Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

Postby dagolfer » Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:58 pm

Such a great story! It's good to have something a bit different to read.
I'm looking forward to reading more.

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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

Postby bstretcher20 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:37 pm

7 - Part 2

Over the next few days Matt and Nicole got reacquainted with each other's bodies.
Nicole's sex drive was through the roof and Matt popped a boner each time the touched her or started at her too long.
Her large G cup tits wobbled around a lot when she moved and did chores around the house. Nicole had started complaining about some back ache each evening. Her massive jugs were a far-cry from the once perky C cups boobies she once had and a bit more maintenance, but they both couldn't keep their hands of them. Her nipples pointed down much lower and her boobs had expanded wider on her chest, but they both accepted that as just par for the course with such large breasts.

They had tried to have regular sex a few times, but Matt's small 5 incher simply couldn't give Nicole enough friction in her cunt to get her off. She eventually confessed to him that she was using a special cream from Rebecca that caused her labia to enlarge and also showed him the large purple dildo she had. It cleared up some things Matt had wondered about, but he felt a pang of hurt as he realized he was now definitely too small to satisfy his wife completely.

After a long discussion they agreed that their relationship was more than just sex, but about love and companionship. They could both accept each other, kinks and all. Matt made peace with Nicole getting pounded hard by the purple 15 inch dildo and their neighbors on occasion. He mostly consoled himself by the fact that he would be able to return to the fountain in a year’s time and enlarge his dick properly.

Nicole had started giving her husband a lot more hand jobs to finish him off. The bjs were tricky and she choked a lot on his long foreskin. Matt also still enjoyed humping away at her stretched out cunt, but didn't do it too often as it did little for her.

They had their neighbors, Kate and Josh over every few days for their orgies where they all partook in the fun they could offer each other with their bodies. Josh could fill Nicole up in ways that Matt couldn't, but Matt resided in the fact that he could still satisfy his wife in other ways.

It was around this time that Nicole had stopped using the pill. She remembered that her GP had told her that it took a few months for your body to reacclimatise its hormone levels properly and it could take a while before you could fall pregnant.
It was for this reason that it came as a big surprise that Nicole found out she was pregnant the very next week.

"How did this even happen?" Matt asked her the morning she tested positive with a pregnancy test.

"I'm not sure, I guess you’re more potent that we thought."

"Or your more fertile than we thought, I think that's the more likely cause here." Matt laughed looking her over.

Nicole had felt queasy the past 2 mornings and her period had been a day late. She then called up Kate for a pregnancy test, just to be sure. That same morning the test confirmed what she suspected.

"I thought you were on the pill?" Matt asked as he suddenly remembered about it.

"I was!" Nicole said a bit too defensively. "I had only stopped taking it last week. I wanted to tell you, but I shouldn't have been able to get pregnant this soon already."

Matt was silent for a long time as he thought it over.
"It’s actually alright, its good news. I was thinking lately that we should starting a family."

"Really, you think so?"

"Yes definitely, we have a good home and income, and this is a great area to raise kids in. So much open space and its safe."

"Yay! This is awesome!" Nicole chimed as she jumped into his arms.
Matt was almost overwhelmed by the sudden boob bomb that hit him, but he held her tight against him.
He could feel her hairy snatch moisten his abdomen where her legs wrapped around him. Their embrace ended and their celebratory sex started.

Matt carried her over to the bed where he collapsed onto her, his erect prick falling into her sopping hole as he did.
"Hmmmm, someone got all excited." She smiled as she felt her husband's meager dick poking around inside her.

Nicole let Matt hump away at her for a few minutes while she pulled and twisted on her long nipples.
Matt grunted and went stiff. That's how she knew he had cum. She never felt him shoot his load into her anymore, it just got caught up in his long foreskin and dribbled out.
Matt lay on top of her, enjoying the feeling for another few seconds before extracting his himself from her cavern.
He retrieved her large dildo from the night stand and buried it in one go into her pussy.
He repeatedly pulled it out and stuffed it back into her to the sound of wet sloshing noises.

Nicole rubbed her hard clit as fast as she could and came several times before Matt stopped when his arm got tired.
He left the large dildo in her cunt and took a step back while wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Gonna grab a quick shower, that was great love."

"Hmmmm, yes it was." She replied just enjoying the feeling.

Matt took a shower and Nicole took a short nap, letting the huge dildo slowly slide out of her loose snatch.

After their little celebration, Nicole called up her friends with the good news. She also called her sister Bianca with the news who insisted on coming to visit them soon. Nicole made arrangements for Bianca to come over in 2 weeks.

Nicole had not seen her sister since moving out to Lake Pleasantview. Bianca was a year older than Nicole, but she looked very similar. Bianca was married to John and they live about an hour's drive away.
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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

Postby bstretcher20 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:19 pm

===Chapter 8===

The past 2 weeks had flown by in a whirl of celebrations with locals on the big news of their pregnancy and in preparation for Nicole's sister coming over for a visit.
When Rebecca and Samuel had discovered the news one evening, Samuel took Matt aside and reminded him about the traditions regarding the fountain.
"What do you mean, I can't go back?" Matt asked without trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Nicole's pregnant Matt, the rules are clear, you cannot return into the water. I must say that I never expected you guys to get pregnant this soon." Samuel explained.

"So you're saying I've got this long foreskin now, thanks to the 'magic fountain', and now I won't be able to go back in a year and have my dick enlarged properly to grow into this trunk?"
As Matt spoke he held up his dick to emphasize how his long foreskin dangled off the end.

"Afraid so Matt." Samuel replied with a pained expression on his face.

Matt was shocked by this news. He had been dealing with his weirdly long foreskin and the new love making routine with his wife while knowing that it was temporary. How was Nicole going to take the news that her husband was stuck with a short dick and overly long foreskin?

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nicole were in the house where Rebecca was admiring Nicole's growing baby bump.
"You're coming along nicely." Rebecca observed.
As she ran her hand over Nicole's lower abdomen through the hair that led out from her pubic region, she noticed how Nicole's labia seemed to hang out way more than she ever remembered.

"Are you still using that cream I gave you?"

Nicole's eyes went wide and she blushed.
"Yes, everyday just like you said."

"Well I think it's done its job now wouldn't you say? You guys are expecting."

"I guess so, yea. There's not that much left anyway. I'll probably just finish it off, if you don't mind?"

Rebecca now looked surprised. "Not much left? How much of the stuff did you use?"
Rebecca leaned in closer and pulled Nicole's dangling lips out from the forest of pubes.

Nicole felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Rebecca stretched out Nicole’s lips out to over 4 inches.
"Well! You certainly made, uhhh progress. You have some of the longest lips I've seen, and quite dark too."

Rebecca let go as she noticed there was moisture leaking out onto her hands from Nicole's ever wet pussy.

Rebecca stepped back and looked Nicole over again.
"Did you put cream on your nipples?"

Nicole nodded.

"Alright well that explains these two saucers." she said indicating Nicole's massive brown areolas.
The areolas covered half of the front of her H-Cup mams and the two inch teats at their ends looked like they had already nursed a few babies.

"Rebecca, can I tell you something?" Nicole said, sounding timid.

"You're addicted to the cream?" Rebecca said in anticipation.

"How did you.."

"I've seen it before. The effects of the cream can be pretty, sensual and exiting. It's not just men that obsess over enlarging their, equipment you know." Rebecca explained.

"So you're not upset?"

"No no, not at all, but you are pregnant now, so I would say the cream has done its job of enticing your husband.
Just promise me you won't go looking for more once you finish the cream you still have left, alright?"

"I promise!" Nicole blurted out relieved.

The two hugged briefly in a tsunami of breast flesh and then returned to the men.

Nicole had asked Kate to join her in a shopping trip the day before Bianca, Nicole's sister arrived.
She had been living in the nude for so long she wasn't so sure about which clothes would still fit her.
They arranged to meet up outside the Gap store.

Kate arrived a few minutes early and was standing outside waiting for Nicole to arrive.
She was wearing one of a few dresses she owned and used on days like this or when she needed to go shopping in the world outside of their nudist community. Her large J-cups sat tightly in the maternity bra she wore and her summer dress came over her large bust and hung down to her knees. It always felt wrong to wear tight restrictive clothes after being free and in the nude for long period.

Kate noticed a woman walking up to her in a very unflattering hoodie and sweat pants. The woman was obviously not wearing a bra, evident by the way her huge tits wobbled about.
Kate realized this woman was Nicole!

