Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:55 am

Thank you for the new update. It's very appreciated.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby Daguss » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:25 am

I'm loving this story! Anxiously awaiting more!
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:57 pm

chapter 17 part one

a cold chill ran down the overly busty girl's spine as she walked away from the new girl Renee's table, but being so full up hope to finally be able to change out of the ridiculous clothes she was magically forced to wear, tight and skimpy was just the opposite of the attention hating Mary-beth's usual style,

she made her way to the gym as quickly as she could while wearing stripper shoes, for the first time in her life she couldn't wait to put on her smelly gym sneakers,

as Mary-beth entered the quiet emptiness of the girl's locker room she was awash with the feeling of relief, she aggressively stripped out of her 'whores clothes' and changed into her baggy men's XXL t-shirt and long basketball shorts,

but before she could let her guard down or even sigh in relief, her newly adorned clothes quickly shifted into a slutified version of her everyday workout wear, her oversized t-shirt morphed into a too-small tank top that was practically strangling her fat breasts, her lower half may have been even lewder, her baggy b-ball shorts had become a pair of thin lycra booty shorts that rode up between her thick ass cheeks and hugged her pussy so tightly that nothing was left to the imagination,

''my fuckin tits can't breathe in this shit goddamnit, ahh damn wedgie too, and look at all this fuckin cam toe I'm sportin'' surprised by her own vulgar outburst and lowbrow New-England accent Mary-beth's hands flew to cover her mouth unsure of what obscenities might spew out next,

she wanted to cry but her attention was redirected to a sudden feeling of presser being relieved off of her poorly confined breasts,

looking down she was happy to see that her breasts were no longer pressing up and out of the top nor being pinched at the sides or peeking out of the bottom,

right away it became apparent that the top hadn't grown to fit,

''did my fuckin tits just shrink?'' if she could actually wear a bra it would have told her yes as her gloriously unwanted double f's cups were now just f's, this strangely brought a smile to her face she wouldn't have believed such a thing would be possible before today, it was a weight lifted off her chest, literally in fact, for just a moment she was happy to feel her back hurt just a little less, but with her wardrobe and mouth being as lewd and perverse as they were she couldn't hold onto her smile for long, she could feel as her top began to tighten against her breasts squeezing and pushing them up towards her chin making it seem Mary-beth was trying to catch more male attention than she ever wanted,

''why is this shit happenin ta me?'' she said attempting to rub her headache away, she slipped on her gym shoes only to have them transform into a pair of sparkly pink glitter platforms only slightly shorter than the ones she just slipped off,

the bell for the next class rang and luckily she was already there, gym was the busty girls most hated class, running and sports would always only stress her poor back muscles along with generating unwanted attention from her classmates,

as the girls flooded into the locker room, of course, all of they're eyes were centered on the scandalously dressed Mary-beth,

''what you's jelly bitches starin at? or are ya all rug muncha's now?'' is what came rushing out of Mary-beth's mouth, when all she wanted to say was please don't stare, I can't help it,

thoroughly embarrassed by her outburst she ran out of the locker room and into the main gym, she was so flustered in fact that she hadn't seemed to notice the decreased overall mass of her chest,

this time she had lost far more than a single cup size and yet her top was still a size too small,

her dd cups hardly even bounced compared to her former size as she jogged as best she could in her ridiculous footwear to the far side of the gym,

the girls would always line up for stretches and dress code inspection before running and sports so Mary-beth was sure to be sent home and escape this social anguish she felt, or so she thought,

as the begun their stretches one by one, the girls were inspected and when the assistant coach Mr. Ali made his way to her she was all too ready to apologize and leave early, she looked down into her no longer so deep cleavage and gasped,

''my goddamn tits shrunk again!'' she blurted out before she could cover her mouth,

''good, maybe the boys will look at us for once'' a fairly attractive but flat-chested girl shouted out causing the whole gym to eco with laughter, that would be nice, Marybeth thought inwardly,

''that's enough, all of you'' Mr. Ali said sternly, he walked up to Mary-beth looked and looked her over top to bottom with one swift head motion and placed a check by her name as he continued on,

''wait! ain'tcha gonna write me up and sent me to the principal?'' she asked obviously confused by Mr.Ali's lack of action,

he stopped and turned to her, giving her another quick look over, he shook his head and said ''I don't see any violations''

