Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, education)

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Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, education)

Postby Achuloh » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:40 pm

Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap)
By Achuloh

Chapter 1

Karen had avoided it for a long time. The first thing was the name: The Marketplace of Miseries. Names like that didn't encourage a lot of confidence. But the bigger thing was that it sounded too good to be true. Of course she had seen the news. Of course online rumors had made their way to her newsfeeds. But the idea of a place where you could trade your miseries for someone else's? For a rational person like Karen, it didn't make sense. It wasn's something that her scientific, skeptical worldview could easily accomodate.

It took Karen reaching what felt like rock bottom for her to finally consider it.

Liam had broken up with her. Her first choice for grad school had rejected her, and she had been absolutely miserable at her second choice. And then her pet cat, Tiger, died. All in the same month. One or two might have been a storm Karen could weather, but she found herself walking through the rain to the place she knew the Marketplace of Miseries lay, though she had never been there before. Her first view of it gave her chills. It looked like something between a warehouse and a gothic castle. The bricks that formed its exterior were pitch black, and it did not appear to have any windows.

Taking a breath, Karen closed her umbrella and walked in through what she assumed was the front door. (There didn't appear to be any signage anywhere.)

She found herself in a dingy lobby. A woman with raven-black hair and skin so pale she could have been a ghost gave Karen a bored look as she walked in.

"Wecome to the Marketplace of Miseries. Please take a clipboard and fill out your information," she said, motioning to a coffee table to her left.

Karen picked up a clipboard, and looked around for a good place to sit. She could see an old woman scribbling furiously, a few teenagers, and woman with a baby carriage. Karen picked an empty seat two chairs down from the old woman and started filling out the form.

Everything was about what she expected on an intake form, until she got to the page explaining the market. Apparently, she had two options. She could have her miseries listed, and be forced to accept whatever trade someone proposed. Or she could enter the marketplace and trade miseries with people who had taken option one.

Karen didn't want to wait to be rid of her miseries, and she wanted control over what she traded for. She decided on option two.

After handing the form back, she was led deeper through a door into the main part of the building.

It looked almost like a grocery store filled with aisles and aisles of shelves. But instead of signs with words like "Cereal" and "Peanut Butter", she saw signs with things like "Relationships", "School", and "Work."

She found herself drawn to the Relationship aisle, and soon she was staring down rows and rows of crystal balls with brief descriptions beneath them. She walked down the aisle, not really knowing what she was looking for until one of the crystal balls caught her eye.

Inside the crystal ball Karen saw a gorgeous blonde girl about her own age. She was a bombshell - perfect face, perfect body.

Karen was painfully reminded of how plain she was. What had Liam's words been? "I'm not attracted to you anymore." And who could blame him? Karen's impressive mind and caring personality was usually what attracted guys to her, but they always lost interest eventually. She wasn't ugly exactly - that almost wold have been better. She was plain, and unmemorable. She actually wondered if most of the guys who dated her still knew what she looked like. They probably mentally replaced her with a generic, curveless beanpole of a woman from a stock photo if they ever strained to recall 'that one time I dated Karen.'

She read the description under the crystal ball with the blonde girl.

"I'm so hot that guys are always hitting on me, and I never know if my boyfriends care about me because of who I am or because of what I look like."

Karen gave the crystal ball an incredulous look. This girl was so ungrateful! She didn't know how good she had it. Karen picked up the ball. She would trade her current relationship issues for these any day!

As she thought this, the orb started to glow in her hand. Karen felt a sensation playing across her entire body almost like insects were crawling all over her. She screamed and jumped back, but in a moment the sensation stopped and she felt... different.

She looked down at herself, and was surprised to see her shirt straining against a pair of large breasts. Her hands went to her chest. No way!

She pulled out her phone, and used the front camera to get a look at her self.

Karen gasped.

Staring back at her was a new face. A gorgeous face. She looked herself up and down.

Blonde hair, killer body... she looked exactly like the girl in the crystal ball!

Well, maybe not exactly like her. There was still a hint of the old Karen in her face, but only those of her features that complemented her new appearance.

Karen smiled, thinking about how much easier her new life was going to be. Misery? She would put that ungrateful girl's *gifts* to better use than she ever had. Then her smile twisted into a malicious grin when she realized that the other girl had her looks now. That would show her!

Karen left the Relationship aisle, and continued until she found the aisle labled "School."

Maybe if she was lucky, she'd find someone who had gotten into her grad school of choice and was super stressed out or something? Her first misery swap was already a solid upgrade, was it too much to hope that they all would be?

Unfortunately, after skimming through three fourths of the shelf she still hadn't found anything that looked promising. But then she saw it.

Inside a crystal ball, a bookish guy stood outside of the college of her dreams. It had one of the best aerospace engineering programs in the world. Karen read the description.

"I basically never attended classes, copied homework and cheated on nearly every exam during undergrad, paid someone to take the GRE for me, and now I'm a month into grad school and hating every minute of it. I'm worried I don't have what it takes, and I'm worried what will happen when everyone around me realizes I'm a fraud."

