Fitness Club (TG)

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Fitness Club (TG)

Postby ApocryphalEvie » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:06 pm

Fitness Club

Kevin Lanning arrived at university ready for a fresh start, away from the perils of high school and, well, his reputation. It’s not that he had a bad reputation as much as he was your typical chubby quiet nerd. Did well on his schoolwork and spent most of his free time playing video games or working on his pen-and-paper campaign with his friends.

He looked around his new dorm room—a single, so he didn’t have to worry about roommates bothering him—and saw the undecorated walls as an opportunity. He’d gotten into a good Computer Science program on a scholarship, and the future was bright! It was a long drive to the dorms from his parent’s place, and they were out of town, so he made the trip alone. Unpacking and hooking up his rig would take the better part of the night, so he thought it best to check out where everything was first. After putting his luggage inside, he stepped out into the hall and made his way to the common washroom. There were some other guys in the hall, making their way in and out of their own rooms with their stuff.

The bathroom was nicer than he expected for a communal living space. Clean sky-blue tiles covered the room with a series of unblemished steel sinks with mirrors posted above them, urinals and stalls to the back of the room. Ebonhorn Mountain University was a good school, so he dismissed the surprise.

He splashed some water on his face. The heat outside was oppressive, and it felt nice to deal with the built-up grime from sweating. He stopped a moment to look at himself in the mirror. He didn’t think he looked that bad, well, if he lost some weight. He just preferred a low-maintenance approach to his appearance. Baggy black t-shirt and jeans—mostly clean, as he wanted to make sure he looked nice when he arrived at university, well, save a small ketchup stain from lunch—and he even bothered to comb his short brown hair. He wasn’t super overweight, but he could hardly be said to be in shape. He had one feature he could always point to as a source of pride—his brilliant blue eyes. And even if he had some light acne on his face, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was at its peak. With a sigh, he thought back to some of the guys walking the hall before. If that was the standard at EMU, he had no chance with the ladies here.

Well, no sense in moping before the semester even begun. Time to get set up. Back in his room, he spent the better part of the evening unpacking, hooking up his computer, and going over his schedule for the first day of class.

After he got all settled in, he munched on some of the cookies his mother packed for him in a tin while watching a streamer. It was a nice surprise to find them alongside a note praising “her little man” for finally striking out on his own. It was kind of embarrassing to say that she was probably his closest friend. Once he’d almost finished the tin of cookies, he looked at the clock and noticed it was almost midnight. It wouldn’t do to be late to class on his first day, so he decided to hit the sack. He thought about jerking it—probably the closest thing to exercise he ever did—but was beat after the drive and unpacking his shit, and instead fell quickly into a dreamless sleep.

The next day he woke with enough time to shower and get his school supplies together. He only had a couple classes today, intro Computer Science and an intro writing course, with a big enough gap in the middle he could have time to grab lunch. He went across the hall to the showers, and found one separate from everyone else, he wasn’t really interested in having conversation with all the other guys getting ready for their mornings. He stripped down and took in his pale, pudgy figure with his hairy arms and legs.

“Well, all those cookies last night certainly didn’t help.” He sighed, mumbling under his breath. His mother’s cooking was just so good! Well, maybe being away from it would help him lose weight. Of course, he’d have to exercise, and his asthma made that feel like an impossible task. He shook his head and started the shower. He was surprised that there was a steady stream of hot water with a nice water pressure, he must have lucked into the best dorms in the world. After the shower he dressed in the first clean thing he could find, a graphic tee that had the cast of a sports anime on it and a pair of black jeans, threw on his sneakers and grabbed his backpack, wallet, phone, and keys, and was off to the races.

He found his way to the science wing of the school, with a few minutes to spare, and swiped his student ID to be granted access to the computer lab where the first lecture would take place. He smiled at the sight of his student ID, which very proudly identified Kevin Lanning as a Computer Science major. Things were different, it was university!

“Hey, Kevin!” A familiar voice called out to him as he stepped into the lab. It was James, one of his friends from high school. He’s a scrawny fellow, probably half Kevin’s weight, thick glasses, typical nerd. Not that Kevin had much room to complain. They worked together on some projects back in high school, and he was the paladin in their campaign.

“Hey, James. Didn’t know you’d be in this class.” Kevin sat next to James and logged into the computer in front of him in case it was needed.

“Oh, you didn’t check the register?” James chuckled. “Oh, hey man. There’s a school club showcase happening a little later, we should see about signing up for something together. Maybe find a group to run a campaign with!”

“Ah, yeah, maybe.” Kevin offered a slight smile in turn as he pulled out his notebook. He felt like trying something new, but maybe this club showcase would be good for that.

The professor came in and started the lecture. It was all simple stuff on what a programming language was and how computers worked. Kind of boring stuff for Kevin, he was surprised at how basic it was. It was an intro course, he supposed. Soon enough it was over, and James said he had another class right after this one, so he headed out, though he did say he was going to be checking out the clubs after.

He pulled out his phone as he was walking from class and saw a text from his mother. “Hey Kev, hope you enjoy the cookies I snuck in your bag. Make sure to pace yourself, don’t want to eat them all at once!”

Before he could type his thanks, he crashed into a woman, and they both tumbled over. He looked over at her. She had a dark blue hoodie on with EMU spelled out in collegiate font across the chest and light blue capris that just hugged her long, shapely legs, which ended with a pair of neon-pink sneakers with white socks resting just above her ankle. The hoodie did its best to hide her figure, but the way the chest pushed out even with the bagginess of the hoodie suggested something about the size of her breasts. Her red hair was done up in a simple bun, practical for running around campus. She had lovely green eyes. Her face was makeup-free, seemed like she was out on a morning run. She was really cute. So cute Kevin’s mind kind of blanked as he took in her face.
Kevin looked away a moment, redness stinging his face. “S-sorry.” He hoped she didn’t catch him staring.