''but..but i...'' she stammered incoherently as the imposing man ignored her walking away to finish checking over the rest of the girls,

during they're daily run the decreased weight of Mary-beth's sweater puppies felt like a godsend and towards the end of the mile they felt even lighter, the tradeoff was the immense pain in her feet from the platform shoes,

her perfectly average c cups stayed perfectly pinned in place by her too tight tank top now without hardly a bit of jiggle as she rounded the gym completing her last lap, she stopped and bent over putting her hands on her knee's thoroughly out of breath when she noticed her greatly diminished size,

part of her was grateful for this part of the curse, but another part of her worried just how far it would go, she needed to see them too feel them, checking the immediate surrounding she saw one of her classmates, Veronica, crawl out from behind the bleachers, Marybeth thought it would be the best place to get a private moment so she ducked off behind them,

she nervously wrapped a hand around each side of her top and began to slowly pull it up over her head,

the absence of the familiar weighty drop accompanied by the audible slapping sound of her fat tits hitting against her stomach made Mary-beth feel a bit giddy, looking down she saw a pair of pointy puppy nose-shaped b cups that reminded her of her 12-year-old breasts,

this is great! those pervy boys won't ever want to stare at me ever again, and my future husband will still have enough to play with, she thought happily as she ran her hands over the soft pointy humps,

but as she admired her 'cute' little handfuls she found herself grasping desperately to keep hold as they began receding further into her chest,

''no,no,no'' she whispered in alarm as she was powerless to stop what little was left of her breast flesh from vanishing into her body, her top followed suit as it shrunk and morphed into a tiny micro string bikini top that did nothing to cover her still thick pointy nipples and large areola's,

merry Xmas guys here is part one of three of chapter 17 hope you enjoy and have a happy holiday :D :D :D

not sure when I'll finish the next part its winter break and i have a family to spend time with but I hope to get back into the writing groove in a couple of weeks and kick this story into high gear.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby SciFiCrazy » Wed Dec 25, 2019 8:21 pm

Happy to see this story getting additional chapters. Great transformations. Wondering what will happen with Jordan after the whole Renee vanishing deal. Can’t wait to see more.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby jmichaels » Thu Dec 26, 2019 11:47 am

Great regression/shrinkage scene, thanks for the Christmas update!
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:14 pm

chapter 17 part 2

Marcy wasn't sure what to think about what the weird new girl said to her, was she really some kind of witch going around cursing people or just another crazy right-wing conservative messing with her,

either way, it didn't matter to Marcy as she full well planned on getting all the signatures she could for her cause,

after all, nothing is more important than raising awareness for social justice she thought,

Marcy took full advantage of their thirty-minute lunch break to collect as many signatures as time allowed,

''twenty-one signatures, a great start'' Marcy said as she looked over to the clock to see that lunch was almost over and sighed,

but luckily her next class was drama club, ah drama club, it was like a paradise for Marcy,

it was filled with the most liberal progressively thinking like-minded students in the entire school,

she was sure to get at least fifty names for her petition there,

as Marcy minced her way down the long hall leading to the theater department she was alarmed to find a stretch of yellow tape blocking her path,

thinking the worst had happened to her favorite teacher her heart began to race,

''hey Marc! over here'' a puny boy with bright pink and blue hair dyed down to his shoulders called out from behind her,

''Hey, Charlie, what's going on here?'' Marcy asked pointing down the cordoned-off hallway,

Charlie lowered his head shaking it while looking at his feet,

''I'm not sure, but I heard a rumor miss Sumner had a mental breakdown or something, drama got canceled 'until further notice' school cop put up the tape so I guess it must've gotten pretty messy in there...ha ha'' Charlie said with a nervous laugh,

holding out his hand he motioned towards the opposite direction not wanting to think about the horror he saw earlier that day,

the two decided to get out of there and go to the school library with the high hopes of getting some homework done,

grabbing a few more signatures on the way naturally, of course, bringing her up to just over forty names,

''I found us a good spot over here!'' Charlie called over to Marcy who was feverously browsing the stacks,

Charle snuck up behind her a thick old book in his hands, ''is this what you were looking for?'' he asked suddenly, causing the unassuming girl to tense and squeal in surprise,

''don't do that!'' she chided him before seeing the title of the book clenched in his hands, 'practical uses for godlike powers and those who abuse them'

Charlie smiled happily knowing he was of some help to his secret crush, but because of his secret obsession for Marcy he couldn't help noticing a few odd differences in not only her mannerisms but her appearance as well,

for instance, Marcy had always been a bit on the chubby side with most of her fat accumulating around her rounded belly but today her hips and ass seemed to really take all focus,

