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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby hgrambly » Sat May 04, 2019 4:38 pm

Thanks! I've been so busy lately that I've put this story on the back-burner. I should have another chapter out tomorrow though, and after this week, I should be back to the normal swing of things and will be posting somewhat regularly! The next chapter will deal with Maria's 'little' discovery, and Ellie's coming-to-terms with her own transformation, as well as Jason's (failing) attempts at keeping Francine away. I should be in the right space to churn out a good chapter! Thanks for reading as always!
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby beatlemasterkingkong » Sun May 12, 2019 8:59 am

It's a great story so far. Take your time with each installment. Stories like these take a while to progress. I'll be excited to see where this goes. :)
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby hgrambly » Mon May 13, 2019 5:27 pm

[Thanks guys for your patience! I've been moving this whole week, so I haven't had any time to write. I'm finally settling in, and had an hour to write some of chapter 9. Here is the first part. I'll try to get the second part out tomorrow. As always, thanks for the support!]

Ch. 9: Part One

Francine didn't know why she wanted Jason so bad. He wasn't that good looking or built like the men she suddenly fixated on. The kind with hard bodies and chiseled features. She had re-occurring dreams of them, sometimes three at a time, with her in the middle, sandwiched between sculpted pecs and taut abs. She would wake up always the same way; with the sheets twisted between her clenched thighs and her juices soaking through the comforter. She couldn't help herself. It seemed like her libido was ratcheted up to that of a cat in heat!
By Tuesday, she had to have Jason. Not as a play-thing or a cuddle-buddy, but as a cure to her sickness. Without him and his torpedo cock, all Francine could do was toy with herself. She couldn't think about anything else. She couldn't do anything else! Not until she had him deep inside her. She texted him immediately, but he couldn't come because of classes. She relented for a bit, thinking it was silly to be this horny, but after a few hours had passed, she didn't care about self-control and called Jason directly. On the first try to reach him, she was sent to voice mail. This made Francine anxious. What if he was ignoring her? She thought.
Then the second try. This time he ended the call after a few seconds, which caused Francine's hatred to take control. She cursed aloud, 'That bastard! If he doesn't pick up a third time, I'll make sure I ruin his life like Ellie's!'
The third time she called, she found Jason had come to his senses and picked up after a few rings.
His tone was uneasy. She could hear students chattering in the background.
'Yes.' His said lightly.
'I need you.' Said Francine, and added, 'Now.'
'I can't. That's why I didn't pick up. I'm- I'm in a lecture, Francine.'
'I don't care. I need your cock.' She said candidly as she gripped her clit with one hand. Even hearing a man's voice was turning her on. What if she told him what she was thinking? Would he like that? Could she get him turned on too? Could she make him get a hard-on right there, outside of the lecture hall? She had a sudden urge to try, but then thought against it.
'Please, Francine...' He spoke her name quietly so no one could hear, '...Be reasonable. I'm still a student, and I still need to go to class. Can't you find some other guy to f- I mean, meet up with?'
'But I want you, Jason.'
Jason paused. She took notice.
'But come on, you're not...unattractive now. I mean, well, you know what I mean-'
'No, I don't,' She said in a coy tone. She knew what he was getting at, but she wanted to hear him say it.
'I mean...Last night....You're actually...kind of...'
'Kind of what, Jason? You're being awfully circuitous about words.'
'Dammit...You know what I mean. You're hot. You're gorgeous. You can get any guy you want now.'
