The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Airum » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:07 pm

Long overdue update, but at least it's a long one! This story will be finished, friends, and I have so many more kicking around in my head. That said, when I compare my writing to a lot of stuff this... niche, it seems a lot higher quality than most. I might start writing kindle books to make some money/encourage faster output, let me know if you'd be a receptive audience member with a whopping $1.99 to spare. I'll finish this one for free though, since I have a conscience. Final note to any board admins that might be reading: Pasting from Word is Hell :evil: , please make it easier.

Part 4

Vixen pulled Lana’s dazed and disheveled form out of the office, leaving Misti to revel in the afterglow. As she led Lana across the club back to the locker room, Vixen smiled at all the looks and whispers Lana was getting. Lana didn’t notice as her eyes were glued to her toes; the normally confident club owner seemed too embarrassed to face her employees. Considering her red, shiny face and lack of clothes, it was hard to blame her.

Lana was relieved that the locker room was empty, but wasn’t sure why they came back here, Miss Vixen told me to, she needed to start her day; the excitement of the past two days had put her way behind on her administrative duties. Miss Vixen answered the unasked question matter-of-factly, “That was a great example of service you gave Misti earlier, but you’re way too messy to dance right now. Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for work.”

Lana summoned up what little will she had to speak up, “Um, Miss Vixen, I really don’t have too much time to dance today; there’s lots of office work I need to do and other stuff, and dancing’s fun, but it’s not really my main jo- “.

“Lana, your job here is to be a role model for your employees, so they can do their best every day! If you’re in the back office all the time, how will they follow your example?” Vixen shimmied out of her clothes casually as she asked the rhetorical, smiling at Lana’s eyes which were locked on her endless curves. She turned around to give Lana a view of her ass, “You need to be up on stage, so the other girls can watch and learn”. She lifted one cheek, let it fall and jiggle, then did the same with the other. Lana’s mouth was too dry to answer, she just nodded as one hand slowly made its way towards her frustrated little slit.

Satisfied her would-be boss was subdued, Vixen locked the door then grabbed her by the busy hand and led her into the shower, ignoring Lana’s desperate mewling. She turned the water on full heat making Lana jump in surprise, “Don’t worry, baby. It’s just hot to make sure you’re all the way clean”. The larger woman wrapped herself around the petite Lana so the back of Lana’s neck resting between Vixen’s generous brown breasts. Vixen had one hand gently teasing circles around Lana’s navel, and the other running fingers through her long, black hair; Lana was in Heaven.

Lana closed her eyes and leaned into the softness of Vixen’s curves. Miss Vixen is so good to me, I’m going to make her so proud on stage. I hope she’ll watch me. Lana let out a soft gasp in the steam as she pictured herself onstage. The only person in the crowd was Mistress Vixen. She crawled up to her lone patron and put her inferior, little breasts in the woman’s face and her arms around her slender neck. In her mind Vixen had grabbed one of her nipples while the other hand was sliding $100 bill down Lana’s skinny stomach, past her bikini bottoms, and right against her overheated pussy. Lana came with a shudder, braced against Vixen’s Amazonian frame.

The scene playing out in reality wasn’t much different. Hidden in the steamy stall, Vixen’s hand had traced a path right to the little pink cleft between Lana’s legs. The other was softly tweaking her nipple while her mouth was busy nibbling Lana’s ear. The red little girl was about to cum again when Vixen’s ministration painfully slowed then stopped. She impotently pushed her body into Vixen’s, but it didn’t do anything other than increase her frustrations. Vixen chuckled at the pathetic display, “Calm down baby, we’re just getting started and this isn’t all about you. Why don’t you get down there and show Miss Vixen what you’re good for?”

Needing no further prompt, Lana knelt down and started kissing the altar of My Goddess. She felt Vixen’s hands running through the long, black trusses of her hair, pushing her tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy. Two days ago, this would have upset her; now, the hands holding her face against another woman’s pussy felt reassuring. My Goddess is guiding me, she knows best. Lana smiled as Vixen’s voice woke her from bliss, “I love your hair Lana; it’s a shame that it looks like my pussy hair, it’s confusing when you’re down there, it’s hard to know what to grab”. As if to emphasize her point, Vixen’s hands left Lana’s head for a moment as she ran fingers through her thick bush. The kneeling girl’s worried, blue eyes shot up to meet Vixen’s. Oh God, what did I do wrong? How do I know if I’m in the right spot? Vixen smiled into the pretty eyes staring up at her from beneath her mound; she soothed the nervous girl, “Don’t worry, I can fix that”. Lana calmed down and closed her eyes again as the soft but firm hands of Mistress Vixen found their rightful place on the back of her head. “Yes baby, you’ll make a cute blonde. Black’s not your color anyway”.

