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Postby resupplied69 » Fri May 22, 2020 8:17 am

Chapter 45: Enter Their Nightmare

A small crowd had gathered outside the otherwise anonymous semi-detached house in the Northwest suburbs of London. The leafy, somewhat dull tranquillity of this sleepy street was punctuated by the commotion coming from inside the house.

A crash. Then a scream. "Where are they?!" a young woman's voice cried out.

Some of the crown outside looked at each other with mock concern, others seemed to be more interested in videoing the scene for their social media channels. All of them were what the British witheringly term as 'ambulance chasers'.

Inside the house the ground floor seemed utterly normal. The interior has that in the style of a middle aged couple. Dinner was being prepared and was cooking on the stove. The comfortable sofa was strewn with an opened newspaper, but otherwise the ground floor was as immaculate as the neatly polished Toyota on the drive outside.

Upstairs, it was a different matter. The middle aged couple stood looking aghast in the scene unravelling in one of the bedrooms.

Chloe stood in the middle of her bedroom, hysterical, her makeup streaming down her face, the contents of her underwear drawer upturned on her bed.

"Where are they? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?" screamed Chloe at her Mother.

Chloe's mum was shaking but tried to remain calm "Where are what, Chloe?" she said, her voice trying to soothe the frayed nerves of her distressed daughter "I don't know what you mean"

"Where are my bras? MY BRAS?!" screamed Chloe, her hands flailing at the piles of bras on the bed.

"They are your bras" replied Chloe's mum, her voice sewn with confusion as she gestured towards the pile of small bras and panties on the bed "I have some in the laundry, but that's it"

"No, no, NO, NO, NO!!!" said Chloe, falling to her knees and holding her head. The bras were all mockingly small, dainty, flowery ones either 32A or 32AA.

"What happened to my boobs? My perfect boobs. I'm busty, I don't have small boobs" sobbed Chloe.

"Chloe, what are you saying?" asked Chloe's mum becoming increasingly confused "you've always had small boobs"

"I was busty. I was a model. This isn't happening" Chloe put her hands to her head and screamed again."

In the distance, the sound of an ambulance siren. Approaching at speed. Distracted, Chloe's mother went to the window to see the ambulance race up outside, blue lights flashing.

"Someone must have called an ambulance" muttered Chloe's mother as she parted the curtains. The paramedics climbed out, just as the police car pulled up in outside as well.

As the blue lights flashed against the wall of the room, Chloe heard the distant chuckling of those tormenting voices. Everything slowed down and stopped. Her parents stood motionless, in freeze frame, looking out the window. Paradoxically, the blue lights kept flashing despite the crowd, paramedics and police outside being frozen also. It was if time was still running, but only for Chloe.

The voices laughed again, echoing this time.

Chloe gasped as she caught sight of her reflection in her bedroom mirror. She was topless and she was...busty.

Her eyes went wide and she smiled in sheer delight as she cupped her incredible breasts. She was a perfect, full firm 32E cup again. She frowned as she felt a warm, wet patch grow in her cleavage, she looked down and saw semen pooled between her tits, starting its slow, sticky trickle down her chest. Her mind flashed back to that night in the studio titfucking Lee Pennington.

The voices laughed again. The world started spinning. She was clothed, in her bedroom. And she was flatchested.

The tears flowed as she sank to the floor, she didn't hear the paramedic talking to her, she didn't feel the needle go in her arm. All she saw was blackness.


Zoe's eyes struggled to focus as the darkness slowly lifted, everything seemed so soft, so distant.

"Zoe" a familiar voice called out softly "I've got some people here to see you"'

"wha?... who?..." slurred Zoe. She felt so sluggish these days, so... heavy.

Her eyes focused first on the owner of the voice: Nurse Vicky.

"Take your tablet first, there's a good girl". Nurse Vicky offered up the tablet to Zoe's mouth, placing it gently on her tongue and offering a paper cup of water to wash it down. It had been three weeks Zoe had been placed on a massive dose of Zyprexa and it had turned the former busty maneater into a zombie-like eating machine.