Francine smiled. She was sitting at the end of her bed with a full length mirror leaning against the wall. She looked at her thin legs spread against the bed. She unclamped her shapely thighs to free her moist hand and fondled one of her perfect breasts. It was true. Except for twenty or so pounds of baby fat all collecting evenly around her body that made her seem a tad wide and curvy, Francine was a near spitting image of Mia Malkova. Her hair was nearly platinum blonde with a few stubborn streaks of black left in them, and her once ball gut was reduced to a small roll of fat, significantly smaller than that of Ellie's when she saw her last. She stood up and gazed at her leaner body, dressed in a light blouse and pink underwear. She was now five-foot ten inches. Peak Mia Malkova height. A good six extra inches in height, which made her limbs seem long and lean. She squeezed her tits and blew kisses to the mirror. Then she turned and stuck out her ass. It was still retaining some fat from her previous life, but she could see how tight it looked.
'Are you still there?' Asked Jason on the other end.
'Yes!' She said, almost forgetting about the phone she was holding next to her ear.
'Fine, Jason. I'll let you have your boring classes. But you better not keep me waiting too long.' She said before hanging up.
It was not until seven in the evening that Jason could get to Francine's apartment. By then, Francine had changed out of several sets of chemises and lingerie, having dirtied each one by her probing thoughts and hands. By the time Jason had arrived, she was down to a sexy pair of black panties and corset and black stockings that was accented in red ribbons. Her hair was tied up in ponytails and she had on a dark shade of lipstick, along with dark eyeliner. As Jason stepped through the door, Francine slinked around the corner like a cat and leaned against the wall, causing Jason to stop in his tracks. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Her body both petrified and enticed Jason.
She grinned viciously, feeling a new sensation of eroticism that she had never experienced before in her life. This power, she thought, to stop men in their tracks with just her body....It caused a ripple of ecstasy to travel through her body. She needed Jason. Now.
She coaxed him into the bedroom. It was easier now. He was less resistant. And without many commands, Francine felt like she was making love with him, instead of to him. In a few minutes, it was over. Jason had came too quickly, and Francine, with her large sexual appetite, wasn't ready to be finished. She enticed another session out of him within minutes of licking his sopping cock. Once Jason was hard again, Francine threw herself on top of him and sunk deep inside his cock. This time, Jason lasted longer. As she rode Jason, she watched as his facial expressions alternated between pleasure and bewilderment. Her perky tits bouncing. The small, tight ass that Jason once felt on Ellie, now being drilled down on him by Francine. It was all too surreal for him. But in the midst of his confusion, Francine saw pleasure. Unmistakable pleasure. It was the pleasure she was giving him. It was her tight pussy. It was her nuanced understanding of sexual positions. It was her body. It was her determination. It was everything that Ellie was. But now it was Francine who possessed it all. She felt it too. It wasn't just looks either...It was something else. And as Jason's cock twitched inside her, she knew what it was. Control. Just before Jason could cum, Francine froze and gripped her vagina against his shaft and ground her ass into his pelvis. Jason held his breath.
'Don't cum! Wait!'
Jason took everything he got to hold it.
'You want to cum?'
'Y-y-y-yes.' He shook. It was like a dam he was holding back.
'Not until I say...' She whispered. Her body was dripping with sweat. She could feel his cock writhing and shaking inside her. Francine bit her lip. The pressure was too much. She rose up. Jason gasped. 'NOW!' Then quickly, she pumped up and down on him until he gushed inside her.
After that, Jason was too tired to get up. He quickly dozed off while lying next to a smiling Francine, forgetting about Ellie for the night...
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby Freaksss » Wed May 15, 2019 10:26 am