She felt the pressure on her head lighten up, but Lana barely registered the words as she sucked up and down the thick brown lips of Vixen’s pussy. Unbeknownst to her, as Vixen worked her hands through the girl’s hair this time, it was getting lighter. The thick black hair that Lana was so proud of was becoming brown, as the black washed down the drain like cheap dye. Unsatisfied, Vixen began scrubbing harder, as if shampooing the little girl between her legs. For her part, Lana enjoyed the feeling of her head being twisted and shoved into the pussy, no idea the changes that were happening. The black circling the drain was now brown, as the hair in Vixen’s hands lightened to sandy, then platinum blonde. There were no discolored roots to be seen, her girl was now a true blonde. Smiling triumphantly, Vixen pulled up the brand-new blonde to look her over. Something still wasn’t to her liking.

Slowly Lana came down from her pussy high. Seeing the angelic hair coming from her head, she tugged at it, only to feel a sharp pain, “What did you do to my ha-“ Vixen hushed her and Lana quickly complied, ashamed she had spoken out of turn. After a moment where it seemed like Vixen was inspecting a work of art, Lana spoke up again, much more softly, “I’m sorry Miss Vixen, it’s just that I’m confused. Why is my hair blonde now? Did you dye it?”

As if she was explaining a simple concept to a child, Vixen replied, “No baby, your black hair didn’t suit you, so I got rid of it. This is your new hair color. Just like those silly curves that didn’t suit you yesterday, I got rid of it, and it’s never coming back. You’ve spent your whole life building a bad bitch image, and it probably seemed so real to you, but it wasn’t. You tried to be an independent woman, surround yourself with subordinates and weak men to make yourself feel stronger, but in the presence of a real bad bitch,” Vixen looked down into Lana’s eyes as she cupped her heavy tits and let them fall, “that image just fell right apart”.

Lana looked down, ashamed. It wasn’t just an act was it? I’ve been a badass my whole life, I’m just as sexy and tough as she is… Lana stole a glance at Vixen’s frame; there was no comparison. Starting at the legs, Lana’s were athletic and thin, while Vixen’s were thick, strong and sexy. Their pussies offered even more contrast: Lana’s smooth mound, pink lips tucked in as if hiding, looked simply childish compared to Vixen’s thick, musky bush, barely containing her inviting, dark brown lips underneath. Raising her eyes to their chests was almost worse; her newly upturned nipples capped perky, apple-sized breasts. Vixen’s were just as perky, but at nearly triple the size, hers were gravity-defying mountains, capped with thick nipples that begged to be suckled. Seeing her shrunken tits stirred something in Lana. She’s doing this to me! She’s not some bad bitch who knows what’s best, she’s just trying to take what’s mine! That’s it, fuck her I’m going t-. As her gaze rose to meet Vixen’s predatory grin, her courage melted and she could barely keep eye contact. The submissiveness that Misti had given her recognized the hierarchy, and any will she had to fight against it had been given to Misti. Not only was Lana unable to fight against it, I want to give into it.

As Lana’s eyes went from angry, to scared, to subservient, Vixen sensed a turning point and changed her tone, “It’s ok, baby. That image was fake and I’m getting rid of it. I don’t want another bad bitch. I’m doing this to uncover the real you, that I know is a good little girl. Don’t you want to be my good. little. girl?” Vixen lifted the scared girl’s chin as she spoke the last three words. Lana’s pussy melted. The real me is a good little girl, Vixen’s good little girl. She accepted her new role as she planted delicate kisses from the taller woman’s neck, working down to her tits. She was about to suck one of her fat nipples when Vixen pulled away. “Not yet baby, there’s still one thing off. Your hair looks way fake on your tan skin, good little girls don’t do something dangerous like tanning, do they?” Lana could tell Vixen wanted her to say no, so she shook her head. Vixen smiled at the new stage Lana had entered, “No, good little girls stay inside and take care of their skin with lots of lotions and sunscreen. But, it looks like you got all tan while you were pretending to be a bad bitch, didn’t you?” Lana dejectedly nodded, but her spirits rose with Vixen’s tone, “It’s ok, little one, Mistress Vixen can fix it for you. Turn around and put your hands on the wall”.