Nicole's hair was tied back into a long pony tail and she smiled nervously at Kate as she approached.

"Hi Kate."

"Hey hey! This your first time back in the world of the clothed?"

"It's been a while, is it that obvious?" Nicole joked, knowing full well how poorly her outfit sat on her.
"Matt usually gets the month's groceries. I honestly think this is the first time I've put on clothes since we arrived at Lake Pleasantview."

"Don't worry, we'll get you fixed up real quick." Kate winked at her
"So what kind of outfits do you need?"

"Honestly, everything." Nicole admitted.
"I've kind of outgrown all my old clothes, even my underwear."

"Gosh alright. Let’s start from the inside out then. There's an underwear shop just over there." Kate pointed.
"Ohh I just remembered that there's a nice lingerie store a bit further in the mall as well. We should get you some nice things there. I'm sure Matt would appreciate some sexy underwear, seeing as you want to be clothed the whole time your sister is visiting."

"I'm not so sure about the lingerie Kate, have you seen my body lately?" Nicole asked rhetorically.
"My boobs are bigger, and heavier than ever and I've got this baby filling out my stomach."

"Nonsense! You are a walking testament to female fertility, you need to own it."

Nicole wasn't too sure about that last comment, but Matt definitely seemed to appreciate her figure.

Kate asked Nicole to go grab a change room, while she choose a few items for her to try on.
While waiting in the change room, Nicole removed her big hoodie to let her large boobs hang free and her ill-fitting sweat pants, with no underwear underneath. Nicole cursed her horny pussy which was already leaking down her leg. Did she have time for a quick orgasm before Kate returned?

Kate yanked the curtain to the change room open and gave Nicole a fright where she was standing with a tissue trying to dry her leaky pussy. Nicole was sure a few other shoppers outside the change room got a good look at her naked form, but she was used to people seeing her naked after the past few months.

"Alright, here we go." Kate said handing Nicole the first bra and matching panties.
"I had to guess your size, so we can start with this and I got a few larger ones also."

The lacy blue bra seemed very small to Nicole, but she tried it nonetheless.

"O my! Well that's definitely not going to work." Kate said as she saw that the cups of the bra didn't even cover Nicole's huge areolas. "Your nipples are pretty massive Nicole, I must say."

Nicole looked at the label on the bra, which read 34-F.

"I know, it’s crazy how big they have gotten lately."

They tried another few pairs and eventually settled on an H-cup bra that could at least cover most of her nipples.
Her dark areolas still peeked out at the top.

The panties were a different story. The ones that covered her luscious ass did little to hide her large pussy.
She had hair sticking out the top and sides of all of them and her thick labia either bunched up uncomfortably inside the panties or bulged out the sides.

After 20 minutes of trying different underwear, Nicole had a pile of wet panties lying in a bunch, that she was not willing to buy, they all were just too uncomfortable.

Kate agreed that the panties were definitely a problem, but insisted that Nicole at least take a few pairs in case she needed them.

"These are all pretty, uhh wet already Nicole, so might as well just take a few."

"I guess you're right, might as well just wear them to stop this dammed leaky tap between my legs while my sister is over."

"Do you think it's the pregnancy or something causing you to, like be this moist?" Kate asked trying not to make Nicole more embarrassed than she already was.

"Can I confess something to you?" Nicole asked.

"Sure of course, anything."

Nicole looked at her friend for a second, biting her lip.
"So I've been using that cream Rebecca gave me, and well it work and made my pussy lips larger."

"Alright.." Kate nodded.

"And well, obvious Matt enjoyed the results, we're pregnant and having more sex than ever.
The problem is just that the stuff also made me much more sensitive, down here." She said, reaching down and grabbing a handful of pussy.

"That's what I guessed, when I saw what you were packing when we started. Many of the other woman in Lake Pleasantview also used Rebecca's secret cream. I suppose, you just used a bit more than usual."

"I used it on my nipples also Kate!" Nicole said sounding more desperate.
"Look how big they are, a bra can barely even hide them. It just feels so good and I'm horny all the time.
And when I get horny, I want to use more cream."
Nicole sat down on the bench in the change room with her face in her hands.

"It's alright, you’re pregnant, and your body is giving you a rush of hormones. You'll get better at dealing with your new libido over time."

"You think so?" Nicole said with hope in her voice.

"Yes! Definitely, and until then we can help each other out. Let me help you get more comfortable."
Kate winked at Nicole and pushed her down to sit on the edge of the bench in the change room.

Nicole knew where this was going and opened her legs wide for Kate.
Kate pulled open Nicole’s dangly pussy lips with one hand and the other made into a fist, she pushed into her sopping hole with little resistance.

Nicole leaned knack and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of relief that she needed.
Kate moved her fist in and out of Nicole's large cunt with more speed and tugged forcefully on her labia.
She hoped that no one outside the changing room could hear the wet sloshing sounds emanating from their fisting session.

Kate was pumping some ways past her writs, faster and faster while Nicole's hairy snatch leaked previously onto the floor beneath.

Nicole bit down on her arm as she came to stop from screaming out loud, while Kate had to block the spray of womanly nectar shooting out of the vagina in front of her.

They both just stayed in that position, with Kate's arm buried up Nicole's hole and waited to see if anyone heard them and was coming to bust them. No one came.

"That should hold you over for some time." Kate said extracting her drenched fist.

"Thanks Kate, you’re the best." Nicole said standing on shaky legs and donning her ill-fitting outfit again.

Both ladies got cleaned up as best they could, left the changing rooms and paid for the clothes.
They did get a few odd looks from the cashier who had to handle the soiled underwear.

They stopped at a few other shops to get Nicole some casual wear. Most consisted of a loose top with a skirt and dresses.
All the pants they tried on made a pretty obvious camel toe and her moisture seeped through them pretty fast.
Despite that they ended up getting a few jeans and jean shorts, just in case.

Their last stop was at the sex shop to buy Nicole a few new toys.
Nicole was already using a very large 15 inch dildo that her hole had gotten accustomed to, but she longed for that tight feeling again.
The shop didn't have anything in the size Nicole wanted but after asking the owner, they were presented with a few novelty XL dildos that were mostly meant as jokes for bachelorette parties.

Nicole and Kate went along with that premise and said it was a gag gift for someone else.
Nicole decided on a giant black dildo that was 16 inches long and 6 inches wide with a big bulbous head that was probably 7 inches at the widest point.

Kate also talked Nicole into getting some labia jewellery in the form of little clamps with chains attached to them.
Nicole wasn't able to try them on but was assured that they would feel great hanging off her enlarged pussy lips.
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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

Postby bstretcher20 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:10 pm

Chapter 8 - part 2

Nicole's sister Bianca and husband John were on their way over and would be arriving any minute now.
Matt was feeling pretty comfortable in clothes again and thankful for the fact that he would not have to explain his awkwardly long foreskin to his sister-in-law. He was dressed in a plan shirt and shorts with sandals.

Nicole was wearing one of her new dresses. It was a red and white floral design with sleeves that came down halfway on her arms. The dress ended just above her knees. The top part, which had a v-cut, revealed a good amount of cleavage and she had to adjust it every few minutes to stop her pink bra from showing. Her massive tits which were squashed into the J-cup bra barely contained her massive assets and her wide areolas peeked out over the edges every chance they got. Unfortunately even the bra and dress could do little to hide her fat nipples that were visibly poking into the material.

"This is so uncomfortable." Nicole complained as she showed Matt her outfit.

"You look good love, just a few days of this and then we can hang around naked again."

Nicole gave him a hesitant look. "I am seriously considering we just tell them about our nudist lifestyle and get it over with. They might even be open minded enough to shed their inhibitions and clothes for one weekend."

"Alright, well let’s just see how it goes first. A lot has changed since the last time we saw them."

Their discussion was interrupted by a knock on the front door.

"That must be them." Nicole walked over to open the door, noticing how much her boobs wobble about in her bra.

Nicole pulled open the door to reveal her older sister and husband.

"Nikky!" Bianca shouted as she threw open her arms for a hug. "Nikky...?" She repeated frozen in place with her arms extended.

"Yes, it’s me!" Nicole laughed nervously.

Eventually Bianca stepped forward and embraced her sister in a squishy hug against a tidal wave of boobs.

"You've changed! Like a lot." Bianca said still trying to wrap her head around her sister's new appearance.

"I know, I'll tell you everything, later."

