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Down the Rabbit Hole MULT

Postby audipwr87 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:21 pm

Buttons were quickly being pressed and joysticks were furiously clicking. "Oh c'mon ooooh oh I'm gonna beat you!" Shelby said with playful intensity.

Will smirked, heavily focused on the small 46" flatscreen as he leaned over towards his equally focused wife. "Not if I can help it!" The loud pressing of the buttons on his Xbox One controller sped up.

"What... are you afraid to lose your crown to a GIRL Mr. Professional Gamer?" Shelby jabbed not taking her eyes off of the screen even for a moment.

"Oh hardy har har! You're just as competitive as me!" Will commented playfully.

A sudden victorious sound echoed from the tv's speakers as one of the competitors fell.

"Damnit!!!" Shelby said in mock anger.

Will softly threw his controller down on the couch and stuck his hands up claiming victory.

"Oooh I am still the king! You gotta play better than that if you want the crown for yourself!" Will stated triumphantly.

"I'll beat you one of these days!" Shelby said tickling her husband.

Will returned the favor finding her secret ticklish spot on the inside of her soft thighs. "Oh yeah... if I only had one arm... even then, it'd be a challenge for you."

"Oh hoh is that right?!?" Shelby tackled him and pinned him down on the couch coming within inches of his face. She straddled him. Her long brunette hair danced across her lovers face and he had a nice view of her healthy C cup bust as it pressed into his chest. "Just you wait... I will get the better of you one of these days!" She said sexily.

"In your dreams babe." He winked.

Will smirked and raised his head up to kiss her. She met him the rest of the way kissing him softly then pulling away after a few seconds.

"To the victor go the spoils." She said as she pulled her shirt off and looked at him with a knowing glance.

Will knew what that look meant. Especially after being married to her for over three years.

Will struggled to overpower her due to her size and due to his lack of strength...

Shelby was by no means fat, but she had put on a decent bit of weight since they had gotten married. Part of it was due to her insane work schedule as a registered nurse, having to eat late and her lack of sleep at night. She was 5'6 and weighed a soft 167 pounds. This gave her a very healthy hourglass figure which Will absolutely loved. However, she still felt self conscious about herself and typically wore quite concealing clothes.

In all honesty neither one of them had ever been the type to enjoy sports or being active and it kind of showed...

Will was slightly above average in height, standing at 5'10" but was quite skinny weighing only 135 pounds. He worked as an IT guy at a law firm in the city. He liked the job well enough, but it didn't exactly pay well...

Will and Shelby were high school sweethearts. They had first met at their High School's homecoming dance.

***eight years ago***

Due to neither one being the most popular of their Junior class, they were taking up space at the tables placed out next to the dance floor. They were seated a few tables apart, both curious as to why they even wasted their time at functions like this...

They were both fairly attractive, but painfully socially awkward which is why they were in this situation in the first place.

But that is when their eyes met... They couldn't help but completely and fully stare at one another.

Will felt as if he was in autopilot raising from his chair with wobbly knees. He took the first step nearly tripping over the legs of the table that he had been seated at. He was shaking from nervous wonder as he began approaching the beautiful brunette. Hundreds, if not thousands of questions ran through his mind. "What would he say? What if he made a fool of himself?"

With as much bravery as he could muster, he swallowed his nervousness and stood in front of this beautiful girl.

"C-care to dance?" He clumsily trembled over his own words.

Shelby smirked, noticing that he was just as nervous as she was. She blushed slightly before replying with a simple but steady "No."

"Oh..." Will muttered defeated as he hung his head low. He was starting to turn around so he could leave the school and sulk in the darkness.

"B-but I wouldn't mind having someone to talk with..." Will heard as his back was turned.

It took him a few moments to process what she had just asked. He turned back around in undeniable shock. "Ummm what??"

"...W-would you care to sit and talk with me? My friends are here, but they all have dates... so here I am all by myself..."

Will felt his heart nearly become weightless but at the same time it felt as if it was going to explode. A smile formed on his face. "Ummm yeah... sure! My friends are here too but they all have dates as well..."

Shelby returned his feelings with a beautifully bright warm smile of her own. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked up at him.

Will was immediately in love... but he tried to remain calm and collected.

"Is this seat taken?" Will asked motioning to the seat nearest to her.

Shelby smiled. "It is now..."

They sat and talked for the rest of the night. They found out that they actually had alot in common. They both shared an affinity for video games, movies, comic books and certain tv shows.