“Oh, gosh, you okay?” The woman said with a chipper, if concerned, voice. She seemed surprisingly nonplussed with what happened.

“Y-yeah. Sorry, wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Oh no, don’t apologize. I like to go for runs on campus and sometimes I make a corner too quick and, well…” She smiled. “Anyways, you look new around here. First day?”

“Yeah.” He said as the two got back onto their feet.

“Name’s Sarah. I’m a senior here, help with the new student orientation.” She held out a hand. Kevin looked at it like it was an alien gesture. This cute girl was talking to him? He very gently took her hand and shook it.

“K-Kevin.” He looked around. Figured the best way to move forward was to just pretend all that didn’t happen. “Say, do you know where the cafeteria is?”

“Cafeteria? It’s more like a food court, but, yeah.” She laughed with a charming lilt. “Here, I’ll show you the way.”

As they walked across campus, Sarah prodded Kevin with questions about his major, if he was excited to start university, where he was from, and so on. She said it was a big part of EMU culture to make people feel as welcome as possible. And he learned a bit about her as well. She was in the Sports Medicine program and chose this school over a bunch of others, so she was from halfway across the country. He didn’t dare ask if she were single, she was clearly just being friendly. How could anyone be interested in someone like him? Still, for as awkward as it was, it felt nice talking to a girl. Motivation to improve, he supposed.

Once they arrived at the food court in the Student’s Hall, Kevin looked around, impressed at the wide variety of foods on offer. “Hey, can I get you anything? I mean, as a way of apologizing for earlier.”

“Hm, well, I could probably use some tea! I’ve gotta go help set up the club showcase for the Fitness Club after though, so I don’t think I’ll have much time to chat.” She pointed over at a café that advertised healthy options. Not the sort of thing Kevin would typically give a second look, but even as he scoffed at the portion sizes listed on the menu, he decided to get a tea with Sarah. They found a seat in the middle of the food court.

“So, Fitness Club, huh?”

Sarah sipped her tea. “Yep! It’s kind of an umbrella group, people interested in all sorts of stuff. Healthy eating, working out, sports, you name it! You interested in that sort of stuff?” She pointed at the anime ladies on Kevin’s shirt wearing school gym uniforms.

“Oh, well, I mean…” He looked down with embarrassment. The one day he chose to wear something like that was the one day he ended up having tea with a nice girl. “Sort of?”

“It’s okay! Everyone’s got their interests, right? I think there’s an Anime Club or whatever, if you wanna check that out.” She just smiled and sipped her tea. “I used to watch stuff like that when I was younger, fell off in high school though.”

“Ah, yeah. I’m kind of thinking of branching out, too.” Kevin said with a sigh as he reluctantly sipped at his tea. He was too nervous to make eye contact with Sarah. “Something like a Fitness Club sounds good for someone like me.”

“Oh? Well, we have lots of people with a wide range of goals.” She smiled a little more brightly. “If you come to this club showcase, we’ll have a booth there. Oh, speaking of, I gotta go set that up! It was nice to meet you, Kevin. Hopefully I’ll see you around.”

She stood up and, with a wink, took her leave. Kevin sat there in silence and drank the rest of his tea. It was a good black tea, he guessed, even though usually he put in more sugar. He looked around, maybe a slice of pizza before he headed over to this club thing?

After a quick lunch, he checked his phone. He had about an hour before his next class. Might as well check out this showcase, see if Sarah was serious about him joining the Fitness Club. He followed some of the signs posted in the Student’s Hall that lead him to a gym with rows and rows of booths set up. It was super crowded, all sorts of clubs trying to sell the new students on membership. He picked up a pamphlet and looked over the clubs. There were clubs for basically everything. Chess, Travel, Skiing, Studying, Gaming, Tech—ah, there we go, Fitness! He walked along the stalls to where the pamphlet said the Fitness Club was, and he saw Sarah sitting on the table with her legs crossed, talking with what he assumed to be a pair of freshman girls. He started over only to be stopped by James.

“Hey Kevin, glad you could make it!” He laughed. “I found the Tabletop Gaming Club! Here, let me lead you over—”

“Ah, hold on, I think I’ll uh…take a look around first, yeah?” Kevin tried looking past James at Sarah, who was still engrossed in her conversation. “I’ll meet you over there in a bit.”

James gave Kevin a curious look but shrugged nonetheless. “Well, okay. Don’t wait too long, we’re going to decide classes for our first campaign soon, you don’t want to be stuck with whatever’s left!”

Kevin stepped past James, and made his way over to the Fitness Club booth, which seemed to be run by Sarah and some older woman—a professor or coach or something, maybe? Either way, time to man up and start on this self-improvement kick. He took a deep breath. Sarah looked over at him and smiled. “Ah, you came after all!”

“Yeah, though I’d see what’s what.”

“Well, what do you think, Miss Haroldson? This is the guy I was telling you about.”

The older woman looked over Kevin, who felt he was being judged. “Well, he’s certainly got a long way to go, doesn’t he?”

“Hey, that’s what we’re here for!”

“And you’re sure he’s not just saying that because he thinks it’s a shortcut to getting with you, Sarah?”

