The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slob]

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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, -IQ, Slob]

Postby Lamebrain » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:53 am

Chapter 5: Thaumaturgy

Anya’s spot was a narrow beach covered by a layer of tree canopy. The shade sent a pattern of tree branches and leaves all over the sand. The place was quiet and there was seemingly nobody in sight. The lake was calm that day, and they were practically invisible to the rest of civilization.

“I like to come here when I am alone.” Anya said. Sitting down on the beach in-front of the water. “This place reminds me of where I grew up.”

“In Russia?” Heather asked. She didn’t know much of Anya’s backstory.

“No. In Oregon.” Heather sat down next to Anya, taking in the view of the lake. “I moved to America when I was quite young.” Heather was still impressed by how well Anya enunciated. Despite the harsh sounds of her voice she came in quite clear.

“And yet, you still have an accent?” Heather asked inquisitively. Her notebook was closed for now, this was off the record.

“Yes. I still know my language.” She smiled. Her harsh features looking particularly wolfish in the shade. “My mother tongue.” Anya leaned back on both hands and looked up. “Where do you call home?”

Heather was amused at how peculiarly the question was phrased. “I don’t really have one. My parents forced me to move out when I just became an adult.” Anya looked over, noticing for the first time Heather was relatively honest and unguarded. “When I met my ex-boyfriend, I thought my life was solved. Like I didn’t have to worry anymore. And all it led to was my life becoming more stressful and complicated.” Heather didn’t normally open up to strangers. Anya’s weirdness was strangely comforting to her. She didn’t feel like she needed to be on-guard around her. Michael was still on her mind and she felt like letting it out.

“What was he like?” She asked curiously. “I have not had much luck with men. They always seem so timid around me. And I hate how they do not like me for what I am.”

“What you are?” Heather asked curiously, her interest piqued. Anya’s expression changed to one of embarrassment.

“What was he like?” Anya sounded more on guard, unwilling to budge.

“His name was Michael.” Heather said. “We lived together for two years.” Heather hadn’t really told this story to anyone in great detail, most people didn’t really care enough to hear about it. “When it started, he was perfect. We would know how to begin and end each other’s jokes…”

“Ah, I know the feeling. When a person completes you. Like you are no longer a wanderer.” Anya’s sage-like perspective was weird but Heather continued.

“We would do everything together. When he wanted something, I was at his beck and call, about to give up my life for him. I was even thinking of settling down and leaving my job for him.” Heather hadn’t told anyone that last detail before. It didn’t even become conscious to her really until she said it. Her job did stress her out sometimes and did feel like it was more trouble than it was worth. Despite being so challenging and rewarding.

“Mmm” Anya purred. She started sitting closer to Heather. “What went wrong with him? This Michael. He seems like a good guy.” There was some concern in Anya’s voice. Heather wasn’t used to feeling concern from someone else.

“Well. Eventually it felt like he stopped caring. Like I would go days without seeing him, and he was perfectly fine with that. He stopped asking me to do things with him. He was always too busy.” The last part was something that bothered Heather a lot. She had forgotten she only came down to the beach to interrogate Anya about Jezebel. “I wondered what changed. Did I change him? Was he always like that and I didn’t notice? And eventually.... he just leaves…” Heather trailed off, her sentence left hanging. Anya’s face turned to concern.

“He just leaves? Left where?” Anya asked.

“He took his things and left. He wouldn’t tell me where. He stopped looking me in the eye, he just said I’m going. He took most of our stuff along with him.” Heather wasn’t maintaining eye contact anymore she was just looking down. “And I kind of wanted him to go. I thought I was better off alone and without anyone. Like maybe Michael was a fantasy I created in my head. A fantasy of a perfect life. A life that I will never have.” There was a pause before Anya broke the silence.

“And then you came here? Because of this Michael?” Heather was immediately reminded of Jezebel and why she arrived to Faris lake.

“Well kind of. I came for a vacation.” Heather wasn’t looking Anya in the eye, although the concern in Anya’s face didn’t leave. Anya went for a hug around Heather’s shoulders. Heather didn’t really reciprocate the hug; she wasn’t a touchy person. That wasn’t going to change regardless of how nice Anya was being. Heather kept her emotions inward, away from people. After what seemed like seconds Anya let go and sat back.

“I am sorry. I feel for you zaika” Heather’s eyebrow perked up at the Russian word.

“What does that mean?” She asked curiously. Her mood had picked up.

“It is a Russian word, for bunny. My mother used to say “Anya, you must eat your vegetables zaika.”” There was a sudden sadness in Anya’s voice. “I miss her. So, I like calling people zaika. Nobody here in America seems to understand. And that is okay. It makes me feel like she is with me still.” She turned her head and stared at the lake. Heather felt a little touched and a little guilty over wanting to interrogate Anya now. She decided against opening her notebook and asking about Jezebel. There will be time to do that later. She thought.

“This is a nice place. What do you do here usually?” Heather asked. Looking around the canopy.

“Well. Occasionally I lure a kitten here and we have fun.” Anya laughed a little.

“Fun? What does that mean?” Heather asked curiously. Anya got up and walked over to a bush. Where she pulled out a hidden bottle of whiskey.

“We sing and we dance. And we have fun. Do you like to have fun zaika?” She asked, walking over.

“It’s a bit early in the day to go drinking Anya. But sure. I like to have fun.” Anya laughed in response.

“Come. We shall go to the restaurant. I want to see you eat.” Anya said this accidentally but Heather didn’t pick up on the subtle sexual connotation in Anya's words. Anya returned the whiskey bottle to the bush, and Heather followed her away from the beach.
Jezebel was starting to scare the rest of the staff. She was barking orders like a slave driver. “Delacroix. Did you get the ingredients?” She said angrily at Melanie.

“Yeah just about.” Melanie had been given peculiar instructions, it read like a laundry list of cake ingredients. Sugar, salt, flour, baking soda. It also contained some weird things like turpentine and aloe vera. She didn’t reveal to her boss that the kitchen was out of sugar so she substituted it with sweet and low from a nearby coffee machine. She figured the boss wouldn’t notice the difference. “What’s this all for?”

“Don’t ask questions.” She barked at her. “Theo, where is she?” She asked. Theo was on break when Wanda arrived, probably well timed. He was similarly scared of the ‘push like Melanie was. He was sitting at his desk watching the monitors.

“She’s been hanging with Anya, I lost them when they went to the lake. But they’re going to Rebecca’s right now.” He was typing repeatedly, switching between different monitors.

“Good… good…” Everything was going so far according to plan. “Has Lance brought the ciper?”

“Yeah he brought your dolly.” He said sarcastically rolling his eyes. On Theo’s desk was a stuffed Raggedy Ann looking doll. With straw-like red hair wearing a blue dress. “I don’t know what stroller he must’ve nabbed it from this time.”

“Lance has a way with women, especially mothers.” Jezebel said. “He has his uses. Has he gotten her hair?”

“He’s getting it now. There was some in her shower catch. He also found some on a comb in her bathroom.” Jezebel smiled approvingly.

“Excellent. I’ll make sure to reward him appropriately. We will be ready to begin.” Jezebel walked over to Theo’s desk and grabbed the doll.

“Begin? Begin what?” Melanie asked, concern raising in her voice. Theo looked away as Jezebel turned to face her.

“Begin the spell.” She said. “The curse.” She walked over to another room close by. This one was filled with cubicles, complete with computers sitting on them. The 6th floor used to be an office administration area before Jezebel had Lance gut it. Now it mostly lay unused, except in circumstances such as this. In the middle of the room was a circular table with a wooden bowl sitting on-top of it.

“Curse? What curse? What are you talking about?” Melanie asked. She anticipated some kind of rebuke from Jezebel like “don’t ask questions” but this time she actually answered her question.

“What you saw me do before was a basic power. My old mentor Barry referred to it as a “cantrip”. What we are about to do is something else entirely.” She placed the doll in the bowl and motioned to Melanie to bring her the ingredients. “Thaumaturgy.”

“What’s that?” She asked. Melanie was confused.

“Thaumaturgy is a magical spell. It requires a physical component, called a cipher. It requires some living component. In this case, hair.” She motioned to the clump of Wanda’s hair that was now sitting on the table. “And it requires an incantation from a witch. After that, the spell takes shape.”

“What does this spell do?” Melanie asked. She placed the ingredients on the table and watched as Jezebel poured them in equal amounts into the bowl.

“Do you remember Delacroix? When I found you, you knew absolutely nothing about art.” Melanie winced at this. She didn’t feel like it was true, but there was some truth to what she said. She did almost flunk out of art school. “And what did I do for you?”