Great story I will be glad to read the following chapters.
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby hgrambly » Wed May 15, 2019 4:32 pm

Ch. 9, Pt. 2

Back at home, Ellie was finishing off a late night treat of ice cream straight from the carton. She was ravenous all day long, and finding herself alone and waiting for Jason in the evening, Ellie couldn't help but to continue her all day binge into the night.
The weight, needless to say, kept piling on. On Monday, she was 192 pounds, and by Tuesday, she crossed the 200 pound mark, with a pound to spare. By now, Ellie looked dully at the number and checked herself in the mirror. She had shrunk another inch, causing the fat accumulating around her middle to appear more prominent. At 5'8'', Ellie was still considered tall, but the extra weight had made her anything but imposing. Gone was her gazelle-like legs and tight ass. In its place was a lumpy, plush booty stretching the fabric of the gray sweatpants she picked up at a superstore.
She had a constant wedgie, as both her ass-cheeks seemed to gobble up the fabric and when she walked, she could feel them shake. It looked as if her ass was made up of two bags of liquid, slowly being filled every day with pure lard. Her hips had become just wide enough that it changed her gait, and with the sudden weight gain, Ellie was not used to the extra clearance she needed to get around things, like chairs or doorways or counters. Every once and while she would knock over a glass with her booty, or hit her side against the door-frame.
Standing stiff on the scale, Ellie stared at the number before her. 201 pounds. She was 201 pounds. But...It didn't startle her. Sure, the old Ellie was weeping deep inside her, thinking about how big of a mountain it's going to be to lose seventy pounds of fat...But the new Ellie seemed unfazed. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face looked puffier, making her appear older. She even had prominent crow's feet around her eyes, but she chalked it up to having no makeup on. Then, there was her hair, which had turned mostly to a shade of brown. A few strands of blonde still remained, reminding Ellie of her former glory, but she had to dig around her dry, stiff hair to find them.
Ellie lowered her gaze on her tits. They were bigger than her perky double-d's, but they looked flatter. Saggier. They reminded her of her mothers. How deflated and old they appeared. She noticed while taking a shower the other day, how her areolas had darkened and her nipples had grown stiffer. Ellie clasped her hands around her mid-section. Her muffin-top from Sunday had turned into a full-blown spare tire, spilling over the tight fabric of her bottoms. And then, of course, was her ass, but she already knew what that looked like.
And she knew what it was going to end up like too, thought Ellie, as she jiggled it again. She sighed, picturing the woman she saw a few nights ago on the internet. After Francine and her confession, Ellie was reluctant to google Devious, let alone talk to Jason about it. The whole day, Ellie remained in her room, surviving off a cache of fast food that could feed a large family. While Jason pleaded for her to unlock the door, Ellie opened up her laptop and searched for the woman she was to become. Munching on a jelly-filled donut, Ellie found her within seconds, and at first she couldn't believe that anyone- and certainly not Jason- could masturbate to this abomination of fat! Her ass was huge! It wobbled uncontrollably! And her smoking! And her crass language! Ellie felt sick. It was soul-crushing to see her future self.
But as she stood in front of her mirror just now, a two-hundred pound, fat-bottomed girl, Ellie didn't feel so wretched. For one thing, her ass undulated sexuality. Every jiggle, shake, slap, and bounce made her wet. And the hunger that she battled for days seemed to turn into pleasure as well. Whenever she scarfed down a chili cheese dog or stuffed donuts in her mouth, she felt an explosion of pleasure. As she ate more and more, pigging out and making a mess of herself, she felt hotter and hotter. Soon, her stuffing sessions were accompanied by intense jerk-off sessions that could only be satiated by more food and visions of sex. It became harder for Ellie to control herself now. She knew that it wouldn't be long until she would forget about the consequences and eat and masturbate without any concern for her well-being. She remembered what Francine had said earlier....About how she would soon like being a fat slob, and that was the only thing that kept Ellie from giving in.
In that moment, the old Ellie came back and said to herself, 'You have to gain control. You have to stop it. You have to gain control. You have to gain control. You have to...'
Her eyes fixated on her ass again. It was so big and juicy.
'Mmmmm...' She touched it again. 'So soft. So...'
She started massaging one of her cheeks. It yielded in her hands like soft dough. She ran her hand down her crack.
'Fuck yes.' She said as she made her cheeks bounce between her palms. 'I want more...fuck more...More ass....Bigger....Fatter....Sloppier....' She said to herself as her clit came alive. 'But I need food....More food...Food for a fatty....Pizza...yes...mmmmm....Chicken wings....God....Cheese-cake!' she gasped and began touching herself. Her desires were too much. She raced to the kitchen and swung open the fridge. She dug out the three cheese-cakes she had purchased in haste this morning and ran back to her room. She threw the aluminum tins on her bed and popped off the lids. Using only her hands, she took slices of rich, creamy cheese-cake and shoved it in her mouth.
'Mmmm...Fuck....More...Bigger....Fatter!' She said, consuming the slices as quick as possible. When one tin was finished, she started on the other. Within seconds, it was gone too. On the last tin of cheese-cake, Ellie paused for a brief moment. Her cheeks were filled with cream. Her mouth smeared in chocolate sauce and vagina throbbing from all the excitement. For that dwindling moment, Ellie wondered what she was doing, like she had done so many times before. Was she finally eating not to satisfy her hunger, but for some....kink?! Was she deliberately wanting to get fat!?
Slowly, her look of horror turned into a wicked expression. A devious desire took root. She swallowed the rest of the cheese-cake in her mouth.
'Yes...' She said, starting on the last cheese-cake. 'I want to get fat. I want to be big and fat and gluttonous....Just like what Jason wants me to be....' She took a giant bite from a slice hovering near her lips. Ellie looked over to her dresser where pictures of the old Ellie were. She smiled. 'Always so thin, wasn't I? Never having a real booty. But soon....I will...' She said and went to mindlessly stuffing herself until all three tins were polished off.