I think my skin looks pretty all tan, but I guess it is weird with blonde hair. Good girls obey first and think later. Lana quickly did as she was told. She sighed, feeling Vixen’s hands rubbing her back, then reaching around to her torso and breasts. She gasped as the skilled hands worked up to her neck and sensitive ears. She bit her lip as fingers tickled the contours of her face. Closing her eyes, she arched her back expectantly as Vixen massaged her arms then worked back down towards her ass. Good girls spread their legs. Her pussy was open for the taking but Vixen passed right over it, instead kneading the girls bubbly butt cheeks before slipping a finger into the tight hole between them. When it emerged, along with a fresh squeal from Lana, the hole was bright pink instead of dark brown. A similar effect had taken place everywhere else on the small girl’s body. Gone was her deep tan from years of surfing and sunbathing. Her skin was now pale white, Lily white, just like the good little girl she now was.

Unlike her hair color, which washed off and down the drain, her skin pigment hadn’t washed off. Instead, it was all under Vixen’s hand, which was currently resting on Lana’s stuck out, squirming ass cheeks. It looked like a big, dark brown birth mark. Vixen came up with a plan, “Now sweetie, I know you liked your dark skin, and probably don’t want to be completely pale”. Lana let out a quiet ‘Mhmm’, happy that Mistress Vixen was being so nice. Her trap was set, and Vixen pounced, “I’ll give you ten good spankings, and if you’re a good little girl and count them for me, I’ll let you keep your all your pigment”. Lana was only too happy with the terms and nodded vigorously. Vixen wrapped one arm under the girl’s belly, bracing it against her larger torso; Lana wasn’t going anywhere. “Alright, be strong for Mistress Vixen”.

SLAP! Lana’s eyes shot open, both in the pain and the shock of the wet slap on her tight little body “One!” Oh my God that was so hard, she’s way too big to hi-
SLAP! Her thoughts scattered with the second spank, “Two!” Holy shit this hurts so bad, bu-
SLAP! “Three!” Good girls are polite. Wait, polite about wha-
SLAP! “Four, thank you Miss Vixen, can I have another please?” The torturer smiled with sadistic glee. Her good little girl’s psychological and physical changes were accelerating. On her backside, the brown birthmark was breaking apart under Vixen’s punishment.
SLAP! “Five, thank you Miss Vixen, can I have another please?” Lana started playfully swaying her hips, as if to tempt her tormentor. This feels so weird, it hurts so bad but feels so g-
SLAP! “Six, thank you Miss Vixen, can I have another please?” There were brown spots all over her bright red cheeks now, seeming to scatter farther with each hit.
SLAP! “Seven, tha - nk you Miss Vi - xen, can I – please - have another please?” The tiny girl was trembling, gasping, and working towards a huge orgasm.
SLAP! “Eight, thank you Mistress, please more!” The brown birthmark had completely shattered and hundreds of brown spots were all over Lana’s butt and lower back.
SLAP! “Nine, pleeeease?” Her pussy quivering in anticipation. Pain from my Goddess is pleasure.
SLAP! “Te -AHHHH!” In an instant, her hands slipped down the wall, she had her first squirting orgasm, and the dark spots broke apart and flew all over her body, concentrating on the bridge of her nose across her face, her butt cheeks, and the top of her breasts.

Vixen held up the little girl by her torso, the small body still braced firmly against hers. She shut off the water and set the semi-conscious Lana on one of the changing room benches. She dried off and dressed slowly, taking her time to recover her own stamina. She chose a black crop top with matching ripped booty shorts. By the time she was done, Lana was finally coming to, “What happened, Miss Vixen?”

Seeing her cute little girl rubbing those sleepy eyes, it was Vixen’s turn to drool, but she quickly recovered, “The world just became better, and your place in it finally makes sense”. Lana didn’t really get that answer, but she didn’t care enough to clarify, she was still a mile high in afterglow land. She looked down at her skin and long blonde hair, vaguely remembering Mistress Vixen doing something to it for her. She didn’t have much time to consider it when Vixen came up behind her with a towel and dried her off, then gave her a small package, “This is your outfit tonight”.

Lana looked at the bag and realized it was new from a lingerie store. Mistress Vixen bought me a gift?! She opened it with poorly concealed excitement. It looked like a pink school-girl outfit, complete with panties, skirt, mini blazer and hair ties. Well, I guess it’s still a present. Lana’s momentary disappointment vanished when she brought them close to her face. Mistress Vixen’s smell! She wanted to rub it all over herself; it was the next best thing to kneeling and worshipping at my Goddess’ pussy. Vixen smiled as she watched the scene; she wouldn’t just give her cute little girl a normal set of lingerie, she knew they would be a perfect fit for the girl, with a bit of help from herself.