“You… cast a spell on me…” She responded slowly. Looking down.

“Yes. I placed a curse on you. There are positive curses, and there are negative curses. In that case, I transferred the talent from your teacher to you. And in exchange…”

“I work for you”. Melanie said. A bitter tone emerged in her voice.

“Precisely dear.” She said smiling. “Now that was a positive curse, it transformed you into an artist with 30 years of experience.” Jezebel moved the head of the doll in the bowl so it faced forward. “This is a negative curse. Same principle, different result.”

“What do you mean?” Melanie asked.

“What we are about to do. Is take certain attributes from that woman who you saw, and give them to our journalist friend. This curse is rather complicated…” Jezebel looked away for a second. “And to confess, I do not fully understand it myself. But the idea is simple.” At that moment Lance walked in, carrying a clump of hair he had neatly assembled in his hand.

“Here you go boss.” Lance said. He walked over and handed it to Jezebel.

“Good work.” She said smiling. Melanie looked at Lance and thought to herself. Is he going to do a flip for her too?

“Now Delacroix. This curse works thusly.” Jezebel took the hair taken from Heather’s room and began tying strands of it together in small knots. “We take the hair from our journalist. And we place it on the ciper. In this case, the doll that Lance has brought for us. This tells the spell who to target. Then we place our subject’s hair, in this case the woman you briefly met in this mixture I am creating. Once I say the incantation. The spell will take effect.” Jezebel placed a circlet of hair around the neck of the red headed doll.

“But what does it do exactly?” Melanie asked impatiently.

“Once the spell has taken effect our journalist will begin to change. A transformation will occur. It begins mentally. Wants and desires are replaced. Interests and hobbies begin to change. Eventually the change becomes physical. Hair color changes, body size too. Eventually the subject becomes an almost exact replica.”

“Almost?” Melanie asked. She was skeptical.

“Well…” Jezebel paused. “Some things don’t transfer over. One’s identity remains the same. The purer the mixture, the purer the result.” Jezebel placed some of Wanda’s hair into the white gunky mixture. It sank inside and disappeared from view. Melanie noticed that she tucked the rest of it into a pocket on her dress but paid it no mind. “We are all ready to begin the incantation.”

“How long does it take to take effect?” Melanie asked. Looking crossly at the doll sitting in the bowl.

“The first changes begin immediately. However, the overall change is gradual. It normally takes a week to complete. Hopefully, we’ll notice some of the changes on the monitor.” Jezebel pushed a button on her headset. “Is she in the restaurant still? With Anya?”

“Yup. They’re talking about you right now.” Jezebel laughed a little.

“I bet they are. The journalist has a mouth on her.” She looked back down at her mixture. “They’ll have a lot more to talk about soon.” Jezebel grabbed at her necklace and closed her eyes. Lance had since left the room. Melanie wondered why but in an instant, she felt something.

Jezebel moved her hands directly over the bowl. And started speaking. “Shemhamforash.” Melanie’s hair stood on end. She felt the sudden feeling of static electricity surrounding her. The lights in the room suddenly went out.

“Jantar” Jezebel’s voice sounded deeper. Like the words weren’t coming out of her mouth, but from someone else entirely. Melanie saw the computer monitors in the cubicles around the room started to light up. Displaying green text and random numbers.

“Anigeron. Barcara. Pankot. Shabbat.” Melanie watched as the bowl started to glow. The mixture inside of it started to bubble like it was boiling. It turned a murky dark brown color and had the consistency of gravy.

“Burgess… Califa.” The doll began to shake like it was having a seizure. The hair around its neck started to glow red. Melanie recognized the color as matching Wanda’s hair. The doll continued to convulse and shake profusely. Why doesn't she end it? Melanie thought to herself. Almost as if sensing her desire, Jezebel said the final word.

“Mikulushka” Jezebel gasped before collapsing to the ground. Melanie felt the feeling of being surrounded by static electricity leave her. In another second, the lights came on in the room. The monitors went blank.

“Boss? Boss?” Melanie asked. Walking over to Jezebel. She was kneeling on the ground. Her hands gripping both of her temples tightly. Melanie saw that the brown mixture in the bowl had stopped bubbling. But the hair did not stop glowing red. “Did it work boss”?

“It should have.” Melanie saw Jezebel’s nose started to bleed again. She also looked different, somehow… older. Which was weird since she already looked really old. But something was different, like she was wearier and more fragile. “Let’s check.” Melanie helped Jezebel to her feet, and accompanied her out of the room.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, -IQ, Slob]

Postby pinkhippo99 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:39 pm

This is really getting good.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, -IQ, Slob]

Postby Lamebrain » Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:42 pm

pinkhippo99 wrote:This is really getting good.

Thanks homie. This story is all I wanna work on when I get home from work now. So any feedback is really welcome. Be it positive or negative. I want to make the story as good as physically possible for you guys.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, -IQ, Slob]

Postby Lamebrain » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:33 pm

Here we go. I now get to the good stuff. I hope I didn't confuse you guys as to what kind of story this was.

Chapter 6: Pain

Rebecca’s was a small family style restaurant close to both the hotel and Ricky’s bar. It was also built into the side of the hill the lodge was facing, and earlier that morning Heather had jogged past it. But this was the first time she went inside. Anya opened the door, holding it open for Heather. Once they were inside, they were immediately greeted by a waitress.

“How can I help ya?” She asked. She was an older woman, in her 50’s at least. With dark brown hair and a plump build. The name Linda appeared on her nametag.

“A table” Anya said. “For us two.” Anya pointed to she and Heather.

“Would you like a booth? Or a seat in the lounge?” The lounge appeared to the left of the entrance, a dimly lit assortment of tables and chairs. Further to the right was a section containing table booths. Anya looked to Heather and shrugged.

“Which one Zaika?” She asked. Heather noticed she hadn’t taken off her sunglasses, which felt peculiar this time of night.

“Mmm you pick. Surprise me.” Heather said. Anya grinned enthusiastically. She turned back to the waitress.

“I shall pick one of the tables on the right.” Motioning to where the booths where. Linda grabbed several menus and led them to a table. The booths were all setup on one side, back to back. Each lit by a series of lights suspended from the ceiling. There was nobody else sitting on the right side of the restaurant, which at the very least relaxed Heather. Peace and quiet would be nice note taking time and she had to catch up on interviewing Anya for the article. They both sat down opposite each other. Heather noticed the ladies bathroom further along down the hall along with the kitchen.

“Have you been here before?” Heather asked as she sat down, gazing down at the menu. “What do you usually get?”

“Mmm what do you usually get?” Anya asked. She was giving her a look; her elbow was rested on the table and she relaxed her head on her hand. It reminded Heather of the look a woman would give in an older movie like Casablanca.

“I usually get a salad. I’m a vegetarian.” She said. Opening the menu and immediately going to the back, where the vegetarian options usually were in a dive like this. She spotted the copious amount of beer options and burger choices. Down at the bottom were two salads, a basic garden salad and a Caesar. I’ll pick Caesar, what the hell. Heather thought to herself. She tended to avoid Caesar salad because the dressing was usually too fattening. But she figured due to her workout she could cheat a little.

“Hah. Eat your vegetables Zaika.” While Anya did laugh Heather noticed she looked away. She didn’t pick up on the masked disappointment and just figured that Anya was being weird as usual.

“Can I start you off with a drink order? Or are you ready to order?” Linda returned with a notepad, addressing the two women in the booth.

“Just a water please. And a Caesar salad.” Heather replied, folding the menu.

“Hmm…” Anya said. “I need a little more time to pick.” Anya had only just opened her menu.

“I’ll return with your order.” Linda said, taking Heather’s menu. Heather looked around the restaurant some more. Aside from the dim lighting there were all sorts of decorations. Ranging from street signs, pseudo renaissance paintings, car tires and the mounted head of a moose on one wall. Heather shifted her focus back to her notebook, remembering she had to ask Anya about Jezebel.

“So… Anya.” Heather asked. Anya looked up from her menu. “Did you meet the owner of the lodge when you arrived.”

“Oh yeah.” Anya responded. She was smiling. “I think her name was Isabel? Isabella? Did you notice the size of her tits?” Heather laughed at this.

“I did yes.” Heather wondered if Anya was also curious if Jezebel had gotten breast implants.

“She asked me into her office when I arrived.” Anya said. “Asked me what I came down for. Said the program could help me with some issues I have been having.” Heather wondered if this had anything to do with the whiskey Anya hid in the bush near the beach.

Anya then paused, remembering something. “Then something weird happened. I saw a… light.” Heather was immediately alarmed at this.