They had also learned that while they moved in completely different social circles, their friends also shared many similarities.

After that, due to their budding friendship, their two separate groups of friends slowly became one large group.

Due to their teenage awkwardness and cautious nature, Will and Shelby didn't immediately start going out. However, their friendship was strong and true. They started finding that they were spending nearly every day together whether it was during classes they had together, school lunch, after school, or even on weekends. They would even come up with excuses to hang out with each other. Whether it was to exchange video games, movies or just hang out together due to boredom.

Their group of friends even made a point to poke fun at their friendship whenever the two would flirt with each other. Often times saying to stop being so damn shy and to just make it official already.

After one spirited game of Mario Kart, they were playfully pushing and shoving each other. Shelby ended up falling on top of Will and had him pinned down. They looked into each others eyes for what felt like an eternity. Before long they shared their first kiss.

That was only the beginning of their love story...

***Back to the present***

Here they were 8 years later. They were both 26 and more in love than ever.

They both had one major issue that seemed to rear it's ugly head nearly every day...

Shelby still had Will pinned between her thick thighs. She looked down at him thoughtfully. Will could tell she had something on her mind and decided to ask her about it.

"What's on your mind baby?" Will asked her while caressing the side of her face. He had a feeling he knew what it was...

Her eyes began getting wattery. "I... I want to have children... but I don't know if I can..."

Will and Shelby have had this conversation many times over. They had been trying for nearly a year and had had no such luck.

"Well... we just have to keep trying hun... we have to keep our heads up..."

Shelby looked at him with a smile showing through her tearful eyes. "Always my rock... always the positive part of my life... now I know why I married you..."

She kissed him lovingly as she moved her underwear to one side and let him slide in.

Their session of love making was amazing and electric. She bent down towards his ear and whispered something in between thrusts. "Let's try to make a baby."

If one thing was for sure, their sex life was as healthy as anyone they knew. They had sex at least a couple times a day and couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

An hour later they laid in a sweaty embrace. Shelby was still focusing on the elephant in the room. She rolled onto her side to look at her husband. "Now I know you think it's possible for us to have kids without any help but if we still haven't had any luck in another couple of months, you have to promise me that we will get help okay?"

Will looked at her giving her his full focus and attention. He could tell that she wanted kids more than anything else in their life.

He paused for a few moments and smiled. "Okay, you have a deal my love."

They had already purchased a respectable house that they could call home. It did need a bit of work but they'd fix it up as they could afford it.

Now they just wanted to start a family so they could fill their home.

***Four months later***

They had still not had any luck conceiving a child so here they were sitting in their doctors office. This was their third visit. They had found that the both of them were to blame for the issues...

They were looking into doing in-vitro fertilization.

"I know it can be rather off putting once you see the price tag..." Dr. King apprehensively mentioned.

"Yeah... twenty thousand dollars?!? That's more than a little off putting..." Will said trying to mask his disappointment...

Shelby was trying to stay positive. "I'm sure there's a way for us to make it work... Just send us with the paperwork, let me talk with my husband and I'm sure we will be able to figure it out."

In all honesty, they were barely making ends meet as it was. Their furnace had gone out, they needed a new roof... Also between house payments, bills, car payments... everything... it was all too much...

The ride back from the doctor's office was a quiet one... But once they walked in through the front door of their home it all came pouring out.

"Baby... I don't know how we're going to be able to do it..." Will said starting to cry.

"Shhh... shhh It'll be okay hun. We will figure something out..."

"Yeah... yeah... maybe we can sell one of the cars..." he said frustrated at the whole situation.

Shelby let a warm smile creep across her face. "Well how about for tonight we head out to our favorite bar that we haven't been to in ages and do a bit of drinking and maybe play some pool? We haven't done that in awhile! Maybe it'll help us calm down and clear our heads..."

"Besides... who knows? If this in-vitro deal works, this may be the last time I get to drink..."

Will smiled as best as he could trying to sound positive. "That sounds like a great idea babe..."

"Great! Well let's get changed and we can be on our way!"

Will dressed in a long sleeved black dress shirt and jeans while Shelby dressed in a floral pattern flowing dress that went down to her ankles and finished her look with black flats.

Will looked at her choice of attire and tried to remain positive. Sometimes he wished she was more comfortable with her body so she'd show it off more...

They made their way out to "The Double Deuce." It was their favorite bar... and the best thing about it... it only took about twenty minutes to walk to.