Lana was trying her best to shimmy into the panties, plain white with ‘Good Girl’ written in pink cursive on the butt. Eventually they got over her hips, but the text on back was closer to ‘Gooirl’ with a few letters missing in her bottom. The skirt was riding up too, but it got over her hips ok. The blazer was another story, she could just leave it undone, but Vixen insisted, “You have to have something to take off!” As always, she was right. So, Lana got two buttons to close; the resulting pressure gave her as much cleavage as the petite girl could ever hope for. Vixen tied Lana’s hair in long, high pig tails, put pink converse on her feet, and stood her up so they could both look in the mirror next to each other.

Lana blushed at her new appearance. Her pale skin was bright white in the fluorescent light, broken up only by the youthful freckles on her face, and some she could see on her partially exposed ass. Her platinum pigtails got rid of any thoughts that she might be a serious adult. Contrasting with her baby face, the blazer gave her a woman’s cleavage, and it was so tight her nipples shown through. Her pale belly led down to the pink skirt, which didn’t even hide her ass. In the front, she had the beginnings of a camel toe, and in the back, it almost looked like she was wearing a thong, if it weren’t for the letters missing in her pert little butt cheeks. Looking to Vixen’s reflection, she just saw pure sexual authority. The woman was bigger than her in every way, and in her eyes, she saw power that Lana herself has never, could never possess. She instinctively knelt and rested her head on Vixen’s thigh; a gentle hand caressed her cheek on the other side. They both felt the new natural order settling in.

After a moment enjoying each other’s energy, Vixen spoke, “Lana is a relic of your past life. She doesn’t interest me anymore. Lily is your name now.” Lily said nothing, she just nuzzled her head closer to Vixen’s leg. Vixen couldn’t believe how well things had turned out so quickly. She’d had her fun here and was ready to take what she wanted, namely Lily, and Lily’s assets, and leave.

Vixen was considering her options when her new pet asked, “Mistress?”

Vixen waited a moment before realizing Lily wanted her permission to continue, “What, Lily?”

“How did all this happen?”

“Oh baby girl, this is the natural order; you were lost for so long you couldn’t see it. It just took a strong guide to help you find your place in the world. Don’t worry about that now though. Just be good little girl and go dance for Mistress Vixen”.

“Yes, Mistress Vixen”.

Back in the office, Misti woke up from her nap feeling better than she had in her entire life. For the first time she could remember, she had real ambitions, and wasn’t scared to go for them. She wanted to dance in the ballet, own her own club, a real dance club, she wanted to dump her shitty boyfriend and move into her own place, she wanted to tell the jerks who grab her ass on stage to fuck themselves, she wanted everything. But first, she wanted to sit on her haughty boss’ face and cum again just like that.

She was still naked and felt great about it. She had a sexy body and shouldn’t have to hide it, though she preferred to wear more on stage so she had more to take off. She was rummaging through Lana’s closet to find something black to wear when she saw it. A black leather tote with a silver ‘V’ on it. She instantly recognized it as Vixen’s, gawdy as it was. Curious to find out more about the new girl, she looked inside. Nothing of interest, just a wad of small bills, a locked iPhone, and makeup. Wait, makeup? The beautiful black woman never wore makeup as far as Misti could tell, not like she needed it. She took out one of the bottles of nail polish and it was empty, a weird brand she hadn’t heard of before, and what little residue there was wasn’t nail polish. It was a thin liquid, and it smelled sweetly. Where had she smelt this before? Vixen’s beautiful pussy.

Then Misti realized what was going on. She checked every bottle in the bag, and eventually found one half full. Filled with Lana’s old confidence, she read the label in excitement:

Queen Bee Beauty Elixir: Bee the queen you were meant to bee. Watch as your drones fall in line and beecome exactly what you need them to bee. Take what you want, leave what you need, the world will fall at your feet and love it there, all it needs is a taste of your honey!

