Jail Makeover - WG, multi, IR *Part 4 added 3/14/19

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Re: Jail - wg, makeover *Part 3 added 2/19

Postby badcompany8888 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:12 am

element wrote:I am also very excited to see that this story still lives!

Regarding Alexis, I would recommend to take things a bit differently. In a lines of "OK, if he prefers them skinny, we will give him a really skinny". Together with some nice addictions bundled in, to prevent any future weight gain - literal crack whore.

Would not it be funny to have a weight gain story with one of the characters actually losing weight?

While I do love that idea, I can't seem to get myself behind doing weight loss. And when I have to try to make myself write something, it never goes well.

Probably not going to be anything new this weekend, going to be busy for much of it, but next week I hope to have something for you all. I'm working on being less of a perfectionist because that has stalled me in the past.
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Re: Jail - wg, makeover *Part 3 added 2/19

Postby tgpete » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:24 am

Good stuff so far, can't wait of the next part.
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Re: Jail - wg, makeover *Part 3 added 2/19

Postby snakecolo » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:27 pm

please continue soon
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Re: Jail Makeover - WG, multi, IR *Part 4 added 3/14/19

Postby badcompany8888 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:04 pm

Ok so I tweaked the title because I've always hated it. So there's that.

Part 4

Shasta's cousin, Lamar, wasn't exactly excited to see them. When he popped the hatch and looked upon the petrified redhead in the back of the Cadillac, he immediately shut the hatch and glared at Shasta.

“The fuck is wrong with you, Shasta?! I'm trying to run an honest criminal enterprise up here and you show up with a tied up white bitch! Dumb shit like this is why you got locked up.”

“This ho was sleepin’ round wit my girl Trixi's husband!”

“I don't give a fuck if she sleepin’ with Bill Clinton, why is it my fucking problem!?”

The argument raged on as they stood outside the old two story house. Calling it a crack house would have been unfair. All the other houses on the block could be considered crack houses but the one Lamar did his business out of was in decent shape by comparison.

Eventually, Lamar caved and called his right hand guy Jaxson down. The 6'3, heavily muscled Jaxson came out of the house and asked his boss, “What we got in here?”

Lamar, wearing an unhappy face, replied, “Chick from down south, crossed my sister. I need you to take her, show her what's up. I ain't got to tell you, she ain't gonna be to receptive, so do what you got to do.”

Jaxson grinned and popped the hatch. His grin faded a bit when he saw the girl inside. “Another skinny white girl. Oh joy.” Again the hatch was shut on Alexis. “We ain't gonna make no money wit dat. Carlo has the pussy market saturated wit basic bitches just like dat. Blow jobs at $20 a shot ain't gonna make no one rich.”

He opened the hatch again, “She is cute though. But she's got nothin’ on yo friend here Shasta! Why ain't ya introduced us?” He smiled wide at Trixi, who blushed and smiled shyly in return.

“This is my girlfriend Trixi, and this ho in da trunk slept wit her husband!” Shasta said and spat in Alexis's face.

Jaxson took her by the hand and checked her out top to bottom, “Mmm Hmm! You a real woman, wit a real body. Forgive me for saying, but an ass like dat, you can put a nigga on his knees!” Trixi could only giggle, loving the flattering comments he made. Jaxson asked, “Why don't you let yo white boy husband run off with this chick and find you a real man, honey?”

“Yeah! Do that!” Lamar nodded, edgar to get rid of the problem Shasta brought him, “Sounds like a great plan! Just send this bitch back and and everyone lives happily ever after and I can get back to pushing drugs and ass.”

But Lamar was being ignored. Jaxson was already leading Trixi into the house, chatting her up. Shasta was a few steps behind, egging them on. Lamar sighed and looked at Alexis, saying “This is some bullshit.” He gathered her up and put her over her his arm, carrying her into the house. He called after them, “Damnit Jaxson, I thought you worked for me! You supposed to do the heavy lifting.”


While Lamar brought Alexis up two flights of stairs to the attic, complaining the whole time, Jaxson was hitting hard on Trixi. She was absolutely loving the attention. Sure, she got plenty from Shasta, but she hadn't seen any attention from her husband in ages. And this strong, sexy black man seemingly knew just what she needed.

Shasta of course loved the scene unfolding before her. When Lamar started hollering for Jaxson to come up and help tie the struggling Alexis to the bed, Shasta pulled Trixi in close and whispered, “That nigga wants you bad, girl!”

Trixi nervously giggled, “Oh I can tell! But just cause Josh cheated don't mean I should…”

“Give me a damn break! Josh would still be fucking that ho if I hadn't found out. Trust me, girl. It will feel so good getting back at Josh! Not to mention I know fo’ a fact dat nigga know how to fuck!”

Trixi's mouth dropped open. Shasta smiled mischievously, “Who you think converted him to big chicks? Come on, we'll blow his mind!” Shasta led Trixi to a room that turned out to be Jaxson's, complete with a king size bed and laundry all over the floor. Shasta helped Trixi strip out of her top and skirt and then stripped down herself.

Jaxson hurried down the stairs and looked in disappointment at the couch where he left Trixi. But a whistle drew his attention. A naked Trixi and Shasta stood in the doorway...kinda. They would each have nearly filled the doorway themselves so they had to stand somewhat staggered, with their fat bellies pushing up against each other. Trixi bit her lip seductively like Shasta told her too and beckoned the built gangbanger over.

Shasta smiled mischievously, “My girl Trixi ain't had real dick in a long time, her sorry ass hubby don't know a real woman.”