“A light? What do you mean?” Heather asked, her notebook was open on the seat next to her.

“Like the sun was in my eye. I couldn’t see very well… I don’t remember what we talked about after that…” Anya furrowed her brow and took off her sunglasses. She rubbed her eyes with her forefingers and Heather noticed they were slightly bloodshot. Is she drunk? Heather thought.

“What do you think that was? I remember some of the promotions were describing a light.” Heather asked. She was writing all of this down, wondering if it was related to Jezebel’s history as a magician.

“I am… unsure”. Anya said. Still rubbing her eyes. “After that she accepted into the program. She said I would find what I was looking for and then let me go."

“And that’s it!?!” Heather asked. “Did that girl out front draw you too?” She asked. Her pen was moving a mile a minute.

“N… no… what is this all about Zaika?” Anya asked confused.

“I-I’m writing an article about the hotel.” Heather said. “And I just noticed your experience was different than mine.” Anya looked at her crossly.

“Hmm… well… why did they draw you out front?” Anya asked. “Did you pay extra?” Heather wondered about that herself, the entire thing was weirding her out. Once I get out of here, I’m sending my first draft to Val. She’s gonna freak. Heather thought to herself. Adrenaline and excitement filled her.
At that very same moment on the 6th floor of the lodge, Jezebel said the word “Shemhamforash”. Heather felt a bizarre tingling sensation, like all of the hair on her body was standing on end. She dismissed it and thought it was just excitement and closed her notebook.

“Anyway. What are you ordering Anya?” Then she felt something else.

“Well I…” Anya looked up at Heather and witnessed her start to double over in pain. There was a sharp stabbing pain in her stomach.

“Ack.” Heather cried out. “It hurts so much.” She screamed. It felt like her stomach was a volcano, like someone had filled it with kerosene and lit a match. Anya flagged over a waitress.

“Where is the toilet?” Anya cried out. She lifted Heather by the arm and helped her up. Heather was having difficulty walking. “Please Zaika we must go.” Heather was shivering, her hair was still on end. Anya led her toward the bathroom and said. “I will wait outside.” She said. Heather stumbled into the bathroom and was greeted with a dimly lit tiled room, with just a single toilet stall and a sink.

I’m not going to make it. Heather’s thoughts filled with apocalyptic notions. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. Please God I don’t want to die. She opened the stall door. Her stomach was still on fire and the pain still wouldn’t stop. She collapsed in front of the toilet and profusely vomited into it. Most of her vomit landed on the seat and dribbled down the side. Please. Make the pain stop. I’ll do anything.

“BURGESS CALIFA” Heather heard a shouting voice in her head. She started to shake like she was having a seizure. Her body convulsed on the floor as she couldn’t control herself. She tried her hardest to roll into a fetal position in desperation. Still feeling the need to vomit again.
As suddenly as it came… the pain stopped. Heather stopped shaking. The pain in her abdomen left her. Thank you… She thought to herself. Thank you God for stopping the pain. She thought to herself. She lay on the cold linoleum floor for a few more minutes before awkwardly getting up into a sitting position. She wiped the vomit from the side of her mouth. Heather’s breathing was heavy and she was sweating. She was completely terrified.

“What happened?” She said to herself. Her words echoed in the room around her. But there was no answer. She gripped the toilet seat and got herself up to her feet. She did her best to clean up the rest of the vomit off the toilet seat and flushed it. Then she slowly walked over to the sink. Something was off about Heather’s reflection. She couldn’t put her finger on it. Before when Heather would look at herself in the mirror, she would always do the same look. She would open her eyes and smile just a little. She would also neurotically readjust her hair the same way every time she looked in a mirror. This time however she didn’t. She felt it hard to look at her reflection. Like it gave her a sense of anxiety she had never felt before about her reflection.

“What is wrong about how I look?” Heather asked. She turned on the sink and splashed water in her face. But the feeling didn’t disappear. It just felt so difficult to look at her face, like something was wrong with it. Heather stood there for a few more minutes before deciding she was probably in shock over what just happened. I need to get a grip. She thought.

“Are you alright Zaika?” Heather turned around and saw Anya there. A sense of concern spread over her face. Her sunglasses were still gone.

“Y-yeah.” Heather mumbled. “I think so.” Heather’s demeanor had changed subtly. She wasn’t looking Anya in the eyes, there was a weird sense of intimidation she felt looking at her. Anya was even more concerned.

“Let us return to the table. You need something to eat.” Anya walked over and grabbed Heather by the hand. Heather felt a little uncomfortable but walked with Anya back to the table.

Heather’s salad and glass of water had arrived in their absence. Anya helped Heather to her seat and sat down across from her again. “Eat.” Anya said. The concern she had before hadn’t left. Heather readjusted herself and grabbed her fork. She still wasn’t looking Anya in the eyes very well. She skewered a piece of lettuce with her fork and placed it in her mouth. Heather sat with the piece of lettuce in her mouth but something was off about it. The texture of it was revolting, she chewed on it for a few seconds but found it hard to swallow it. Something about it was prompting her to gag. She grabbed her napkin and took it out of her mouth. “Are you alright?” Anya asked again. Heather didn’t answer. She tried eating another but the same strange taste kept blocking her from swallowing. It tasted so…

Bland. Heather thought. At that moment a rumble from her stomach sounded. It coincided with a weird convulsion that was simultaneously also painful. Heather reached for her water and began gulping it before stopping. Something felt wrong about it as well.

Where’s the fizz? She thought to herself. Wait… where did that come from? What fizz? Confusion filled her mind. Normally her thoughts weren't so random and impulsive.

“Are you alright?” Anya asked for the third time. Heather still didn’t answer, only gazing down. Her stomach grumbled again, this time more audibly.

“I… I’m hungry…” She said slowly. “…I don’t want this… it doesn’t taste good…” Anya spun her menu around and gave it back to Heather.

“Maybe order something else. You’re so skinny Zaika you need your strength.” Heather smiled her. She did feel like she needed her strength back. She looked at the menu briefly before her eyes gazed at a photograph on the side. Ralph’s bigger bacon burger. It was a cheeseburger with two patties, bacon and mushrooms with melted cheese coming off of the side. Heather looked at it, a sense of longing stirring deep inside of her.

“Mmm” Her thighs started to twitch and she felt a weird sensation in her privates. She crossed her legs and gripped the leather of the seat.

“Can I get you something?” Linda had returned to the booth, she was talking to Anya but almost immediately Heather spoke.

“Can I get that?” Heather asked. Pointing to the picture. Her hand was still gripping the leather of the seat tightly while her thighs slowly rubbed together.

“Sure dear.” Linda said. She wrote down the order on the notepad in her hand.

“And…” Heather flipped the menu to the drinks section. In an instant she felt a sense of longing as she spotted it. “I want that.” She pointed to a Pepsi logo.

“Sure, I’ll get you some” Linda said. “What about yourself?” She asked Anya.

“Uh…” Anya was very confused. She merely stared at Heather dumbfounded. “I need time to think.” Linda seemingly understood her confusion implicitly and left the menu back where it was. Heather was still rubbing her thighs together and gripping the seat. Anya just looked at her. Heather started to bite her lip and rock back and forth.

“Are you… horny?” She asked slowly. Anya didn’t really know any other words for what she was seeing.

“I… don’t know…” Heather said, still rocking back and forth. Her stomach was still grumbling and she felt a general tightness in her abdomen. She had never felt this way before it was so weird and alien to her. After what seemed like an eternity. Heather’s food arrived. Linda produced the burger on a plate, complete with potato wedge shaped fries and coleslaw. Heather immediately released her grip on the seat and shoved the burger in her mouth. The meaty fluids dripped from her chin and spilled all over her clothes as she ate. The taste put her in a sense of euphoric bliss. She couldn’t stop stuffing her face with it.

“Chew a little more Zaika. You are eating too fast.” Anya said. She was looking at Heather in a different way now, the concern left her face. Her eyes had opened up and she was now leaning forwards. Her hands on her knees. She was deeply focused on what Heather was doing. Heather didn’t stop until she was finished. Her hands were covered in juices from the meat, which seemingly didn’t concern her at all. She wiped her hands on her pants and went for the glass of Pepsi in front of her. Drinking it as fast as possible. This had been the first time Heather drank Pepsi since… elementary school at least.

Mmm fizz… she thought. The sugary beverage tasted so good to her, she continued to drink with impunity until her cup was completely empty. Anya was in a stunned silence as Heather switched to her fries. Leaning closer and closer. Heather grabbed at her fries and began shoving them into her mouth. Her stomach grumbled still, she wanted more. When she had placed the last fry in her mouth, Heather felt reality start to return to her. As if she was waking up from a daze or a trance. She found it almost impossible to control herself when she was eating.