Charlie couldn't take his eyes off of her ass as it juttied out obscenely like one of those rap music video girls,

speaking of, her normally Lilly-white skin tone appeared several shades darker, not to the point that she looked black but like a light-skinned Latina perhaps,

but it was the other little changes that really felt the strangest to him,

it wasn't until the two sat down and Charlie pulled out his math homework,

''ahh... I hate calculus'' he groaned aloud gaining Marcy's attention,

''that's solve for y...done'' she said proudly before going back to her odd witchcraft book,

''what the heck Marc, you suck at math worse than I do, how did you solve this problem so fast?'' he asked in utter disbelief,

she looked up from her book to contemplate the question not really knowing herself how she had figured out such a complex equation with little effort,

Marcy spread her legs a bit wider than usual as she leaned back in her chair as if trying not to squish something precious a biologic girl shouldn't possess,

Charlies eyes were already on the case as he scanned her crotch for any sign of change but thankfully saw none,

he did notice though Marcy's posture was the complete opposite of feminine she looked almost like she was mocking him by mirroring his own,

but he knew better, she wasn't the type to be indirect when she took issue with something,

''hey, Marcy, whats with the manspreading? you wear the wrong underwear today? haha,'' Charlie asked with a chuckle trying not to seem weird about inquiring about his classmates most private area,

Marcy suddenly became more self-aware as she brought her knees back together ''yeah, I mean no...i'm not sure'' she also became aware of a certain stirring in her loins as she saw Shannon and Brianne enter the library,

the scantily dressed sluts looked and moved in all the right ways that just screamed ''sex'' and for some reason, Marcy was now finally understanding why the boys considered them to be the ultimate conquests,

''there...'' Brianne said sharply as she slammed both her and Shannon's clipboards on the table beside Marcy,

Marcy placed her book down onto the table and shoved it aside before picking up the girl's papers, she felt strange static energy seem to discharge from the outwardly ordinary sheets of paper as she brought them up for a closer inspection,

''holy cow! there are over two hundred names here, how did you?'' she started to ask but the answer was clear from the look of Shanon's now heavily swollen and distended belly, and as she looked upon her a large gob of spunk slowly slid from under her skirt and down her thigh,

''ah, I see'' Marcy said, her eyes following the cum as it trailed its way down to Shannon's ankle,

a sudden flash of herself running her tongue up Shannon's toned Supple thigh and drinking the cum straight from her pussy like it were a fountain entered her mind, followed by a powerful urge to grab hold of Brianne's fat ass and knead it like dough in her hands, she wanted to lick suck and fuck every part of the slutty duo she even imagined herself fucking them with a very real cock of her own,

she sat there dreamily fantasizing while the others wondered why she spaced out ''hello! finish a thought please'' Shannon said waving a hand in front of Marcy's distant eyes in an attempt to bring her back to reality,

''Marc! are you okay?'' Charlie asked putting a hand on her shoulder that he quickly withdrew when he felt the bones begin to creak under her skin,

like something out of a horror movie the group became eerily silent as Marcy's body began to grow and morph out of control, her stringy dull light brown hair turned jet black on only one side of her head and grew long while the other side frizzed wildly becoming dense and kinky,

her face was becoming a beautiful mess mutch like a Picasso as her eyes changed in both shape and color,

one eye becoming larger and more rounded while the other squinted and slant,

the cute button nose that Charlie thought was perfectly fitting for her cherub-like face broadened and rounded, the small opening of her mouth elongated and her thin lips plumped,

the right side of her face sharpened as her cheekbone popped while the left side rounded further from its already oval shape,

further down is where things started to get really out of control, ''this is totally freaky, but I can't stop watching now'' Brianne said before abruptly pulling the shirt off over Marcy's head and then snapping her bra open with a single precise motion,

Charlie was conflicted, he felt he should protect his friend's honor but the chance to see the breasts of his long-time crush combined with his teenaged hormones far outweighed his chivalrous side so he conflictedly let things unfold,

again the transformation kept to the theme of unsymmetrical racial features,

her tiny pink nipples darkened, the right one spreading wide to the point it nearly covered her entire breast while the left shrank just a bit along with the breast itself, the right expanded substantially growing large and heavy hanging off her short torso quivering like a bag of jello with her every breath,

her matching fatty c-cups were a thing of the past as the poor girl now sported an ultra lopsided pair at least half a dozen letters apart in the alphabet,

the intrigued trio observed the changes spreading lower, dark black hairs half an inch long sprouted a whispy trail running from the waistline of her navy blue leggings up to her slightly concave belly button,

below the waist, another even stranger metamorphosis was taking place, a small but noticeable lump that was slowly but steadily growing larger made itself known,

after a moment it had become a bulging outline of what everyone present recognized to be clearly and unmistakably, male genitalia,