Nicole greeted John, who looked just as surprised.
Bianca commented on how at least Matt was still the same person they knew.

Seeing Nicole stand next to her sister, most people would not judge them to be sisters. Bianca had short dark hair and was slightly taller than Nicole. She had a respectable 34 C-cup bust, similar to what Nicole used to be with a slim waist and athletic legs.
Nicole's form was dominated by her large breasts and her wavy golden hair was a stark contrast to Bianca's dark hair.

They all sat in the lounge and had some drinks.
Bianca asked about their new house and the surrounding area.
They explained how relaxing it was living here and working from home for Matt.

"And just look at how tanned you are now, you guys probably spend a lot of time at the lake." Bianca remarked.

"I get there fairly often, Matt a bit less, with his work and all." Nicole explained.

"And how far along are you sis? You seem to have, developed a bit already." Bianca motioned to Nicole's busty figure.

"Maybe about 2 or 3 weeks now. It's probably not all baby growth, you know this country living has been good for my figure." She joked.

"Alright, well you look really healthy. I think I see now what people are always going on about pregnant woman having a glow."

"Thanks B, it's probably just the heat you know." Nicole blushed as she lied. If only Bianca knew the real reason Nicole looked so flushed. Nicole was actually feeling very horny at that moment and trying to contain her urges. She and Matt had not had sex yet that morning, they were too busy preparing for their guests.

"So Matt, how’s work going?" John asked

"Great actually, Nicole doesn’t really need to work if she doesn't want to. It actually works out well now with the baby on the way."

"I get that, and are you fine with being a stay at home mom Nikky?"

'Stay at home mom' wasn't a career Nicole would have picked for herself a short time ago.
"I guess I am. It makes sense to wait another year or two before joining the working world."

"Suppose that makes sense." John agreed.
"This area is really nice, I think we should come over more on holidays."

"Yes, you definitely should. And you haven’t even experienced the lake or met the neighbors. Everyone is really great here."

Matt laughed nervously and tried signalling to Nicole not to get carried away and reveal too much about the nudist colony they were living in, but she seemed not to notice.

Nicole excused herself for a bit to go to the bathroom.
What she actually wanted to do was take care of the burning need between her legs.

Matt showed Bianca and John the guest room where they would be staying for the weekend and gave them some time to settle in.

After unpacking, Bianca needed to relieve herself after the long ride over and knocked quickly on the guest bathroom door that was closed. She entered a moment later without waiting for a reply and got another big surprise for the day.

Bianca had to take a few seconds to properly understand what she was witnessing in front of her.
She took the sight in from Nicole's face downwards.
Nicole was seated on the toilet, leaning back with her eyes closed and an expression of pure ecstasy on her face.
Her dress was pulled up to her stomach to reveal her naked lower half. Below her navel was a hairy trail that got messier the further it went. Nicole had her one hand on the bottom of a giant 16 inch, super thick black dildo. The top end of the dildo was buried somewhere in her gaping hole and she was pumping it in and out.
Nicole's other hand had a firm grip on her meaty labia and were yanking them hard in rhythm with the dildo action.
Sexual lubrication was basically pouring out of her sopping hole into the toilet below.

Nicole took a few seconds to realize someone was standing in the door. After making eye contact with her sister she panicked and shouted. Bianca's shock subsided for a moment and she regained control of herself after which she also started shouting as she retreated away from the horrors in front of her.

Nicole quickly covered herself up as best she could and hid the dildo in the cabinet.
'Crap! This is not how I wanted to have my sister find out about my recent developments.' She thought to herself biting her lip.

There was nothing more to do now but just come clean to Bianca about some of the secrets of her and Matt's sex life.
The two sister had always been very open in the past and had had no hold ups about seeing each other naked, but Nicole had a whole lot more now to be self-conscious about in front of her sister.

A few minutes later Nicole found Bianca and John sitting on the bed in their room whispering to each other.

"Hey guys, can we chat for a bit?" Nicole asked slowly pushing open the door all the way.

They nodded with serious expressions on their face and made space for her on the bed.

"Alright, so B probably already told you what she just saw John?"
John nodded.

"Firstly Matt and I are very happily married and we have a very exciting and fulfilling sex life."

John and Bianca winced a bit at this explicit bit of info, but they had to understand everything.
"We have become pretty liberal with our nudity and things we get up to lately. We spend most days walking around completely naked. As do a lot of other people in Lake Pleasantview.
Now I am sorry you had to see what you did, but I have needs and need to get some relief a few times a day."

"A few times a day?" Bianca spoke up "Is it the pregnancy, are your hormones making you more horny or what?"

Nicole chose to ease them into all the new info and decided a little lie won’t change much at this point.

"I guess so yes." She answered.

"But that, thing was huge!" I mean how?"

"Yea, Matt and I have been using some toys lately to spice things up. And don't worry, I can handle it. You get used to it and it can be very pleasurable."

Bianca just frowned taking it all in.

"So you guys like walk around naked all the time?" John asked sounding very curious.

"Yup, it’s really nice, once you get used to it, and there is no judgement here. We put on clothes to make you guys more comfortable but I can't promise to stay clothed the entire weekend."

"OK." Bianca was still processing it all nodding her head.

"You guys should try it, it can be fun." Nicole pushed a little bit. "What about skinny dipping with us later in the lake?"

"Hmm I'm not sure." She replied smiling nervously while looking questioningly at John.

John shrugged and nodded at her. "I'm up for it..."

"O come on, we can go swim when its darker outside." Nicole urged her.

"Alright, alright. Bianca conceded. "But this doesn't mean we will be prancing around nude all weekend. That's just too much. You got to wear clothes when cooking or doing other things right?"

"Well..." Nicole answered before both women burst into nervous giggling.

Nicole was happy they had the little chat. Perhaps it would be good for her sister to be a bit more wild, even if it was just for one weekend.

As evening rolled by and darkness set the 2 couples prepared to go out to the lake for a nude swim.
At least the lake was very close and within walking distance of the house.
Matt was not super excited about the news of their planned swimming session. He had always been hoping for a stronger relationship with his attractive sister-in-law and was not sure how she would react to his naked form. Same for John, he might lose some respect for Matt if he saw what Matt was packing, or not packing between his legs.

Nicole was also slightly anxious for her own reasons. The news was already out about her gaping hole and crazy sex drive, but she had yet to reveal her full naked self to her sister and husband.
Nicole was standing in the lounge waiting, clad only in a large bathing towel.
Matt had his swimming shorts on and was waiting to see how they would do this.

John and Bianca joined them in the lounge in their own swimming attire. John in swimming pants similar to Matt's, revealing his fit upper body. He clearly worked out and had slightly more chest hair than Matt.
Bianca was absolutely stunning in her light-green bikini. Her C-Cup boobs filled out her top making for some good cleavage above her toned abs. She was not very tanned, but you could see the feint outline of a 4 pack.
Her legs were also fit, like an athletes and she had a cute bubble but.
Nicole looked on, remembering the body she used to poses not too long ago.

The couples made their way to the lake still clothed. The moon was out tonight to provide just enough light to navigate the dark. Standing next to the lake, Bianca and John nervously looked to Nicole. Nicole simply smiled and them and dropped her towel and ran into the water. She had to hold onto her large boobs while trying to run in an effort to control their wobbling.
Bianca and John were both still standing there with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. Firstly, they did not think they were actually going to go through with this and secondly for getting and eyeful of Nicole’s huge boobs and nipples.

Matt followed close behind Nicole after dropping his pants. Bianca and John stood and watch Matt with curiosity and were not disappointed. It was dark, but they did manage to see something very long hanging down between Matt's legs before he ran into the water.

"So I guess we're doing this then?" Bianca asked looking at John.

"I guess.." her replied as he slowly slid off his pants.

Bianca followed suit and removed her top to expose her cute pink nipples and dropped her bottoms.
She had a very neatly shaved pubic area and her small labia were completely hidden from sight.

John looked Bianca over once she was completely nude and could feel himself starting to get hard.
He was usually a very reserved guy, and would not do something like this likely, but seeing his sexy wife completely nude made him appreciate the situation.
They smiled at each other and also ran into the lake.

Matt and Nicole were already some ways in and probably didn't get to see much of the other couple until they swam closer. John was still processing what he had seen earlier and could hardly believe this was the same Nicole he had always known. She was so much more buxom now and Matt apparently had a properly long dick hidden in his pants all this time.