“How was it?” Anya asked. Heather didn’t answer her. Her hands were filthy again and she was rubbing them on her pants.

“I… liked it” Heather said slowly. This was the first time Heather could remember eating food like this. Her stomach didn’t turn over like it normally did when she ate meat. On the contrary it seemed only satiated now. Not full, just not in the mood to complain either. She grabbed one of her napkins and rubbed her mouth.

“W-would you like to go somewhere?” Anya asked. She was normally quite self-assured but now she was stuttering a little. “Back to you… your room?” Anya’s hands were buried in her crotch, similarly to how Heather was before. Her legs were crossed underneath the table.

Before Jezebel’s spell took action, the only plans Heather had that evening were writing her article. But now, that seemed like a very uninteresting task to her. She looked at Anya and began biting her lip, and nodded just a little.

“Sure let’s go.” Heather motioned to Linda the waitress as she walked by. “Can we get a bill?”

“I will get it.” Anya said. She stood up. “Tell me your room number. I will meet you there. I need to get some things first.” Anya put on her glasses. She wouldn’t stop staring at Heather. Heather was oblivious to how obsessively Anya watched her pig out.

“Sure alright.” Heather didn’t seem to pick up on the oddity that Anya hadn’t ordered anything and was now asking if she could visit her privately in her room. Forgetting that they had just met the other night. That seemed like a far away concern to her right now. She wrote down her room number on a scrap of notebook paper and gave it to her. Heather left the restaurant leaving Anya with the bill.
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When I initially started to write this story I didn't expect I'd go in this direction with it. When I wrote the character of Melanie Delacroix I only intended for her to draw Heather. But then I started really enjoying her back and forth with Jezebel so much I wanted to have her create more conflict and make the B plot more interesting. And I found a reason to re-introduce Wanda into the story in a non-contrived way. I hope you guys enjoy the twists and turns I'm taking with the plot and where I'm going with the story.

Chapter 7: Fake Sugar

Heather collapsed on her bed in a heap. She felt disorientated and confused. What is happening to me? She thought to herself. Her thoughts were racing and her heart was beating a mile a minute. She rolled over on her back, noticing her clothes were dirty. She had dried grease stains all over her shirt and pants.

“Shit.” She sighed and pulled her pants down. She wiggled out of her shirt next and threw them both in a corner of the room on the floor. She lay on the bed in her underwear for a few minutes just processing what had happened in the restaurant.

Why did I need to vomit? Am I sick? Did Michael give me an STD? She rolled off of the bed and walked into her bathroom. Heather’s reflection was still giving her a strange feeling, like she didn’t enjoy looking at herself. Her stomach stuck out just a little from the deluge of food she had eaten. She rubbed her tight belly for a few seconds. Mmm that did feel good. She thought to herself. Thinking back to when she was eating. The taste of the meat still lingered in her mouth and she felt tempted to lick her fingers to try and taste more of the grease that might still be on there. She almost put them in her mouth before snapping out of it.

“No… no…” She grabbed the sides of the bathroom counter and stood there. Trying to clear her mind. “You’re a college graduate. You don’t act like a child. You…” Heather felt a grumbling in her abdomen. Only this time it came from her intestines. She scrunched her face tightly in fear and expected to vomit again. She gripped the sides of the counter even tighter, and then a loud blast of flatulence escaped her ass.

“Ohh God…” Heather felt the pain she had before leave her in an instant. Waves of pleasure reverberated throughout her body. She let go of the counter and stood there for a few moments. Trying to look at her reflection but still failing to maintain eye contact with herself for longer than a few seconds before looking away. “Maybe… I should wear some makeup…” Heather said. The idea crossed her mind. She didn’t normally wear makeup it was always itchy on her skin, and Michael never pressed the issue. She remembered that she forgot to take any on her trip and groaned a little.

Maybe Anya has some… She thought to herself. Remembering that Anya was probably still coming to her hotel room later. She said she had to get some things, but didn’t specify what she was talking about. After a few more moments she walked out of her bathroom and returned to the bed.

Heather kept some light blue pajamas nearby from the other night and slowly changed into them. Before lying back down, this time on her stomach. She lay there for a good few minutes. Taking in the silent sounds of the room around her. From the radiator off in the corner, to the sound of a seagull flying over the lake off in the distance. She felt her body relax and reflexively she started moving her legs in a crouching position. “Oh…” Heather felt strange in this position, with her ass in the air. She bit her lip and felt the familiar tightness return in her privates. She was starting to feel horny. She felt a strong instinct to take her pajamas off and twerk.

She slipped her pajama pants down and started thrusting her thighs up and down, feeling more and more horny in the process. Mmm this feels so good. She started to touch herself and grab at her ass. She smacked it and felt herself getting even more aroused. Mmm it could stand to jiggle a bit more… she thought to herself. Heather kept thrusting her ass for a few more minutes before she got tired and fell down. She kept touching herself, faster this time. She felt so horny that she couldn’t stop. Images of eating the burger filled her mind, feeling her stomach get fuller, feeling more bloated. A story was forming in her head of Anya reaching over the table and shoving the burger in her mouth. The contents spilling all over her face. She wanted to feel powerless to resist. She wanted to feel like a fatty.

“Mmm, I’m a fatty.” She said. Before the sharp feeling of an orgasm filled her. Heather slowed down and felt tiredness grip her, as she lay there for a few more minutes on her bed. She didn’t bother to put her pants or underwear back on. She wanted to just lay there. Her thoughts swimming in a sea of nostalgic images of the meal she just had. It tasted so good. She thought. Licking her lips. Her stomach lost its previous tightness now and felt emptier now. She fantasized about going back to Rebecca's and ordering another. And another...

“With Anya…” She whispered to herself. Thinking back to how Anya stared at her while she ate. Her focused look on her, like that of a wolf looking at a sheep. She thought of how pretty Anya’s eyes looked. How her black hair sort of glowed under the lights at the restaurant. She thought about how good it might feel to make out with Anya. Maybe she would consider feeding her, if she pouted and asked nicely. She lay there, her mind swimming with these thoughts until she heard a knock at her door.

“Housekeeping”. She heard Anya’s harsh accent. Heather’s heart started to race and she pulled her pants up immediately. She jumped off the bed and said “I’m coming.” Before running to the door.
Theo, Melanie and Jezebel watched on the monitor as Heather stuffed her face. Melanie even had to turn her head and look away as it was happening due to how messy it looked.

“Why did you do this? Why is she doing that?” Melanie asked. “Why would you punish someone like that?”

Jezebel turned her gaze from the monitor and looked over. “When you have the power to do this… you want every excuse to use it.” She looked back, savoring every moment of it. “She had it coming to her. And I want to make her suffer. To one day live in agony. To live in a body she feels trapped in, that she cannot escape from. To walk in a public place and watch as people stare at her. To be endlessly gossiped about. I want every human being on this planet to treat her like she was about to treat me.” Jezebel’s back had straightened and some of her strength had returned. She had since wiped the blood from her nose. “And you haven’t seen anything yet Delacroix.”

“No, you really haven’t.” Theo said. He wasn’t looking at the monitor, he was instead fiddling with some of the pencils on his desk. “Day 1 is just mental changes. We haven’t seen her physically change yet.”

“No not yet.” Jezebel said smiling. She was so giddy and pleased with herself. “But we will.” Jezebel kept watching the monitors until Heather and Anya went their separate ways. Then she turned around and walked back into the room with cubicles. She did an excited twirl as she walked, humming to herself as she did. She walked back over to the bowl before noticing something weird about it.

“Theo. Theo come over here.” She called over to him. Theo grumbled to himself and got up. Then he shuffled over to the room.

“What?” He said. A hint of frustration in his voice. Theo really didn’t enjoy watching Jezebel’s need for revenge amplified through his monitors. He secretly regretted accepting his job at the hotel given all he had seen. But he was too scared to leave and didn’t know what his boss would do to him if he did.

“Is it supposed to look like that?” Jezebel pointed at the contents of the bowl. The brown liquid had turned transparent, she could see the bottom of the bowl and Wanda’s hair simmering on the bottom.

“Doesn’t it do that at the end of the week? I remember the old owner's was like a stew for days. Then it started looking like water at the end.” Theo was staring at the brown goop in the bowl intently wondering if he answered correctly.

“Yes… that’s right…” Jezebel said slowly. She had performed this curse 4 times now and it always stayed viscous until the last day. It only turned transparent when the spell wore off. Why would it wear off? Jezebel thought to herself. I only just cast it.