''aghhh...'' Charlie groaned trying his best not to draw any more attention still staring at Marcy's growing bulge which now snaked down her leg at least seven inches and still growing,

he always thought himself to be an open person but seeing the girl who held his heart for almost four years suddenly grow a dick bigger than his was an instant dealbreaker,

Brianne wiped a bit of drool from her bottom lip as Marcy's cock reached nine inches with no sign of stopping,

she couldn't help but feel the urge to put that thing in her ass and as it grew so did her urges,

Shannon felt similarly watching Marcy's newly grown testicles overfill and nearly burst the seem of her leggings,

all she could think about were their contents being emptied into her fertile womb while she screamed out from the intense orgasm she was sure to have,

there were a multitude of other changes to Marcy, ones that couldn't be seen, for instance, her new love for and high tolerance towards spicy foods, or the conflicting new persona's battling it out inside her brain, a Latin temperament combined with Asian meekness and held all together with all the confidence of a strong black woman,

''What is happening?'' Charlie asked just a little too loudly electing an angry shush from the librarian,

''she's been cursed by little miss twincest'' quipped Shannon,

''just like us'' Brianne said before turning and showing Charlie her vulgar tramp stamp, followed by a long sigh from Shannon and her showing him her own ink,

''Is that why she wanted that stupid witchcraft book?''

''don't know anything about that, but that new girl Renee is like, a scary powerful bitch''

Marcy had just sat there through it all, a blank look on her jumbled but none the less attractive face,

she blinked her mismatched eyes a few times before looking down at her freakily disproportionate body and then to Charlie confused to why she was sitting there half exposed to the gawking eyes of the group,

Shannon had lent down to more closely inspect Marcy's face doing so exposing the deep cleavage of her perfectly round artificially augmented dd cup breasts to Marcy's immediate field of view,

Brianne who still hadn't managed to take her eyes off of the slab of meat snaking down Marcy's thigh smiled wide, Marcy's newly grown cock began to engorge with blood and to Brianne's pleasant surprise actually grew larger as it stiffened,

''¿que esta pasando? ¿Por qué me miras así?'' Marcy asked in perfect Spanish,

''what did she say?'' Shannon looked to Brianne to translate

''She wants to know why we're all staring at her''

here is part two of three, working on part three and already have a good start on chapter 18, thanks for reading hope you enjoy.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby SciFiCrazy » Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:13 pm

Loved the disproportionate changes. Thanks for an update. Looking forward to next one.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:53 am

part 3

it was early afternoon, Ms. Issabelle Sumner sat at her desk in the empty classroom having a moment of quiet contemplation of the morning's events,

''several parents have called me, do you know why?'' Principal Marksman asked the visibly nervous woman,

sweat already beading on her forehead, Isabelle's heart felt as it were about to jump out from her throat, Marksman let the tension grow as he nursed his cheap corner store cigar,

blowing a puff of smoke towards his open office window he finally said,

'' I don't, and they don't either, all I do know is that I got a bunch of kids too traumatized to come to school because of something that happened under your watch yesterday, so inlighten me please'' Marksman asked in a calm collected tone,

''well...i...i'm not sure exactly, maybe something happened after class out in the hall, a fight maybe?'' she lied somewhat convincingly,

''okay fine, play it that way, if anything jogs your memory come see me okay?'' he waved her off and that was it, but Issabelle's mind couldn't stop replaying the previous day's events over and over how did that creepy little boy force her to tell her darkest sexual secret to a room full of students?

thankfully her embarrassing thoughts were broken by the bell signaling it was time for her to move to the drama room, she had taken over an extra class while the current drama teacher was on medical leave and thought it would be a nice change of pace,

it was only her third day but the students had already warmed up to her and she found the theater life rather charming,

fishing into her purse for the drama room's key her hand found the hand made piggy bracelet that Renee had given her,

the sight of the thing made her eyes instantly well up with tears, she wasn't sure whether or not the girl was being cruel by giving her the ironic gift or actually trying to be nice,