Sarah looked over at Kevin, and back to Miss Haroldson. “He seems pretty nice; I don’t think he’d do that. Would you do that, Kevin?”

Kevin’s face turned red. “N-no, that’s not why I’m here at all. See, I’ve wanted to kind of reinvent myself in university, you know? Get more in shape, start caring about this sort of stuff.”

“And how much effort are you willing to put into this?” Miss Haroldson gazed deep into Kevin’s eyes, and he moved backwards a little out of instinct.

“W-well, I want to see results, but with school and everything I’ll be really busy, and—”

“There you go, Sarah. He isn’t interested in hard work, not anything that’d be inconvenient. I’ve seen his type before.” Miss Haroldson folded her arms and shook her head.

“Hey, what’s the problem? I want to try. I thought EMU was about making people feel welcome!” Kevin responded with a tinge of annoyance.

“Yes, well, we also care about people fitting in. I’m sure there’s some nerd clubs that would be more suited for someone like you.” Miss Haroldson spat back.

“If he wants to join up, I don’t think we should be so judgy, Miss Haroldson…” Sarah frowned a little. “He’s a good guy, give him a chance!”

“Fine, Sarah. If that’s what you want.” Miss Haroldson sighed. A couple other students were walking by, curious about the displays. “Go and talk to those two while I get him registered, then.”

Sarah nodded and made a cute little hop off the table, heading over to greet the students walking by. Miss Haroldson beckoned Kevin closer and spoke to him with a softer tone of voice, unheard by anyone but him over the din of the crowded hall. Her eyes were a steely grey, they just seemed to pierce into his very soul. “Be honest with me, boy. You’re after her, aren’t you?”

Something about her gaze intimidated him. “No, no. I mean, she seems great but…with how I am, I’m not going to fool myself.”

“Hm. I see.” She fell quiet for a moment, reaching under the table to pull out a blank application form. “Before I give you this, lend me your hand for a moment, will you?”

Kevin looked at the strange woman for a moment before reluctantly outstretching his hand. She ran a finger along the lines on his palm, gazing intently at his hand, saying nothing for a moment. “You’re not happy with yourself, but I’m not certain you have what it takes to really change on your own. Look, if you want to admit this is just a ploy to spend time with attractive women, I’ll understand. We get a bunch of men who are here for things like that.”

“W-what? That’s not true…” Kevin said, more meekly this time. “I really just want to improve myself.”

“And tell me, when you go home, you’re going to just stuff your face with whatever trash and play your games and do the absolute minimum, no?”

“Hey, that’s…” Kevin looked away, unable to meet her gaze. “Change is hard.”

“Well, we’ll help with that. Even against my better interest, Sarah seems to think you’re worth the effort.” Miss Haroldson grumbled. “Fill out your application. Check your emails, show up to the meetings.”

“What about like, goals and stuff?”

“Don’t worry about that right now, I’ll look over your application and come up with a plan for you. For now, we’re just taking you in as a member. First meeting is on Thursday.”

Kevin took the form and fumbled about in his bag for a pen, but Miss Haroldson stopped him, instead handing him one of hers. “It’s easier for me to read, my dear.”

“Oh, sure.” It was a nice pen with some gold trim, a little heavy. Probably expensive. He started filling out the form, some personal details at first, but there were more complicated questions about his dietary habits (which, when he laid them all out, did seem especially terrible,) personal health history (asthma and miscellaneous allergies,) hobbies (gaming and recreational programming,) and exercise (he didn’t want to put down masturbation, so he just said “none.”) For fitness goals he just wrote that he wanted to get to a point where he was happy with his body—and maybe be better friends with Sarah. He wasn’t sure why he added that part. Oh well, ink was ink. With that, he signed the form.


Kevin nodded and handed the form and pen back to Miss Haroldson, who quickly read it over. “Well, it’s going to be a lot, but I think I can make this work. Remember. Thursday morning.”
She smiled at him before looking over the form again. “Now run along, I’ll have to add this to the register.”

As Kevin turned to leave, he could swear he saw Miss Haroldson take her pen to the form. Probably note taking or something, he figured. Sarah waved at him. “See you Saturday!”

Kevin waved back before thinking about tracking down James, but as he pulled out his phone to text him, he realized it was almost time for his next class, so he fired off a quick text about needing to split and hurried to his writing class. It was almost embarrassing how the light jog put him out of breath after only a couple minutes.

He arrived at his writing class just a couple minutes late, quickly apologized to his professor and found a seat. There wasn’t anyone he knew and because he was late, he wasn’t keen on striking up conversation. It wasn’t a terribly entertaining lecture, so he surreptitiously planted his phone next to his notebook, going through social media posts to see what was what. James texted telling him he was going to be the healer for the campaign, which didn’t seem terribly exciting. Still, he made a note to roll a character before the first session.

After the writing class his phone told him he had an email from Miss Haroldson, which laid out a basic fitness routine for him to try. It detailed a half-hour long jog per day to start, but he figured his run to the writing class had to have counted because he was running harder than a jog. And it was the end of a long day now, so he resolved to get started on it before the first meeting. He picked up an extra-large burrito and one litre bottle of soda and headed back to his dorm.

Typically, he could polish a burrito like that in one go, even if it was the size of his forearm, and still have room for some other snacks later, but he kind of just took a couple bites absentmindedly as he watched a streamer on Flitz. His stomach churned. He decided to call it an early night—there wasn’t anyone particularly exciting on, anyhow. Even his favourites weren’t gripping him. Maybe he was just in a bad mood.