Karen's ears started to burn. The nerve of some people! Karen had spent all her life working hard, and *she* got rejected for her school of choice. But here was this guy, just taking shortcuts and ending up exactly where she wanted to be. She knew she would do a much better job in his position! She picked up the orb and it started glowing.

This time she was expecting the sensation, and she was soon standing there feeling... exactly the same? Well, that made sense, she figured. She searched her email for her school's name. Sure enough, there was an acceptance letter where there had been a denial before. Everything was turning out perfectly!

With a spring in her step, she walked to the "Pets" aisle.

The very first orb she saw walking into the aisle was perfect!

"My pet cat doesn't like it when I dress him up in cute clothes."

Karen would much rather have that problem than a dead cat! She picked up the orb, made the switch and left the the store happy with all of her purchases.

Chapter 2

Back at her apartment, Karen was happy to see Tiger alive and well. The little cat seemed to be much younger, and she was happy to have him for another few years at least. Then she frowned.

"You know what you need, Tiger?" she said in a cutesy voice. "That's right! You need to look fancy on this most beautiful of days!"

And she went to her closet where she surprised herself pulling an entire tub of cat costumes. Memories started flowing back to her. She had tried so many outfits over the years, trying to find something Tiger would like. But so far he had resisted her attempts. Oh, well. She had a few new outfits that he was sure to love!



He didn't love them. Karen's heart fell. She looked at Tiger trying desperately to get his cute little tuxedo costume and fancy-shoe-shaped slippers off.

"Why don't you like any of the outfits I got you, Tiger?" Karen felt tears welling up in her eyes.

She started bawling in the middle of her living room. Her sorrow only lasted for a few minutes, but after the cry she felt emotionally drained.

"What the heck was that?" Karen asked aloud.

The orb had only mentioned being unhappy with the fact that cat didn't like wearing clothes. It never mentioned... that.

Oh, well. She had to focus on the bright side. Tiger was alive, that was all that mattered now. That was worth putting up with a few emotional outburts over something silly like cat clothes. Right?

Karen pulled herself together, and went to lie down on the couch. She knew something that was sure to cheer her up!

She opened up Tinder. Normally, it was a depressing place for her, but with her new body-

And sure enough, she had dozens of new matches, and a ton of unread messages. Score!

Karen started reading through the messages, and frowned.

Half of the messages showed barely any thought. Did any guys really think she'd respond to just a "Hello" with as many messages as she got? And-

There was a dick pic. Lovely. She scrolled up, and saw that she actually had a message history with this guy. He looked so normal from his previous messages, and then he just - random dick pic.

And then there were poorly executed pick up lines, clingy guys who came off as way too desperate - it was so hard to find a guy of any quality!

Karen mentally took a step back. She remembered what her problem had been before. Did it really matter that most of the guys were below her standard? Maybe she could just have fun tonight. Enjoy her new body, and then end to all her old problems. There would be time for high standards later.

She looked through her options for the hottest one. So many out of shape guys, or guys with no fashion sense. Her heart sank a bit when she realized who the hottest one was. Oh well, this was just going to be a celebration of her new gifts.

She messaged Mr. Dick Pic.

"Hey, do you want to come to my place? Do a little Netflix and Chill?"

Almost immediately there was a response.

Soon Mr. Dick Pic, whose name was actually Jeremy, was knocking on her door.

She opened it up, and he let himself inside. Without saying a word, he kissed her passionately on the lips.

She decided to return the kiss. He guided her to the couch, where the two of them made out for several minutes.

Karen could not believe it. In her wildest dreams, she had never imagined making out with a guy this hot. She was feeling more turned on than she ever had.

His hands roamed her body, and soon the two of them were helping each other undress.

Karen gasped. Jeremy's picture undersold him. He was positiveley enormous. She was worried he would split her open.

When he entered her, it was the most terrifying and arousing moment of Karen's life. As the two of them moved together, moaned together, Karen was feeling herself approach peaks of arousal she never knew possible. Jeremy was not only well-endowed, but he had skills that put every guy she had ever been with to shame.

Karen felt her whole body flush, and the pressure built and built, until-

"Oh my god!"

Karen's body was wracked by the biggest orgasm of her life. But Jeremy wasn't done. He kept going, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

When they had finally finished, Karen was left fuckdrunk on her couch.

She almost didn't register when Jeremy said, "Thanks!" and left without another word.

Then the world came crashing back to her. Was that it? He had said one word, and then just... left? Even though she had just wanted to enjoy herself tonight, she couldn't help but feel a little bit used.

* * *

The next day, Karen excitedly walked in to the grad school she had been spending her whole life trying to go into. She was here! She was home.

Then a man walked up to her. She vaguely remembered him as Dr. Everett

"Ah, good, Karen. I wanted to talk to you. I was wondering if we could talk about where you wanted to take your research?"

Karen agreed to meet with her mentor in his lab.

