The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Revenge

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The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Revenge

Postby her revenge » Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:35 pm

The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Revenge (M2F/PREG)

This story is based on a couple of my all-time favourite stories, firstly Sarah Barndt’s original story "The Real Stepford Wives: Only Women Have Babies" and then "The Real Stepford Wives: Sugar Plum Fairy" written by VI several years later. I hope you enjoy my take on these classic tales.

Chapter 1

Alex Green wiped the warm condensation from the mirror in the steam filled bathroom, peered at himself and smiled as he readied for the upcoming evening’s entertainment at the company get together.

This was the first time he’d been invited to the monthly event and he saw it as the ideal opportunity to start glad handing his bosses and finally really start making strides up the corporate ladder. Like most guys Alex enjoyed his job, had plenty of friends and hated his boss, Russell Trent.

Trent was a belligerent man, short, balding and carrying a large pot belly, a testament to the numerous corporate lunches and meetings he’d attended over the years, and his breath smelt of three day old cigarettes.

Despite Alex’s initial attempts to get along with Trent the man seemed almost instantly to dislike him and treated him badly whenever the opportunity arose.

Alex soon came to the conclusion that Trent saw him as competition for the top job, a conclusion that held more than a little water

Alex himself was a good looking man and he knew it. Standing and around five foot eleven he carried of a slim athletic build well, even if he said so himself. His short dark hair and jade green eyes only enhanced the package.

At 26 years old he was by far the youngest accountant in his department at the Stepford Pharmaceuticals Laboratory in the town of Stepford.

He’d been headhunted by the company two years before and, despite his initial misgivings about the ethics of some of the practices there, he soon settled down.
His initial misgivings, as with just about all the new employees, mainly revolved around the unusual, if not downright weird practice of transforming mostly unsuspecting men into subservient women, but over the last few years he had managed to push these disturbing thoughts firmly to the back of his mind, a feat that was made much easier as his bonus cheques dropped into his mail box each month.

He worked hard and played hard. The town could have almost been made for an ambitious virile young man such as Alex. The first thing he’d noticed when he arrived in the town was just how accommodating the women in the town were, always attentive to his needs and wishes pandering to his most wanton of kinks and desires without a word of protest.

Without a second thought he gorged himself on the seemingly endless buffet of beauties that was served up each night.

Alex moved quickly into the bedroom and smiled as he looked down at the dark blue suit, he’d previously picked out for the evening lying on the bed.

He dressed quickly and finished off the last of his second glass of vintage red wine before picking up his car keys and slipping out of the door.

The party was being held at the CEO, Jonathan Kemp’s house just a couple of miles from Alex’s home.

Fifteen minutes later Alex pulled up to the front of the large colonial style house. Almost before he’d pulled to a halt his door was opened by a beaming valet boy.

Alex smiled gratefully at the guy and slipped from behind the wheel of his classic Mercedes and into the house.

Alex skipped int the house where he was greeted by the CEO and his wife Gemma

Alex’s eyes almost popped out at the sight of Gemma. Even though her knew that she used to be a he, it didn’t stop him from being impressed and more than a little aroused. Gemma had been placed into the program almost eight years before

Alex’s arrival. It was common knowledge around the town that most of the higher management had transformed wives, it was seen as a perk of the position. The optics of a powerful man with a beautiful, devoted and eager to please wife was considered a real plus in Stepford.

Gemma was an exceptional looking woman. Standing around five foot eight inches, she had a perfect 38-24-38 figure and her golden tinted hair cascaded down her back. Alex had heard the Gemma had only recently given birth to her and Mr Kemp’s second child, but Gemma’s figure did little to show this in any way

Alex tried to maintain a civil conversation with the CEO and Gemma which turned out to harder than he thought. He could feel his eyes caressing her body and felt powerless to stop it.

Finally, the small group was interrupted by one of the waiting staff who needed Gemma in the kitchen for some instructions. With that Alex bid his host a good evening and slipped into the crowd. Just then he bumped int a few of the others from his department. Alex wouldn’t normally socialise with these guys, under the circumstances he felt it best to stay around friends.

Throughout the evening Alex could barely take his eyes off Gemma as she glided around the room playing the perfect hostess to a tee.

Her Pacific blue taffeta cocktail dress with its fitted bodice and layers of stiff petticoats flowed mesmerizingly as she sashed around the room.