Still, as he laid in bed, his mind turned to Sarah. She was hot, and genuinely nice to him. Today was the most contact he’d had with a woman in…well, perhaps ever. Discounting his mother, of course. His mind wandered to that hoodie of hers, the gentle hint of the sizable breasts underneath being more than enough to stir his arousal. This whole fitness kick, once he started on it, well, maybe he could get a girl like Sarah. He wanted to lose his virginity before he finished his degree, and this was a good first step to that. For now though, fantasizing about Sarah while his hand kept him company had to suffice. When he came, it was an intense finish, invigorated by the freshness of the day’s experience, and his whole body writhed in pleasure as his dick spurted out dribbles of cum. He wiped it up with some tissues and quickly fell asleep.

It was something of a restless sleep, where he tossed and turned, hot and sweaty all night long. When he woke, it was in a pile of his own sweat, cold and unpleasant.

Normally he wouldn’t bother to shower every day, but with how much he had been sweating last night in his sleep, Kevin thought it was only appropriate. Fortunately, his classes for the day were all in the afternoon—he picked all his classes to be as late in the day as possible in order to sleep in from his late-night gaming sessions—so he could take his time with it.
The shower was amazing. Usually Kevin didn’t spend long lounging in the shower, the less he had to look at his naked form the better, as far as he was concerned. But as he faced the showerhead and the streams of hot water beat against his skin, it felt almost arousing—especially when it hit his nipples. He started growing hard in the shower, his face becoming flush and his breathing quickening at the feeling.

The sounds of male voices elsewhere in the bathroom brought him out of his aroused haze. He turned off the tap to stop the shower and rested against the tile for a moment, the water was keen to run past his nipples on the way down his chest and it felt quite amazing. They were hard as rocks, but he chalked it up to the coldness from the evaporating water.
He dried down with his towel and tossed on his clothes—the same ones from yesterday, they were still clean enough in his eyes—but found them strangely looser. Maybe his shirt had gotten stretched out.

As his day went along and he walked around campus, the shirt kept brushing against his nipples in a way that was half-uncomfortable and half-surprisingly pleasant. It was distracting, though, and prevented him from paying attention to his lectures. After his first class he decided to step into the nearest washroom to investigate the matter, pulling his shirt up in front of the mirror at the sink.

His nipples seemed bigger than he remembered, like they were swollen. And not just the nipples, either, the areola around them seemed wider. Some allergies, perhaps? He did tend to get them this time of year. And his body looked marginally slimmer, but he dismissed it as a trick of the light. He retreated into the stall to deal with some of his other business, as the shirt constantly abrading his nipples resulted in him being rather aroused.

His dick was hard, and after fighting the urge in the shower earlier, he couldn’t show that restraint again, so he quickly went about working his shaft. It was never the largest dick in the world, but it got the job done. As he stroked himself, he thought back to the shower that morning, the way it hit his nipples, and how pleasurable that felt. As his mind wandered, so too did his free hand, reaching up and gently tweaking one of his inflamed nipples. It felt incredible, like jolts of lightning shooting through to his dick. He worked both his nipple and dick harder and faster as his orgasm approached.

It didn’t take long before he came with an intense burst of pleasure flooding his body, a surprising amount of semen shooting out. He panted for a second, the intensity of his orgasm requiring a moment for him to recover.

“Holy shit!”

He reached to grab some toilet paper to wipe the cum off his hand and dick when he became rather dizzy, reaching his clean hand up to nurse his head. It felt so warm, tingly almost. He’d never came that hard before. He just waited for it to pass, resting his elbows on his knees as he closed his eyes while his head spun. Were guys supposed to feel pleasure from their nipples? Maybe it’s a new fetish for him or something.

“Ah, that was…really good.” He mumbled to himself. It was funny he came so hard he was light-headed afterwards—well, if it felt that good how could he complain? Maybe it was a hydration problem. He tidied himself off and flushed the toilet, leaving the stall. At the sink, he started washing his hands, but when he looked up at the mirror, he furrowed his brow. Something was off about his face. Almost reflexively, he reached up and prodded at his cheeks with his still-soapy hands.

The stubble from the morning was gone, and his face seemed softer, not in weight, but the sharpness of his features had diminished. Flecks of green reflected in his eyes, mixed in with his normal blue hue and his hair seemed a bit longer, thicker, and softer, tickling his forehead and ears with gently swooping bangs. All his acne had vanished. His lips were fuller—not ridiculously so, but more than he was used to. He rinsed his hands off and poked at his lips.

“W-what…” They were soft, gentle, like a woman’s. Hearing his voice come from that face, watching the strange face in the mirror matches as he moved his—he thought he might faint. It was a woman’s face, and the more he looked at it the clearer that got. Not hyper-feminine, but the fuller eyelashes and thinner eyebrows complimented his altogether softer face. Cuter than it was sexy, complete with small button nose. Was he hallucinating? He thought to splash water on his face, as if trying to wipe away the foreign features that hijacked his face, but to no avail. It was just the same face as before but wet. “What the fuck?”

“Okay, okay, don’t panic. Let’s just…plenty of reasonable explanations here, right?” Of course, he thought, people’s faces just spontaneously changed all the time.

He stumbled back a little, noticing for the first time how his erect nipples proudly poked out of his t-shirt, even though it was looser on him than it was when he put it on that morning. That and the feminine face made him realize what was happening to him. He looked like a flat-chested chubby woman. But that was impossible, right? Things like that don’t just happen. Well, people transitioned genders and stuff all the time, it was common, but not just spontaneously! His mind flipped through explanations, looking for answers, and decided that his all must just be a bad dream. Just some weird lucid dream. It was the only answer that made sense.