"Alright, Karen. I know I said I'd let you take your time, but you've spent the last month doing the work I'd normally have undregrads do. What do you want your research to be about?"

Karen's eyes lit up. This was her chance! All of the work she had done for years had finally paid off. Last week, she had been thinking of what kind of research she wanted to do and had come up with dozens of great ideas. She just had to run a few by him, and he was sure to be impressed.

If only she could... remember any of them? Karen wracked her brain. There had to be at least one she could remember.

Then she tried to just think of an idea on the spot, and cold realization started growing in the pit of her stomach.

Her memories didn't lie - she had spent most of her time in college partying and cheating to scrape by. She didn't know... anything. She couldn't remember a single solitary thing about aerospace engineering. Her years of hard work had vanished!

"Uh, Dr. Everett, can I please have a little bit more time to come up with something?"

Dr. Everett gave her a dubious look, but nodded his head.

* * *

Karen continued in this new world for a few weeks before she finally decided she needed to get her old life back.

It was the tenth emotional outburst over cat clothes that ended up being the straw that broke the camels back. She had almost wanted to go back when that mouthbreather had started stalking her everywhere she went at the college, but nope. The cat clothes pushed her over the edge.

Instead of being easy, like she had thought, all of her new benefits were big problems. It was only a matter of time before she got kicked out of her Master's program, and there wasn't enough time in the world to catch up on all the things she had unlearned. Guys seemed to only want to use her as a one night stand, or be condescending jerks if they were looking for long-term relationships. And now for the tenth time, as a grown-ass woman she was sobbing about cat clothes not fitting.

Her old problems she could deal with. But her new ones felt impossible to overcome.

Enough was enough. She decided to go back to the Marketplace of Miseries.

The same bored woman with raven-black hair and pale skin was there.

"Hello, welcome to the Marketplace of Miseries. Please-"

"Cut the crap!" Karen snapped. "I need to speak with your manager."

The woman pointed at a door, and Karen walked inside.

A corpulent man with an ugly mustache and an ill-fitting suit looked up as she walked in.

"Hello, Karen. What can I do for you?"

"How do you know my n-" Karen started, "No, that's not important! I want a refund. I want my old life back."

The corpulent man gave a smile that was missing several teeth.

"I'm afraid that's not possible. All trades are permanent."

Karen shook her head. "I don't care. There's got to be something you can do. I wanted to get rid of my problems. I didn't want to become an empty-headed, emotionally unstable hottie with boy troubles!"

"Oh?" the man said, "That seems to be exactly what you wanted to become. That said, I'm willing to take pity on you. Here's the names and phone numbers of the people you traded to. If they want to trade back, I'm happy to reverse the transactions."

Karen took the list, and called the first number.

The phone rang once. Twice. Three times-

"Hello, this is Jenny speaking. May I ask who's, like, calling?"

"Uh, hi Jenny. This is Karen. I, uh, have your looks now."

"Oh," Jenny said happily, "Thank you so much for the trade!"

Karen started to feel a low level panic start. She just had to hold on.

"Oh, so you like your new life?" Karen asked.

"Yeah," Jenny said. "I can just go to the mall, and like, enjoy myself. Guys don't creep on me, or catcall me, or... Yeah, things are just great! And I've got a great boyfriend who likes me for who I am. Are you liking my good looks?"

Karen tried to keep her voice even, "Uh, yeah. It's been great."


Karen tried dialing the next number.

"Hello, is this David?"


"David, I'm the one who traded you for your accademic career. Is there any chance you'd want to trade back?"

She heard a scoff.

"Are you kidding? It's so amazing actually knowing stuff! I actually feel like an expert, instead of fearing when I finally get caught."


The feeling of panic was growing now.

"Hello, Tiffany?" Karen said, her voice hollow.

"That's me!" a cheery voice said. "What's up?"

"I'm the one who got your cat costume problem. Is there any chance you'd want to switch back?"

The woman on the other line laughed.

"Of course not! I've gotten a new kitten, and she adores being dressed up. I'm sad that Mr. Fluffles died, but Mr. Fluffles Junior has brought me nothing but joy."


Karen looked pleadingly at the manager of the Marketplace of Miseries.

"Please, sir. There has to be something you can do?"

He smiled and pointed to a clipboard on his desk.
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Re: Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, educati

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:14 am

great read so far and the joke in chapter two was obvious but nonetheless funny. :lol:
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Re: Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, educati

Postby Freaksss » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:56 am

Interesting concept for a well written story.
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Re: Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, educati

Postby Lewdsmith » Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:56 pm

Even if it doesn't include much fetish elements that I'm especially fond of, this one was still very pleasant to read. I appreciate how the story goes almost straight to the point, without almost anything feeling rambly or filler. Nicely written. Will definitely be checking out more of your content.
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Re: Marketplace of Miseries (trait swap, appearance, educati

Postby Matt L. » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:30 pm

Very creative and very entertaining!

Cheers, Matt
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