Body Shaming

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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby Sentinel » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:28 pm

Yes I enjoyed that chapter. Poor candy's got mitzi and Rosa to worry about. Mitzi only has Rosa to worry about but doesn't know yet. Please keep it going
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby kleinerharlekin » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:06 am

Maybe instead (or additional) to the electrolysis machine, maybe a little accident with depilatory creams /shampoos might do the trick for a mischief character like Rosa.
But I'm sure you'll find the right words and right ideas. The last entries of both Body Shaming and New Start were wonderful and whenever a new chapter is in sight, I'm really excited! Thanks for everything so far. :)
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:54 am

Don't let it get you down, my friend. You're a great writer and you have a lot of people enjoying your work even if not all of them review or comment, that doesn't mean they don't like your story, just that they might not have an account, have problems logging in, didn't have enough time, or are just not the type of people who leave reviews. Even the best authors have had their setbacks, even bad reviews because you can't please everyone. The point is you shouldn't give up writing because I believe your way too gifted a storyteller to let your talents go to waste and it would be a darn shame for such brilliant works of art and masterpieces, if I do say so myself, to remain unfinished. Thank you for your hard work and keep writing :)
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby bozox » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:55 am

Thanks ssj3gohan007, kleinerharlekin & Sentinel for the kind comments & words of encouragement. Wasn't planning on quitting, just possibly slowing down the pace of installments a tad. Have noticed there's less people on the site when I log in. Maybe everyone's on summer break. Be that as it may, next chapter to be added by 6/16.
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby Tommmy » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:03 pm

I do know others are reading it but I have not commented about it believe us, there are a lot of people who enjoy this story. Looking forward to the next chapter
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby Tommmy » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:06 pm

Bozox, Judging by the Number of replies and the number of views, compared to other stories, body shaming is doing very very well.
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby Hopey » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:57 pm

Can’t wait for the next chapter
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 20 added on 6/9/19)

Postby bozox » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:41 am

Thanks Hopey & Tommmy. Next chapter about half way finished. There will be weight gain as well as degradation sprinkled in. The character "Mary" will make another appearance. Didn't expect to see her again.
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Re: Body Shaming (replied to comments)

Postby bozox » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:07 pm

Chapter 21

It’s funny…...I’ve had severe food cravings today but have somehow resisted the urge to consume anything high calorie ... Guess it’s probably just psychological after pushing food all day. Mitzi laughs to herself as she watches and listens to Candy as she slowly shuffles towards her bedroom, rubbing her bloated belly and burping.

“If I see even one more baby back rib, I’m gonna blow chunks “ complains Candy .. “Eating an entire gallon of pistachio ice cream for dessert hasn’t helped either. Need to lie down for a few minutes. Be glad when this crazy weight gain diet is over. Ten pounds is what you promised. Expect I could probably hit that by even tomorrow.”

“It has to be true weight honey, not just water retention, “ Mitzi tries to sound scientific and empathetic. “We’ll see. It could be a long haul. Trust me. When we reach the end of the road, I’ll even scrounge up a scale for you.”

Mitzi studies her handiwork, noting in particular Candy’s enormous muffin top and the extent to which it has eclipsed the remnants of a once trim waistline.

Bet she’s in the upper two hundreds now, maybe even pushing three bills. She’s a real trooper. Eats like a horse.

But…..hmmmm…a waistline is one thing but really need to thicken her thighs and ass. Want her recently acquired cellulite to infiltrate deeper within the recesses of her skin and, of course, be permanent no matter how much she might eventually lose over time.. Overall, I’d say her physique is coming along quite well, but,..with one huge obstacle….. those lovely full breasts of hers that she so proudly likes to display in the men’s magazines. They’re ruining my goal of perfect round symmetry!

Recall fat Mary saying her bra straps dug into her back, and over time, as she became more obese, she decided to undergo breast reduction for much needed relief... Prefer Candy go with the total removal option. Like the fat little girl look.. It would make me ecstatic! Only have one month. Maybe with the accumulation of more chest fat as she continues to eat and………….…..

“Psssst…. Rosa. Come here. Quickly!”

“Si Mistress. Que?

“Want you to very stealthy sew some sharp wire into the bra straps of Ms. Montgomery and narrow the elastic bands ,” Mitzi’s whispering and careful not to let her voice be heard in the next room.

“What means stealthy?” asks Rosa with a loud voice.