They were pretty deep in the lake but could all still stand and the water was just deep enough to cover all their private parts.

"This is pretty exiting!" Bianca said to them.

"I know right! I'm so happy you guys are here and doing this with us." Nicole replied.
Nicole was doing her best to keep her large tits from floating up to the surface.

"I would not have guessed that my little sister would be getting us to swim naked, but a lot seems to have changed."

"Things have change the past few months for us but I would say most were for the better right?" Nicole said looking to Matt.

Matt did not know if the "most" Nicole was referring to was directed as his recent dick lengthening expedition that did not turn out as planned, but he just agreed.

John was feeling very excited by first seeing Nicole's very large boobs and apparently equally large nipples and then his own wife naked. He was a boob guy and had always appreciated Bianca's C-Cups but was now very intrigued by what Nicole had developed. He could feel his dick getting harder by the second and pulled Bianca in closer to him so that he could use her to block the view from his boner.

"OOh!" Bianca shouted as she felt John's hard dick press into her but as he held her from behind."

"What happened?" Nicole asked.

"Uhh no nothing, I just thought I felt something, touch me." Bianca answered blushing.

Nicole understood and gave Bianca a naughty smile.
Matt had the same idea and also hugged Nicole from behind.
This distracted Nicole for a second and she let go of her boobs to feel Matt up under the water.
Her large mammaries rushed up to the surface and floated on the water revealing her large areolas to all.

"Wow!" was all John said, but didn't want to appear too interested in his sister-in-law's large nipples.

As Nicole noticed she started reaching up to cover herself but changed her mind and just let them float free.
If she was hoping to walk around naked again with her sister around then they were going to have to get used to seeing her exposed boobs.
Nicole's but was rubbing against Matts dick and the stimulation was turning them both on.

"The water is really nice, I can see why you guys would swim here often." Bianca said.

"I come as often as I can, you know, gotta work on the tan."

"I could use a bit of a tan myself." Bianca continued as she casually steal glances as the very large boobs of her sister bobbing around in front of her. In the darkness it was tricky to see details, but Nicole definitely had the largest nipples she had ever seen.
They continued to make idle chit chat, while underwater a lot more was taking place.

Nicole had Matt's had erection nestled firmly between her but cheeks and was slowly grinding into his pelvis, while Matt had reached around and was slowly pulling on her lengthy labia with one hand while massaging her clit with his other hand.

Ironically Bianca was also concealing a boner between her ass cheeks, but was very hesitant to take matters further. She had less trust in the water and darkness hiding any activities they might get up to.
John had to settle for holding his wife around the hips and stomach because she pushed his hands away whenever the wondered. John tried his best not to stare but found Nicole's sizable breasts very alluring.

After another 15 minutes of chatting, Bianca started getting cold and asked if they could go back.
John agreed right away and was the first to head back in the hopes of getting to a towel to hide his incessant boner.

"We'll catch up in a bit, it’s so nice tonight, just want to take it all in for a bit more." Nicole said hoping her sister didn't see right through her lie. If Bianca did she didn't show it.
"Cool, see you guys on the shore."

As soon as Bianca was a distance away, Nicole turned around and wrapped her legs around Matt's hips. She sunk down on his erect member to the hilt in one easy motion with almost no resistance. Even with all that foreskin, Matt was not sporting enough wood to fill her properly. Nicole gave a few frustrated humps, making her udders flop around noisily in the water.
"Let's try something else." Matt suggested and helped her dismount him.

He then balled up his fist and shoved it up her waiting hole.
Nicole gasped loudly, forgetting for a moment to try and control herself as to not traumatize her sister any more than she already did. She was just so horny, and it was difficult to care about other things when you have a burning desire between your legs like she did now.
Nicole took this opportunity to busy her free hands by filling them with her erect nipples. Her nipples were sensitive enough that any stimulation did it for her. She stroked and pulled on her 2 inch long nubs and bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

Matt was equally horny at this point, but decided to focus on Nicole first. He pumped his arm as fast as he could into her pussy and tried his best to rub her stiff clit at the same time. They had not yet measured her lady boner, but he judged it about 2 inches long and found it almost big enough to rub between 2 fingers instead of rubbing over it like he always did in the past.

It didn't take long for Nicole to orgasm once, twice and a third time in quick succession. They were brought back to reality when they heard Bianca call from the shore.

"O crap, we better get going." She said as she backed away from Matt whose arm plopped out of her snatch.
Some water rushed into her gaping hole to fill the void.

"Oh wow, still getting used to that feeling." Nicole said to herself as she headed for the shore.

John and Bianca were already dressed in their bathing suites again and waiting for them.
Nicole had no cover and her only option was to simply wade out of the water in plain sight of them hoping the darkness would provide some concealment.
Matt followed close behind but he had another problem to still take care of. His dick was now rock hard and standing out in all it's 5 inch glory.

John gasped as he got a better view of Nicole's naked form on the beach. He could not believe the size of her dangling boobs, and more shocking was her oversized areolas and nipples. John thought that her boobs almost appeared to be mostly covered by dark areolas with big teats on the end. Further down, John could make out the dark shadow of her pubes where they covered her lower abdomen and led into a big forest of hair between her legs.

Bianca elbowed John to make him aware that he was staring. John tried averting his eyes and the jolt he felt in his penis as the erotic sight before him. The huge saggy tits and hairy snatch Nicole possessed was a bit gross, but it turned him on in a way he had never known.

Nicole covered herself up with her towel ending the peep show for the moment.
Matt was only just coming out of the water. He had lagged behind a bit hoping that he hard-on would subside.
It didn't, and now he had to awkwardly exit the water in front of everyone with his dick wagging around.

It was dark, but here by the shore there was enough ambient light to make out some details and what Bianca and John saw was pretty interesting. Bianca had initially taken the low hanging object between Matt's legs when he entered the water as his extraordinarily long penis, but she could now make out something different staring at his boner.

Matt's dick stood out 5 inches perpendicular from his body and his wrinkly foreskin dangled off the end another 5 or so inches. His dick wasn't big, it was average, or even less so.

Matt noticed both John and Bianca staring between his legs. They both looked very curious, but said nothing.
He gathered up his pants and towel and covered up as much as he could.
They all made their way back to the house and Nicole made some hot chocolate for everyone.
All of them were still clothed in their swimwear and towels. Nicole was wearing just her towel wrapped around her, and nothing else.
As Nicole took her seat, not noticing that her towel had ridden up to reveal her hairy love nest between her legs to whoever sat opposite her. It just so happened that it was John who got treated to the erotic view. He spied the hairy junction between Nicole's legs and tried to make sense of all he was seeing. Bianca had described to him briefly what she has seen Nicole doing in the bathroom earlier that day, but he did not know details.

"You guys should join us tomorrow at the lake again, a few of our neighbors will also be there." Nicole said hoping they would be up for some more nudity among friends.

"Ahh yea, that could be nice, a John?"

"Hmm?" John replied averting his eyes from Nicole.

"Yes, that could be fun." He answered readjusting his seating position to better hide his growing boner.

"I still can't believe we went swimming in public naked!" Bianca gushed.

"It's exhilarating right?"

"It strangely is." She admitted. Bianca was starting to relax more and felt like this weekend could be more entertaining than she thought.
"Are people going to be swimming naked tomorrow?"

"Some do yes, but there are no expectations and you can swim in whatever state of attire you want."

"Alright, alright, well let’s see how it goes." Bianca was feeling adventurous, but still had some reservations.

"Matt took some time to get used to it, but now he's a natural." Nicole winked at Matt.

"Hahaha, sure." Matt laughed nervously. After his big reveal earlier tonight he was feeling self-conscious around the guests.

Nicole placed her mug back on the table and as she sat back she opened her legs slightly more.
When John looked back at her he got better look at Nicole's large labia hanging out between her legs. He could even see some moisture leaking out onto her towel.

John cleared his throat and suggested they go shower. Bianca agreed and they retired for the evening.

Bianca and John felt randy that evening after showering as they discussed the events of the day. They were both amazed at Nicole's physical transformation.

"And her nipples were enormous!" John said with astonishment.

"I know, it’s crazy, but she is pregnant after all."

"I know that but still..It looked like she has been nursing quadruplets." John said unconvinced as he compared the image in his mind with his topless wife sitting next to him.

"Shame, don’t be mean."

"Was she always, so hairy?" He continued.