Kevin raised his hands to cover his face and took a series of deep breaths. “Okay, if this is a dream, then it’ll end eventually, right? Just…ride it out. I’ll wake up.” It’s not like he had other options. He elected to bail on his last class and head back to his dorm. He pulled the remnants of the previous night’s burrito but for some reason found it deeply unappetizing. He decided to order something and settled on a nice chicken salad. Getting some protein was important, but he wasn’t feeling a heavy meal.

The delivery guy showed up about twenty minutes later. “Here you go, Miss.”

“Oh, I’m—” Kevin trailed off. He was never going to see this guy again, no sense in making a scene about it. He took the salad and added a tip through the delivery app and settled down to watch something. One of his favourite streamers was going, but for some reason Kevin felt like he’d never seen the game he was playing before.

“He’s not a variety streamer now, is he?” Kevin didn’t think he ever streamed different games. It was kind of hard to follow, so he decided to turn it off and look for something else. There was a stream of some soccer match. The rules for soccer were straight forward, right? Kick the ball into the net, get a goal, et cetera. Sports were never his thing, but he found himself getting really into the match as the night went on and dozed off as the tournament progressed.

Kevin’s eyes flickered open the next morning, still in a bit of a daze. The sounds of rain gently pattering on his window woke him, and his head rolled over to look at his clock. It was just after 7AM, well before he would normally be awake. But he felt spry, energetic. He reached up to scratch his left boob and—wait.

Flipping the covers off himself, he looked down to be greeted by the sight of two clearly feminine breasts on his chest, a set of tits that would look lovely to him—if they weren’t on him. He squeezed at one tentatively to confirm that it was real and not some sleep-induced haze. It was soft, and more than a handful. It occurred this was the first time he’d ever touched breasts, and they were attached to him. Only…his hands looked smaller. And where was the hair on his arms? His nipple rested between his middle finger and index finger, and it was distinctly large and feminine.

He started breathing heavily, panic filling his voice. “What the fuck is happening to me?”

His eyes widened as his voice hit his ears. It was higher, a bit breathy. A woman’s voice. His other hand brushed his neck and found no Adam’s apple, just smooth skin. He shot up, and the weight of his notable breasts shifting just reinforced his situation. Removing his blanket confirmed his suspicions. The rest of his body caught up with what happened to his face and nipples.
His hairy legs and arms were gone, replaced with smooth appendages with much less fat and the faintest hint of muscle definition. The legs were longer on him, shapely. His hands had relatively longer fingers, but were certainly smaller overall—thin, dainty. The nails were chewed down. His feet were altogether smaller as well. But the biggest change was in his torso. His gut and chub had vanished, replaced with a well-toned feminine waist that gently sloped inwards giving his body slight curves. His skin wasn’t tanned, but it had a much healthier complexion than the paleness of before.

At least, he hoped it was the biggest change as he prodded at his underwear, searching for confirmation of a masculine sex. His boxers, instead of encasing his penis, gave way to a foreign emptiness—there was nothing between his legs, and that was all he could tell without reaching down to confirm. He bit at his lip.

He closed his eyes. “Okay, so. Not a dream, then.”

He spun his legs around to rest them on the dorm floor and was surprised at how much nimbler he was. “Well, what now? I mean, maybe it’s an illness. I should go to the hospital. No, wait, they’d probably dissect me or something.”

While he mulled over his plight, he rose to his feet, only for his boxers to fall to the ground, now far too big for his new frame. They pooled at his feet, and he looked down, one hand drifting to find a definitive answer to the most pressing question on his mind.

Inviting, feminine folds were nestled between his legs. He pulled his hand back. This was the first time he’d seen a vagina in person, much less touched one. He never expected the first time to be his. He felt like crying. Like just hiding under his covers until he was either back to normal or—well, he didn’t know what the other option was. Well, he couldn’t just keep skipping classes. Not on the first week. And nobody would recognize him anyways, so it’d be fine. He’d just steer clear of James. Get the coursework, then go from there.

Only, what would he wear? None of his clothes would fit, not unless he wanted to draw attention to himself by wearing ridiculously large shirts. Looking around the room, he realized the scattered piles of clothes he hadn’t bothered to put away looked different. The anime graphic tees, the stained shirts and worn pants—all gone, replaced with tank tops of various colours, t-shirts of various cuts, cute sweaters, alongside lots of leggings, shorts, and gym wear. As he tried to figure out what would hide as much of his figure as possible, he found a simple grey sports bra. He sighed. As much as he didn’t want to wear a bra, he didn’t want his boobs bouncing about as he walked. He found a pair of cotton panties.

It was strange, as much as he would normally be aroused by the sight of a female figure, he didn’t feel anything. His body looked nice—sexy legs, toned abs, even a generous ass, but as he slipped his panties up his legs and adjusted them against his sex, it was less arousing than it was just a normal thing.

He had a slight laugh when he found a blue hoodie identical to the one Sarah had on the other day and some matching blue sweatpants. If the goal was to not draw attention to his newly feminized body, these would work.

Wait, if his clothes changed, how could it be an illness? A bit of fear shot through him. He had to figure out what was going on. Maybe he’d just drop in, see what the work was, and duck out. It’s not like Kevin Lanning would be getting any marks for attendance even if he did show up.

A swoop of brown hair crossed the top of his vision as he looked down. His hair was longer, a simple bob cut with his bangs brushed to one side. Reflexively, he brushed some stray hairs behind his ear. His body was that of a fit college girl on the way to class. That sentence tumbled around in his head for a couple moments.