“Delacroix?” Jezebel called to her employee. The mousy haired girl walked over. Jezebel clutched her amulet reflexively. “What ingredients did you give me?”

Melanie froze. Remembering that she hadn’t used real sugar and substituted it with sweet and low from the coffee machine. “J-just what you asked for.” Melanie said. She looked down, away from her boss.

“What did you get? Answer me.” She said. Raising her voice. She was getting angrier. Melanie watched as she turned around and tightly gripped her amulet. Shit please no don’t do that. She thought immediately.

“Salt. Flour. Baking Soda. Turpentine. Some Aloe Vera…” She stopped, still trying to avoid eye contact as best as possible with Jezebel. She wasn’t having it. Jezebel walked over and grabbed her by the jaw.

“What else!?! Tell me or else!” She was now shouting at her.

“Sweet and low. I didn’t have any sugar. I thought you were baking a cake or something. You didn’t tell me you were going to be the Wicked Witch of the West and cast a fucking spell on some girl for snubbing you.” Jezebel’s face turned to rage. She let go of Melanie and slapped her, knocking her to the floor.

“SWEET AND LOW? SWEET AND LOW? YOU BROUGHT ME FAKE SUGAR? DID YOU RELISH IN YOUR LIFE AS A FAKE ARTIST THAT YOU GAVE ME FAKE SUGAR TOO!?!” She was shouting at the top of her lungs at Melanie. Theo had backed away from his boss by this point, he was watching from behind a cubicle hoping she didn’t turn her rage on him next.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was that important.” Melanie pleaded with her. She was terrified now as to what might happen to her.

“Delacroix you ruined everything. Without proper sugar the spell will wear off. When the spell wears off, Heather the journalist returns to normal immediately. When that happens, she will realize what just happened. She will most likely contact whoever she works for and leave. And they’ll send more of those vultures here. I will never see the end of them. We will never be left alone by them.” Jezebel was hysterical. She was pacing back and forth turning her head left and right from the bowl to Melanie. "The pen is mightier than the sword. We had a good thing going here, I would use the 'push and tell these people to stop gorging themselves on fast food. And they'd open their wallets and give me their money. And you ruined that."

“Can’t you just pour some sugar in now? Say the words again?” Melanie asked.

“No, it doesn’t work that way you stupid girl.” She spat at her. “Once the incantation is said, the spell is cast.” She looked back over to the bowl. “At this rate by tomorrow the spell will have worn off and our vulture will try to run away.”

“Can’t you do something?” Melanie pleaded. Any empathy she felt before for Heather was gone now. She wanted to save herself now. She didn’t care if it meant shoving food down her throat by hand at this point.

“…Yes there is.” She said slowly. “I can augment the spell. But it requires more ingredients, and more hair.” She pulled out the hair from her dress pocket. “I kept this just in-case I might want to use it. As punishment.”

“Punishment? Like on who?” Melanie asked, she froze as she looked at the clump of Wanda’s hair in her Boss’s hand.

“On you Delacroix. On you. I didn’t expect you to screw up this fast but by Christ. You did. And now I will need to punish you for it, and get you to finish the job.” Melanie started to cry. She ran over to her boss and knelt before her. Grabbing at her knees in desperation.

“Please. Please don’t punish me like that. Please. I don’t want to become that woman. She was so fat, she smelled like a gym sock. She looked at me like a piece of meat. Please don’t do this boss. I’ll do anything.” She sobbed uncontrollably.

“Let go of me you foolish girl.” Jezebel snapped at her. Kicking her over. “I’m not going to turn you into her.”

Melanie sighed with relief. She felt the stress leave her body. She started to get up. “Then… what are you going to do?” She asked.

“Turning you into her wouldn’t teach you enough of a lesson. I don’t need a fat lazy employee who stuffs her face and doesn't know her ass from her elbow.” She turned Wanda’s hair over in her hands. “No, I think I’ll do something else. I’ll make you suffer even more, and give you a little more added motivation to follow my orders.” She looked over at Theo cowering behind the cubicle.

“Theo get Lance, we’ll need another bowl. And some more ingredients. Get real sugar this time.” She looked at Melanie. “Are you going to cut your hair? Or will I need to force you to?” She grabbed at her medallion and stared at her.

“B-but… what are you going to do?” Melanie asked. She was shaking and she started to cry again.

“It’s simple dear. I’ll make you fall in-love with this woman.” She held up the hair again. “This… Wanda Waddle. I’ll replace your sexual preference with this woman, exclusively.” Melanie's expression turned to one of horror. “You will then collect more hair from her so we can repeat this spell. Lord knows if we might have to do it a few more times at this rate to get it to stick. It might take longer than a week now.” She smirked at her. “And that’ll mean you’ll get to spend more time with her, and appreciate her like no-one else ever will.” Melanie started to sob uncontrollably as Jezebel cackled.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slo

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Here we go, what you were all waiting for.

Chapter 8: The Predator and her Prey

Anya was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a matching black skirt. With long black stockings that ended in a pair of open toed shoes. She was wearing her black round sunglasses, and wore black lipstick to match. “May I come in?" Her voice took a softer tone, she opened her eyes and made a pouty face to her would-be host. Heather saw from behind Anya, was a metal cart that she recognized in use by the housekeeping staff.

“What’s that?” Heather asked, pointing at it.

“Hush zaika.” She said. Her finger touched Heather’s lips. Heather shivered when she did. “There will be time for talk. We have all night…” Heather stepped back as Anya walked in, she pulled the cart inside the hotel room with her. She closed the door behind her. Anya then locked the door behind her. “We would not want any visitors.” She said softly before turning around.

“W-what did you want again?” Heather asked. She had started walking backwards, eventually her feet collided with the bed and she sat on top of it. She did this with absolutely no grace. Anya gave her a look and smiled. Heather watched as Anya slipped out of her shoes and stood on the carpet with just her stocking covered feet.

“A little of this. And a little of that.” She said. Her normally harsh accent now took on a different tone to Heather’s ears. She spoke with a softness that she never thought her capable of before. On the beach Anya was loud and crass, and hid liquor in a bush for impromptu parties. Now she was soft, collected, and in control. “Do you remember what you asked me… before…” She said.

“What do you mean?” Heather asked. She had now crossed her legs. Her heart was beating rapidly.

“I said they do not like me for what I am. And you asked me what I was…” She was walking now, closer and closer to the bed. She seemed to blend into the shadows of the furniture around the hotel room, her dark shadow and silhouette becoming one.

“Y-yes.” Heather stuttered. Her heart was still beating. What is she doing? Heather thought to herself.

“Well… I am here to do just that.” She was now up close to Heather. Within arms length. “I am here to show you what I am… and to show you what you are…” She said.

“What are you? What am I?” Heather asked. Anya put her finger to Heather’s mouth again and shushed.

“Let me show you zaika.” Anya lifted her finger and kissed Heather on the lips. Heather’s privates started to tighten again, she whimpered softly. Anya smiled. She took her sunglasses off and placed them on Heather’s bedside table. She sat down next to her on the bed. Heather felt smaller somehow compared to Anya, despite them being roughly the same height… or were they? There was something off about their heights now, Heather couldn’t put her finger on it.

“How does it feel… when I do this?” She asked softly. She placed her hand between Heather’s crotch. Heather shivered again and whimpered. She didn’t answer, she didn’t know what to say. Anya moved her head to Heather’s ear and started whispering. “Do you want this?”

“Y-yes.” She mumbled out. Not entirely sure what she was saying. Anya removed her hand from Heather’s crotch. She grabbed her around the waist, pulling her in closely. She started to kiss her. Heather didn’t know how to react to this, she had never kissed passionately by a woman before. Anya started to reach underneath her pajamas, her mouth not leaving hers. Heather felt her breasts being fondled by Anya, her cold bony hands massaging them. She whimpered again. Thinking back to how long it had been since someone had given her attention like this. She didn’t know how much she wanted it until now.

“Do you like what you are zaika?” she whispered into her ear. She started to pull down Heather’s pajama pants. “When we first met, I thought of you like I think of myself. But in the restaurant. I realized I was wrong. You are not like me at all.”

“What am I then?” Heather asked. She didn’t resist as Anya pulled her pants off, leaving her panties on.

“You are not a predator. You are prey. You do not hunt. You want to be taken care of by someone strong.” She motioned her head toward the cart. “But your body is wrong. It is lean. Like that of a hawk. I will change that for you.” She got up and walked back over to the cart, wheeling it closer. Heather saw now it was covered in platters of food. She felt the tightness return. Oh god yes please Anya. She thought.