They arrived and the bar was in full tilt. Will walked up to the counter and put an order in for the drinks while Shelby made a bee line for the restroom.

As Will was waiting for his drinks, an odd stranger wearing a black wide brimmed fedora hat with red stitching and black suit with red pocket square sat next to him.

Time stopped moving forward...

"So... going to drink your sorrows away tonight?" A smooth as silk, but deep voice asked.

Will smirked and looked straight ahead not paying attention to the random patron who was speaking to him. "You have no idea pal..." he replied flatly.

The mysterious man chuckled. "Well... what if I told you I could help you with your current predicament?"

It was Will's turn to chuckle. "What... help me get drunk? I think I can do that easily enough on my own..."

The strange man kept a straight face. "No Will... help you start a family... help with your financial issues...."

Will was taken aback. "Wait... how do you know my name Mr... umm...??"

"If it's all the same to you... I go by Winston... and I guess you could say I'm a warlock of sorts... a genie for the more light-hearted. I grant wishes to those who are down on their luck."

Will couldn't believe what he was hearing... "A genie?? A warlock?? What are you gonna do next? Pull a rabbit out of your hat?"

Winston was becoming slightly annoyed at Will's doubting of his powers. "To show a slight example of my powers... you wished that your wife dressed a bit more... let's say provocatively..."

Will couldn't believe what he was hearing... "How did you know?!?"

"I told you my dear Will... I have powers. As a show of good faith, I'll make your wish come true. Shelby will come out of that bathroom wearing something a bit more "showy". It'll seem completely normal to her... like she's always dressed that way. That she's always been a bit more comfortable in her own skin. If you like what you see, all you have to do is go into any bathroom and mention my name three times. I look forward to our future conversations my boy."

And with that he was gone...

Time sped back up and as if on cue, Shelby walked out of the restroom and towards the bar.

Shelby sounded happy as ever as she greeted him. "Hey baby. Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long..." Will looked back towards her and his jaw dropped...
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:25 pm

Sigh. Will really needs to learn quickly not to make suspiciously too good to be true deals with shady warlocks. Good luck to him and Shelby, as well as to you with your story. Cheers!
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby therandylion » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:14 pm

Nice work! Excited to see what direction you go with the changes.
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby jmichaels » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:09 pm

Got my popcorn ready!
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby Matt L. » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:54 pm

Exceptionally well done, very enjoyable. I can truly feel the affection between Will and Shelby, and the dialogue is realistic and cute.


Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby audipwr87 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:04 am

Will couldn't believe it... Shelby was still wearing a variation of the dress she had originally put on. But it was vastly different! The cut of the dress proudly showed off her positively exquisite breasts and gave a hint of her curvy bodice, thick thighs and rounded derriere.

Even her choice of footwear had changed, becoming a low sitting heel. Two inches at most and the color had changed, becoming a glittery silver instead of the basic matte black flats she had previously wore... it sparkled in the bar's neon lighting.

Will searched his memory, thinking back to when they had first met at the high school dance. He had a few memories, fuzzy ones at that... Her long flowing marina blue dress that she had wore. It concealed nearly every curve she had... He also vaguely remembered times from when they hung out after that. He could remember the way she used to dress... Calf length dresses, skirts, loose blue jeans, button up blouses and sweatshirts, well worn sneakers and flats. Even with the occasional summer trip to the beach with their group of friends... wearing a basic sensible one piece bathing suit...

But in another slightly clearer one, he could remember her new wardrobe. The dress that she wore to the high school dance... It was a short, shimmering blue dress that highlighted her chest and curvy legs.

Then he remembered her typical every day wardrobe... Barely knee length skirts and dresses, low cut blouses, tops, tight jeans, yoga pants, short shorts, heels and sandals. And the beach... oh the beach... She wore two piece bikinis that did nothing to hide her curvaceous figure.

It seemed as if his new memories were slowly intertwining with his old ones.

"What... is there something wrong??" Shelby asked genuinely worried looking down at herself.

Will snapped out of the daze he was in, trying to regain his composure.

He smiled. "Ah umm no... of course not baby. Everything is absolutely perfect at this moment." He said handing her a vodka and cranberry. It was mainly clear with a slight red tint to it.

His answer seemed to calm any worries that were in her head. She took a sip and made a funny face. "Woah-ho-ho this is one strong drink!"

Will chuckled at her comedically low tolerance for alcohol. "Well let's go play some pool."

They played and drank for a number of hours that night. Will let her win the first round but only barely.