Jaxson stood close to Trixi, towering over her and looking down into her eyes, “Yo husband a fool…” He peeled off his shirt and unzipped his pants. His massive dick was already growing even bigger in his boxers. Shasta guided Trixi to her knees in front of Jaxson and pulled his boxers down. His cock bounced out, nearly hitting Trixi in the face, its size causing her mouth to drop. It was almost the size of one of the dildos Shasta used on her regularly… only it was real!

Trixi was mesmerized. It had been so long since she had real cock. And her resized pussy didn't get much out of Josh's dick the last time they did fuck, she had barely felt him! She knew this big black cock would have a much better chance of filling her up. Without a second thought about her husband Josh she opened her mouth and took as much of Jaxson's cock inside.

The next hour and a half consisted of a string of sexual positions involving all three. Trixi riding Jaxson's big dick while Shasta stood in front of her and had her lick her snatch. Both ladies slobbering all over Jaxson's cock and making out at the same time. Trixi getting pounded from behind by Jaxson while again eating Shasta out. And nearly everything in between. When Jaxson finally blew his load all over Shasta's fat ass, Trixi was more than willing to lick it all up.

Shasta watched Trixi snoring softly in Jaxson's arms and made a mental adjustment to her plans. Still nude, Shasta started the trek up to the attic.


Never did Alexis think that sleeping with married men all these years would have landed her here in the attic of an old crack house, tied to a dirty bed. A scorned wife had slashed her tires once. But that paled in comparison to her current situation.

Having been left alone in the attic, tied spread eagle to the bed for a while, Alexis was able to calm herself down and worked on a way out. She would have to bide her time do what she knew how to do to get out of this. Alexis did get around and didn't like being tied down to one guy, so they hadn't been exactly wrong in calling her a slut. But her numerous hookups had taught her that overall men are all the same and good sex can get a man doing whatever she wanted. Then when the time was right, she would bolt.

She was going to start right away when she heard someone coming up the stairs, but her plans fell apart for the time being when the naked black chick entered the room. She was the worst of the bunch! The fear rushed back in.

Shasta stood over the bed smoking a cigarette, “So it seems dey got enough basic skank hos up here already. I was gonna get dem to put yo ass on da street but you ain't got no value to my cousin!”

Alexis didn't know how to respond to that. Shasta glared down at her, “So I got to find some value wit you… find somethin’ you good at… Mmmm, maybe you can eat pussy?”

“No, no, not that!!” Alexis pleaded, but the obese black woman was already crawling into bed and on top of her.

“Its ahite, girl, Trixi couldn't eat pussy fo’ shit at first, but ima good teacha! She a mothafuckin pro now!” Shasta wiggled into place and hovered her freshly fucked crotch inches from Alexis's panicked face, who was crying and begging for release by now.

Shasta ignored her entirely, “Now you bite me and I swear I'll smother yo’ sorry ass till you quit breathin’. But y'all do a good job and get me off an I'll have something special for you.” With that all light and sound was blocked out as hundreds of pounds of ebony flesh surrounded her.

Alexis could only keep her mouth shut for a few seconds before she ran low on air in her panicked state. Left with no choice, she thrust her tongue into the wet gaping cunt in her face. Something inside her cracked at that moment, the realization of what she was reduced to doing struck her, but she focused on breathing and moving her tongue.

Shasta grinned when she felt Alexis cave and felt her wet tongue working her inner folds. She lifted a bit to reward the girl with a breath of air but settled back down on her face a split second later.

So went the next half hour. Alexis struggled to hit the right spots, even with Shasta's coaching. The humiliation faded as her jaw grew sore. All she wanted more than anything was to make this awful woman orgasm so it could stop. It had felt like a lifetime when Shata finally hit her peak. She pushed down hard and ground her pussy into Alexis's face, bucking back and forth just like she was riding a dick.

Both women gradually caught their breath, Shasta from her orgasm and Alexis now being able to breathe fully with Shasta off of her. Shasta laughed, “Damm, ho. Took yo ass long enough! You want dat to go quicker, then git betta!”

Alexis couldn't fathom going through that again right now as she sniveled and cried quietly. She just wanted Shasta to leave so she could try crying herself to sleep but instead the big black woman produced a pill and a bottle of beer. “I told yous I'd give you a treat if you made me cum. Swallow dis, I bet yo head hurts, it will help the pain.” She held the white pill up to Alexis's face but she sunk away into the bed.

“Wha… what is it…?”

Shasta rolled her eyes impatiently, “Jus a little bit of vicodin, it will take da edge off, jus relax, dayam…”

Alexis let her feed her the pill and chase it with half the beer. She wasn't a total stranger to vicodin, one would relax her and heaven knows she needed that right now. She was cast into darkness as Shasta shut off the light as she left the attic. Alexis closed her eyes and waited for the heavy duty painkiller to take effect. She had been planning on manipulating her male captors with sex. Could the plan still work with some… adjustments? The thought made Alexis ill all over again.
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Re: Jail Makeover - WG, multi, IR *Part 4 added 3/14/19

Postby snakecolo » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:32 am

amazing continue soon
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Re: Jail Makeover - WG, multi, IR *Part 4 added 3/14/19

Postby Tommmy » Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:55 pm

Love this story. PLEASE PLEASE have them turn that skinny ass redhead into a 350lb ho. CAnt wait to read more
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Re: Jail Makeover - WG, multi, IR *Part 4 added 3/14/19

Postby Francescasugarlips » Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:51 am

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter in this spectacular series!
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