Cheesy with a capital C. Normally, Misti wouldn’t touch this type of HSN snake oil with a ten foot pole, but spurred on by Lana’s desire to dominate, the power she had seen in Vixen was very tempting. She considered her options and smiled as her scheme took shape.
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Bimbimind » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:35 am

Thank you much, for this here. makes many happy here.
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby funfun74 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:37 pm

So glad you are continuing this. I love this story.
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:02 pm

This is a very interesting story. Good luck with it!
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Airum » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:31 pm

Hot mess would not capture the state of Lily’s routine 2 minutes after walking on stage. Her pale skin was glowing, shiny with sweat and body glitter; platinum pigtails had plastered themselves to her slender neck and shoulders; she had long since thrown off her school girl blazer and was now in a thin, white tube top, microscopic “good girl” panties, and a pink microskirt which only served to highlight her ass cheeks. Her sneakers must have fallen off during one of the spins. By all counts, it looked like a good show at the club, but it wasn’t for Lily

Once Mistress Vixen had led her to the stage, she walked up the stairs, and the beats started playing, those first 30 seconds seemed to give her a second wind, feeling a small spark of her old confidence and energy. She still knew how to dance and could separate a few drunken idiots from their cash, whatever Mistress Vixen had done to her, for her. As she opened her eyes after enjoying her first few spins, she was immediately disappointed to see about $7 in singles as the only money on stage. She also noticed that one of the Players who had been at the rack was walking over to the second stage to watch Candy, who was fresh, back from her boob job. She was down to a drunk dad-type, and a group of 4 frat boys who probably only had enough money for $1/song and a gram of weed between them. She wasn’t going to be making real money tonight. Normally, this didn’t happen, on the few occasions it did, the old Lana would get drunk then laugh about it as she thought about how much she’d make tomorrow night. Lily though could barely take the rejection. If she couldn’t even get drunk men to pay good money to shake her ass on stage, what was wrong with her?

She looked down and knew immediately. Where once was a tanned, toned, and luscious body bursting out of black lingerie, now stood a pale, thin, freckled frame that could belong to a highschooler with a serious schoolgirl fetish. When she became a cute little girl for Mistress Vixen, she lost the assets she’d built her career on. She didn’t really know how to dance anymore. None of her old moves worked in her new body. There was nothing left to jiggle, and the men noticed. She wasn’t good enough to do anything anymore, even make men hard. For the first time in her life, Lily felt truly naked on stage. She wanted to run to her Mistress and never look back, and that’s when she heard her guardian angel.

“Lily, what the fuck do you think you’re doing up there?” her Empress was standing about ten feet away, looking stern, which sent shivers down Lily’s spine, and got her attention. “You can’t strip like Lana baby girl, you ain’t got that shit no more! These men want tits and ass! If it’s too small to see from far away,” Vixen spoke as she strode towards her transfixed toy, never breaking eye contact, “You. Get. Closer.” By the last word, Lily’s chin was in Vixen’s hand at the edge of the stage, and their lips were inches apart; Lily was biting hers, desperately nodding her understanding. Vixen silently returned to the back rows, and Lily relaxed; if her Mistress said so, she could totally do it! The drunk dudes who were getting restless at the pause were once more paying rapt attention, wondering what the diminutive blonde would do after that strange pep talk from the beautiful woman in back.

There was enough of the seasoned stripper left in Lily to know she had one more chance to get these guys’ attention before they wandered off to silicone candy land. She wanted, needed to make Mistress Vixen proud, and she thought about her advice. She really couldn’t dance like Lana. Lana didn’t exist anymore. She needed to get closer to show these men her tits and ass. And she did still have them. Her perky tits had to be at least, almost as big as Misty’s? And her butt still showed she was a dancer, quite clearly she thought with a satisfied glance. She smiled as she forced down the embarrassment that had frozen her for the past minute. Biting her lip, she knew what she had to do.

As the second song of her set started, Lily began shifting her weight foot to foot with the beat, as she swayed with her back to the audience, she started to shimmy out of her skirt. Once it hit the floor, she kicked it away, leaving her in a tube top and panties. She reached to the top of the pole, then squatted down, spreading her legs so each letter of “Good Girl” was finally visible on the seat of the straining undies. Still squatting she pivoted to face the men, her whole body on display as her hands reached behind her to the pole, and her swollen pussy lips ate most of the front of her panties. Lily finally smiled at the small pile of money before her, not as big as she was used to, but she was so happy all the nice men were giving her money now.

She made eye contact with one of the frat boys and gave him a desperate look, begging for his approval. Falling on all fours she crawled over to him as he high fived his bros and dropped another dollar on stage. She came up beside the group, all of them drooling over her like meat. Lily was having fun, but it was much different than normal. Lana reveled in the control she had over men like these, teasing every last dollar out of them with one shake of her hips. Lily though was more excited; she wasn’t sure what these men might do to her as she crawled inches away. They slid bills into her panties and top, taking their time to caress her slim hips and chest as they did. Their touches got her pussy wetter and nipples harder than she’d ever been on stage before. They could do anything to her, and she wouldn’t be able to stop them, but they knew if they didn’t want to be kicked out, they had to control themselves.