Meanwhile, Maria was having a very different reaction to the spell. It had been six days since Ben masturbated to his 'dream girl,' and for the first few days, Maria felt incredible. She had more energy, and she seemed to use it to her benefit. She started jogging in her free time. In class, she didn't hide in the corner anymore, opting to participate with the lecturer instead. Her weight seemed to be dropping too, and Maria noticed the overall shape of her body seemed to change as well, with her shoulders becoming more prominent and her arms looking a tad muscular. Strangely though, by the third day, a curious bump started forming just below her chin. Maria touched it, and it didn't feel to her like a zit or a boil, and as it grew harder and more prominent, Maria worried about what it could be.
But her attention was more directed to the major change in her body taking place in her pants. Within six days, Maria's vagina swelled up, and her clit started to grow. Little by little...Just poking out from under the ends of her labia. It looked so raw that Maria thought she might have an infection. But as time passed, her clit grew to the size of a pinky finger. Her vagina dwindled, and by Sunday, Maria found that she could only urinate through the 'clit' that was now the size of a vienna sausage.
Maria was no stranger to the human anatomy, but she was dumbfounded about what it could be until she could no longer urinate sitting down. She was nearly in tears when Francine found her Tuesday, just before she was going to text Jason.
'What's the matter?' Asked Francine as she was adjusting her clothes. Normal boring attire felt strange to Francine. As if covering up made her feel more exposed. After this ordeal, she thought to herself, she should try on some of her lingerie she bought earlier. She got turned on by that thought.
'I don't know what I'm turning into!' Maria said through cupped hands. Francine looked her up and down. It was an odd sight. Maria always looked so matronly. With wide hips and motherly breasts. But here she looked almost tomboyish. Her breasts lost some of their cleavage, and her hips shrunk. She looked like she lost a good thirty pounds. On top of that, the loss of fat seemed to make Maria's face more chiseled. Her voice too And her black latina hair started turning shades of blonde like Francine's.
With a deepening tone, Maria asked Francine if she could reverse the spell. Francine told the truth.
'No, I can't. Not until you've completed your transformation. I don't see what's so bad, Maria, you look thinner, and...'
Maria looked up at Francine. Francine nearly recoiled. Was she looking more....masculine? Francine wondered. Was that a stubble around her chin? And what's that on her neck?
'I'm turning into a guy!' Maria admitted.
'How can you tell?' Francine said, trying to soothe her friend.
'Because of this!' Maria said and stood up. She quickly pulled down her baggy pants, revealing a small, reddish member resting against a deflated bag of skin. It was shocking for Francine to see, but after close inspection, it did appear to be a penis. Albeit a very tiny one.
'Oh my God....' She said. She leaned in closer to get a better look. The shaft was barely two inches long. The head was not yet developed, but there was a small hole from which Maria could piss. At the base of her forming penis was enough skin to facilitate two testicles. But she was not quite there, so it looked like a grotesque bundle of wrinkles.
'Does it hurt at all?'
'No,' Said Maria, too embarrassed to look down at Francine, 'Just a little...uncomfortable, that's all.'
'Does it feel...good?'
'I mean- have you played with it, yet?'
'Jesus, Francine! Your best friend is turning into a man and all you can think about is sex!'
'No, Maria, I just meant...' What did she mean, exactly? She tried to think rationally. She stood back up to let Maria clothe herself. '...Do you think Ben is gay?'
'No! Of course not. He's dated women before. And besides, my tits haven't vanished!' She said grabbing them both through her shirt. In her hands, they seemed rounder and more pert to Francine's inspecting gaze.
'Could I feel them?' She asked.
'Knock yourself out.' She said, releasing her breasts.
Francine groped Maria's tits for a minute. They felt different....Not quite like breasts, but something..artificial.
'Take your top off.'
'Oh my God, Francine-!.'
'I have a theory about what you're becoming, but I have to see your tits.'
'Fine...' Maria said reluctantly. She took off her shirt and undid her bra. As the last supporting fabric fell, a strange thing happened. It was almost imperceptible to most men, but to a woman, it seemed obvious. Breasts normally slackened or sink against one's chest without any support. Maria's tits didn't move at all! They stayed nice and pert on her ribcage as if...
Maria noticed Francine's expression.
'I think I know what you're turning into, but I don't think you want to know...'
'Francine, you have to tell me.'
'Are you sure?' Francine asked as she watched Maria put her bra back on.
'Yes, I'm sure...'
'Well, there's good news and bad news. What do you want first?'
Maria thought for a moment. 'The good news.'
'Okay...Well, the person you're becoming thinks they're a woman.'
'...And the bad news?'
'...But...they're really not.'
Maria was dumbfounded. But after a moment, she realized what Francine was getting at. Her mouth flew open.
'I guess Ben likes chicks with dicks,' Added Francine, cackling out loud.
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby bigfit » Thu May 16, 2019 12:54 pm