Issablle didn't want to chance the potentially awkward encounter and not be wearing the bracelet,

she imagined the girl who had spent her precious time and money making it crying, thinking she hated her,

''its kinda cute,'' she said looking around her to be sure no one was watching while putting on the piggy charm bracelet, she slipped the key into the door's lock and flipped on the lights as she entered the room,

''oh my'' she said fanning her face with her hand suddenly feeling flush with heat, she thought perhaps the air conditioning was on the fritz but checking the thermostat disproved her theory,

she almost hoped that she was coming down with the flu so that she could just go home early and even skip the rest of the week as well,

her eyes inadvertently glanced down to her wrist and the thoughts of the previous day's events replayed for the hundredth time since,

only this time was different, her body began to heat up, even more, most of it centering between her thick thighs,

she began to only focus on the story she told and not the public humiliation, being degraded, treated like the gross fat pig she knew deep down she really was, it was her greatest turn on even if she knew it was wrong, even if she had fought it so hard,

''oh yes'' she squeaked finding that her hand had slipped down between her legs on its own, her flowy dress giving easy access to her most private parts, she pulled at the soft but thick curly brown hair of her bush before using two fingers to gingerly pull back the hood of her stiffened little clit,

massaging it in small precise circles eliciting small but powerful jolts of electricity throughout her entire body,

the smell of her excitement soon filled the room, she leaned backward sitting onto one of the small student's desks her fat ass overflowing its surface and hanging down over its edges,

''oh yeah, I'm such a fat fucking piggy...aaaaaahhhhh, oooohhhhh'' her moans echoed in the large empty classroom and that was enough to draw the attention of Mr. Bowley, one of the school's janitor's,

he burst in through the unlocked door thinking he'd catch a couple of delinquents fooling around but never in a million years thought that he'd find the sweet and childlike innocent Ms, Sumner relieving her carnal urges during school hours,

she peeked through her half-closed eyes to see him frozen there in shock, but in reality, he was inhaling the strong musky scent of her pussy's steadily flowing juices and was almost hypnotized by it,

along with the adorable little moan's she was still making as she continued touching herself under her dress,

but he was a decent god-fearing man, or so he always told people, and didn't want to be seen as a pervert,

''Ms, Sumner please, you can't do this here, the kids will be coming soon'' he pleaded, but Issabelle was so lost in her memory, no, her fantasy, that she couldn't hear him,

''fuck me!..please...please fuck me?'' she pleaded to the man in her fantasy, Mr.Bowly of coarse thought she was extending him the offer and the opportunity was too good to pass up,

he ran a hand over his gray handlebar mustache before peeking his head outside into the hall to see it was still empty, locking it tightly and closing the shade of the tiny square window that all the school doors had, he then moved to meet the hot and ready miss Sumner,

he took her right breast in his calloused hand as he worked to free his sizable manhood with the other,

''I've always had a thing for you, but I never dreamed it would happen like this'' the older man said while pulling down the neckline of her dress, he began kissing his way from her cute little ear lobes down her neck and to the top of her chest,

she leaned back further on the desk pushing her hips out giving him better ease of access to her sweet honeypot, as his thick cock slipped between her meaty lower lips the charm bracelet began to glow ominously,

after only about a minute of being entered, Issabelle was ready to cum, she reigned herself in though, in her fantasy only her lover/owner could give her permission to do so,

''mmmm...piggy cummm?'' she moaned softly, her skin was beginning to turn a shade of pale pink, her finger, and toenails turned black and hardened, changes were happening on the inside as well, her organs twisting, growing, and rearranging,

she held back for as long as she could, but thanks to her transforming body she found it impossible not to cum as her pussy pulsed and tightened around the large cock inside of her,

Mr.Bowley picked up the pace as he neared his own orgasm but he felt an odd sensation,

he felt less and less pressure as the tightness surrounding his cock reduced looking down as he pulled out he nearly passed out from the shock,

his once-mighty hammer of a cock was now looking as skinny as a pencil, and as he pulled out all the way to see the end of his penis had curled like a corkscrew he fainted straight away,

the middle-aged janitor crashed down hard, hitting the floor like a ton of bricks but that didn't stop Issabelle from finishing without him, cumming violently and spraying cum all over his passed out form she'd never felt anything like it, ''rwreeeeeeee!!!'' she let the rawest most animalistic squeal a person wasn't capable of,

finally able to snap out of her lust-fueled daydream she saw the crumpled half-naked body of Mr. Bowley and realized what she had done,