The thought of teasing them until they burst was too tempting to resist. She almost wanted them to take her tiny body and squeeze and fuck and grope it until she sucked every drop of cum out… wait, where had that thought come from? She was a dancer, not some back alley hooker. It didn’t matter how wet it made her tight little pussy, she wasn’t going to let a bunch of drunks have their way with her. No, she was just here to leave them horny and poor. She had all the leverage, and knew exactly how to use it. “Can you boys scoot together so I can show you something fun?” With a level of trust only attained by drunk men at a strip club, the frat boys and drunk dad scooted real close. Lily turned on all fours, so her ass was facing the group. They were already happy with the situation when one leg spread to one side of the group, and the other spread to the other, leaving five very happy men between Lily’s legs. She grinned at her own cleverness, looked back, and with a wink began to twerk.

Men are easy, tits or not. Lily was pretty sure she could keep twerking through the next song and they wouldn’t notice, but she wasn’t really dancing for the men; she was dancing for Mistress Vixen. It was then that she saw her Mistress on the other side of the stage, looking right at her as she twerked in the faces of five strangers. Lily redoubled her efforts and the larger woman blew her a kiss, letting her know she was doing good. That’s when she felt the first slap; one of the frat boys no doubt. Lana would have had him roughed up and thrown out of the club, but Lily appreciated the attention, at least he liked her ass. She was about to turn around and say something flirty, when another smack hit the other freckled ass cheek. Then another, apparently the men knew what they could get away with now, and multiple hands began fondling, smacking, and massaging her hips and ass as she shook her cheeks. The twerking slowed as Lily heated up from all the attention her lower half was getting. In addition to the sexual heat, she was actually burning up from all the dancing. Sweat soaked her top and panties, both completely transparent at this point. She finally slowed her “dancing” to a stop, and just basked in the feelings of men’s hands exploring her ass. She purred as she felt a few bills slide between her ass cheeks, letting her head rest against the stage.

Her new position, head down, ass up, legs spread had a predictable effect on her fan club, and the groping got more aggressive. Lily was just about content to let the men grope her and drop bills on her ass until sunrise, when she heard her panties rip. At first she thought they had finally burst from the tight fit, but looking back she could see the drunk dad was tearing them right off her hips, and that they actually looked a bit big for what was left of her ass; the words “Good Girl” now easily covered her entire butt, though that last, soaked scrap of fabric was quickly removed by one of the boys. Even in her reduced form, Lily knew this situation was spinning out of control fast. She was naked from the waist down with 5 drunk, horny men staring at her tiny pink slit. Actually, it was 7; two of the creepy old dudes had come down from their video poker machines to throw some dollars on stage and watch the spectacle.

Lily summoned her strength and turned around to yell at the men and run from the stage. What she saw next kept her quiet though. 14 eyes all fixed on her, hungry. She didn’t have the courage to say anything to them. She couldn’t respond to the lust and hunger she felt when she looked at them. She tried to back up, but tripped on her ripped panties and ended up on her back, legs spread, looking up fearfully at the group of men. “Alright, that’s enough!” Vixen climbed up on stage and picked Lily up by the hand. Any anger felt by the men dissipated when they looked at Vixen; there was no negotiation or intimidation that would change their situation and they knew it looking at her eyes. The drunkest frat boy muttered something about the interruption but luckily was not heard. “If you want more, you’ll need a ticket to the VIP Room, $150!” Lily’s heart skipped a beat. She thought her Mistress was saving her! She knew what happened in the VIP room, and being led there with a group of 7 guys was not salvation. Vixen looked down at her and smiled, “Don’t worry baby, I’m sure you’re going to love this”. Lily wasn’t sure, but had nothing in her left to challenge her Mistress. But something in Mistress Vixen’s words did ring true, as they always seemed to.

She wouldn’t admit this, but part of her was a bit excited to go back there with all these men. She was so excited by all the groping and money and attention that more sounded fun. She wasn’t sure why she thought the VIP room was so degrading before. She hadn’t given a VIP show in years, but now it sounded fun, sexy, and super obedient! All those guys, paying money just for her! By the time Lily finished this train of thought, she was over someone’s shoulder in the hallway to the VIP room. She giggled as she cuddled against the beefy shoulder, excited for what such big muscles could do to her. She looked behind her as they entered the room, waving to Mistress Vixen with a contented smile as the door shut. Mistress Vixen was so nice for taking care of her like this.