"No ways! I've seen her naked plenty of times growing up, she basically had what I have." she indicated to her nether region where she had a neatly trimmed pubic mound.

"This is all so weird, their appearance, the nudity." John said shaking his head.

"Did you get a little exited tonight Mr?"

"No, what do you mean?" John felt defensive hoping Bianca didn't pick up on his staring at Nicole earlier.

"I felt you get hard in the lake." She stroked his thigh.

"Oh that! Well of course. You were prancing around topless after all."

Bianca giggled and tackled him into the bed.

Later that evening, after their fun as they were trying to fall asleep, they could hear loud moans come from the main bedroom. It ended in a loud crescendo and eventually they could get some sleep.
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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

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===Chapter 9===

The next morning was a little awkward at breakfast, not so much because Bianca and John were kept awake till late by Matt and Nicole's love making, but because Nicole was sitting at the kitchen table topless.
Nicole had wanted to go completely nude today, but after a small argument with Matt she at least put on a pair of jean shorts that were tight around her rear and gave her a slight camel toe in the front.

"Uhh morning sis.." Bianca said slowly walking into the kitchen.

"Hey! How did you sleep?"

"Alright I guess." Bianca sat down on the opposite side of the kitchen table frowning at her sister.

"Morning Nico..oooh!" John entered.

"I hope you guys don’t mind. I decided to just be more comfortable today. I feel like after yesterday, you've basically seen all I have."

"Well..." Bianca started not really knowing what to say. Nicole did have a point.

"I get hot with clothes on and lately with being pregnant more so."

"I get that." John finally found his voice again. "You did kinda explain to us yesterday that this is how you guys live now."

Matt walked in wearing a pair of shorts, no shirt.

"Matt still likes some modesty, so he wears pants around the house when guests are over sometimes."
Nicole could see them flashing her questioning glances.

"Don't worry, I've also still got pants on."

Bianca and John laughed nervously and then Bianca looked a bit more serious.

"Do you mind if I ask you something Nikky?"


"Not to be rude or anything, but about your boobs. Like when did they get so big, is it the pregnancy or...?" Bianca asked waving her hand in the direction of Nicole's huge tits where they were basically resting in the table top.

"Somewhat yes." Nicole answered not knowing exactly how much her sister was ready to hear and how much she was allowed to share from the local secrets of Lake Pleasantview.

"Your hormones must be going crazy. I can see you even have some nipple hairs coming in." Bianca observed as she gained confidence in her questioning.

"Yea, that's a bit much right." Nicole giggled nervously feeling a little self conscious out of the blue. She had a few sparse dark hairs growing around her nipples and her treasure trail seemed to be growing higher up her abdomen each passing week.

"I guess it comes with the whole package, and I can always just shave or pluck them out. It doesn't bother me too much and why does hair have to be a manly attribute, it can be feminine too." She explained resting her hands on her large mammaries.

"I wonder if my boobs will grow that much if I get pregnant." Bianca thought out loud. John gave her a questioning look, but was thinking the same thing.

"So are you guys up for some more time at the lake today? The weather is really great and some neighbors are also going."

"Sounds like fun." John answered for them.

"Kate and Josh will be there, I'm sure you guys will love them."

"So they are your closest neighbors right?" Bianca asked.

"Yes, and they share our free and open lifestyle if that's what you were thinking."

Bianca blushed, but she was wondering if she could expect more half naked people wondering around at the lake.

"So let’s get something to eat." Nicole got from the table to get out some breakfast.

Her boobs appeared to stay on the table for a moment and then pulled up with the rest of her body.
John was staring at her at that moment and was surprised again by the size of Nicole's tits, and by how heavy they looked. Nicole's boobs hung low and pendulous, her nipples pointing downward now that she was standing upright.
There were also the feint signs of stretchmarks starting on the top of her boobs where they seemed to be exerting their weight. Her boobs were becoming more and more bottom heavy lately.
Nicole's camel toe was also visible to anyone who looked and her moisture was already starting to make a small wet stain in the front.

They made it through breakfast without much further discussion about Nicole's large boobs.
While John was taking a shower, Nicole came to Bianca in her room and closed the door.
Bianca was busy fastening the straps of her bikini and turned around expecting John.

Her elbow bumped into something squishy.

"Ahh! It’s just me, its me, calm down."
Bianca had bumped her elbow into Nicole's left boob.

"Sorry, I uhh didn't mean to..."

"No, no, it’s alright, they kinda are all over the place." Nicole put her worries at ease.
"I wanted to show you something." Nicole said holding out a tub of what appeared to be some kind of lotion.

"What's this?" Bianca asked as she gave up with the straps of her bikini for the moment. Her sister was after all also standing topless in front of her.

"I didn't want to discuss this in front of John, but I've been using this cream for a while to enhance our sex life and it works really well, as you can see." She pointed to her pregnant belly.

"So what does it do exactly?"

"It makes you more sensitive and well.."

"Yea what else?" Bianca said with interest.

"It’s what helped m nipples get larger also. Matt can hardly keep his hands off them. Have you ever orgasmed from just nipple stimulation."

"No, I haven’t. So you want me to try this stuff? No offense but I don’t think I want my nipples to get as big as yours."

"They won’t, its mostly just for the added sensitivity and fun of it, especially if we are going to the lake today. I can't tell you nice it is to feel the water run over my nipples. It’s enough to get me going."

"Nikky!" Bianca slapped her shoulder playfully. "Control yourself." She said laughing.

"Alright fine, I'll try it, but promise there are no side effects and I won't get massive nipples like.."

"I promise, I have been using it for a long time, you won’t get big nipples like me, and its fine you can call my nipples big. I feel weirdly proud of them and you haven’t even seen what some of the other residents of lake Pleasantview are packing."

"It is bit weird, but I get it. John has been randy since yesterday. I think it’s all this nudity stuff. I can understand the appeal."

"Okay, so how does this work?" Bianca asked removing her bikini top all together.

"You just rub some of it in like this."
Nicole scooped some cream out and started applying it to Bianca's small pink nipples.
Bianca's areola was less than an inch across and the nipple itself just barely stood out from the surface.

"Alright I think I got it." Bianca stepped back and took over from Nicole. Having her sister rub her nipples was just a bit too personal for her.

"Cool, yea that’s good. It will take a few minutes but then it's gonna feel great."
Nicole scooped some more cream out and started applying it to her own expansive areolas.
Her palm could not even cover her large areolas and Bianca was amazed to see Nicole's nipples swell to a solid 2 inch point as Nicole started rubbing them.
Nicole could feel her pussy rev up and leak more into her jean shorts. As she realized this she stopped rubbing her nips.

"So when your done getting ready, we can head to the lake." Nicole said as she hurried out the room trying her best to resist feeling herself up anymore."

"Sure, sure." Bianca replied as she also reluctantly let go of her hard nipples.
Her nipples didn't feel much different yet, but they were standing to attention.
She put her bikini top back on

30 Minutes later they were standing on the shore and Nicole was busy introducing them to some locals, Kate and Josh. They seemed like friendly people to Bianca. John was blushing and kept on adjusting his shorts. Bianca was also a bit distracted, probably due to the fact that Kate and Josh were also completely naked, both with equally impressive assets. Kate had huge boobs similar to Nicole's and Josh had a 10 inch monster hanging between his legs. Kate was strangely also sporting a full bush. Apparently people in these parts didn't shave.
As Josh stepped closer to greet Bianca in an embrace, she could feel that huge salami rub up against her leg. Her nipples became extra hard and she felt them poke into his manly chest.
'Why did I let Nikky convince me to go topless!' She said to herself.

Bianca has been feeling horny all morning since she put that cream of Nicole's on her nipples.

Matt and Josh opened some drinks for everyone, and to help him calm his nerves. He was just getting used to the idea of other people seeing him and his wife naked all the time, but his insecurities were flaring up again with his attractive sister-in-law around.

After the first few drinks everyone was chatting away and there was a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was completely bare except for Matt and John who were both wearing swimming pants and Bianca who still had her bikini bottoms on.

"So John!" Josh started. "What do you do for a living, or do you just smuggle around bananas in your pants."

This brought on a round of laughter. John was feeling more at ease with the new couple and tried to adjust his boner in his pants.

"Is it that obvious?" John asked as he laughed at himself.
"I guess I might as well join the party." He said and then with all the confidence in the world he pulled down his shorts to let his 7 inch erection free.