He was just so focused on her and the dress she wore. It wasn't just that, but in the way she carried herself. She was certainly more comfortable in herself. In the way she moved. She seemed to don a more exaggerated sway when she walked. He even noticed a slight difference in the way she talked as well. But maybe that was just the alcohol working it's magic?

But she even seemed more comfortable in the way she played pool. She seemed to bend farther over to give Will healthy glances of her rack whenever he was opposite of her. She would look up at him with a knowing smirk and take her shot.

Will had also noticed various patrons at the bar stealing glances of his wife. He wasn't sure whether he liked that or not...

They stayed until closing time that night and made a slow drunken walk back towards home stumbling and giggling as they walked. "Oh... baby I had sho muchh fun tonight. I neeeded thissh... YOU neeeded thissh..."

He only smiled at her and nodded.

Once they were back within the warm embrace of their home, they quickly undressed and had a long incredible night of love making.

They fell asleep in each others arms... grateful for a night without worry...

Will was the first to awaken the next morning as sunlight streamed into their bedroom through the wood blinds that sat in their window.

His head was pounding... he looked over to where his wife still laid in a peaceful slumber. He smiled and brushed a strand of her brunette locks from her face.

He slowly got up from their bed and stumbled towards the bathroom and downed four asprin to fight against his terrible hangover.

"Ugh I am never going to drink ever again..." A promise he had made to himself on many occasions prior to last night.

He looked at himself in the mirror as he splashed cold water on his face. He couldn't believe what had transpired with the stranger and his wife the previous night.

Was it really real? Did that really happen? As if to test that theory, he found there was only one thing he could do...

He looked back towards the mirror and quietly whispered out... "Winston... Winston... Winston..."

The same man appeared from the night before in a thick cloud of crimson smoke. He was still wearing the same suit from the previous night. "You called?"

Will was still perplexed beyond belief. "H-how did you do it? It's not possible..." He focused upon the mans weathered face. He could tell just by looking at this man or... whatever he was... had never-ending wisdom. His eyes were dark as night, but seemed to have a faint yellow glow emanating from them. As if he held all of the universe's answers within his mind. It was a fact that intrigued Will, yet terrified him all the same.

He was just still unsure of the man's intentions...

Winston grinned. "I told you my dear boy... I'm an ethereal being..."

"Wait... so you're not a demon or worse yet... the Devil himself?"

"Oh no my dear boy! I honestly don't know what I am, or honestly where I came from... I just remember waking up with these powers many many years ago when I was much much younger..."

Winston continued on. "I can do just about anything the heart desires. There are only a few limits to my power. One of them being I can't create or take away life... I also can't fix your wife's health problems that are keeping her from becoming pregnant... Because I knew that's what your next question was going to be..."

Will's short lived look of hope drained from his face almost instantly. "Oh..."

"But not to worry! I know you and your wife could use help elsewhere..."

He snapped his fingers and a large leather chair appeared on the floor behind him. He slowly lowered himself down into its soft cushion and leaned backwards.

"Just as an example... I know that the two of you can't afford the procedure that could possibly grant you a family... I also know that you have certain repairs that need to be done to your home..."

"If things continue on the way they are now, this is where your life will end up..."

Winston ran his hand over Will's eyes. A sudden view into the future showed Will living in a run down studio apartment. His wedding ring was gone from his finger... Shelby was nowhere to be found. A landlord was pounding on the door demanding he be let in. An eviction notice laid on the floor in front of him... He was standing on a chair with a noose around his neck...

The vision dimmed and reality came back into view...

"You're drowning in debt and if things don't change, you'll end up losing your home... your cars... your wife... everything you hold near and dear in your life...

Even with Will seeing his own horrible fate, he was still mainly worried about Shelby. "What... what happened to Shelby?"

Winston spoke softly. A tinge of sadness filling his voice. "Well I'm afraid that since she couldn't have children and couldn't afford the in-vitro fertilization... She had a certain emptyness that she couldn't possibly fill... It finally became too much for her to bare... She... she killed herself Will..."

Will began crying. "NO NO!! THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!"

"However... if you allow me to help you, this is where you could end up..." He ran his hand over Will's eyes once more...

Will could see him and his wife happily sitting on the floor of their beautiful spacious home playing with what appeared to be twins... TWINS!!... A boy and a girl... He could see further into the future now... both of his kids graduating high school, going to their dream colleges..." then the vision dimmed bringing him back to reality...

Will had a warm smile on his face. He had to give his wife the life she deserved... "Please help us..." was all he could say...

