though the pregnancy had still taken it's toll on my body. Though my belly hadn't swollen enormously because I didn't have a real baby in me I still had gained quite a few proud stretch marks. My hip bones had also relaxed and gotten much wider. They complimented my nice round and jiggling butt very nicely.

Of course all of this change had made even some of Stacey's old clothes too tight and small for me and she'd been a size 12. Sabrina reassured me that I'd lose some weight now that the pregnancy was finished and that I might be close to a size 12 once I finished lactating.

Yes, lactating. I felt like a cow sometimes and Sabrina certainly treated me like one. My once small breasts had exploded to an enormous size from eating and those hormones. I felt like I was walking around with two erect torpedoes glued to my chest. Again I was assured that would subside too and that they'd soon settle on a proper shape and size.

Going through Sabrina's milking program was bliss in some moments and torture during others. She was committed to my complete aging and with her super powerful vacuum suction cups and schedule it wasn't long till she'd stretched and squeezed my breasts down to their new shape and size. Gone forever were my once perky B cups replaced by sagging DD cup mature boobs. No longer would I ever be able to go bra-less again; with their added heft and expanded sway I needed the thick supportive bras that you couldn't purchase at Victoria's Secret. It took me a bit, but I soon loved them.

With my body finally having settled down and achieved it's new foundation and shape I was ready to claim my rightful age as I showed off the curves I'd earned wearing size 14/large clothes and lines denoting my age etched permanently on my face.

It was a fairly simple plan and exploited the weakness in bureaucracy. Sabrina using her connections had gotten a friend in the school's IT office to change my age on the student records. We'd also gotten a counterfeit birth certificate. It looked almost the same as my original though of course aged to make the paper seem older. The only difference was now instead of stating I was born in 1986 it read that I was born in 1968. A simple number switch that I'd use to convince the authorities that someone had made a mistake entering my information.

I was very nervous when I went to the DMV with my lame "I lost it" story. But the lady was very kind and understanding and as she printed off a new one for me and remarked on the age discrepancy. We joked about how nice it would be to be 18 again and that she couldn't legally let me keep it while she corrected some young lazy punk's data entry error. It wasn't long till I had my legitimate state driver's license that declared I was now 36, double my physical age of 18.

Going to the social security office that the University's scholarship committee had discovered a discrepancy about my age it was the same story and that nameless lazy young data entry person was blamed yet again. We joked that it was a good thing I wasn't 18 because by that time there might not be any social security benefits left for me.

After the last round of tests and exercises I flubbed horribly, which made Sabrina very pleased she stated she was finished with her experiment and she was certain to get good praises for it. She thanked me and wished me well as we went our separate ways.

So there I was at the end of winter semester having achieved my dream body. The body I'd been so scornful and jealous of the summer before and now I relished in those characteristics that marked me as a fat mature woman. I'd achieved in less than a year what takes some women a lifetime-the ideal classic beauty praised through the ages.

Coming home for the Spring semester break, Stacey was amazed at the final changes that truly made me her older sister. Of course I'd been keeping her up to date with frequent phone calls and even emailing a few pics. But seeing us together in person it drove home my metamorphosis from a skinny and unsure teenage daughter to a mature and confidently voluptuous older sister. We hugged quite a bit and of course we both loved that there was more of me to hug.

We decided to celebrate my new birth and our sisterhood and headed for a small beach vacation. I needed to relax and of course get a real tan before going back for Summer semester's history 202 class and my date with destiny.

At the beach I definitely did not fit in with the raucous teenagers, so Stacey and I found a quieter part. I was wearing one of her old one piece swimsuits that we both thought looked splendid on me. I won't ever be wearing a bikini again with this body, it just wouldn't be appropriate and I feel much more secure in a one piece.

Stacey was looking gorgeous in her new tankini. She's been taking care of herself very well and needed a new swimsuit to show off her slimmer form. Running and playing around she was definitely the one in better shape, but then she's the younger sister.

All in all it was a wonderful vacation that allowed Stacey and I to more completely bond as sisters along with giving me the rest I needed and a fresh perspective before starting up at school again. I also had a great tan that didn't leave me looking orangish pink, I was through with rapid photo-aging and was going to do my best to preserve my looks at the peak ripeness of a woman's beauty.

Getting back to University it was like a dream. Returning to campus as a new person I definitely felt set apart from the younger generation. People did treat me differently than they treated my 17 year old self when I came here last year. I was being treated with more respect and I was looked at as a real person.

Of course the person I wanted looking at me was back and looking more gorgeous and refined than ever. Professor Beaser was back and teaching with greater zeal charged up from his long research trip abroad. He confessed it was probably going to be his last long one for a while as he felt like he needed to start settling down. Of course my heart fluttered at that and increased my determination and hope.