“I will take care of you, cure you of this affliction you have given yourself. And give you the body you want.” She uncovered one of the dishes. Revealing another Ralph’s bigger burger from Rebecca’s. And tucked away on the cart was a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. “Do you want this?” She asked, the harshness in her voice returned suddenly. It made Heather feel unsettled and a little frightened.

Please shove it down my throat Anya. She thought. “I’m hungry again Anya, I need you to feed me.” She said. Anya smiled, looking down at Heather.

“Very well my zaika…” Anya rolled up her sleeves before grabbing the plate. Heather lied down on the bed, her heart thudding even harder in her chest. Is she going to do it? Oh why does this feel so hot all of the sudden. Why do I want this Russian woman to feed me like a fucking cow? Why do I want to have a belly the size of a balloon? The thoughts kept swimming in the sea of her head. Anya sat down before Heather and lifted the burger in her hand. Heather opened her mouth and Anya slowly inserted it into her mouth. Heather squirmed as she was being fed. She felt so aroused and completely at Anya’s mercy. She started reaching for her crotch again, she wanted to touch herself.

“Mmm zaika. There will be time for that. Let me feed you first and rub your tummy.” She lifted up Heather’s shirt above her breasts. The juices of the burger began spilling down on her chest. Heather didn’t bother to react to this. She liked it. She wanted to feel like a pig being fed by her master.

“Mmmph.” She moaned as Anya continued pushing the burger into her mouth. It tasted even better than it did before. Her stomach was still grumbling. It wanted more. It wasn’t enough. When the burger ended, she grabbed Anya’s sleeve.

“I want more.” She said.

“Call me your Goddess and beg me for it.” She responded. The harshness in her voice returning. This wasn’t demure Anya, the one who pouted at the door. This was Anya Volkov. The wolf.

“Please Goddess. Please give me more. I want you to feed me until I burst. Until I can’t walk.” There was nothing else Heather wanted now. She did not care about anything else. Her job felt like a distant concern, a memory of a past life. One that no longer belonged to her. All she wanted was Anya to feed her. Anya removed the cap from the 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and started pouring it down Heather’s throat. She felt her stomach rise from the amount of food and liquids being pumped into it on a steady basis. Heather choked and sputtered, the liquid spilled over the sides of her face as it traveled down her throat. Anya eventually relented, allowing Heather to breath again. She gasped and coughed, before the sharp pain she felt in the bathroom returned. Oh no. She thought. Before she scrunched up her face, and farted again. “Oh my god.” She said.

Anya laughed. “You really are an animal.” Heather giggled a little. She took a weird perverse pleasure in what she just did. Anya reached for the fries, and Heather obediently opened her mouth to receive them.
“Where is Lance?” Jezebel shrieked at Theo. He was back at his desk watching the monitors.

“He went over to Rebecca’s to get sugar. He said the kitchens were out.” Theo was trying to be as non-confrontational with his words as possible. He didn’t want Jezebel to turn on him next.

“Make sure he gets here fast I don’t want anymore screw ups.” She called over. Jezebel was standing in-front of Melanie, who was now sitting down in a chair. She was still crying into her hands. Jezebel was holding onto a pair of scissors.

“Will you cut your hair? Or will I force you to do it?” She asked. Melanie looked up, tears still running down her face, it was beet red. She had long since taken off her glasses and only looked up at Jezebel with blurred vision.

“I… I will do it…” She struggled to say. She started to stare at the scissors in Jezebel’s hands. Please don’t do this. Please. She thought. Praying it was a joke. Praying that Jezebel didn’t have the power to actually do this. Praying that it was all just a dream. That it wasn’t real. Then Jezebel placed the scissors in her hand. And she knew that she didn’t have a choice now. She lifted the scissors to her head and cut a narrow lock of hair from her scalp. Melanie always had short hair; it was sort of a bob. So, it now looked a tad lopsided now that it had been crudely cut.

“Do you want to watch this?” Jezebel asked. Taking the lock of hair and scissors back. “I can put you to sleep. You won’t have to witness it.” Jezebel’s voice had changed. There was a strange sorrowful tone to it. Like she started to feel sorry for her now.

“No… I want to see it.” Melanie said. She didn’t want to sleep. Something was stirring in her. When she looked up at her boss, all she felt was a cold hatred. For what she was about to do, and for what she did to others. Melanie knew that the only reason Jezebel was doing this, was because she could. Because deep down it gave her a perverse pleasure to control others like this.

Lance returned with a bowl and a stack of ingredients. Melanie watched as he wheeled over a cart from the kitchens containing all of the supplies. Jezebel placed Wanda’s hair within the bowl and started pouring sugar into it. “This is a simpler curse. It does not require something to hold the ciper. It simply requires a concoction, what I am creating right now.” She poured the turpentine and aloe vera in. “What I was taught about love spells is it doesn’t actually create love. It creates an eternal sense of longing for the person. When you gaze upon Wanda for the first time. You won’t feel love.”

“I won’t?” Melanie asked.

“No… you’ll feel an intense desire to be her slave. It’s a pity this enormous woman is getting this gift I am granting her. I should have done this to you before, just with my own hair instead.” Melanie felt a perverse sense of relief at that comment. In the grand scheme of things, it did feel better to be Wanda’s eternal servant than Jezebel’s.

After Jezebel was done. She moved her hand over the bowl and started to speak. “Lothar von pat” The strange tingling sensation Melanie felt before came back. Almost like an electrical current was surrounding her.

“Jantar” She said. The voice didn’t come from Jezebel’s mouth, it sounded deeper like someone else was saying it. “Shemhamforash. Lothar von pat.” The liquid started to bubble. It didn’t turn dark brown like the other did. Instead it turned a strange purple hue like it was made of candy. Jezebel dropped Melanie’s hair into the mixture, and immediately she felt something. A strong feeling of pain in her abdomen.

“It hurts.” She screamed. A burning feeling stirred in Melanie’s privates. She reached down into her pants and tried desperately to massage her clitoris but to no avail.

“Vilka Nothar Moratania.” Melanie felt the burning stop. The electrical current around her ceased. She felt herself drenched in sweat. She trembled and sat there. She took her hand out of her pants and stared at the floor.

“Theo. Send Delacroix one of her videos.” Jezebel said.

“One of Wanda’s?” He said. “They cost 15 bucks a pop.”

“Given what she’s been through. I think she’s earned a present.” Jezebel laughed. Melanie looked up, a look of seething rage on her face. She didn’t feel any different, but knew better than to doubt the effectiveness of Jezebel’s magic.

“Off you go Delacroix. I’ll expect to see you in my office tomorrow.” She motioned to the elevator. “You have a big day ahead of you, you best not screw it up.” Melanie got up and walked to the elevator. She didn’t look at anyone. Her hair was a mess and she still wasn’t wearing her glasses. She rode the elevator down to her floor and made it back to her room. When she arrived. She reached for the lamp on her table and smashed it against a wall.

“I’ll teach that old bitch that she fucked with the wrong person. I’ll destroy her. I’ll make her wish she was fucking dead.” She shouted. Melanie’s cell phone vibrated in her pocket. She took it out and saw it was a text message from Theo. It was titled "Wanda-Waddle-Weekly-Weigh-in.mp4." Melanie stared at the thumbnail of the video for a few moments, and put her glasses back on.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slo

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I got around to installing Grammarly, hopefully my writing feels a bit more concise. I may go back and re-edit older chapters once I'm done. If anyone wants to help out with this process let me know.

I'm also thinking of hiring a voice actor to read chapters of Mightier than the Sword in an audiobook format. I'll let you guys know if I'm successful or not.

Chapter 9: A pause between bites

“Mmph Mmph,” Heather was chewing as fast as possible as Anya fed her. Her stomach kept growling louder and louder. It demanded more and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“You are like a fish to water,” Anya said. She ran out of fries to stuff into Heather’s mouth. She reached out and began to stroke her stomach. “You have such a good appetite.” It felt so good to have her belly rubbed, especially after a big meal. Heather moaned a little, closing her eyes.

“I have always wanted a skinny girl like you to feed. I rarely come across someone so… committed.”

“What do you mean?” Heather asked.

“I… do not make friends easily…” Anya said. “They begin to like me and show interest in me. But I open up to them about my… tastes, and they dislike them. They seek to change me. They tell me it is wrong to want to feed someone. And they refuse to take part in it. And eventually… they leave…” Anya looked away from Heather for a moment. Heather opened her eyes and looked at her. She was reminded of Michael again, of how he left without telling her why.