“ Shhh! Keep your voice down!. You idiot. Do it secretly so she doesn’t know.”


“Never you mind. Just do it. Pronto!” replies Mitzi with a gleam in her eyes, anxious to get her plan in motion..


That same afternoon as Mitzi relaxes on the couch flipping through her phone, she hears an unfamiliar fast talking voice and sees an “eager to work” repulsive woman coming at her with a pair of scissors.

“Hi, I’m Madge from the salon. It’s a shame really but I’ll first have to cut that pretty hair of yours completely off before I begin and then I’ll need you to lie back and spread your legs ..”

“Don’t think so!!”. Mitzi pulls away just in the nick of time as the scissors just miss slicing off a hunk of hair. Rosa stands near the front door trying to keep a straight face.

“You dolt!..Not me!.Your customer is in the bedroom down the hall! Unbelievable!. Oh… almost forgot…eyebrows as well. Want a clean forehead. Tell her you’ve come for skin rejuvenation. Don’t mention anything about hair. There’ll be an extra fifty for you when you’re done.”

An hour or so later, Candy surfaces, delicately touching her head and walking gingerly.

“ Overall my skin feels like it’s on fire. My forehead must be numb from the treatment, can’t feel my eyebrows. Hope the beauty regimen works. By the way, need you to drive me to the store this evening so I can pick up a full length mirror. Rosa sold most of the furnishings. Especially anxious to see what my smile looks like now. Sounds silly but feels like I’ve got more teeth missing than I should. As soon as I finish working for Ms. Marchon, I’ll scrape up the money to get my teeth fixed and then restart my modeling career.”

“Sounds good beautiful. Not to worry. We need to pick you up a wig as well when we’re out.” adds Mitzi, smiling and nearly choking on her compliment..


Later that evening close to dusk, Candy is finally ready for shopping. Mitzi’s helped her with makeup and was able to get the former centerfold into some “suitable” garments, but only after a fight and threatening to go public with pictures taken from the diner. Her “evening clothes” consist of: a leather micro skirt, eight inch stiletto heels, a midriff baring top and a half bra. The abbreviated and “modified” bra is designed to push up her large sagging breasts but yet not restrict any excessive jiggly-ness as she walks..

Mitzi purposely stalls after dashing into a wig store on Rodeo Drive while Candy waits in the car.

Forty five minutes later…...

“Sorry honey this short brown wig is all they had in your size. Guess it’ll have to do.”

“Dammit Mitzi! Can’t wear this thing!. It’s cheap looking, has an ugly unnatural color and it’s too short. Not only that, but you took so long….. all the stores along here have closed. Really need a mirror.”

“Not to worry, know just the place. It’s a little out of the way but we’ll be there in no time.”

After many miles of driving, darkness sets in and the late model BMW makes its way into the poorer parts of south LA. Suddenly, Mitzi unexpectedly pulls the car over and feigns engine trouble. Putting the car in neutral instead of park, the engine fails to come to life.

“Candy doll… the store with the mirrors is just up on the next corner. I’ll need you to walk there while I’ll call the auto club to save time.. Go ahead now, before they close.…. out you go".

Candy feels wobbly as she reluctantly steps out. Her enormous weight practically overwhelms her tawdry pumps. Upon steadying herself, she plops her wig on and starts walking. A couple of minutes later, she pauses for a brief second to look back and realizes Mitzi’s gone!

What the hell! . Where’d she go?? Oh shit! My purse ...dammit!…...just realized. It’s still in her car!!

Candy feels the chilly night air envelop her lower torso, moving quickly from her lower legs until it finally lodges and swirls around her bare intimacy.

I swear this skirt is shorter in the back than the front. Half my ass feels exposed! There’s only so much I can pull down! Can’t believe I let Mitzi talk me into going commando. Not only that, but my hairless pussy makes me feel even more vulnerable. Having a big bush was like wearing a fur bikini.

“Ouch! Dammit!” Candy stumbles, nearly falling on a crack in the sidewalk. Her heavy breasts flop uncontrollably, almost spilling out the tiny top.... As she briefly glances over her shoulder to evaluate what almost tripped her, she notices the thickness of her calves. Just a bit more weight and my meaty calf area will extend to my ankles! Almost reminds me of seeing Mary from behind for the first time at McDonalds. I was so pretty back then while she was so revolting. No worries. Weight has always melted away from me like butter in the past. Just need to get a handle on things.