''oh god!...what did I do?'' you fucked the old Janitor obviously, the voice in her head told her bluntly,

it was then she noticed the odd pink hue of the skin on her legs and then her arms, her fingers joints felt stiff and difficult to move and as she hopped down off of the desk her dress rubbed against her belly causing six little tents to form underneath,

the door handle jiggled rapidly followed by two heavy-handed knocks ''campus police, open the door!''

here it is, the end of the very long chapter 17, hope you guys are enjoying the road so far, I'm going to try and tie up all the loose ends and make things come together in the next few chapters, thanks for reading.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby SciFiCrazy » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:09 pm

Thanks again for continuing this story. Looking forward to what’s coming.
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Re: Curse of the outsider (multi tf)

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:23 am

chapter 18

Jordan's body lay unconscious in the arms of his transformed lover Bridgette but his mind had drifted into another universe altogether,

washed ashore on a beach he'd never visited, seagulls called overhead mixed with the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore's edge,

Jordan awoke to a view of a light grey sky with a tinge of orange light still leftover from the suns recent presence,

the air was cool and moist and smelled slightly sweet despite the ocean's salty spray, it seemed like a nice place to hang out with friends if he'd had any of coarse,

he stood up pressing his hands into the odd black sand as he hefted himself up,

still dressed for bed he was half-naked as well as shoeless, he stared out at the ocean, its dark blue water stretching out over the horizon,

it was so serene and calm, it brought a peace to Jordan's soul that he hadn't felt before, or at least since his 'curse' had first started, he knew things hadn't started getting weird until he had hit adolescence,

most other teens were just getting armpit hair and pubes to go along with crackling voices and random erections but for Jodan puberty seemed the start of a whole new kind of hell,

Jordan's head suddenly hurt like some mafia thug had stuck it in a vice,

even trying to recall the first time his curse ever manifested brought not only emotional but intense physical pain as well,

''I can help you with that'' came an oddly familiar voice that clearly stood out from the beaches natural ambiance,

Jordan looked around him in every direction, seeing no one and thinking he must be hearing things turned back towards the vast ocean and stepping out onto the cool saltwater, he now knew this must be a dream because his feet never fell below the surface of the water,

as he walked further out the black sand shore became a distant memory along with the last visage of the suns warm light, the sky was pitch black without a cloud in sight,

it was as if the stars themselves had become too far away to see,

at his feet the ocean's waters had calmed and appeared just as black as the sky itself, and yet somehow Jordan could still see despite there being no moon or stars,

it was what he could see though was what really bothered him,

looking down he could see his own reflection in the pitch-black surface of the water,

'' down here'' the unknown voice spoke again only this time making its presence more known,

Jodan felt a cold chill run up his spine just before his ankles were grabbed tightly from below the water,

the hands were pale except for the jet black veins that ran all over it, is this dearth? he thought as

they pulled and Jordan's body was finally made aware of the laws of physics once more as he rapidly descended into the freezing water,

he was slowly pulled deeper into the depths for what felt like way too long for a person to survive without oxygen and yet he felt no signs of discomfort when he finally gave up on trying to hold his breath and let the icy saltwater rush into his lungs,

a dream maybe he thought but it felt so real, so real that when the phantom hands finally released their deadly grip he could immediately feel the blood rush back into his feet,

on the black sands of the ocean floor, an army of bodies stood upright a mile in each direction stretching well past Jordan's field of vision,

chains were wrapped around their legs ensuring that they couldn't swim to the surface,

''you can't resist me any longer, and now your soul will join the others here'' the mystery voice spoke up again this time as a whisper in Jordan's ear, his head spun in the direction of the voice but only darkness greeted his vision,

''who's there?'' he called out, his voice muffled by the water as bubbles rose from his mouth,

''no-one...but also everyone...and I am you, and you are me, humans try and label me, but they only understand so much, I made many mistakes, I tried to fix them but that only made things worse, traders! they locked me away and then they locked us away''

''I don't understand'' Jordan said,

''let me show you then, before we part ways and I take my rightful place in the world '' the voice said before a hand grabbed Jordan's head from behind pulling him backward and somehow into a brightly lit room,

a room that felt familiar but couldn't be sure as to why, he waited silently for a moment surveying the room,

the room itself wasn't very large but the decor reeked of pretentiousness it was obvious to him that this was the office of some kind of professor or headmaster,

the door opened and a wheelchair-bound man rolled in followed by a much younger Renee,