All the ladies cheered, including Bianca who had a devious look in her eyes and a flush on her cheeks.
John was proud of his dick. Unlike Josh, he was circumcised, but his dick was a decent size and straight as an arrow. He felt liberated.

"This is all pretty new and exciting. He'll calm down in a moment." He pointed to his boner.

"Don't worry about that dear John. It’s pretty normal around these parts." Kate reassured him while absentmindedly brushing a hand over her own hard nipples.

"I'll go grab the cooler and we can move this to the water." Matt said and walked back to the car.
Matt was feeling anxious about exposing himself in broad daylight to everyone and needed a reason to break away for a bit.

When Matt returned with the cooler filled with beers and ciders everyone was already waste deep in the lake. He looked around at the discarded clothes on the beach and noticed Bianca's bikini bottoms.
'Well I guess I'll be the odd one out if I keep my pants on now.' He thought and took them off.

He joined everyone else in the cool water and now at least had the cooler floating in the water in front of him giving him some cover.
Nicole and Kate's giant boobs were also drawing the attention of the males where they were hanging just low enough to bob around on the wake. Bianca's tits were a stark contrast to the others, but her nipples appeared to be trying to make up for their size by standing to attention. Her areolas were very crinkled and puffed up, so much so that they added a little to the length her nipples stuck out.

A very noisy bike pulled up next to the beach and everyone looked to see who it was.

"Oh! That's Tim." Kate explained.
"He's got that bike now and goes everywhere on it, but it's so damned loud, ugh!"

"Tim is Kate's younger brother." Nicole explained to Bianca and John.

Tim wasted no time in discarding his clothes and jogging into the water where they were.

"Hi guys!" He greeted everyone cheerfully. Around of introductions followed and Tim handed out hugs for all the ladies and shook hands with the men.

"Hey Tim, here have a beer." Josh handed Tim a cold one.

"Sweet, thanks Josh."

"Sure thing, just don't mention it to your mom."

Since the hiking trip the men took, Tim was now considered a grown man by the other locals.

"Wow Nikky, you really are glowing. I see now what people are always going on about with pregnant woman." Tim said eyeing her up.

Kate punched him on the shoulder. "She's a married woman, how dare you!" She said mockingly.
Everyone laughed at that. It was hard to take anything seriously while standing around naked drinking alcohol with friends like they were now.

"You've grown up quite a lot since I last saw you Tim." Nicole complimented him.

"Thanks Nikky." Tim smiled back at her.

Nicole noticed Tim's dick break the surface of the water in front of him as his erection grew. The water was up to his waist, but his rapidly expanding penis was long enough to stick out above the surface.
His foreskin slowly retracted as it went and revealed his pulsing big mushroom head. It peaked out at 12 veiny inches.

Nicole just stared with her mouth hanging open. Tim really had grown up a lot.

"Wow! Tim!" Was all Bianca manged to get out.

"Stop showing off little bro." Kate splashed water at her brother with a giggle.

They all joked around a bit making jokes of the 'Anaconda' in the lake, but there was an undercurrent of sexual tension.

After finishing off all the drinks they had Nikky suggested they head back to get some lunch. Everyone agreed it was a good idea.

Tim accidentally swung his dick around too fast and smacked it into Nicole's teat.

"OooH! Tim careful with that thing. You’re a big boy now." Nicole said with a wink.
Tim just gave her a sly smirk.

"Coming honey?" Nicole asked as she grabbed Matt's dick by his foreskin and pulled him along. It was long enough that she could easily wrap her hand around the end of it.
Matt was also sporting solid wood, but Nicole did not seem to notice as she playfully tugged him along, or if she did notice, she was not as showing it like she had with Tim.

When they arrived for lunch at Nicole and Matt's, everyone was in different states of attire.
Bianca had her bikini bottoms and top on, and John also had his swimming shorts back on.
Bianca's still sensitive nipples were doing their best to poke holes in her bikini and were clearly visible to anyone who looked her way.

Matt had his pants on and Nicole was wrapped in a towel from the waist down. The towel was mostly to hide her sopping love tunnel which she just couldn't seem to keep dry since the lake.
Matt was thankful to be back in a pair of pants to avoid awkward glances at his extra-long foreskin.

Kate and Josh were the only two still fully nude, while Tim had his clothes back on following the ride on the bike. Even clad in shorts Tim's substantial appendage made itself known in a clear outline against his leg in its flaccid state.

The ladies made lunch while the guys poured another round of drinks and put on some music. Everyone was in a party mood and some also in an aroused state.

The drinks kept flowing and everyone was having a good time. Most of the party were pretty buzzed by now as they all settled in on the couches in the living room.
"John! Would you please just make yourself more comfortable and take those freakin pants off!" Kate said out of the blue.

John pretended to be confused for a second, but couldn’t deny that his dick, which was hard again was pretty uncomfortable in his shorts.

"It’s okay babe, go ahead. It’s kinda obvious what you’re trying to hide there." Bianca reassured her husband.

"Aah what the hell!" he said as he got naked for the second time today in front of everyone.
"Man that is much better." He said as he gave his aching boner a few strokes.

Everyone cheered at that.

"Bianca, I think you might as well?" Nikky giggled pointing at her sister's obvious nipplestand.

Everyone made sounds of a agreement and Bianca slipped of her top to reveal her c-cup boobs with pink nipples.
"You nipples looked...bigger." John said to her.

"Well they feel amazing, bigger or not." Bianca answered throwing a glance to Nicole.

Bianca gave her sensitive nipples a tweak and bit her lip.

At some point Tim had also discarded his remaining clothes and was slowly stroking his giant penis.
His hand barely made it half way around the thick log. He was sitting on single seat sofa across from Bianca while basically masturbating. Bianca was too drunk to care much and was more focused on her own desires.

Nicole was sitting on the couch next to Matt and let her towel drop down to pool at her hips revealing her glorious chest. Her boobs, which looked to be a K-cup, were sitting level with her navel and brushing her hairy treasure trail that flowed down from there into the dense forest below. Her boobs had a few veins on them that grew more noticeable as her pregnancy progressed. They were still a teardrop shape and bottom heavy, but the bottom part was mostly covered in dark areola and puckered 2 inch long teats that pulsated with arousal.

Nicole parted her towel and reached one hand for her eager pussy. She stretched her 4 inch meaty lips out and tugged on them a few times before reaching higher to slowly stroke her 2 inch quivering clit.

"Things are going to get fun from here on out." Nicole explained to her sister and John as they looked on with awe.
"Don't feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with, but from where I'm sitting, it looks like you are having a good time." She smiled as she raised her eyebrows at Johns bobbing boner.

Tim was still stroking his veiny pole and now his eyes were fixed on Nicole. Some pre-cum leaked out the top of his mushroom head, but he didn't even seem to notice. It flowed down over his hand and coated his pole like lube.

Nicole could barely contain her arousal at this point and was thankful for the towel underneath her.
Matt was sitting next to her and she reached over into his pants and found a hard 5 inch dick to stroke.

The ice having been broken by Nicole, Kate felt emboldened and stood up to position herself in front of Josh. Josh knew what came next and he positioned his own 13 inch dong to line up with her waiting snatch.

Kate lowered herself onto Josh with one slow movement and gasped when she reached as far down as she could go. She then pulled herself up again until just the tip of his dick remained inside her. The down again. She got into a rhythm and her boobs were bouncing around.

John cannot believe the sights in front of him. His hand absentmindedly finds its way to his own dick and performs slow strokes. All these glorious boobs on display were really doing it for him and he didn't need to feel guilty about it because his gorgeous wife was sitting right there next to him.

Bianca was equally horny. The alcohol having played its part in that and lowering her inhibitions to the point where she was also openly masturbating in front of everyone.
Her one hand was making circles around her turgid areolas while the other was rubbing the wet juncture between her legs. She leaded back on the couch and pulled her bikini bottoms off her but to become completely naked.

"Babe, please take you pants off." Nicole complained to Matt as she struggled to jerk him off under his clothes.
Matt reluctantly pulled off his pants to reveal his odd foreskined penis. Thankfully for him there were so many distractions that no one commented on his equipment.

Kate was moaning loudly as she bounced on Josh's lap.

"I can't believe she is taking that monster!" Bianca said to no one in particular.

