A Mom Turned Daughter

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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby estranhosidade » Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:23 am

Well, first, thank you for all your kind reviews, I wasn't expect for it. Much less that itsme would take the time and write a few extra chapters, it's just something I had written some weeks ago and it was laying around somewhere. And sorry didn't answer right away. I will try to answer a few comments and so on:

Or are they all brainwashed to believe that what they see is 'normal' for them and them alone, while it would be weird if anyone else tried to pretend/claim to be a different age

I was thinking something on this direction. People just don't think anything is wrong. Like "well, she's small, but some people are small", or in the case of the "daughter", "well, she's a little tall for a 7 years old child, but some kids are tall".

Unless they will start to age once their legal age matches up with their body's age, or in the "mother's" case, she will start aging from now on

There are some questions, like if you are bigger and stronger than your mother in this way, how come you have to accept all that happened at least in regards to your mother. You can pick her up and give her a spanking. How would she stop you? Certainly your 'older sister' can't make you do anything.

The idea that I had was that they wouldn't be stuck in that age forever, they would age from that point in time forward. Although, in the case of the mother, assuming there's a difference of 20 years+ between her "perceived age" and her "real body age", maybe she would age a little bit slower? Otherwise, when she was 50 years she would have the body of a 70 years old, which I don't think would be quite fair to her.

When imagining this sort of swap, it's way trickier than a run-of-the-mill body swap concept. Because there's, indeed, simply physical differences here, things that would be physically/anatomically impossible, for instance: it would be impossible to her "daughter-turned-mom" to lift her up and hold her, or simply giving birth to her, having a fully adult develop body, she wouldn't fit inside her daughter's womb. So it's a tricky concept to deal with, a lot of things you would have to embroil in a fog of mystery, like the ending of "Lost", and say "well, here's what I explained, the other things are just magic/supernatural, please accept this".

Although, there are some situations where you can try to workaround these limitations, maybe her "mom" wouldn't be able to hold and lift her, but that aside the mom-turned-daughter would have the strength of a 7-years-old, so maybe there's some scene of her "mom" holding her hand, and she just doesn't have the strength to let it go, as a child wouldn't. And, I mean, if you stop to wonder, not ALL mothers in the world can spank their child, maybe some of them have back pain or whatever, maybe some of them have mobility issues, and so-and-so forth. Even a so-called "universal fact", isn't all always that universal, if you dig enough you can find out exceptions.

Wonder if some of the "daughter's" future classmates will one day bully her and call her flat-chested or underdeveloped even though she is more developed then everyone else?

Indeed! It's a pretty fun concept and one that you can try out and work and create all these different scenarios. One thing that would be quite fun: there are some leashes that some parents use in small kids, like a backpack with a leached attached to it, so that they don't run away and get lost in the mall or whatever, it would be quite fun to see her daughter putting her in one of them, and she's like "Mom, I'm already 7, I'm not a baby!", trying to not get embarrassed and be treated as a little girl by her actual little girl (there's a delicious irony with the idea that she's trying to say she's already a "big girl" while actually lying about her age, because, well, if she said she's 30 and something, nobody would believe her :D )

At school are you a genius? How come your daughter got all of your memories, did you get hers?

Maybe because it was the mom who used the magic stone she still remembers her previous life? But the way I imagine the magic stone effects aren't quite symmetric, so not every effect that happens with the daughter would necessarily happen with the mom and vice-versa. Her education level is also a good question, I didn't think on that issue. I think not having her memories erased would maybe make school tedious, or even allowing her to say she's gifted and speed up the teaching process, enroll into some university when she was 13 or so. On the other hand, having all academic knowledge erased (just the academic) would make her feel and actually to be in much more in a position of a helpless child and would surely give her a ruff time and challenges going up to school, so this probably would be quite fun. Although, if you start erase other and others elements of her mind, you sorta start getting into full personality swap territory.

Scenes where the woman is at the beach and has an "older" child tear her top off leaving her breasts bared, in nothing but a swim skirt was always a fun one. Here her full womanly breasts are bobbling about for all to gawk at. But nobody pays any attention, or gives just a condescending chuckle as she tries to cover herself. Young 13yr olds laugh at her and taunt "You have nothing to see anyway!"

This scene description reminded me of a story called "A Whole New World", where basically, to put it shortly, it's relatively a similar concept, but one in which everyone in the world got affected: a group of friends ends up finding a book that change reality, and they end up trapped in a reality where teens are treated as babies until they are, I don't know 30 or something (they still have the mature adult body though), although one the girls still remembers her previous life. And there's delicious ironic scene their parents take "the babies" to eat in some kid-friendly restaurant, you know what? I'm just gonna put a little excerpt here:

“...As her mother left with her shirt Megan shivered in shame. This was worse than what had happened at home. As bad as that had seemed at the time, being topless in full public view was infinitely worse. Sure, it had happened a couple times at drunken parties back at college, but that was different. Then she’d chosen to take off her shirt and she’d been one of several topless girls. Now no one was even staring at her, no one cared that she her boobs were on display. She was just another toddler who’d ruined her shirt as far as anyone was concerned. Somehow that made it all even worse....”