“I know what you mean,” Heather said. “I… didn’t know I wanted this…” Heather said slowly. “Before today, I had never wanted someone to feed me. I always felt… disposable to people in my life. Like I could be replaced at any moment.” Heather had never consciously put these thoughts into her mind, but she did feel this way before Jezebel’s spell. Wanda’s feeder fetish stirred something deep within her. They had both experienced loss and were both together now despite that.

Anya lay down next to Heather. She nuzzled her head slowly. “I am so grateful to have met you, zaika. When I came here, I thought I would be left alone by everyone I tried to befriend. When I am alone for long… I start to drink…” Anya looked up to the metal cart, and Heather followed her gaze, she saw a whiskey bottle there she didn’t notice before.

“I brought that. I thought you would turn me away at the door. I thought you would say, “Go away, Anya, you freak.” She held Heather tightly, reaching around her exposed tummy. “But instead, you let Anya in and wanted her to take care of you.” Heather stared at Anya's face. There was sorrow in her eyes. Heather understood how hard it must have been to open up like this. She reached over and kissed Anya. They kissed for a long time before Heather spoke.

“Take care of me, Anya. I’m still hungry.” Anya smiled and got up. She walked back over to the cart and began pulling out plates. The first was mashed potatoes and gravy. Heather sat up, her back facing the headboard of the bed. Her exposed belly now stuck out over her panties, it turned her on. Mmm, it could be so much bigger. She thought. Anya dug the fork into the mashed potatoes, and Heather obediently opened her mouth to receive the first bite.
Melanie sat down on her bed, ignoring her broken lamp on the ground. The rage she felt toward Jezebel had left her, there was now only terror.

“No… no… no… I can’t…” Melanie was starting to get turned on. It was subtle at first; she saw in the thumbnail Wanda’s naked form. Her bloated thighs pressed together, with her stomach resting on top of them. The image wasn’t leaving her mind, and it gnawed at her psyche.

That disgusting pig. Why do people pay money to see her? She’s the size of a forklift. Melanie resisted the temptation to watch the video Theo had sent her. She resented how dutifully he followed Jezebel’s orders.

“I’m not doing it. I won’t do it.” Melanie tried to reassure herself. Tomorrow she was going to walk into Jezebel’s office and resign. And get as far away from the Lodge as possible. She would. Absolutely.

Why does she eat so much? Doesn’t she know she’s a fat ass? Sits around all day, gorging on fast food… Melanie bit her lip a little. The image of thumbnail flashed in her mind again. She imagined Wanda in her underwear sitting down, eating a cheeseburger. Her fat jiggling as she savored the flavor of her meal.

Melanie started to imagine what it would be like to touch Wanda’s ass. Would it smell any different than the rest of her? She smelled like she didn’t shower that day… Her mind flashed back to when she cut her hair. It felt so soft to the touch, and she was so close to her too. What would it have felt like to reach under her shirt and touch her stomach? To pull her pants down and press her head against her ass?

Melanie stuffed her hand into her pants, and she started to moan at the thought of Wanda. There was something so right about letting go like this. Her body wanted to do this so badly. Her previous feelings of doubt slowly left her. She opened her phone and pressed play on the video.

“Hey, every one it’s Wanda Waddle. I’m here to bring you another weigh-in. I’ve been gaining pretty steadily since Thanksgiving, and I wanted to show all of you my progress.” Wanda was standing in what looked like a bedroom. She was clothed now, and a flexible tape measure was in her hand. Melanie watched as Wanda proceeded to take off her clothes with great difficulty, and gasped when she saw her ass.

“Mmph.” She moaned and began to masturbate. A fantasy started to form in her head in vivid detail.

“I remember you, the pretty one who made all the fancy drawings.” Melanie was standing in Wanda’s bedroom. “You must be lost, what does a pretty young thing like you want with little old me?” Wanda’s loud voice was music to her ears.

“There isn’t anything little about you,” Melanie said. She walked over to her. “I was wondering if I could apply to be your new seat.” She knelt, gazing up at her.

“You’re a brave girl, let’s see if you can handle it.” Wanda pulled her pants down, exposing her panties. Her gigantic ass lowered itself over her, quickly enveloping her head.

“Mmph,” Melanie moaned some more. She wasn’t looking at her phone now. Her fantasy now consumed every fiber of her being.

“Get ready for a surprise,” Wanda said. Melanie knew what that meant. She eagerly accepted it. Wanda scrunched her face and farted.

“Oh, god.” Melanie orgasmed. Her body shook as she climaxed thoroughly. She lay there panting, unable to move.

“That’s all for today, my lovelies.” Wanda laughed. “See you guys again next week.” The video on her phone stopped. Melanie sat still for several more minutes, her mind swam with thoughts.

“Mmm, and I get to see her in person tomorrow…” Melanie bit her lip again. It didn’t take long for her to pass out.
Heather awoke at half past 1 in the afternoon. It was the first time she slept in since grade school, and the first time she had slept more than 8 hours for as long as she could remember. She usually saw sleep as a chore, something she just did because she had to. Not this morning though. Anya continued to feed her until both of them passed out. She felt very relaxed and lazy as she awoke. Anya was fast asleep next to her, and Heather inched herself away from the blankets to avoid rousing her. She was successful and walked to the bathroom. She flicked on the lights and saw her reflection.

Heather had gained weight in her sleep. Her pajama top was now tight her torso, with the sleeves only coming up to her elbows. Her stomach poked out from underneath her shirt, it didn’t seem to lose any of the mass from the other night. Her previously toned thighs were now much chunkier. Her stance had seemingly widened; it felt weird to walk the way she used to. Her panties were also giving her a wedgie. Unbeknownst to her, Heather had gained 40 pounds the previous night. She was now the fattest she had ever been. There were other smaller differences. Heather’s hair color was noticeably lighter, and her face was becoming paler. When she went to brush her teeth, they were noticeably more crooked.

Heather’s mind was having trouble processing these changes. For some reason, it didn’t register a lot of this as out of the ordinary. Wasn't I always a redhead? She didn’t remember going to the dentist, not for a long time. Plus, she was a growing girl, and there was nothing wrong with a little belly or an ass that stuck out. Mmm, I wonder how much bigger I’ll get. She thought. Looking at her stomach was turning her on.

Anya was up now. She gazed up at Heather and gave her a look, noticing her weight gain. “Mmm zaika, you put on some weight.” Heather nodded, lying down next to her. “I’m starting to outgrow my pajamas. I might not have any clothes that fit at this point.” She said. “You want to go shopping?” Almost on cue, her stomach grumbled. It demanded breakfast.

“We have a big day ahead of us. Let us go.” Anya said.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slo

Postby david515 » Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:14 am

Fantastic story so far, you should put this on ff aswell, get an even bigger audience
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slo

Postby Lamebrain » Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:32 am

david515 wrote:Fantastic story so far, you should put this on ff aswell, get an even bigger audience

Mightier than the Sword is currently being posted to The Changing Mirror and Curvage. (I post it here first). I plan on posting it to Dimensions at some point I just need to get something sorted out with the administration there. I may post it to Fantasy Feeder thanks for the suggestion. I want the story to be appreciated by everyone. This is also why I want to get it told as an audiobook as well so it can reach even more people than it normally would. I also want to get as much feedback as possible in relation to how I might improve the story and potentially where to take future stories I have in mind. (Not so much this story as I've already written the ending).

I hope to finish Mightier than the Sword by the end of February as I am committed currently to writing, proof reading and rewriting a chapter every day. Which takes about 4 hours. I don't know exactly how many more chapters I will need as I have several plot beats I want to hit still.
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Re: The Glow Room: Mightier than the Sword [WG, DG, -IQ, Slo

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Chapter 10: A growing girl

Heather did thankfully pack some looser clothes in her bag. She got out of her pajama top, noticing it was still stained from the feeding Anya had given her. She slipped on a t-shirt that fit snuggly. It was loose in the sleeves, but the front was tight around her stomach. She put on a pair of track pants that had a hard time covering the crack of her ass. To top it all off, her panties were still giving her a wedgie. Anya helped Heather get dressed and put all of the empty plates back onto the cart.

“I took this from outside the kitchens. I will bring it back just in case the maid comes in.”

“You don’t wanna go for round 2?” Heather asked coyly. She pouted, looking up at her. Heather was now shorter than Anya. Her eyes only went up to her nose.

“There will be time for that when we return zaika.” She said softly. She hugged Heather and left the room. While she waited for Anya to return, Heather checked Facebook. Michael had since sent her another message, it only read. “Where are you?” Heather was completely disinterested in him and unfriended him from Facebook.