''Renee?!?!'' Jordan yelled but was ignored,

''This is only a memory, they can't see or hear you'' this time the voice had a face to go along with it, Jordan's, he was a spitting image only he appeared sick, corrupted, evil perhaps? he had the same pale skin and black veins as the hands that drug Jordan under that cold dark water,

''a memory of what? and who's memory?'' Jordan asked the dark version of himself,

he only got a sly smile in response as the dark Jordan proceeded to sit down beside Renee and across from the man in the wheelchair,

''I am so so happy that you decided to accept my proposal, together the three of us will no doubt save this world by ridding it of the vile corruption that is humankind'' the wheelchair man said while practically beaming with joy,

dark Jordan shook the man's hand and stood up, ''come on lets fast forward a bit'' the two walked out of the room and into another, some kind of big assembly hall or auditorium filled to the brim with teenagers,

the teachers and staff lining the stage behind the wheelchair man,

''hello there all, and welcome to the academy my name id dr. William Hinkel and I will be your new headmaster and instructor to those of you who are so lucky to receive extra, special abilities this fine day, now let us be assured into a bright new future where every one of us will transcend our mortal bounds and become gods among men, for too long has man been allowed to run the world unchecked, unsupervised and unopposed, they have polluted our oceans and sea's, rivers and lakes, they have harvested our forests, driven whole species to the brink of extinction, wars, genocide, all in the name of capitalism, greed, hate, fear of what they do not understand, but now we join here to become the glue that will be used to repair all that mankind has broken, the world will be wiped clean and you all will be the ones to start anew, you are the future!''

the crowd burst excitedly with cheers and applause as dr. Hinkel finished his little insane ranting excuse for a speech and the students began filing onto the stage one by one,

dark Jordan closed his eyes and Jordan could see the aura of power radiating from his body,

like vibrations on the air, the waves traveled out from him all the way out to the stage,

suddenly and without warning, a handful of the students began to change drastically, a large boy in a letterman football jacket's skin began to melt like plastic in the oven,

but soon found that he could stretch his limbs and even reshape his body in almost any way,

a fairly average looking girl just a few heads away from him suddenly began to grow in height and strength, her muscles exploded in size bursting out of her white uniform blouse, in just seconds she had gone from a plain-looking girl to an amazonian goddess,

another young man who looked as frail as a newly hatched baby bird suddenly grew one of the largest pair of breasts that Jordan had ever seen, he dropped to the floor from the weight and lack of balance but quickly sat back up crying as he grabbed at his crotch ''it's gone!'' he screamed, his voice cracking at the end, '' my dick is gone'' he said in a breathy feminine voice, his bones audibly popped and creaked as his hips stretched and ass expanded,

by the end, he looked like he could easily pass as a love or fertility goddess, beautiful, curvaceous, and ultra-feminine despite his still short hair and tattered boy's uniform still clinging from his expanded form,

only a dozen people found themselves with powers after the pulse had ended,

Jordan grabbed the shoulder of his dark self ''what was that? what did you do to them?''

he inquired,

''What you just saw was the creation of the first new gods in over five thousand years, now follow me and pay attention!'' the Dark Jordan said removing Jordan's hand from his shoulder with his own,

the lights within the auditorium suddenly grew bright, too bright causing Jordan to be nearly blinded he lifted his arms protectively up to his eyes,

when he lowered them he felt a warm breeze on the back of his neck, a fire? no, the fire was long doused but hot smoke still rose from the blackened wood of the burnt school building,

inside on the blackened tiles, he saw his dark doppelganger lying unconscious on the floor along with the doctor and Renee, after a moment Renee got up and roughly pulled the doctor up off of the floor and threw him back into his chair as easily as if he weighed but a pound,

the dark Jordans pale skin and inky black veins faded as his skin took on a healthy peach hue much like the current Jordan's,

''I am sorry, you know if there were any other way...''