He poked his head out into the hall, but fortunately it was still early enough that most guys weren’t up. The dorms were divided by floor for gender, so he just needed to get to the stairwell and it would be perfectly normal for him—or his body, anyways—to be there.

There were perks to being up so early. The world was still waking. But he didn’t feel any of his typical morning lethargy, just a strange sort of excitement and energy. He jogged all the way across campus without losing his breath even once. Inside, he headed to the Computer Science wing.

He swiped his ID at the door to the lab. It beeped and the indicator light flashed red. He tried again and again. No success.

“Heather, what are you doing here?” Kevin turned to see James staring at him, looking rather forlorn. Wait, did he steal a glance at his tits? “Did you look up my class schedule or something?”
This is my class, Kevin wanted to respond, but he stumbled over his words and looked down. Of course, he wouldn’t recognize him as himself looking like this, but he seemed to recognize him as this woman. What did James just call him? “Heather? Why are you calling me that?”

“I figured after you broke up with me you wouldn’t want me to keep calling you sweetheart.” James shook his head. “Now, what are you doing here? Come to rub in whatever new boytoy you’re showing off?”

“What? No. I—” James was an ex-boyfriend? Kevin’s ex-boyfriend? No, Heather’s. But for some reason memories of watching James play in his boring tabletop stuff flooded to mind while she scrolled through her phone.

“Look, I’m not your type, Heather. I get it, I’ve moved on. You were always a cool girl, but you got more into all that sporty stuff as we got older. If you want to come hang out with the boys sometime, you’re welcome to. Like old times, you know? I’ve got to get to class, excuse me.” Before Kevin could respond, James swiped his ID and went into the classroom. Kevin fell back against the wall across the door, cushioned by his ass.

He looked at his student ID, and his eyes widened with fear when he saw the face of the pretty tomboy with a light dusting of makeup. Heather Lanning, Sports Medicine. He raised his free hand to his mouth in shock, but that simply reminded him of the softness of his lips. He dropped Heather’s student ID as if it were on fire and reached into his pocket.

Instead of the bulky leather flip-open wallet his dad gave him as a graduation present, he found instead a smaller grey wallet with a zipper holding it shut. Much like a lot of his “new” possessions, it wasn’t particularly feminine, but not generally something a guy would own. He took a deep breath and unzipped it, fumbling with it a little in his panicked state. Inside were some neatly folded up bills and a driver’s licence. But it was different, with Heather’s smiling face—well, as much as one could smile for a driver’s licence photo. Some of the details were the same, his home address and birthday, but his height was listed as five-foot-four, and his weight was listed as 124 pounds, less than half his previous weight. What shook him the most was the F marker next to where it listed Heather’s sex. Not that he could prove otherwise with the emptiness between his legs.

He prodded further through the wallet. Some of the things were the same but with Heather’s details—his debit and credit cards were now hers, alongside a rewards card for the shopping place near his house. But there were some new things, like a membership card for a gym he vaguely remembered driving by in the past. There was something kind of puffing out behind the assortment of cards, and he tugged at it.

“No no no, this…” It was a condom. It wasn’t unusual for people to carry condoms, of course, but thinking of Heather’s sexual appetite caused some strange feelings, a mix of fear and curiosity, to well up within him. Gotta make sure I don’t get knocked up! A cheerful thought came through his head. What? Where did that come from? He dropped the wallet and condom as if they were the source of the voice, and they joined his student ID on the floor.

He went to text his mother to see if the same weirdness impacting everyone around him had reached her as well and froze when he saw the most recent text. “Hey sweetie, hope you don’t mind I snuck some condoms in your bag. Make sure to pace yourself, don’t want to use them all at once!”

“I’m not going to use any of them, thank you very much!” He said to his phone. But sex is such great exercise. James and I didn’t work out, but he’s a good guy, and even better in bed. And he’ll always have my first…

Kevin shook his head as thoughts of James’ naked form filled his mind, half-formed memories of their first few dates—and the more distinct memory of bouncing up and down on his wonderful cock. He pulled his phone out and went through his social media. It was like Kevin had never existed, only Heather. All his photos, all his posts. Posts of him being excited for new game releases were instead selfies talking about preparing for a fun run or how congratulating the rest of the girls’ soccer team from his high school for making it to the semis and that “you’ll get them next year, but I was proud to be your captain!” Lots of photos of him with girls he remembered from high school, ones that would have never given him the time of day. The athletic, sporty types. In one, Heather was in the middle of the girl’s soccer team, wearing the school colours while one of the girls—Amanda, the name came to mind unbidden—was faux groping at one of Heather’s tits. Heather seemed to have a practical style of clothing, not a lot of skirts or frilly outfits or makeup. There were some photos of Heather with James, holding hands, one of them kissing…
Aw come on, it’s time for university! Lots of guys out there, and now I’m single and free to have my pick of the litter.

The voice sounded natural to him, almost like it was supplanting his own thoughts. Heather was growing stronger in him. Kevin didn’t know what to do. Even one of his closest friends thought he was a woman, and his own memories seemed more and more inclined to agree. He started hyperventilating, only to be interrupted by a schedule reminder on his phone: “Intro Sports Med <3”
His major had changed, his classes were different. But he loved programming! He loved all the…numbers, and working out with the code, and…stuff. The harder he thought about it, the more elusive his knowledge of computers and tech became, instead replaced with biology and medicinal studies. He wasn’t becoming dumber, but his very expertise was shifting.