Alex tried to ignore Gemma and resolved to do so by way of copious amounts of alcohol.
After a couple of hours of small talk and mingling with the other guests Alex positioned himself close to the doorway to the dining room. He smiled courteously as people passed by and sipped his fifth Gin.

He’d long since passed the pleasant “beer buzz” phase and he was now well on the way to outright drunkenness. His eyes glazed slightly as he scanned the room. Most of his colleagues had left for home as they had work in the morning, but Alex was fortunate enough to be off the following day so he decided to make a night of it.

Just then Gemma passed by and smiled. Alex returned the smile.

As Gemma slipped through the door towards the dining room, she chuckled

“I hope your enjoying yourself” she said politely.

“I most certainly am” replied Alex trying not to slur his words too much.

Gemma then slipped into the dining room and close the heavy white door.

Suddenly Alex was filled with a burning desire to speak with Gemma and after a quick glance around the room he quickly followed her into the dining room and quietly closed the door behind himself.

The noise of the party deadened and Alex could hear shuffling movements from inside a small room just off the main dining room.

Without waiting Alex moved towards the small dark room. The door of the room was propped open and as Alex glanced inside, he could see Gemma with her back towards him selecting several clean plated and bowled for the staff to pick up and bring into the main room for dessert.

Without waiting Alex slipped in behind Gemma and grabbed her around the waist
Gemma let out a small yelp at the shock. Alex quickly placed his left hand over Gemma’s mouth to stifle any more such calls.

Pressing himself firmly towards her Alex could feel Gemma’s heart pounding.

“What’s wrong little rabbit” whispered Alex into Gemma’s ear

Gemma struggled to break free but Alex just increased his grip even tighter.

“No struggling now, that wouldn’t be fun for either of us” he whispered.

His words chilled Gemma even more and she stopped struggling slightly.

“There now that’s better” said Alex “I mean, you’re the hostess so its kind of your job to satisfy your guests, right”

With that Alex snaked his right hand between Gemma’s legs. Again, Gemma squealed with shock and disgust, but Alex continued his assault. He slipped his hand into Gemma’s panties. Gemma was sobbing at this point but that did little to stop Alex

“Stop whining, you need a real man not some bloated middle aged fool like that husband of yours” he said as he continued his assault on the defenceless Gemma

“I have to say…” babbled Alex “Those two babies have not damaged your figure any…”

Suddenly the darkness of the rood exploded into brightness as one of the staff burst into the room.

Female staff member screamed and lunged at Alex slapping at him uncontrollably.

The commotion caused several other at the gathering to arrive and moments later Alex was dragged unceremoniously out from the room and back into the larger room where the other guests now all stood motionless and silent.

After what felt like an eternity to Alex all the disgusted guests were asked to leave and finally just Alex and a few of the higher managers along with the towns police chief and two deputies remained.

Alex was now slipping in and out of a drunken sleep and he could only pickup and understand a few snip bits that was going on.

Alex nervously glance over at a small huddled group of managers including Mr Kemp. Finally, the group split up and Alex who was being roughly pinned the floor could see one of the managers walking slowly towards him. Alex barely recognised the man but he’d seen him before.

Just then the man spoke to the two deputies who were restraining Alex.
“Take this piece of shit to the facility, I’ll deal with him in the morning” he said

Just then one of the deputies stunned Alex with a bolt from his Taser and Alex instantly slipped into unconsciousness
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby her revenge » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:28 pm

Chapter 2

In the dimly lit room Alex finally started to come around. The coldness of the room made him shudder slightly. His vision was blurred and his head thumped painfully like a two day old hangover as he struggled to make out exactly where he was and exactly what was going on.

Just then the door of the room opened and Alex could just about make out the figure of a woman as she slowly entered. The sound of her heel clipping on the hard floor like some ominous metronome growing louder as she approached.

From what Alex could discern she was a tall, thin framed, rather harsh looking woman with her flecked silver hair pulled back into a tight bun,

The woman looked down and smiled at Alex as he lay there covered in a deep green surgical cover, his arms pinned out at the side and his knees splayed wide and firmly clamped into a set of gynaecological stirrups.

“Welcome back sweetie” said the woman, her voice rough from years of smoking.” My name is Mrs Jackson. You can call me Mrs Jackson or Ma’am” she added as she picked up a clipboard from the small table next to Alex’s bed.

Alex was still groggy, but tried to speak. To his shock a weak sounding feminine voice was all that came out. Alex coughed and spluttered several times to remedy the sound.