It looked like only four of the seven had taken Mistress Vixen up on the VIP room. Which still meant she made her Mistress lots of hundreds of dollars! She was at least proud of herself for doing that. These thoughts of money scattered as her tiny frame hit the dingy “VIP” mattress with a thud. Still in a bit of a daze, Lily picked herself up to kneeling just in time to see all four men unbuckling their pants. She sat nervously on the bed, her damp tube top the last vestige of modesty. Her smooth, pale mound was swollen in need; she rubbed her thighs together to calm down, but she needed more than that right now, a lot more. Tracing one finger around her right breast, she purred and wriggled on the bed. When she next looked up from her own body, there were four hard dicks pointed at her.

Half horny, half panicked, Lily remembered back to the only time she had been in a similar situation. Actually it was in this same room, before she owned the club. She remembered sucking one, while being fucked on her back, jacking off the third guy while the fourth fucked her tits. She hadn’t thought about that for a while, and when she did, it was in disgust. But Lily thought back on that night dreamily now, wanting to make these men, and thus Mistress Vixen, as happy as she remembered the men from all those years ago. Everyone wanted to use a cute little girl like her, right?

Once more, Lily had been moved while distracted by her own thoughts. She giggled at what a silly little girl she was. She was now on her back, Mr. Shoulders was between her legs, aiming his cock right where she wanted it. The drunk dad was above her head, dick hovering half an inch from her mouth. One of Mr Shoulders’ frat bros was guiding her hand onto his throbbing cock, it felt secure and warm in her hand. So far, it was just like in her memory, but then she realized the issue. She couldn’t tittyfuck any of these monsters with her perky little B cups. The guy in her hand was the smallest, and he had to be 7”, though everything looked bigger to her now.

She was getting as glum as a gangbang slut can be when she saw it. The creepy old man from the video poker machine, he had a throbbing, veiny, 4” cock! “Please sir, fuck my titties!” were the last words out of Lily’s mouth before it was filled to the brim with drunken dad dick. The old man straddled her torso, pulled down her top and pushed her small, firm breasts into a decent fuck hole. As Shoulders began pumping her tiny pussy, Lily thought she would explode. She was so small compared to these guys, and all of them were pounding her body as hard as they could, hours of drunken frustration from four men pouring into one tiny girl. She wasn’t paying attention to the guy in her hand, other than to grip it and let the violent shaking of her body do the rest.

Despite the amazing fullness in her pussy, and the whiskey flavored pounding her throat was getting, her tits were what felt the best in her euphoria. They were so hot, and the dirty old man using them was being so rough with them, pushing them harder and harder. Lana had never cum from having her beautiful breasts played with, but Lily was about to change that with her tiny, sensitive titties. Unbeknownst to her, the old man was getting a bit frustrated with her chest. At first it fit his dick like a glove, but it felt like every thrust took some of that firm yet soft goodness from him. He wasn’t too upset though, as the shrinking tits made her nipples look even bigger, and tastier. Giving up on the tittyfuck, he bent down and sucked one nipple, then the other, alternating sides every few seconds. This was finally too much for Lily. With two holes filled, a hand on a cock, and a pervy old man sucking her rock hard nipples, Lily screamed louder than her full mouth should have allowed and passed out.

Lily woke up disoriented, but it didn’t take long to realize where she was, as she was covered in cum, stuck to the VIP bed. She looked down at herself, it was hard to tell without anything to compare against, but she knew she was smaller. She was completely flat on top, only two pink nipples giving away her maturity. She still had a perky bottom, but her hips were thin enough that her tube top slipped over them. That tiny scrap of fabric was at least two sizes too big for her frame now. She smeared some cum up her belly, enjoying the warm feel of male approval. She twisted a lock of platinum hair idly in her fingers with the other hand; the pigtails probably came undone when drunk dad used them as handlebars. She smiled at the thought of him using her hair like handlebars. Remembering the boys, she looked up just in time to see them remembering her. Fear and excitement began to build up in her immediately as they realized she was conscious again and turned her way.

Shoulders, Lily’s favorite, stood up and started staggering over, beer and his last orgasm clearly weighing him down heavily. She bit her lip in anticipation as the door burst open. “Alright, party's over boys, time to pay your tab and head home!” Lily was happy to see Mistress Vixen again. She was ready to be told what to do by someone looking out for her. The boys were fun, but they kinda scared her. Her body couldn’t take it like it could when she was bigger. Every part of her was sore from that last round, and she was ready for sleep.

The boys though, were not. “Fuck you bitch, we paid good money for her ass, and we haven’t even been here a half hour yet!” Vixen looked a bit surprised, but doubled down on her first approach.