Winston's soft gaze took on an ominous ice cold glare that made Will tense up as if his vains were freezing at that very moment. "I will help you... All I ask in return, is that you never tell your wife about me, or try to make her remember how your life used to be... I'll have a special contract for you to sign to make sure you stick to those guidelines. If you do try to break any of those things, the results could be disastrous. Do you understand?"

Will nodded but he still felt as if the man seated before him had ulterior motives of some sort. "Why... why are you doing this for us?? Is there a catch? What do you get out of this?"

Winston shook his head while grinning. "Oh still unsure of my intentions? Okay... well ask for something... anything!" His eyes took on a methodical appearance.

Had Will been paying closer attention, he would have noticed Winston's eyes take on a slight red hue.

Will thought hard about what he would ask for... he started out small just to be cautious. He looked up towards the ceiling where a newly formed water stain had reared it's ugly head. He heard the furnace groan out painfully as it tried to kick on... Perfect...

"I wish that the furnace and roof for our house was repaired and in perfect working condition."

Winston grinned as Will had fallen perfectly into his trap. He rubbed his hands together and quickly snapped his fingers. Boards on the roof shifted and creaked as they were replaced with new ones. In a matter of seconds, the roof was brand new.

Will could hear piping clatter and the furnace let out one final groan as it was replaced with a brand new top of the line version. He brought his hand down to the nearest vent and felt a perfectly warm, steady amount of air escaping the grate.

Will paused for a few moments still considering what he should do... "maybe he is just helping us since we're down on our luck... I mean what other choice do we have? Go even further into debt, lose the house and our chances of ever being able to have a child of our own? Give up, possibly the only way to ever give Shelby the life she so rightfully deserves?

Without much more thought, Will had made up his mind. "Okay where do I sign?..."

Winston rubbed his hands together excitedly. "Fantastic!" He snapped his fingers and a large three inch thick contract landed on a table that seemed to materialize right before their very own eyes.

Will looked unsure. "What is all of this??" He asked as he thumbed through the pages seeing terms he had never even heard of before.

Winston was growing impatient. "It's just a bunch of mumbo jumbo to cover all the angles. You do know that I have helped humans before... they can be a truly tricky species. Buuut... if you want to go back to your old life fighting to make ends meet..." Winston trailed off.

Will's eyes nearly doubled in size. He couldn't pass up this opportunity! He couldn't stand to see his wife unhappy or worse... "NO! Ahem... ummm we have a deal!" He grabbed the special pen that Winston already had out for him. As he touched it, a small, nearly invisible needle protruding out from the side of the pen slid into Will's hand and used his own blood for ink.

Will signed on the dotted line...
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby Matt L. » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:30 am

This is a smoothly written story and with a nice pace. Intriguingly entertaining, I'm trying to figure out the macabre catch that will bring chaos to Will somewhere down the line.

Commendable work.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:40 am

love the detail you put into the characters backstory, but Winston just lays it out there '' I'm a warlock'' like its a common job to have, or maybe he only confesses to drunks, either way, good for a laugh, look forward to seeing where it goes, hopefully, you have a grand twist planned for us.
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby audipwr87 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:05 pm

Will was hoping that he had made the right decision to better his and Shelby's life. But what choice did he have?...

Once Will had dotted the last I... crossed the last T... Winston had vanished along with any trace of him ever being there.

Will shook his head still not quite believing what his own two eyes had seen in the last twenty four hours.

He headed back to bed. The house seeming much warmer than it had been only a few minutes prior.

He went to open the door to his and Shelby's bedroom.

It was locked...

He knocked quietly on the door and heard a rustling, mumbling and soft footsteps that padded towards the door. The door quickly swung open with a half asleep fully nude Shelby standing in the doorway. She had a perturbed look on her face.

"Why are you trying to get back into the bed?!? Didn't I tell you that you were sleeping on the fucking couch tonight?!?"

She nearly slammed the door in his face but he stopped her. "But... but... what did I do?!?" He cried out.

Shelby scoffed at him. "It should be pretty fucking obvious!! You used what LITTLE money we had left to fix the furnace and roof without even discussing it with me!!! I thought we were going to use that for the In-vitro procedure... or do you not want a family anymore? I thought for sure you'd have more fucking sense than that!!!"

He didn't know what to say... he just stood there in shock.

Without so much as a goodnight or another fuck you, she proceeded to slam the door in his face.