"Now let's tidy up round your bed now that you have visitors" said Nurse Vicky as she picked up chocolate wrappers and several empty cartons of chocolate ice cream. Zoe's eyes went wide as she saw the evidence of her relentless bingeing.

"Hello Zoe" called out Lana, her bulky figure coming into focus "I've brought Rachel and Amy to see you"

"Rachael...Amy..." called out Zoe in almost a whisper. The two of them moved closer to listen to Zoe's weakened voice "help me...please... I'm getting fat... I'm getting fat"

"Oh we know that" said Amy, emboldend by the sight of the rapid deterioration of her former nemesis "we're all cheering on your weight gain"

"Wha?" said Zoe, her bloated face scrunching up into a confused expression and revealing the first glimpse of her newly acquired double chin "you want me to get fat?"

"Really fat" hissed Amy, reaching into her bag and bringing out a chocolate bar. She held it in front of Zoe's face and watched with delight as Zoe's eyes went wide. Amy's delicate fingers slowly tore the wrapper off one end of the bar and brought in towards Zoe's lips, gently touching them with the sweet, rich chocolate. Zoe's lips parted and Amy grinned evilly.

"You know what they say Zoe... a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"

Zoe snatched the bar out of Amy's hand and devoured the chocolate in three huge bites before sitting, eyes wide, seemingly shocked at what she had done.

"It's time to survey the damage" said Lana mockingly as she and Nurse Vicky moved to either side of Zoe's bed and brought her out onto the floor.

"Remove your gown" said Nurse Vicky. The Zyprexa made Zoe complaint and malleable so the gown was on the floor in seconds.

Three weeks of unchecked bingeing on chocolate ice cream and an endless supply of sweet, fattening treats was clearly visible in the devastating effect it was having on Zoe's once lithe figure. Her figure had softened alarmingly and her once slender, dancers frame was now covered in a soft cocoon of fat.

"Primed and ready to balloon" smirked Nurse Vicky "step onto the scale please"

Zoe sighed and, keeping her eyes closed, stepped onto the scale, which creaked audibly under her weight. The last three weeks had been a blur for her.

Nurse Vicky peered round to read the number on the scale. Her eyes went wide.


Zoe just stood there, dazed, looking heavy, slow and clumsy

"What does it say?" blurted out Amy excitedly.

"11 stone four pounds or just under 72 kilos" said Vicky smirking as she wrote down the numbers in her charts "You've gained 30 pounds in three weeks"

"Nooooooo.... moaned Zoe quietly"

"And look at where is has gone" laughed Amy as she took in the view of Zoe's rapidly expanding rear.

"Look where it hasn't gone" pointed out Rachel looking at Zoe's depressingly deflated tits "it's gone everywhere apart from her boobs"

"YES!" yelled Amy fist pumping in triumph. "Time to give Zoe some chocolate!"

[to be continued....]
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri May 22, 2020 11:55 am

Another brilliant! Installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D

It seems Chloe is possibly going to get treatment, possibly like Zoey. While Zoey, herself, is getting fat and none of it is going to her breasts ;) I wonder what her current measurements are, in terms of B-W-H
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Postby unterwomc » Fri May 22, 2020 2:39 pm

It seems to me that this is just the beginning. I have a feeling Vicky wants Zoe of the complete lap to the scale several times. 8-)
and for more humiliation Amy and Rachel might have new growth Chloe's fading breasts has to go somewhere

Also we never got to know Zoe's busty genetic potential in one of her futures she got to cup G following a strict model diet, how much could she have been stimulated by so much food free from restrictions? maybe Sammie in the future exceeds that mark because she didn't have to starve like her sister and other models
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Postby ShrinkingBoobsFan » Sat May 23, 2020 8:40 am

Such an interesting update to an all time great story! Can’t wait to see who gets a boob boost from chloe’s dramatic shrinking... all those cup sizes have to have gone somewhere!
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Postby her revenge » Sun May 24, 2020 8:35 am

Amazing update, can't wait to read more
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Postby Matt L. » Wed May 27, 2020 9:24 pm

Quite an intriguing story, very enjoyable.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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