He never made the connection to my old self from last year. Probably because I was a wall flower back then and just blended in with the countless freshman girls he'd taught over the years. But now I was in full bloom and showing off the classic beauty he'd praised in his lessons. And boy did he notice me now.

It was so fun at first teasing him. I felt I had the power as I could tell he was attracted to me and this would sometimes cause him to trip up during the lessons. I did my best to control my hormones like a grown woman and kept up our game of flirting while finding more and more reasons to be together with him academically.

Then, part way through the semester he all but confessed his love to me though stated he couldn't pursue a romantic relationship with one of his students. I played along, especially since the semester would soon be over and we continued to have lunches together and tours of the library and the museums as "teacher and student".

Finally, Summer was over and we began to officially date. Our first formal date was a romantic dinner at a high class restaurant to celebrate my 37th birthday. It was all I could do not to cry in happiness over everything that night.

Unfortunately, we soon got busy with class work and couldn't see each other as much as the semester progressed. Things were definitely going well between us, but we had our own personal responsibilities. However, he had promised to spend Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and I, so I looked forward to the end of November with a lot of yearning.

Thanksgiving finally came and I got to introduce my sister to my boyfriend Robert Beaser, Professor of History. It was a lovely dinner and Stacey and Robert got along real well. He was full of compliments and praises for her as she showed off her cooking and fit body. She helped keep him entertained while I worked on a school project. On the surface I thought nothing of it, but deep down in later reflection I knew I was jealous.

Understandably, in the final rush up to the end of the semester I hardly saw Robert. I didn't think too much of it as I looked forward to Christmas even though we hadn't made any definite plans. It was only during the middle of my exams that I learned that he and Stacey had taken off for a Christmas vacation in Greece!

I was crushed! In tears for days because of what had happened. Here I'd literally changed my body and identity to become the person Robert would love and he leaves me for my younger and better looking mother. And my Mom/sister who is supposed to love me and look after me goes and steals my dream boyfriend. I didn't know what to make of any of it and all I could do was cry and drown my sorrows in sweets.

Finally on New Year's day I decide to make a new beginning. Looking at myself in the mirror I see a body barely recognizable from the one I had a little over a year ago. My face no longer has the youthful shy naïveté and instead now shows lines of experience and eyes wise beyond their years. My once slim and boy-like body has thickened and filled out to that of a woman's. My large pendulous and saggy breasts, wide hips, permanent paunch, and big butt could never hope to fit in my old clothes. The world and even my former mother didn't see me as a teenage girl who needed looking after, but as a self-reliant woman who'd been able to look after herself in the world for years. I see who I am and accept myself and love myself for me. I am a sophisticated lovely 37 year old woman making a place for myself in the world. There's no turning back time.

And of course time continued ending up with today and my graduation with the class of 2009. I'd taken a bit longer in University since I changed my major and had to deal with some emotional issues years earlier. But now I was 40 and graduating with a Bachelors of Science in gerontology, I'm somewhat an expert now.

Sabrina helped me get started before she took off to the west coast to work on her PhD. I've even got a job at the seniors' home where I did my internships. It's wonderful working with them and I definitely felt part of the family with the other staff members. The residents love my youthful spirit and they certainly help me feel young and appreciate my age.

Of course I made up with my sister Stacey like any mature person would. It was simple young exuberance that had had them jetting off earlier. She's also continued to keep my secret though she came close to revealing it when on my last birthday she was drunkenly making jokes about me being the first to turn 40 before her and go over the hill.

She and Robert soon got married after returning from Greece. I joked about it being a shotgun wedding since she got pregnant over there, but we were able to pull off a lovely spring wedding before her bump got too noticeable. The two of them bought a house not too far from campus, so it's been great having family close by while I finish school. And get this, Stacey gave birth to a darling baby girl on my birthday! The cutest little girl there ever was is named after her most fabulous Auntey -- ME!

Also, in addition to my family cheering me on this special day I've also got a special someone in the auditorium too. He's a law student I've been dating for awhile who loves being in a relationship with a cougar instead of a young and immature co-ed. He kids me about it quite frequently, of course I haven't told him that the joke's really on him.

Well in just a few minutes my name will be called and I'll be prepared to move onto the next chapter of my life. Life is only getting better and I'm sure that unlike some of my past courses I won't have to speed-read and skip ahead like I did with this last one.

The End
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Re: Graduate to Maturity By Kronostar (ap)

Postby arfan5890 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:08 pm

I enjoyed every delicious detail of her transformation process and how well Sabrina fit into the storyline. You made my day with this wonderful story and I especially loved the ending.
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