“I gotta get out of here, I just…” He wanted to go hide in his bed, scared that if he went to his class, he’d just slip further along with whatever was happening to him. He picked up all the stuff he’d thrown on the floor and bolted out of the main building of the school, with a speed and spryness he’d never experienced. There wasn’t the same fatigue and breathlessness that came after a few moments of exercise. Instead he felt good—and very glad his tits were tightly contained in a sports bra.

After a good jog, he arrived at the dorms. Instead of waiting for the elevator, he took the stairs up the four floors to his room. He didn’t bother to check if the coast was clear, he just made a beeline to his door, and fumbled with the key in his lock.

It refused to turn.

“Hey, can I help you, miss?” A man came up to Kevin. He knew the guy, a dorm advisor—Marcus, he thought his name was. He was fit, wearing a t-shirt that clung to his body and showed off his nicely sculpted muscles. Kevin caught himself mentally undressing Marcus, wondering how nice his abs were. But Kevin and Marcus were roughly the same height when they met, so why was he so much taller now? Was he really five-foot-four now?

“Uh, yeah, I was just…getting into my dorm here, the key isn’t working.”

“You sure this is your dorm?” Marcus eyed the door a moment. “Even floors are for men, odd floors are for women. Besides, I think that one’s empty.”

Kevin’s eyes widened. All his stuff was in there, it couldn’t be empty. He couldn’t just be erased from existence, right? He pulled his key out of the lock and looked at the head. It still had the sticker showing the room assignment, and sure enough it was the same room one floor higher. On the women’s level. “Um, I think I was in here by mistake, my stuff is in this room.”
“Well, I guess I can take a look.” Marcus reached into his pocket and pulled out the master key. He flashed a charming smile to Kevin, and he could feel a strange warmth in his crotch. Kevin shifted his legs together to try to quench it. “Usually this is for emergencies, but I’m positive this room is empty, so it’s not like there’s anyone suffering, right?”

Marcus got closer to unlock the door, standing just close enough the Kevin caught a whiff of his scent, and saw that his pecs were super tight. The warmth intensified, almost like a throbbing. Surely this body wasn’t getting aroused? With a quick turn of the lock, the door opened, and Kevin’s hopes of sanctuary vanished. An empty dorm room, looking as pristine as the day Kevin arrived. Impossible. But…

“It’s okay, miss. People get confused about this stuff all the time. The Men’s floors have the sky-blue walls, the women’s are beige.” He smiled and closed the door. Kevin just stood there in shock, looking down at his key.

“Um, right. Yeah. Sorry. I must have gotten off at the wrong floor.” Kevin gave a nervous chuckle, trying to hold back tears. He took a couple steps back. “S-see you around, maybe?”
“Sounds good. I’m Marcus, by the way.” He held his hand out.

“Heather.” Kevin’s mouth responded instinctively as he took his hand to shake it. So much bigger and rougher than his. Oh, maybe I could see what else he can do with those hands. Kevin shook his head again. “S-sorry, I have a class to get to.”

Marcus smiled. “See you around, Heather.”

Kevin gave a quick nod and walked away as quickly as he could without it seeming strange and took the stairs up another floor. He wandered down the women’s hall—it was the same as the men’s, but beige like Marcus said—and came to the same room one floor up. He closed his eyes as he slid the key into the lock. He really didn’t want to be right about this. He turned the key and the sounds of the lock tumbling told him the key worked. With his eyes still closed, he turned the knob and gently pushed the door open.

After a moment, he opened his eyes.

The room was laid out like he had his dorm, but instead of his beastly gaming rig there was a simple notebook laptop, good for web browsing and note-taking and not much else. Clothes were still strewn about—the women’s athletic gear and the baggier unisex clothes, those seemed the same. At least he wasn’t turning into some skimpily dressed bimbo. The posters from games he’d put up were replaced with various flags from soccer teams, trophies and medals from soccer tournaments and track events, and where the empty tin of cookies rested laid an open box of condoms, the same brand as the one in his wallet. Heather wasn’t any tidier than Kevin, it seemed. But that was just cold comfort.

On the desk were some various makeup and beauty products. Not for everyday use, too much hassle, but sometimes it’s good to look nice. Like dates. Kevin closed the door and sat on the bed, looking down at himself. Collegiate hoodie, matching trackpants. They obscured his figure. But hiding it didn’t seem like it was going to accomplish anything. What was his goal? Skip class and hide? From what? He couldn’t just run away from his own body. And the dorm didn’t help. He needed to think this over, and he felt kind of restless. He looked over and saw a gym bag by the door. For some reason the thought of a workout was calming, a good routine in uncertain times.

Was he just going to become Heather? Why the hell did he tell Marcus that was his name? Either way, he should get to the gym, especially after he skipped out on his morning jog, and running to class didn’t count. Wait, what morning jog? Memories of getting up at 6AM sharp to go for a quick jog to start the day every single day came to mind; the chill morning air was the best way to wake up.

“No no, that’s not right. I’ve never been for a jog in my life.” He mumbled to himself. What? Of course I do! It’s my favourite part of the day! He grabbed his gym bag and headed out.

The receptionist at the rec center on campus smiled as Kevin approached. It was a woman he’d never seen before. “Hey, Heather. How’s it going?”

“Hey Vicky, it’s going good! Figured I’d squeeze in a workout tonight.” Kevin’s mind reeled. Where were these words coming from? It was like he was increasingly a passenger in his own body. He wanted to be scared, but he just felt happy and energetic.