For some reason I am reminded of a scene from the old tv show "Quantum Leap"

This was a pretty good show. Even though, the swap was technically more like a body swap type of thing (since the other people in the world didn't see his real body, but rather the body of whoever he was supposed to be replacing at that moment), but that's pretty much getting into splitting hairs' territory, what matters is that we the viewers saw the main character in his original body. There was pretty cool episode where he switchs places with a secretary:


Anyway, sorry, this whole message got super lengthy and there will be more because I will still comment on the itsme extra chapters, I like to read his stuff when I'm the right vibe. They are like a good wine. :D :D :D
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby estranhosidade » Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:03 pm

Okay, I finally read it. The whole last line, involving Isabella, I wasn't hoping for it. Itsme always adds a delicious plot twist, it's his trademark. Love it. It reminded me a little bit of "Cardonali The Magical Imp", since the concept it's somewhat similar, when you add a couple basically switching roles with little girls, but with a reality shift that affects the other people in the world as well, which if I wasn't mistake, it doesn't happen on the Cardonali's story. Great add-on.
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby itsme » Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:37 pm

Since you liked it, I decided to finish the story off. I ended it where you started. It might be a little rushed, but hell it wasn't my story anyway


"It's much better to just keep a low profile and get through the day," I thought. "It wasn't the children or teacher's fault I am here. I should just sit back and not make any waves. I'll do my school work, sing the songs if there are any, stay away from the mean boys and play with any girl that asks me. That would be best."

That is exactly what I did. In my class, I did whatever was asked of me. I pretended to be the good little school girl.

In gym, I kicked the ball like all the rest of the kids.

During recess, one of Sophy's friends asked me to play and this time I did it.

I avoided the boys for the most part, but the girl I was playing with got into an argument with one of the boys. He hurt her feelings. I had to help her. To my surprise I was the one who got into trouble. Because I had a problem before, they didn't believe me when I told them what happened.

At the end of the day I was happy to get home. I waited for Sophy to pick me up, but instead of being taken to the waiting area, I was taken to a class room.

The woman who took me there told me that "My Mommy signed me up for Arts and Crafts after school."

I was already in trouble so I didn't make a fuss. I made paper flowers with the rest of the participants. I didn't dare show that I wasn't happy or eager to be here.

I was picked up and brought home. The flowers I had made were in my hand in a small bouquet.

"What pretty flowers," Sophy said.

I didn't say anything.

"Can I have one?"

"You can have them all."

"All for me? That's great!"

During the car ride, I tried to test Sophy to see if she knew what was going on. But she seemed to be as clueless as everyone else. As far as I could tell, she thought she was an adult and my mother.

As soon as we got home, it was dinner time. Sophy had picked up McDonald's before fetching me. I didn't want McDonald's, but what could I do, I ate it. I was hungry anyway.

After dinner, I felt woozy again. I guess it had been a long tough day.

Sophy made me watch cartoons and soon it was bed time. My bed time was now 8:30. Sophy made me brush my teeth, brush my hair and all of the other rituals I had drilled into her since she was old enough to understand.

Sophy read Isabella and I a bedtime story then closed the door leaving a small crack open.

"Isabella," I called out, "are you awake?" I needed someone to understand what was happening. I didn't think any adults would, but maybe Isabella might. I needed someone on my side.


"I need to tell you something. I need you to believe me."


"I'm not Sophy. I'm really Mommy."

"No you're not!"

"I am. Magic switched me and Sophy."

"I don't believe in magic.

There wasn't a way to convince Isabella. She may had been John, but not anymore.

John had swapped lives with Isabella a year before. Only seven year olds could be swapped. That was part of the magic. John wasn't as flexible as Pauline was. He fought what happened to him, but wasn't believed by anyone. Not even Pauline, who thought it was just a game that Isabella was playing. Because John wouldn't bend, it didn't take long until he broke. His personality had been shattered and now he is Isabella in his own mind.

I was signed up for more and more activities after school besides Arts and Crafts. There was beginning dance lessons as well as singing lessons. I was also signed up for Girl Scouts and Nature Hikes. When I wasn't in structured activities, play dates and sleepovers with other girls were arranged.

Eventually, I was competing in the 5-7 year group at beauty pageants. I had developed a singing and Dance talent. I was dressed in beautiful gowns and cutsie swimsuits. Isabella was also competing in the same contest as I was but she was in the 8-10 year group.

I was too busy to complain. Now a year had gone by, I was waiting outside the school to be let in. I took a seat and let my mind drift for a second. I started to think.

"I still can't believe how stupid I was. Even after almost a whole year, but I mean "

End. :mrgreen:
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:03 pm

I am trying to understand the last line? Why does she think she was stupid?
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby itsme » Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:43 pm

The last line is the fist line of the story. We end where we began.
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:57 am

Oh so she was stupid for wanting to switch places with her daughter in the first place.
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Re: A Mom Turned Daughter

Postby estranhosidade » Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:41 pm

"I don't know what I would have done without the drug. Joshua would have never accepted being a boy without it. Now he is friends with lots of boys and says like the rest of them, 'All girls are stupid'."

I read the story again, and that part of the club, especially the part of the boy switching roles with his mom, reminded me of this other story "The Clover Coffee Club", for those who find interesting this idea, I would recommend it as well.

Also, I would recommend this story branch, also written by itsme on writing.com:
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