This story is so entertaining. Keep up the good work!
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby xpulley » Thu May 16, 2019 2:22 pm

This story is great. It has good pacing which a lot of stories struggle with.

Ever consider having the spell used on Jason? Either by Francine or Ellie? It would be interesting to see if Ellie's preferences in men change with her new body.

However, I'm sure whatever direction you take this story in will be excellent. Thanks for writing this!
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby hgrambly » Mon May 20, 2019 4:00 pm


Jason woke up the next morning with an instant feeling of dread. He had left Ellie to spend the night alone, and he knew that his little lie about a stage production wouldn't hold up this time.
Francine was nowhere in sight, so Jason took the opportunity to get dressed quickly. He got to the bedroom door and eased out of it slowly, trying hard not to make a sound. The lights were off and not a sound escaped the apartment. He looked at his watch. He had slept past his morning lecture.
Jason cursed himself. But he didn't care about that now. All he wanted to do was get back to Ellie and somehow repair the damage that he caused her.
Jason tiptoed to the front door and opened it slowly. The chilly morning air slapped his face. As he headed down the walkway, he caught a familiar sight going up the stairs. It was Francine. She was gingerly running up the steps in her lycra pants and her small top. She had been out jogging for the last hour. Her thin body was glistening with sweat as she drew up to Jason and smiled. Jason couldn't believe this was the same Francine that he knew. More and more she looked like one of those instagram models. He felt his cock twitch instantly.
Francine took out her headphones and wiped the sweat from her brow with a towel she was carrying in her hand.
'Leaving so soon?' She said, slightly out-of-breath.
'Uhh...Yeah.' Was all Jason could say.
Francine lifted her leg up to the metal railing and started stretching, effectively blocking Jason's path with her tight ass.
'You know,' She said as she reached down and touched her sneaker, 'I hated running before, but now, I find it so exhilarating. Now I know why Ellie does it so much. Well...Did it. Nowadays, I don't suppose she can last for more than a mile before her fat ass needs to take a seat!'
'Stop it, Francine.' Said Jason sternly.
'Oh, I'm just kidding. You want to go back to her, don't you? Well, then go.' She said and took her leg off the railing. As Jason side-stepped around Francine's dangerous body, Francine reached her hand to his crotch. Jason froze as he felt Francine's delicate fingers circling his member.
'But I thought maybe you'd like to stay a little longer? I could use some help reaching the hard to reach places in the shower...' She said and leaned over to kiss Jason. In that moment, Jason regained control and took a step back.
Francine opened her eyes, dumbstruck.
'No, Francine. This has to end,' He said, mustering up all his willpower, 'I love Ellie and I don't love you.'
'Who says I need your love?' She snapped. 'I only want your cock to myself. I don't want to know that you're fucking some fat slob with it.'
'Jesus...' Said Jason. 'You think Ellie is a bad person. But what about you? She never ruined someone's life before, but look at you! You're actually enjoying it, too.' He said.
Jason's words stung. It was true, thought Francine, this new side of her....This wicked side was getting too strong...Too aggressive...In the back of her mind, she didn't think Ellie deserved her fate, but it was the Mia in her that seemed to crave that sort of thing. To see Ellie get fatter and more disgusting, and to see herself getting fitter and more attractive. It thrilled her just as much as sex did. And by now, she seemed powerless to stop it. What was worse, however, was her anger. If someone didn't do as they were told, Francine flew into a fit of rage that could only be soothed by sex. And if sex couldn't be procured, then only revenge seemed to be the next best thing.
Francine growled, 'Jason, are you calling me a bitch?!'
'No, Francine. I'm calling you a bad person.'
'So you're what? Siding with a fat ass over me? Over this body?!'
'Listen to yourself, Francine, it's not about that. I've always loved Ellie and I never loved you-'
'Then why did we fuck so many times!' she yelled.
'Calm down!'
'Calm down!? You want me to calm down!? No! You can't tell me what to do anymore, Jason, because you know what-? Fuck you, I don't need you anymore!'
Jason started to back away. He had never seen a girl this mad before.
'Oh...Oh okay...Francine, calm-'
'I don't need you, Jason because you want to know why!?'
'Francine, please, I didn't mean any-' He tried saying.
'What are you talking about?' He said dumbfounded.
Was Francine going crazy? Jason thought to himself. But he didn't care. He took This opportunity and raced downstairs. Before he jumped into his car, he looked up at Francine still standing on the second floor balcony and heard her say, 'I love you.'
Jason knew all too well what that meant....