"Hmmm! I need something more." Nicole growled as she dislodged a few fingers from her sopping hole.
She stood up from the couch and turn towards Matt. As she did that a tendril of lubricant trailed after her, hanging from her labia.
Nicole straddled Matt in one smooth motion. Her hips smacked wetly against Matt's thighs as his dick bottomed out instantly in his wife's vagina. With how wet Nicole was and the sheer cavernous nature of her pussy, she was getting just about not resistance from Matt's meagre dick. She humped him pretty violently while pulling on her long nipples.

Matt occupied his hands by roaming his lover's bosom and holding her hips. His hands were barely large enough to cover even her areola. He was also not feeling much friction, but the warmth and wetness of Nicole's pussy along with the site of her giant boobs hopping around was enough to bring him to a quick climax.

Matt grunted louder than he anticipated and brought Nicole out of her drunken trance.

"Did you come already?" She asked, trying to hide her disappointment.

"Yea, sorry, it's been building up since the lake. You know how it is."

"As long as my man gets some satisfaction, it’s all good." Nicole said trying to spare Matt form any embarrassment.

"You don't mind if I party on a bit? I could still use some more..." Nicole asked leaving her question open ended.

"What can I do for you babe?" Matt asked.

"I was thinking more about giving Tim over here a proper initiation." Nicole answered as she dismounted Matt, leaving him with a puddle of juice on his lap and cum slowly started to leak its way out of his lengthy foreskin.

"How big exactly is this thing Timmy boy?" Nicole asked sensually as she stepped over towards him.

"UUhh about 12..... 12 inches."

"Think you can handle all this woman?" Nicole asked as she stroked her expansive areola with one hand while flicking her dangling labia with the other hand.

"O yess!" Tim relied eagerly and stood up.

"Alright, alight." Nicole guided him back down into a seating position.

Josh and Kate were still lost in their own world, with Kate loudly moaning each time she came.

Bianca had by now mounted John and was slowly rocking her hips back and forth. She was facing outwards with her back towards John where he was sitting on the couch. John occupied himself with groping every part of Bianca he could reach while looking past her to enjoy the show.

Nicole turned around in front of Tim and bent over at the waist. Her sizable hole gaped open in front of Tim's view and his dick gave a twitch. Nicole gave a wink to Bianca in front of her and then guided the head of Tim's cock towards her opening.

His large dick head slowly entered her well-lube orifice and she bit her lip to stifle a moan as she slid down his pole until she had the entire thing up inside of her.

Bianca and John both had their jaws hanging open and Matt was just shaking his head.
It was general knowledge by now that Nicole had a pretty big vagina, but to take Tim's monster on the first go was a sight to see.

Nicole extracted herself from Tim and then impaled herself again. She did this over and over, faster and faster. She was still leaking previously out onto the floor and Tim. Her small hands did the best they could to contain the tidal wave of tit flesh wobbling about.

"I'm... getting...close!" Tim managed to breathe out between humps.

Suddenly Nicole dislodged herself with a loud plop and turned around to grab hold of Tim's man meat with both hands. She wanked him off the last bit and Tim came in a big torrent seconds later.
His jizz came out with a lot of force and shot clear across the room to coat Bianca with a solid spurt.

Bianca gave a startled shout before closing her mouth and eyes to prepare for further cum shots.

Nicole put her mouth over as much of the spewing hydrant in front of her to catch some of the torrent.
She swallowed as fast as she could, but some still leaked out the side of her mouth.

"Oh damn!" Was all John said. There was little he could do from where he was pinned to the couch by his wife.

Tim's body was stiff as he came for a long time, but then he relaxed back into the couch.
Nicole came up for air while still holding onto the perfect dick in front of her.

Bianca stayed mounted on John, her hips still rocking as she wiped the cum from her chest. She held her hand in front of her face and gave it an experimental lick.

"That's it." Don't let it go to waste." Nicole encouraged her. Bianca continued wiping and licking until she was free of cum again. That is until John came in her moments later.

"Ahh! John!" She exclaimed with a big smile on her face as she felt him spasming below her.

Josh and Kate have also seemed to tire themselves out and were cuddling in each other’s arms.

"Not bad Tim." Nicole said, "You got a real prize tool there."

"Sure, thanks Nikky. That was amazing!"

"I could use another dip in the lake right about now." Bianca said

"I think I will pass on that and go take a shower." Matt answered.

"I think, I probably better get home also." Tim chimed in.

"Wait, wait!" Nicole got everyone's attention. "I haven't even shown you all my party trick yet."

"What party trick babe?" Matt asked, looking just as curious as the rest of them.

"Just watch," She winks at him drunkenly.

Nicole then balled up her one hand and pulled open her luscious labia to insert her entire first into her wet pussy. Lubricant dripped out onto the floor below and streaked down her wrist. The pubic hair around her gash was matted with moisture.

There were some murmurs around the room, but no one was truly amazed, after seeing Nicole take Tim's monster dong. Nicole then made a fist with her other hand and started pushing that in next to her other hand.
There was some resistance but her second hand slid in up to the wrist.

"Damn Nikky!" Bianca said amazed by how slack her sister's pussy was.
"Doesn’t' that hurt?"

"Uh u." Nicole shook her head from side to side as she bit her lip. Her face was awash with pleasure and her pussy made lewd sucking noises as she pumped her fists in and out of her hole.

"That's pretty cool." Kate said as she watched with interest. Her own hole wasn't known for being the tightest but she had never really tried two fists at once.

Matt was looking around the room to judge if people were genuinely impressed by his wife's crazy party trick or if they were disgusted. Everyone seems to be staring in awe.

Nicole looked over to Tim who had sported a semi again.
"Lend me a hand?"

"Uhh yea, sure." He replied exited
Tim was used to nudity in the community but being an active participant in these types of activities was a new and existing change for him.

Nicole dislodged her one slimy fist and rubbed her juice all over Tim's hand.

Make a fist and put it in here. Nicole pulled her dark labia out with her free hand while her other was still buried inside her. Tim wasted no time second guessing himself and knelt down in front of her and started inserting his fist next to her hers. His own hand was about twice a large as Nicole's and he was definitely stretching her to new limits.

"Uuuuh! Yes!" Nicole shouted as Tim pushed his fist past the knuckles and made her squirt once as he lodged himself firmly into her now tingly stretched hole. It was tight, but Nicole pulled on his arm to extract his hand up to the widest point at the knuckles and then push it back in. This gave her the maximum stretch possible.

John and Bianca's jaws were hanging open and they didn't know if they should be worried or simply amazed at how much Nicole's pussy could take.

"I can feel you contracting around my hand!" Tim said exited as his other hand groped around Nicole's ass.
He marveled at the hairy woman in front of him. No other teenage girl could compare to this woman in front of him.

"Don't stop!...Feels, too good!" Nicole got out between breaths as she squirted her way through multiple orgasms. This carried on for what felt like forever until Tim's arm got tired and he slowed down.
His was basically fist punching her sloppy hole by this point. Nicole still had her own fist in her hole while her other hand pulled on her long nipples in-turn, stretching them out obscenely long.

"I can't anymore." Tim extracted his fist all the way with a wet squelch.
Nicole dislodged her own fist also and her ruined hole yawned open like a fish's mouth gasping for air.
Her tired looking pussy gaped open a solid 4 inches with her meaty labia dangling over 4 inches on either side with womanly drool spilling out onto the floor.

Tim examined his fingers witch were all wrinkly, like they get after a long bath.
After catching her breath Nicole stood on shaky legs to get something to drink. Kate checked with her to make sure she was feeling OK.

"That's some party trick Nikky."

"I know right. Nothing compares to that full stretch feeling."

"I know what you mean, Josh gives it to me every time. It’s been great fun, but we better get going."

"Sure, not problem." Nicole hugged Kate goodbye.

"Take care and it was nice meeting your sister who looks nothing like you, by the way." She held her hands in front of her own chest as she said the last part before giggling and turning away.

Josh and Tim also said their goodbyes, while John and Bianca put on some clothes again.

"What a party!" John said to Nicole as she entered the kitchen.

"I hope we didn't freak you guys out too much."

"Not so much. I'm just processing it all. I never would have imagined you guys having such a, free and open type of lifestyle."

"Yea Nikky that was kinda crazy, but it was fun, so I understand why you do it." Bianca added in.

"So do you guys like swing with everyone around town?"

"O no, mostly just Kate and Josh." Nicole replied as she started clumsily helping Matt pack some dishes away.
Matt had a pair of shorts on again, but Nicole was just as naked as ever, although all her pubic hair weirdly gave her some decency. She did have a trail of girl cum running down the inside of her thigh that went mostly unnoticed.