''yeah yeah save it, you're just like everybody else, we've been here for four years, you've used my brother to make an army of freaks, and then you got them all killed or worse''

''I know, and I will have to live with my mistakes, I never thought that they would go this far'' Hinkel said in a defeated tone and hung his head low rubbing his temple,

Renee reached for her bag that had somehow miraculously survived the attack unscathed and pulled out her diary,

she scrunched up her face as quickly jotted down something before locking it back up with a small combination lock,

next she closed her eyes and held out her right hand, a glowing orb around the size of a baseball appeared hovering just above it,

its aura radiated a familiar warmth of feeling that Jordan could almost recall like a certain smell or taste lost to childhood amnesia,

the other Jordan's body suddenly vanished leaving not a trace behind, the orb's light grew brighter for a split second as an indication that he was now trapped inside,

''He can't know the truth, he can't be allowed to remember, if his power resurfaces make him believe he's cursed, make him believe that he has no control, it may hurt him and cause him to feel isolated and alone but its all we can do for now'' the look on doctor Hinkel's face said more than his words,

the amount of worry was painted in layers across his forbearing face in a way that made the proper upbeat man seem devastated,

his entire goal in life was to see this evil rotten world cleansed and reborn and thought who better to do it than its very own creator,

he discovered Jordan's true identity after years of study, history, mythology, natural disasters and distortions in space-time, when out of the blue one day the sign he was looking for made its colossal appearance,

fraternal twins living at a foster home just outside of Los Angeles were caught on security cameras in several locations where extreme chaos had broken out,

people were transformed into animals, objects, or body swapped along with a plethora of other changes that would cause any good scientists brain to crack even trying to explain it,

the twins were fairly easily located by a man as intelligent and resourceful and doctor Hinkel,

they were fully aware of their actions and consciences but years of being bounced around the foster care system had severely reduced their empathy towards the human species,

so it wasn't very difficult to convince them that an apocalypse was in order,

''you see, I believe that many of the old legends and stories that many of us dismiss as pure fiction, is actually true, well to some degree anyway, the gods, the monsters, I've even met a few witches who can bend reality, to a much smaller degree than the two of you of coarse'' he told them of that and more during they're first meeting, he told them that his goal was to find these old gods or make new ones to replace them and Jodan could probably do just that,

but after spending four years watching Jordan and Renee grow and develop their powers he had a change of heart, he saw the danger that the twins posed not only to they're enemies but those close to them as well,

and worse was their attitudes towards the other students and all life in general, they seemed to have no code, no honer, nothing stopping them from just doing whatever they pleased with the world once they've reached their full potential, and that truly terrified Dr.Hinkel,

Jordan suddenly found himself back in the darkness of the ocean floor standing in front of the chain that would be his,

''and that's what happened, they betrayed us, but now that Renne power over us had faded, its time that I take back the wheel, as soon as you wrap that chain down there around your leg I can fix this whole mess'' the dark Jordan said with an air of confidence about him as he direction attention to the heavy iron chain,

''I still don't understand'' Jordan said shakily as he picked the chain up from the ocean floor,

''that dickhead professor x knockoff fractured my mind and created you as an alter, to be an oblivious stand-in, he gave you fake memories of a life you never lived, that evil little bitch of a sister locked us in one of her micro universes and made a fake family to keep up the ruse'' he stepped closer,

the black coloring of his eyes bleeding into the pale flesh around them, his hands clenching into tightly balled fists,

''put that chain around your it now imposter!'' the evil presence demanded,

'' hold on, if I'm an imposter than what are you?'' he asked if only for the purpose of buying time,

''it's complicated, let's just say you're a newer version, less...corrupted some might say, like an innocent little baby, and I am the real Jordan, the one who was in control the longest, now be a good little boy and put on that chain!'' the desperation in his voice told Jordan that the dark him had no real power, that he couldn't take control unless Jordan gave it to him, but one question still lingered,

''Who are they?'' he asked pointing out toward the endless rows of bodies that floated peacefully as if only asleep,

'' they're the souls of the people who once possessed this power, now enough chatter!'' Dark Jordan shouted, ''no more questions, no more niceties, and no more you!'' the dark twisted Jordan's arm stretched and morphed into a huge ebony blade,

Jordan fell to the floor causing black sand and sediment to temporarily conceal his exact location, the dark Jordan lunged forward slashing blindly into the murky water only to be struck hard to the side of his head with a heavy object,

and again to the back of his legs, and his back and arms, out of all the beating's he'd received as a foster kid this one was by for the worst, the pain was like nothing he'd ever felt before,

it seemed to go on forever but in this place time was meaningless,

like all things, it ended as Jodan ceased his relentless assault and ran off into the sea of souls,

he was hoping to lose his sociopathic alter and with any luck, find a way out.

here it is, chapter 18 to answer some of those burning questions, hope you enjoy and as always thank's for reading.
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