Jason came home to find Ellie sleeping on the sofa. The television set was still on, airing a rerun of a soap opera. The makeshift ashtray by her soft thighs was loaded with stamped cigarette butts, topped with a still lit cigarette left to smolder. The place smelled like a bowling alley mixed with the ever-lingering scent of fried food. Sitting on Ellie's lap was a half-eaten tray of cheap chocolate cake you'd find in office birthday parties. Her hands and face were covered in frosting and her tight sweat-suit was covered in crumbs. Crowding the sofa were more boxes of food. Empty pizza boxes. Cartons of heavy whipping cream. Tins of pound cake. All this amassed around an ever-growing Ellie. Deep in her sleep, Jason watched as her puffy cheeks let out a wheezing exhale. She sounded like a fat girl. And looking at her from head to foot, Jason knew she had become one.
Jason sighed and cleared a space next to Ellie's wide hips. He slowly settled himself down, trying not to wake her, but as her weight shifted, Ellie opened her eyes. She was dazed for a moment, but when she saw Jason sitting there, she suddenly became cognizant of her actions and her demeanor.
'Oh God...' Her voice sounded shrill. 'I'm such a mess, I-!' she choked up. She quickly moved the tray of a cake away from her, and tried her best to clean up.
'It's okay, baby, it's all okay!' He said, comforting her for the first time since she learned his dirty little secret. He pulled her close to himself and kissed her. He could taste her morning binge on his tongue. At first, Ellie couldn't bring herself to have Jason so close, but in a second, she gave in, and fell deep into his passionate kisses. She knew he still loved her, she thought to herself, and this comforted her more than the food could. She wrapped her arms around him. As they exchanged kisses, Ellie was getting hornier.
She moved closer to Jason, and threw one of her legs over him. Jason tried to slow Ellie down, but she swung over his knees and pressed her big bottom onto his pelvis, pinning him to the couch. He felt the full weight of her body. It was too fresh a memory to feel the difference between Francine's body, and then contrast it with Ellie's gelatinous form. Her fat ass sunk into his lap. As he probed her body with his hands, all he could find was fat. A fat back. A fat middle. And when he cupped his cheeks, a fat ass that overflowed onto his thighs.
Ellie moaned. She dug her ass into his groin. She could feel his throbbing cock. It was a sign that she was still attractive to him. She could still drive him crazy even if she was fat and out-of-shape.
In between wild kisses, Ellie whispered into his ear, 'Let's go to the bedroom.'
Even in Ellie's state, Jason couldn't help himself. The wicked side of him wanted to see her fat ass; it wanted to ride it hard; and it wanted it to see Ellie jiggle and quake. Jason moved his hands lower on her ass and tried to get on his feet, but he found that Ellie's added poundage was too much for him. It was easier before, when Ellie had a lithe and flexible body with weight that was evenly dispersed between her strong legs and generous breasts. But now it felt like all of Ellie's weight settled in one place, and that place was her wide, cushy ass.
Jason tried again, but it was like picking up a heavy box from a sitting position. He couldn't do it.
'Well? What are you waiting for, stud? Pick me up and take me to the bedroom!' She uttered softly.
'I-I-I can't. I'm sorry. I think you have to get up, Ellie.'
Ellie stopped her kissing and looked at Jason. His expression was sincere. Then she looked down at her body. All flab and rolls and deposits of fat. She felt sickened by the realization that she was now too 'much of a woman' for Jason. She nodded in silence and climbed off Jason.