The woman chuckled at the look on Alex’s face turned from confusion to shock, verging on horror.

“Now don’t you sound sweet, but don’t try to say too much right now” said Jackson as she returned her attention back to the notes.

” Your vocal cords have been altered, but the doctor assures me that in a few days or so you’ll have your full voice back…” the woman chuckled as she continued “…Of course not that sexy deep baritone you used to have, no, something far more suitable for your new life, a little more falsetto shall we say”

Alex squirmed and managed to finally speak “W…what have you done to me?” his new voice sounding wispy and light. Before Jackson could reply Alex noticed for the first time that his arms were secured by tight restraints

Again, the woman laughed “Oh don’t worry about getting free, we’ll have you out of here soon enough” she said

The woman followed Alex’s eyes along his arms and up the small plastic tubing and into the clear fluid in a hanging bag on a drip stand

The woman could almost read Alex’s mind and she jumped in with an explanation.

“Oh, that’s just your medicine, you’ll be off that too in a few weeks…Now you are very lucky to have me here. I don’t normally deal with patients face to face, but I’ve been told that you are to be treated as a special case, lucky you” she said reassuringly as she moved slowly towards the far end of the table

“Nothing there is going to hurt you, on the contrary, it’s been specially designed to make you better” she added. As she reached the far end of the table the woman quickly glanced below the tented sheet draped over Alex’s knees and smiled

“Exquisite work, really exquisite” she mumbled to herself before returning her attention back to Alex

“No, don’t you worry your pretty little about that stuff we’re here to make you a better person, that’s stuffs there to help you fully adapt to all the changes your body’s recently gone through, in fact for your information it’s just concentrated estrogen.

Alex mustered all his strength and tried to free himself of the restraints.

The woman burst into laughter at Alex’s feeble attempts to get free.

“Go on try, try as hard as you can!” she coaxed “But it’ll do you no good…” with that the woman slowly pulled back the green sheet exposing a pert pair of B cup implants proudly projecting from Alex’s chest

“…Because you’re in the program now sweetie!”

The woman giggled as she watched Alex’ face turn ashen white

“That’s right we’ve traded all those big strong macho muscles of yours for a sweet pair of perky little B cups…”

The woman then moved back to the far end of the table and slipped her hand between Alex’s legs

“And that nasty little dick of yours for a sweet, sensitive little girl pussy”

With that the woman slipped her index finger gently into Alex’ new vagina

Alex flinched instantly which caused the woman to laugh

“Oooh, extra sensitive down there are we, that’s good” the woman smiles as she then slid her finger gently in and out of Alex’s newly formed cavity

“And you’re nice and tight too I see, that’s perfect. I’m sure your new husband will appreciate that on you wedding night!”

The woman returned her attention back to the medical notes.

“Good, all very good” she mumbled to herself as she read

The woman refocused her attention back to Alex

“Well I guess you’re wondering what’s been going on while you’ve been out…” started the Jackson in a chillingly professional tone.

Alex’ head was spinning with this overload of emotions and fear, but he bit his lip and slowly nodded

“Well, that’s perfectly understandable…” started Jackson as she scanned the medical notes in turn “As you can see, we’ve done some, shall we say alterations, improvements if you like.” Jackson paused momentarily as she flipped over the page on the clip board

“…As well as your new perky little bust line and that sweet little vagina you’re now sporting between your legs, we’ve widened your hips a few inches, not too much, but just enough to accommodate your new set of ovaries and womb. Both sourced from a healthy, and may I say extremely fertile, young donor, so you’ll have no problems bearing children for years!”

Alex struggled violently with the restraints at thought of this, but Jackson continued regardless

“From what I can see here it looks like you’re going to be progressing down a slightly different path from most of our previous converts” Again Jackson turned the page.

“Looks like your future husband has a slightly different taste in his women to our usual clients, which is why we had to give you the implants. We just don’t have the time for you to develop naturally, up top, I mean, like the other girls on the usual medication. Yes, it appears he likes his women nice and curvy!” Jackson chuckled at her own comment

“That refreshing, at least makes a change from the usual stick thin blonde Barbie doll requests we normally have”

Alex was shocked to hear the catalogue of changes that he’d undergone whilst he was out, but the list didn’t stop there as Jackson continued.