Without thinking, he went into the women’s changing room. There were a couple ladies getting changed, but what bothered him is that it didn’t seem unusual to him nor did he get any excitement from seeing their naked forms. He set his gym bag on an empty bench and opened it up. A feminine deodorant brand, a towel, a pair of black leggings and a white athletic tank top. It was almost like he was on autopilot as he got changed. His grey bra was clearly visible under the tank top, and the straps of the tank top didn’t hide the straps of his bra at all. Both the shirt and leggings clung to his body tightly. They breathe well though. He applied his deodorant and took his towel, stashing the rest of his stuff in one of the lockers.

He set an intermediate program on the treadmill and started running, just listening to the music on the radio. There was something soothing about running on a treadmill, just kind of zoning out and putting his body through its paces. He found himself looking around. It was a busy day at the gym, but his gaze kept drifting over to the guys. I don’t like the super muscleheads, but I do want a strong guy… Wait. No. Kevin tried to stop jogging but found his body refused to respond. It’s not time for a break yet! I’m just getting started. This whole time it didn’t occur to him that just a day ago this would all have been alien to him, but he got changed and fired up the treadmill and came out here like it was second nature. The part that remained Kevin seemed to get quieter and quieter with each step on the treadmill…

Heather Lanning hopped off the treadmill to take a quick break, taking a good swig from her water bottle. She pulled out her phone for a mid-workout selfie, making sure her glistening boobs were in frame, beads of sweat in her cleavage while her tank top was moist. Her bangs were wet and clung to her forehead, a little unkempt from the exercise. The arm not holding out her phone went under her tits to push them up a little and really draw attention to them. She wasn’t a slut or anything, but if she was on the market, she figured she should make that fact known. Even without her nice body, she was proud of her hazel eyes. God, a good workout just turns me on so much. She posted it with a message: “The facilities on campus are great! Now I just need to find a good workout partner <33 #singlelife”

It wasn’t long before Sarah commented on her post. “Right? Maybe we’ll both find one in the freshmen at tomorrow’s meeting! Good luck boo~”

Sarah was a sweet girl—had a thing for chubby guys that Heather never really understood. To each their own, but if they’re sweet and kind maybe she could find one and whip him into shape. She laughed a little.

“Hey Heather, get your dorm stuff all sorted out?” A familiar voice asked from behind her. Marcus!

Heather gave a small smile. God, Marcus was so hot. She felt her pussy start to moisten—and not from the sweat. “Yeah, I did. Thanks for the help. Managed to get my stuff and come here for a nice workout.”

He chuckled a little. “Hey I’m glad. That’s what I’m here for. If you need anything else, give me a shout.”

“Well, now that you mention it. Workouts are better with a partner, don’t you agree?” Heather stowed her phone in her pocket.

“I am here to work out, that’s for sure.” Marcus said. “Seems you’ve already started; think you’ll be able to keep up?”

“I think you’re the one that should be worried about keeping up, Mister.” Heather laughed. They went about doing a workout routine. Heather was sure to make sure her assets were stuck out when she was doing her stretches and kept accidentally brushing up against him at other times. More than once she noticed him looking down at her cleavage. She responded with a knowing smile.

After their session, they were both heading back to the change rooms together. Heather wasn’t sure if she was going to have to be the one to make the first move and was pleasantly surprised when Marcus took her hand and pulled her along into the men’s change room, right into a private changing stall.

“Oh, not finished with your workout quite yet, were you?” Heather said, tracing a finger along his abs.

“I had a couple other exercises in mind.” He said while one of his hands ran along Heather’s waist, reaching behind to rest on her ass.

“I know I’m not the most ladylike,” Heather leaned forward, pushing her tits against Marcus’ strong chest, with one hand wandering down to tease the outside of his shorts. She could feel the length of his rod hardening at her caress. She kissed his neck with a gentle bite. “But I promise you I’m a woman where it counts.”

“Well aren’t you a hot little number?” Marcus reached and squeezed one of her tits with the other of his big strong hands, the other squeezing her ass. Her nipples were so sensitive—her weak point—that she couldn’t help but moan into his neck. She responded by grabbing onto his dick through his shorts, teasing it by gently stroking up and down.

After a little of this, Heather stopped her advances to peel off her sweaty tank top and bra, freeing her wonderful, sensitive tits. Marcus responded by pulling off his shirt, and then they repeated the process with their pants. His dick was large and rock hard. Heather loved seeing how aroused she could make guys. Her tits had a special kind of magic. She reached down into the mess of her pants and pulled out her wallet, and then the condom out of that. Hey, it’s good I always carry one of these, huh? She opened the package and rolled it along the length of Marcus’ cock. After it was on, she started stroking it while kissing him on his neck and chest intensely enough to leave marks. He lifted her up and held her against the walls of the stall. She raised her arms to rest on his shoulders. “I think it’s time my pussy got a few reps in, don’t you?”

“More than a few, I think.” Marcus laughed and lowered Heather onto his cock, her legs and arms clamped against him to control the speed as she rode him. It was an intense workout, and the feeling of his thick cock in her wet, inviting pussy was incredible. She couldn’t help but moan as she got fucked in the change room stall. Some niggling part in the back of her head seemed revolted at what she was doing, but the pleasure that filled her body as she bounced up and down on Marcus’ cock made it quieter and quieter, until it was washed away with the waves of her intense orgasm…
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Re: Fitness Club (TG)

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Nice story. Thanks for posting.
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Yeah, it was really well written. Thanks for the neat read!
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