“I don’t give a fuck how long it’s been, I’m gonna kick your drunk ass to the curb myself if I have to! This is my club, chump.” It was scary for Lily to see Mistress Vixen so angry. She’d never really seen her angry before, everyone just seemed to agree with her so she didn’t argue. This whole situation made her really nervous, she wasn’t as sure of Vixen as she had been before when she seemed cool and in control. Now she was just yelling like the other guy. And she wasn’t even sure this was Vixen’s club now that she thought about it. Everything happening felt wrong, almost like she was in a bad dream. Lily was getting ready to sneak out herself when one last surprise changed her plans.

“You boys need to leave. Now”. The drunken men and Vixen glared towards the door, ready to turn their anger to a new foe. What greeted them melted any rage. The most glorious woman to ever grace them with her presence stood there in a ripped black tee, black denim shorts, and a black pendant necklace. The only color around her was the bright red of her wavy mane, which ended just below her perfectly round breasts, smallish, but bouncier than any material so far discovered by man, with thick, upturned nipples, clearly visible even under the black shirt. Farther down, her midriff peaked out of the black shirt, leading down to the curve of her hips, and an ass that somehow, someway, was actually perkier than her tits, with enough jiggle to sink your hands into. This led down to her legs which, “Are you morons done staring? Leave. Now”.

The men all looked between the redhead’s body and the floor, mumbling apologies as they meekly left the club. Then it was just the three women in the VIP room. “So little miss Vixen, looks like you were getting into trouble. Care to explain?” The other two girls finally recognized the fiery goddess as Misty, the shy girl they played with earlier.

The black woman shook herself out of her daze, “Look baby, I don’t know what’s going on, but I was just doing some business back here and had it under control. We all good, now how about you come give Mistress Vixen some love and we can all end this day happy together?” She winked at the redhead, practiced, but not as confident as normal. For some reason Vixen couldn’t summon her charisma. It had been too long since her last application, she reached into her pocket and grabbed a vial. Quickly opening it she threw back… nothing. It was empty! She knew it had some in it today, but what… “You bitch! You took my medicine!” If she wasn’t sure of that as she yelled it, looking up was all the proof she needed.

In the time she had been rifling through her bag, Lily had crawled over to Misty’s feet, and was currently holding onto her new goddess’ left thigh, while kissing the inside of it as high as the denim shorts would let her. “Yes, Vixi, I took your ‘medicine’, but I really do think you’ll enjoy the taste if you just give it a chance”. With that, Misty gently stopped Lily’s caresses, pulled off her shorts, and revealed the most beautiful pussy Vixen had ever seen, ever imagined. A beautiful burning bush framed perfect pink lips that extended just barely out of her cleft, giving the faintest hint of the wonders inside. Vixen stared at it as Misty licked her middle and ring finger, then traced her lower lips, dipping them inside for just a moment and sighing in pleasure. Vixen was still in control, she knew what this shit did; she could just get the fuck out of here and leave this crazy white girl behind. Then the smell hit her; Vixen’s knees went weak, she bit her lip and looked down at the redhead's pussy again. Misty smiled as she saw Vixen’s right hand slowly rubbing circles on the front of her pants. “Come on Vixi, stay a little bit, we have so much to discuss!”
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:17 am

Great story! Pretty hot and erotic :)

I wonder why Lily shrunk even further at the end? I thought that only happens when she consumes Vixen's milk, and it seemed to happen while she was having sex with those guys. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:16 pm

Nice story. Thanks for sharing it.
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Hongo1000 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:29 am

very enjoyable
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby Airum » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:56 am

Glad you all are liking it! The finale will be out in the next month (no year gap this time :P)
Gohan: I purposefully didn't think too hard about the rules of the magic in this one. If there were rules to the Queen Bee elixir, they'd be something like, "The bodily fluids and pheromones of the user forces others into a state of emotional and physical flexibility, where the user can manipulate them in any way, the user can also do this to themselves". The higher the dose, the more effective, for both user and target. Lana had been bathing in Vixen's pussy juice for over a day, so there was plenty of elixir in her system still while Lily was dancing and getting gangbanged. Since Vixen wanted her to lose the rest of her curves on stage (giving her too small clothes on purpose), the elixir worked its magic as its user wanted. You'll also notice the first time Lana shrinks in the shower wasn't from breastfeeding, but simply kneeling. Canon sanctified, you may now fap safely, knowing the magic in this porn story is logical.
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Re: The New Girl (MC, BR, Power Reversal)

Postby funfun74 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:49 pm

I really liked this story. Thanks for coming back an finishing it.
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