“We’ve also injected lots of new fat cells into your thighs hips and of course your bottom. These will, over time, help you pop on all the extra pounds your husband has requested and make sure it all goes in the right places”

Alex loudly grunted his objection instantly which caused Jackson to laugh

“Oh, what’s wrong already worried about losing your figure, are we? Don’t worry we’ll have you in tip top shape for you wedding day in three months. Oh, and by the way your name is now Tamara”

With that Jackson dropped the clipboard onto the table next to Alex bed

“So, the reason I’m here is because you are going to be different in many ways from the other girls here. Unlike the others the CEO had decided that you are to retain your male feelings and emotions, what does that mean?” Jackson didn’t pause for a response from a stunned Alex

“ Well, unlike the others who have psychological reprograming to be able to adjust to the changes and over time grow to love being female, you my dear will never have that pleasure, no you’re going to live as a man trapped in a female body, but don’t worry your pretty little head because are going to experience all the same things that women get used to over their lives, but you’ll never really come to terms with them, periods, PMT and of course the ultimate female condition, pregnancy!” Jackson cracked a small smile as she continued

“Now, you just relax and get some rest. Jenny will be in later on; she will be helping you through the next few months as you try to get used to your changes. She’ll be coming in to get you in a couple of hours and take you to your room.

Jackson finally reached the door as she added

“She will be able to answer any questions you have, once your strength has returned, sleep tight Tamara!”

With that the room returned to darkness and the door clicked shut.
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby aeolus118 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:32 am

excellent... Sarah Barndt is my nom de plume
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby SithChangeLord » Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:06 pm

Glad you have another story! This one is good so far.
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby Matt L. » Tue Nov 24, 2020 10:36 pm

Welcome back! Your stories are always incredibly entertaining, and this one is especially well written.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby her revenge » Wed Nov 25, 2020 4:37 am

Many thanks to you all. I'll be posting the next chapter soon.
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Re: The Real Stepford Wives- Crime and Punishment by Her Rev

Postby her revenge » Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:02 am


Alex must have drifted off to sleep despite his best efforts. Suddenly he was woken by the sudden brightness of the room.

He twisted his head nervously towards the door and saw a young woman smiling as she approached.

“Good morning Tamara sleepy head” breezed the woman as she approached.

Alex estimated that the woman was probably in her mid-thirties, with short bobbed hair which was neatly clipped back from her face.

“Hello, I’m Jenny” said the woman with a disconcerting smile as she continuing her bright tone

“I’m here to get you ready for your big day” she added as she gently released Alex’ arms from the restraints

“I understand that Mrs Jackson has filled you in with some of the details, but I can hopefully answer any problems or issues that you have” she added as she finally released the last of the restraints.

“Now just take it easy… “started Jenny as she eased Alex’ legs from the stirrups and pushed the stirrups out of the way.

Jenny then expertly eased Alex into a sitting position

“Now you just sit there for a few moments till you get your bearings” said Jenny her tone unwavering.

Unknown to Alex, Jenny had been strictly briefed by Mrs Jackson to be hard on Alex and not to treat him like the others in the program, instructions handed down from the very top of the company!

After a few minutes to get used to being upright Jenny coaxed Alex’ feet onto the floor and finally eased him to his feet

“Now just stand there for a few minutes until you start strong enough to go on…”

Alex’ head spun a little as he started to become used to being stood upright for the first time since he didn’t know when. Just then he felt the newly added weight of his breasts hanging from his chest. He reached up and cupped his small, but prominent breasts in his hands.

Jenny smiled as he did this. This wasn’t the first recruit to the program she had mentored and she knew exactly what Alex was feeling

“I know, I know they feel strange at first don’t they, but take it from me, once we get you in a good bra and you have some support then that uncomfortableness you’re feeling will ease, I promise” she said

Finally, after several minutes Alex indicated he felt strong enough to go on.

Jenny grabbed Alex’ right arm to support him as the pair slowly moved towards the door.

The short journey to the door felt strange to Alex. He was still battling with the information that he’d been given both by Jackson and now Jenny.

The simple act of walking felt strange to Alex as with every step he took he could feel an unusual jiggling around his thighs and hips. On top of this his newly widened hips gave him an unfamiliar gate, more feminine as his hips swayed gently.

Alex nervously reached down with his right hand and tried to stop his thigh from jiggling.

Jenny laughed at Alex’ actions

“What’s wrong champ…” she teased gently “…your chubby thighs jiggling around!” she chortled at her own comment before adding “…Don’t worry you’ll get used to those too”

After several shuffling steps Alex and Jenny finally reached the door of the operating room.