"That Tim's got a member on him ay! Josh also, but Tim barely looked out of high school."
Bianca spilled some of her unfinished cider as she gush over all the big dicks she had seen recently.

"I know right!. The men around these parts, I tell ya."

"So what happened with you then Matt?" Bianca asked him plainly as she felt emboldened by the alcohol.

The sudden question caught Matt off-guard and he nearly dropped a glass.

"Uuuh well, its kind a long story." He blushed. He knew this was bound to come up some time. It was inevitable with everyone prancing around naked all day long.

"I'll tell you later Bianca." Nicole answered for him as she came to his rescue.

"Alright, alright." Bianca seems too drunk to push things further.

"We should probably get you to bed honey?" John looked questioningly at his very tipsy wife.
"Perhaps a shower first?" He continued before she could answer as he got flashbacks of Tim's cum flying through the air and landing on his wife's perky breasts.

"Come on then sis!" Nicole grabbed Bianca's hand and pulled her away.

"Oh, so you're gonna shower me now?"

"Yes, just like we used to when we were kids, remember."

John just looked on as Nicole dragged his wife away, drunk and giggling.

Once Nicole got Bianca naked and in the shower again she started soaping both of them up at the same time.
Bianca was in that drunken state where she just went along with most things.
They were close with each other but had not showered together since they were 13, but being this drunk and the whole nudist thing was cause enough for a throwback between 2 sisters.

"Jeez, your boobs are like all over the place." Bianca complained as she poked and prodded at them while Nicole did her best to clean her up.

"Stop that or we'll never get out of here." Nicole complained. Her huge mams were a bit all over the place in the shower cubicle. Both of their bodies were constantly in contact and rubbing up against each other.

"I wish mine were just a bit bigger. Not like yours, that’s just, I mean.." Her sentence went unfinished.

"I know you're drunk and all, but I had a good time with you guys tonight, maybe next time you and John can join in a bit more."

"You think he'd let me?" She said as her eyes lit up.

"Sure, as long as he also gets to have some fun. Maybe not with me, that would be weird, but Kate or some of the other locals perhaps. I saw him getting an eyeful of all the boobs on display today. He basically had a hardon all day long."

"How is Matt with all this? When you took Tim in front of everyone, I couldn't believe he just sat there!"

"He's fine with it, he knows we have an open relationship like that."

"But Tim was sooo huge, and Matt well, he's not and what's with his freakishly long cock snout anyways?"

"Alright, so there's this strange ritual the men from around these parts go through and Matt attended this thing and came back with a long foreskin instead of a longer dick. He explained that it takes a few trips to get the full benefits and grow a huge dong like all the other men around here."

"Aaah, so that's why Tim and Josh are packing so much. Do you think John would could go do that also?" She asked blushing.

"Bianca!" Nicole laughed. "Your man not measuring up anymore. Well after tonight, I don't blame you. Once you've experienced that full stretch feeling, there's no going back to regular sex."

Bianca just blushed a deeper shade of red, as if she had a moment of clarity and felt ashamed of wanting John to have a bigger dick like the other men.

Nicole continued. "Is it weird that I want my genitals to also get longer and bigger? "It's like penis envy, but I want my junk to hang lower than Matt's, and my boobs to also be larger than all the other woman around."

"I'm not sure if its just because I'm drunk, but that kinda makes sense. Is that why you’ve been stretching your girly parts so much?"

"Yes, and it feels amazing."

By now they were done washing up and Nicole turned off the water and started drying them off.

"By the way, how'd you like that cream we put on your nipples, pretty cool right?"

"Man! That stuff was insane! I had a constant nipplestand and they were so sensitive, I swear I would have cum from just pulling on my nips."

"I should really stop using that stuff, maybe. Anyway, you can have this tub." Nicole said as she retrieved the cream from the bathroom cupboard.

"Let me just get one round of the stuff on before I quit."

"Nikky!" Bianca said excitedly as she watched her sister slather a generous amount of the cream onto her expansive areolas and nipples. Nicole also applied a good helping on her dangling labia and clit.

"This feels so good."

"Ahh what the hell, I might as well join in and pull and all-nighter. If John is up for some more fun." Bianca said taking the tub of cream from Nicole and helping herself to it.

The two of them emerged from the bathroom naked and all giggles and retired to their separate bedrooms for the evening. There was still some fun to be had behind closed doors for the young couples.
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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

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===Chapter 10 Conclusion===

The next morning breakfast was pretty quiet. Everyone had a slight hangover and Bianca and John felt a little embarrassed about how they carried on last night.
Before they said their goodbyes, Nicole suggested they at least take a photo together. Nicole was still completely naked, but asked Bianca to take her top off.

Bianca was reluctant at first but Nicole insisted that the photo would just be for their bedroom, as a reminder of the fun weekend she shared with her sister.

Both John and Bianca removed their shirts and Bianca discarded her bra. Matt posed them in a nice spot in the back garden and set the camera on a tripod.

The contrast between the two sisters was astounding.
Bianca's C-cup boobs looked tiny compared to Nicoles whopping J-cups. Bianca had small perky nipples, although they looked somewhat larger than when they had arrived thanks to the cream Nicole had given her.
Nicole's tits hung down heavy with giant nipples dominating their lower hemispheres. She had some stretchmarks at the top and veins leading into her expansive areolas. Just Nicole's nipples were larger than her sister's entire breast!

Nicole was also much hairier with a forest covering most of her lower abdomen. Where Bianca had a neat landing strip and her labia almost completely hidden between her shapely legs, Nicole's big clit jutted out from the hairy mess and her lips hung down obscenely with moisture making them glisten in the sunlight. Her gaping hole looked hungry and wild like she was in heat.

John felt a pang of embarrassment for Nicole as he studied her naked form. He realized that he had seen absolutely everything Nicole had to offer this weekend and that her body could never hide her arousal. He knew her big pussy would not be hidden by any bikini or underwear.
Nicole stood there with her arm around Bianca, smiling like this was just any other family photo.
Bianca's forced smile reflected her uncomfort with being photographed naked.

"There, all done." Matt said as he stood back from the camera.

"Thanks Sis, for this and the awesome weekend." Nicole hugged Bianca.

"It was fun, and interesting. Hehehehe" Bianca replied as she got wedged between a set of large boobs.

Bianca patted Nicole's little baby bump. She blushed a bit realizing that she was touching pubic hair on Nicole's lower stomach. "Be sure to send us pics of this little one, if we don't see you again soon."

"Promise me we will do this again soon? And I will send pics when we do an ultrasound scan."

"Sure, we'll try get here again as soon as we can. Hopefully before the birth."

Nicole gave John a hug goodbye, and left a wet smear on his shorts where her pussy made contact with him.
John didn't notice.

Bianca also hugged Matt goodbye before putting her shirt back on.
Matt felt her erect nubs poke into his bare chest and remembered when Nicole's boobs were small enough to do that.
Lately Nicole's nipples pointed down too low to poke into anyone when hugging.

Once all the hugging and well-wishing was over with the Bianca and John loaded their luggage into their car and hit the road.
Nicole stood waving at their retreating car and stuck one hand down Matt's pants.

"Where's my little man hiding this morning?" She asked wiggling his dick around.

Matt frowned at her for the 'little man' comment, but could see the lust in her eyes and the pussy juice running down her thigh so he let it go at that and looked forward to what was to come.

A lot has changed for the young couple these past few months, but their relationship was steady and they were happy.
Nicole had changed the most, but she loved her body more than ever and got a lot of pleasure out of it.
They had a peaceful life in Lake Pleasantview, great friends and a baby on the way.

There are many more adventures to be had in Lake Pleasantview, but for Nicole and Matt this is the end, for now at least.
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Re: Lake Pleasantview Adventures (EX, GR, HM, MA, MF)

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Great story! Though I wonder if the fact that Matt can't go back to that ritual place and he's stuck like that forever is going to cause any problems in their relationship, once she discovers the truth. I guess she would be disappointed if she was counting on the fact that he would eventually get bigger, but hopefully at least she won't simply leave him because of it as that would be too tragic for Matt. But perhaps she wouldn't actually leave him and simply seek more fulfilling pleasure elsewhere due to their open relationship or rely on alternative means to fulfill Nicole's desires. I hope you'll consider finishing 'Modifying Stacy' as I love that story and hope to see it continued some day. Thank you! :)
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