It took Jason a moment to get on his feet. His legs had fallen asleep and as he walked around the living room to relieve the sensation, the old Ellie couldn't help but to come out.
It had been a slight voice in her mind. Weakened by a cloud of new thoughts that seemed to dominate her consciousness. But in that moment, Ellie could hear it loud and clear. It was a cry for help. An insult. A pray for strength in overcoming her transformation. For that single moment, Ellie realized that she was losing the last battle with this new Ellie, and if she didn't put her foot down now, the old Ellie would be lost forever.
But just as she was shoring up enough strength to change her predicament, a hand crept down her backside and gave Ellie a great big slap against her rump. Like a bolt of lightning, the new Ellie came alive, and anything the old Ellie was formulating just now, was snuffed out by an intense spike of pleasure. Ellie turned and found Jason wickedly leering at her body. She smiled.
'Naughty boy,' She said and reached up to him and gave him a kiss. Jason seemed to like how much shorter Ellie was now. Before, she was a few centimeters taller than him, which made him self-conscious, especially when she wore high heels. But now when they stood together, the top of her head barely reached the top of his nose. He could see over her! This made him feel more dominant....More manly for some reason...
Jason placed his hands on her jello booty. He squeezed hard, then spanked her with both her hands. She squealed. Jason kissed her passionately, and was about to talk dirty to her when suddenly he let out a massive burp right into Ellie's face.
Ellie leaned back and laughed. 'Jesus, Jason! That was a massive one!'
'Sorry!' He said, wondering where that came from.
Again, he felt the gas build up. He turned to Ellie to resume their make-out session, but he let out another burp.
'I- erp! I don't- BUURP!- know what's going ONNNN-EERRP!'
'It's alright, darling, just...let it out!' She said, laughing at her boyfriend's sudden lapse in decency. Jason clutched his stomach. Something felt off. He let out a gigantic fart, followed by a greasy belch. He felt like he was changing somehow. Ellie continued to laugh. She even matched Jason's fart with one of her own, as she leaned forward and pulled her butt-cheeks apart with her hands, releasing a deep blast of air.
'Keep going!' She said, teasing him as he lost control of his body. For several minutes, Jason was a farting and belching machine. When it finally settled down, Jason returned to his senses.
'Sorry,' he said again, but Ellie didn't care. The two went into the bedroom and screwed the morning away. By the end of their session, Ellie laid next to Jason, and staring up at the ceiling, her old friend growled through the sweaty sheets. She looked over to Jason and asked him if he could bring her some food.
'What do you want?' He asked.
'Anything,' She said, 'Maybe some pizzas?'
'Pizza?' The mere word made his own stomach growl. 'Yeah, I could go for some pizza too. God...I didn't know I was so hungry until you mentioned it.' He said rubbing his stomach...
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby hgrambly » Mon May 20, 2019 4:05 pm

Thanks for all the comments! And I'm sure, xpulley, that the chapter I just posted answers your question! I'm thinking of speeding up the pace because I intend on writing only 5 more chapters. I will try to post a new chapter in a few days, but life seems to keep me away from this story. All the best!
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Re: Beauty Is In The Eye...[wg, dg, multi-]

Postby xpulley » Wed May 22, 2019 10:31 am

Fantastic addition! Each chapter is better than the last
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