As Candy continues her trek, she sees boarded up buildings, but no open store with mirrors on display.. Where is this fucking place? What’ll I do for money if I find it?

Over time, car after car slows down beside her and then speeds away.

Occasionally, Candy hears catcalls yelled by passersby:

“Hey Baby, wanna par.. tay?.”

“Oh Mama, how’s it shakin’?” “

“Honey...That’s some boo..tae! “

“Ahhhh… Like to suck them tits!”

Candy holds her head high and walks with pride, seemingly oblivious to her situation. Guess I still got it. They really adore me. Wait til they see me after I drop a few pounds and grow my hair back!

Eventually, one car slows to a crawl, keeping pace with Candy. A large, thirty something, black man in a tank top calls out. “ Hey honey… What’s happenin’? Name’s Deshaun, haven’t seen you around here before. Wanna earn some mon..nay?”

Hope he doesn’t think I’m a prostitute. I do desperately need some money though.

Candy decides to stop and walk over to the car for a quick chat. After some negotiation, Candy’s disgusted but settles on twenty dollars for a hand job.

After all, what harm can there be in that?

Candy is driven to a nearby alley to complete the transaction. Once there, Deshaun orders her to strip.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“C’mon doll, don’t play coy with me. Like ‘em big. Ya know, yo is one ugly bitch. Hurry now.”

Candy can’t help but stare at his muscles as he strips and realizes he means business.

Before long, Candy is completely nude. As she leans back against the front seat, the faint alley light illuminates her massive breasts as they hang to her stomach. Can’t be but they almost look like an F cup now!

Candy helplessly slinks to the ground and holds the substantial hardened cock with both hands, steering it into her eager mouth.

“Like the toothless mouth as a suck tool. You dirty ho.. Careful now. That’s it. Do it good. Hmmmm….. mmm... M!”

Soon, the engorged penis is moving in and out at full tilt as Candy struggles to control her gag reflex. Abruptly stopping, Deshaun pulls Candy to her feet and then spins her around.

“Ok honey, get on the front seat and stick yo big white ass out the door. Press your face flat against the seat and arch your back.”

Candy does as commanded. Her behemoth ass looks like two sides of beef split down the center. The dimply bumps of fat on her ample thighs jiggle nonsynchronously as she crawls on all fours.

“Reach back with both hands and spread your booty honey. My oh my …. Look at all the cottage cheese. You ever miss a meal? You hog!!”


“You heard me. Ya know what they say, the bigger the cushion, the easier the pushin’.

Straining with arms seemingly too short, Candy pries apart both cheeks as her pregnant looking belly drags against the vinyl seat.

“You have a condom and lubrication?”

“Don’t try me honey. I ain’t in the mood.”

Before long, Deshaun unexpectedly reaches around Candy’s waist from behind and roughly grabs her breasts, holding on tightly. Next, falling slightly forward, he allows his lower body to slowly sink into the vastness of her fleshly backside. Finally, he clenches his legs around her and climbs, like a jockey mounting a huge horse using her breasts to rein her in.

“Yo’s one big bitch,” shouts Deshaun, flashing two gold teeth as he laughs.

Candy’s flinches in pain, as she tries to free her upper body from the cruel tormentor. In the meantime, her most private hole is violated with reckless abandon. Scalding squirts of semen find an intestinal home to ultimately seal the transaction.

“Quickly get in and I’ll drive you back to your corner.”

Rushed with no time to dress, Candy, still dripping, gathers up her clothes and waits briefly as the car finally comes to a stop. Deshaun leans across, opens the passenger door and kicks Candy to the curb!.

Laughing, he yells, “Bye, bitch.”

As the car speeds off, a distraught Candy scurries to her feet and screams. “What about my twenty dollars??”

As Candy sits bawling, she hears a familiar voice.

“Can’t believe we meet again, ” yells Mary as she stuffs an apple turnover into her mouth. Flakes sprinkle down her generous front as she shovels.

“Huh??” Candy squints, trying to make out the driver.

“It’s me, Mary. You know… we met at McDonalds and then at the diner. Quick… climb in before you’re arrested for indecent exposure!”

As the two drive off, both ladies exchange pleasantries for a couple of minutes before Mary turns off into a deserted parking lot out in the middle of nowhere.

“Now, tell me what happened. I want to hear everything! I know the part about Mitzi forcing you to gain a few more pounds, but what’s with the wig, the trashy clothes, the almost no eyebrow look and missing teeth?” Mary’s clearly excited as she grabs more food from a large McDonald’s bag on the front seat.