Alex paused for a moment. Jenny quickly collected a wheelchair, noting that

Alex’s face had turned a disturbing ashen colour and moments later Alex was seated in the chair and being pushed along several bright corridors.
After several minutes Jenny stopped outside a small white door. Alex glanced around in a vain hope of recognising something or somebody but the small well-lit corridor was devoid of passers-by.

Jenny smiled down at Alex as she paused outside the door

“Well here we are your little home from home, at least for the next few months” she said as she slipped a key card into the reader.

Jenny then slowly pushed Alex into the room and quietly closed the door behind them both

“This isn’t my place” croaked Alex his voice still wispy, but getting stronger as the time went on

Jenny chuckled as she dropped the key card onto the small coffee table in the centre of the small room

“It is now honey” replied Jenny almost under her breath

“But My apartment is over near the main building, I don’t know where this is but is certainly not there!” he protested

Alex’s comment made Jenny laugh

“Well that was your old place, that was for reserved for male workers in the company…” she fought back a chuckle as she continued “…and you are now neither a worker or male!”

Alex was shocked by this and he tried to get out of the chair, but as soon as he stood up his head started spinning and he had to return the safety of the chair.
Jenny busied herself around the small apartment, opening the curtains and switching on the main power at the box.

Jenny then quickly showed Alex around the apartment, which took all of thirty seconds.

The place consisted of a small living area with an open plan kitchen positioned to the right of the main door. There was a large set off white patio doors which led onto a small paved patio where there stood a rather rickety sun lounger and small side table. Back inside there as a small bathroom which seemed clean enough and which lead into a bedroom with a small bed and an old fashioned wardrobe and matching drawers positioned just below a large window.

Jenny pushed Alex further into the bedroom

“Now…” she started to explain as she opened the wardrobe exposing a rack of frilly and undoubtedly girly dresses and tops “…So here are your now clothes, they should all be your size. Lots of pastel shades and floral patterns you should find something you like in there” Jenny then quietly closed the door of the wardrobe and moved over to the drawers “And in here are all your other essentials, panties and bras as well and swimwear and stuff, I’m sure you’ll figger it all out a cleaver girl like you!” she added

Alex wasn’t sure if he should be shocked, angry or beaten as he watched Jenny proudly display his new attire.

Jenny could see that Alex was flagging slightly and she pushed the wheelchair closer to the bed

“Now I recommend a little nap, just to freshen yourself up, it’s been a big day already. I’ll have your meal sent along in a couple of hours”

Jenny quickly helped Alex onto the bed before continuing “Oh, I almost forgot…” she said as she quickly scampered back into the living room.

She returned seconds later with a small black box “I’d be in trouble if I forgot to give you this” she said opening the box. Inside was a thick gold coloured necklace more like a collar and a piece of jewellery, but beautifully crafted all the same.

“Now let’s just get this on you” said Jenny and she reached over Alex and slipped the collar around his neck. A gentle clicking sound indicated that the collar was firmly on and Jenny eased back slightly to look at the collar “Beautiful, just beautiful” she cooed and she dropped the empty box onto the bed

“What’s this” complained Alex as she twisted his head to try to get a glimpse of his new adornment

“Oh, it’s nothing really just a little insurance that you’ll do what your told!”
Jenny’s words though sounding benign sent a shock wave through Alex brain and he started to tug at the collar frantically.

Jenny moved slowly towards the door before looking back at Alex

“It’s no good honey it won’t come off until your wedding day, I told you it’s meant to keep you inline and on track. Any form of disobedience will result in you getting a rather nasty little shock, not enough to do you any harm of course but a little uncomfortable shall we say”

“Why!” shouted Alex as she continued to pull at the collar

Jenny smiled at Alex and replied “Well, because you’ve not undergone the usual Psychological reprograming like all the other girls do at their induction, just as the CEO directed, we needed another way to keep you under control so this our way of doing that. So, any little infraction of the rules and it’s a quick zap!” she said as she finally reached the bedroom door.

“I also have another little way to make sure you fully engage in your transformation, but I think I’ll keep that one to myself for the moment!” Jenny added and chuckled briefly before continuing “Now you have a little nap and your meal will be here when you wake up, okay” without waiting for Alex to reply Jenny then slipped out of the room. Alex was furious and tugged at the collar for several minutes before realising that it was futile.

Suddenly he was overcome with weariness and before he knew it, he was sleeping soundly.
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