“No use dealing with trash.” She said. Heather remembered she still had to send Valerie the draft of her article. But… something was keeping her from doing it. To put it bluntly, she didn’t really feel like writing an article. It just all felt so dull to her now. Heather opened the curtains of her hotel room and looked out on the swimming pool down below. She wondered if Anya would be open to swimsuit shopping. When Anya returned, they went out for breakfast together. The hotel was serving waffles, and they sat side by side as Anya fed her each bite. Mmm, I never want to eat alone ever again. Heather thought. Afterward, they both walked to the bus stop nearby and caught a bus back into Tampa, Florida. It was only a 30-minute ride from Lake Faris to Tampa, and it was nice to get out.

“Where do you live, Anya?” Heather asked her. This question was somewhat calculated on her part. It had occurred to her while she was feeding her breakfast that Heather didn’t want to go back home now. She enjoyed Anya’s company so much that she wanted to stay with her after her week was up. And she was hoping Anya felt the same way.

“My uncle has a house in Oregon. I still live there. He comes and goes.” Anya was staring out the window while she said this. She turned her head toward Heather. “Where do you live?”

“I rent an apartment, I used to live with my ex-boyfriend, but now I’m by myself… I’m kind of lonely now.” She said. Anya nodded but didn’t say anything. Heather didn’t really want to press into Anya’s personal life back home, she still didn’t know how much longer she was staying at the lodge. The thought of being alone at the lodge, with just that bitch Jezebel to keep her company was depressing enough. And it was better to put that out of her mind now, better to avoid focusing on something she couldn’t control. The bus eventually brought them to Tampa, and Heather was excited to now buy some new clothes that would fit her steadily growing body.
Melanie wasn’t enthusiastic about her mission. Despite her sexual reawakening the previous night, she was still extremely nervous and apprehensive about what she was doing. Melanie thought back to art school, how she was stressed out about failing and going back to waitressing for the rest of her life. How she was now stealing hair from a morbidly obese woman as her job. It was starting to make her laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jezebel asked. They were in the back seat of her car, driving into the city. Wanda ran a “service” in Tampa for “cuddle sessions,” according to her website. Of course, she also made house calls, which was why she went to the hotel. But Jezebel found it simultaneously unlikely she would return to the lodge, and too risky to bring her back. Despite the ‘push giving her only a vague recollection of the other day, bringing her back risked that memory returning. And Jezebel didn’t want rumors floating about the 6th floor.

“Nothing,” Melanie said, she glared up at Jezebel from the back seat. Melanie dressed in a dark grey hoodie and shorts with sneakers. She wanted to go to Wanda’s place in relatively comfortable clothes, just in case something like her fantasy happened. It ran through her mind frequently throughout the day and tempted her to reopen Theo’s text again and rewatch the video.

“Stay focused, Delacroix,” She said, turning her gaze back to the road. “We have maybe until 6 pm before the curse wears off. That gives you 4 hours to get the hair and bring it to me.”

“What am I supposed to do exactly? Just knock on her door and hand her a pair of scissors?” Melanie asked. This was a question she wanted to ask; she really didn’t know how to get a lock of Wanda’s hair aside from just asking her.

Jezebel pulled the car over into a parking lot. They were still a few miles from Wanda’s house. It was the parking lot to a Denny’s, and there was nobody else in sight. “Get out. I need to give you something.” Jezebel said. She glared at Melanie. Despite her rage, Melanie was still scared of Jezebel and especially her medallion. She opened the door and got out.

“What’s this about?” She asked. Jezebel walked around the car and faced her, looking her straight in the eyes. She grabbed her medallion, and the jewel started to glow. A bright light flashed in Melanie’s eyes. She was unable to avoid looking directly at Jezebel, her body felt like it wasn’t her own. Like someone else was controlling it. She could hear Jezebel’s thoughts running through her mind as if they were her own.

“Repeat after me. You will be unable to look me in the eyes from now on.” Sounded in her head. It came from her own mind and sounded as genuine as her other thoughts.

“I will be unable to look you in the eyes from now on.” She repeated. Melanie’s voice was not her own. It was monotone like all of the life had been sapped from her. The jewel stopped glowing, and Melanie felt control of her body return as suddenly as it had left her.

“You… b-bitch,” Melanie mumbled, slurring her words in the process. Jezebel took off her medallion and placed it into Melanie’s hands.

“Use this if she doesn’t just hand it over. Make sure the two of you are alone. Just look her directly in her eyes and visualize yourself entering her mind. It’s as easy as it sounds.”

“So, not at all…” Melanie responded. She found it really hard to look at Jezebel’s face, it started to give her a headache when she tried. “What’s to stop me from just hopping on a bus and saying screw this?” She asked.

“Two things. I had Lance collect more hair from your bathroom. If you don’t get Wanda’s hair in 6 hours, I’ll turn you into him next.” The thought of that alone was chilling to Melanie, far more than being attracted to Wanda. “Second. I can reverse my punishments.”

“You can?” Melanie’s heart was beating faster. Jesus Christ. She thought.

“But I need to trust you, Delacroix. And this is just the first step on that journey. Can I trust you?” Melanie still hated Jezebel, but she didn’t feel like she really had a choice in the matter.

“Yes. Can we go now?” She asked. Jezebel nodded and re-entered the car. Melanie slipped the medallion over her neck, feeling the grain of the wood rub against her fingers. I can see why she keeps playing with it. She thought. They kept driving until they pulled up to an apartment building. While Jezebel cruised around looking for a place to park, Melanie got her bearings about where they were. There was a McDonalds across the street, a bus stop on one corner, and a row of clothing stores down the block. The apartment building itself was old. It was made of concrete and painted a dull brown, with rows of narrow balconies dotting each floor.

“Theo emailed her, and she agreed to see you today. Once you have the hair, bring it to me, and I’ll take it back alone.” They were parked outside the apartment complex in a small lot off to one corner.

“Wait, you’re not driving me back?” Melanie asked.

“Well. I might need to renew the spell; I don’t know how many times yet. In that event, I’ll call you and ask for more of her hair.” At this rate, we’ll make her go bald. Melanie thought. “Ask if she’ll let you stay the night, I’m sure you have your ways.” She said. Alluding to the medallion. Melanie wondered if this was some kind of test, she was putting her through. To see if she could follow her orders.

“Okay.” Melanie was still formulating a plan to get revenge on Jezebel. One thing was clear, though. She couldn’t do it alone, and she couldn’t trust Theo and Lance. Jezebel’s car drove off, and she put the thought out of her mind for the moment. She walked up to Wanda’s apartment complex and rang the bell.
Anya and Heather spent most of the day together, shopping for new clothes. Anya was eager to watch her try on new shirts and would gawk at her stomach as she slipped out of her t-shirt to put them on.

“You are getting so fat.” She said in astonishment. Heather’s stomach was now a gut, there was no question about that at this point. It started to hang over the waistband of her pants and poked out under her shirt. Heather’s arms were noticeably chunkier, especially her biceps. They had become flabby and jiggled as she moved. Her neck was growing thicker, and her cheeks were much fuller. She had a harder time putting her pants on every time she took them off.

“Mhm” Heather said. Anya helped her slip into a large blouse. This was also too small for her, and Anya noticed it was hard to button. Why is she growing so large? Anya thought to herself. Part of her was concerned, since she knew this wasn’t normal, but another part of her found this extremely arousing and put it out of her mind. Anya never exactly paid attention in biology class and just assumed Heather must’ve had a low metabolism. That must be it.

They bought several extra-large tops, along with similarly sized pants. Heather’s chunky ass stuck out as she put on a pair of loose baggy pants. She slipped on a new pair of panties that finally managed to fit without giving her a wedgie. Once they were done, they also went to the change rooms to try on swimsuits. Heather insisted, she wanted to go swimming with Anya when they returned to the lodge.

“I do not object,” Anya said, as Heather slipped into a one-piece swimsuit. Heather’s hips were much fuller now, she could now rest her hands on them. She spun around in front of Anya, wearing the bathing suit and smiled.

“I’m getting so big.” She said. Almost on cue, her stomach growled, and Heather felt the familiar feeling of pain return in her abdomen. She leaned to one side, and a loud fart escaped her ass. It sounded like a car backfiring. “Oops,” she said in embarrassment.

“What the hell was that!?! What fucking died in here!?!” A woman shouted from outside the changing room. Heather blushed and looked at Anya, who held her nose laughed.

“Maybe we should go zaika.” Heather nodded. They paid for her clothes, and Anya helped her back into her track pants. Noticing it was almost impossible to now zip them up. They eventually decided to just leave her fly open and exited the store. Heather’s stomach growled again, this time, it was hunger. Anya spotted a McDonalds down the street to take her to. Heather squealed in delight as they walked in.
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