Candy reaches up to bare skin over her eyes. “Thought my skin was just numb from the beauty treatment.”:

Candy explains her “treatment” by the woman at the salon, the fit Mitzi threw when she refused to wear the clothes and her insistence on applying Candy’s makeup.

“Honey, sorry to say, but someone sold you a “bill of goods.” There was no “beauty” in your treatment. All of your body hair has been permanently removed. Most of your teeth on top are gone and your makeup makes you look cheap and much older.. Don’t take offense, but you look like a fat whore. Someone has taken a marker and drawn pencil thin eyebrows on your forehead that are too high up and excessively arched. There’s also too much rouge on your cheeks. I’d keep my distance from Mitzi. Heard she was abused by her nanny until she reached adulthood. ”

Candy sobs as realizes her beauty has been mostly destroyed. “Can’t believe I was so duped!”

“You can have the money in my purse to buy a mirror and I’ll drive you home, but I’m gonna need three things from you first.”

“I’m listening.”

“Eat three of these turnovers. You know how I like having you look more like me. Secondly, ……. < Mary starts to strip> need my pussy licked. The third thing will be a surprise.”

“No Mary, please, just drive me home. I’ve already sucked a cock tonight and was sodomized. Isn’t that enough?”

“Oh, do tell. Guess you have to get out then.”

"Alright, alright!” Candy’s huge breasts dangle to her knees as she lowers her face and assumes a knee- chest position. Her generous backside protrudes high into the air. Mary enjoys the view as she slides to her back and raises her beefy legs. As Candy searches for her wet hole, she wades through mounds of fat, her arms at times sinking elbow deep into seemingly fleshy quick sand. Before long, Mary’s groaning in rapture. Candy’s wig comes off as Mary pushes her head to the extreme, occasionally allowing her conquest to come up only just briefly for air. Later, she grabs Candy’s ears for much needed leverage. Over time, Mary lies satiated, but not before breaking foul smelling wind.. Appalled, Candy quickly rolls down the window, gasping for fresh air.

“Forgot to mention something…. your bra straps have left marks on your shoulders and back. You really need to lose those big breasts of yours. Soon we’ll be twins.”

Candy looks down at her shoulders and grimaces. “I'll never look like you!” shouts Candy, fighting back tears.

“Honey, don’t fight your inner self, it’s inevitable. Just like when you obsessed over Ms. Marchon in the shower.”

“Let’s get this over with!.” A disgusted Candy scarfs down the apple turnovers in just seconds. “Now what?”

“Honey, lie face up on the ground just below the car door. Don’t worry. Won’t hurt you. It’ll get me off. Have a bit of a fetish.”

Candy does as ordered.

Mary makes a grunting sound as she hangs her immense rear out the car just slightly. Soon, a gushing stream of rancid piss hits Candy squarely. First her mouth, then her entire face as the mammoth woman shuffles side to side to maximize coverage.

“You bitch! Can’t believe you did that!”

“Hey honey… don’t be mad. Us big girls need sex too.”

“You’re truly sick. You slob.”

The two remain silent during the long drive back to tonier section of LA.

At home finally, Candy gets out , slams the door and then sticks her head into the window.

“Where’s the money you promised me?”

“Oh… dear me…. here honey…nearly forgot…sorry.... wish it could be more… only have two dollars left but you’re welcome to it.”

Seconds later, Candy hears hysterical laughter as her “friend” Mary drives away.
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Re: Body Shaming (Chapter 21 added 6/14/19)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:59 pm

Thank you for another amazing and super smoking hot chapter!! I love how Mitzi is working really hard to think up new and exciting ways to degrade Candy, especially looking forward to her efforts to sabotage Candy's chest and ultimately rid her of them. It will be ironic if freeing her of her chest will seem as if it was done out of a huge favor and great relief to Candy because of them being a massive burden on her. Though ultimately would regret forever losing her once best feature, and that it may have been wiser to diet and exercise, losing weight and building up muscles to help carry them, rather than the quick and easy, and yet more permanent, path. I also enjoyed seeing Mary again, and as always, she doesn't disappoint.

I also noticed how Mitzi almost lost her hair because of a 'misunderstanding' in the beginning, and I know that it was intentional. I am looking forward to what sneaky methods Rosa will try next! :)
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