As he was slowly trudging towards the living room, he passed the dining room table and saw a big stack of bills on it's surface that read "PAST DUE" in bright red letters. Credit card bills, house payments, car payments, power bills, water bills... The list kept going on...

His eyes fell upon a couple in particular that were also past due. One read "Superior Roofing" and another read "Deep South Heating."

"Son of a bitch!! Winston had the roof and furnace repaired but he didn't cover any of the costs..."

He knew Winston couldn't be trusted!! But did he listen to his gut? Of course not! He was going to have to be very cautious... He slammed the bills down onto the table in anger.

He stomped back into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Without a second of deliberation, he muttered the name "Winston, Winston, Winston..."

Winston appeared before him once again. Will immediately grabbed him by the collar of his suit. "Just what the fuck have you done you son of a bitch!?!?"

Winston seemed unphased as he shook his head smiling. "Oh Will...Will...Will... you need to be more careful with who you trust... I did exactly as you asked. Isn't the furnace working perfectly? How about the roof? Any leaks to speak of?"

Will shook his head but only gripped Winstons suit that much tighter. "But I paid for it... and my wife is furious!!! I don't even know if she wants to continue to be with me after a fucking stunt like that!! You need to make this right!!"

"I don't need to do anything Will... YOU really need to learn to be more cautious of strangers offering to help you... I knew you and your wife were desperate, I knew you needed help so I took advantage of that fact... You should have read the contract before you signed it Will..."

"What the fuck did I agree to you sick bastard?" Will growled.

"Well... we're basically going to play a little game which you agreed to play... There are ten rounds in this game... One round per week. Each round has two options. Either you could change or your wife could change or sometimes both... it's solely up to you...

"You will earn more money with each round of changes. The first week starts out at ten thousand dollars... The second week is twenty thousand dollars... The third, forty thousand... The fourth, eighty thousand... and so on and so forth... In other words, the value doubles each week... However, the difficulty and severity of the changes will increase with each following week and reality will shift to fit the new reality so be wise about your choices..."

If you win my game, you will be obscenely rich by the end of it... But if you quit at any time before the last round, you will lose anything that you have earned up to that point."

Will had no idea what to say...

Winston smiled at Will's speechless and terrified demeanor. He continued talking.

"But... if you so much as utter anything to your wife about this, even if by accident, I will change her, and you as I see fit... it will also count as a forefeit which would leave you worse off that you already are. The only thing is, she won't remember being any different but you will... you will remember EVERYTHING. I could perhaps turn her into a cock hungry slut, or a ball of living blubber, maybe even a bimbo stripper, or better yet make her hate and despise you... but have to stay married to you due to a prenuptial agreement."

Will let go of Winston's suit collar after the last sentence.

"I know you would like that one the least..." Winston grinned.

"Why... just why are you doing this to us?? What did we ever do to you?..."

Winston smirked. "Oh nothing my dear boy. I didn't lie about being an ethereal being. However... I grow bored on occasion and need a bit of excitement. I like to see how far couples can go to stay together. Especially when change after change after change washes over them, leaving themselves distorted like a sand castle after being hit with wave after wave of the unforgiving ocean..."

Winston was looking back upon one of his last adventures. "You should've seen the last couple I "helped"... A young, very much in love, wholesome newly married couple spending their honey moon in Las Vegas. By the time I was done with them, they were barely recognizable... Still together and happy... But vastly different from how they started... They're still together with a brood of children thanks to the wife's crazy libido and habit of fooling around. Granted, they obviously weren't all the husbands kids due to the different nationalities... But they were one big happy family..."

"B...but I thought you said you couldn't create or destroy life..." Will whimpered out.

A most eerie grin formed on his wrinkled face. "Don't you get it yet?? I lied about that! I am basically a GOD! I could send you out in space with the snap of my fingers, or send you to the deepest part of the ocean to be crushed into oblivion... But I won't... I have more fun with things like this..."

If Will could've, he would have pissed his pants right then and there...

Winston had laid the groundwork for another sadistic game. "Well with that said... I will leave you to your wife and your life til next Saturday. Use this time wisely..."

And with that, Winston was gone...

"Oh no... what the hell have I gotten myself into?? That tricky piece of shit!" He yelled to himself as he laid down on the couch where his pillow and an old hole filled blanket already laid. He tried to fall back asleep dreading what was in store for him for the coming week.
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Re: Down the Rabbit Hole MULT.

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:28 pm

I was right - it's always tricky dealing with a warlock. Hope that Will succeeds here.
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