Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:41 am


They had started out at the H and H bar, had some dinner and a few drinks. Jim had a New York Strip with a side salad while Pamela went berserk and ordered the loaded bacon Mac and Cheese with cheese bread and a side of bacon wrapped deep fried jalepeno poppers.

After dinner they headed over to the Parlour bar. They specialized in treats for the sweet tooth. She had a couple slices of cheesecake and washed them down with alcohol laden dessert drinks while they were there.

Jim was flabbergasted at how quickly she was packing everything away. I mean sure, he already knew what her appetite was like but it only seemed to get worse and worse by the day.

And she enjoyed it more and more by the day as well...

Wherever they went, wherever they walked, Pamela seemed to get looks from a number of people. Disgusted looks from women and men. But there were also looks of lust and want mixed in...

Jim never realized so many people actually viewed gluttony and over indulgence as a positive thing...

Until his eyes were forced to open to this new world.

Her excess poundage was put on display for the whole world to see... It was her debut... and she was the star.

Pamela was noticing all of the stares and all of the attention that her outfit was getting her and it drove her absolutely wild. Whispers invaded her ears from passersby. She couldn't make any of it out. But she loved ig just the same.

A very small part of her felt embarassment... but the majority of her felt pure and unadulterated fervor. And that... that she felt in abundance...

She swayed her hips the more she desired the attention. She pressed her breasts up in her dress fo make them appear even more lewd. She felt her dress inching up her thighs with every click of her simple heels.

Still a part of her old self was screaming out in utter fear. That this was all wrong... that she shouldn't have even stepped out of the house wearing what she was wearing. Buf it was buried under many pounds of blubber, a monsoon of emotions and kinks.

It seemed to grow more silent by the day...

Jim had his arm wrapped around her waist where her love handles resided feeling her belly slightly sway to and fro with each step.

Jim noticed that Pamela was starting to struggle walking as far as they had.

"We can take a break if you want..." Jim said motioning to a couple cafe chairs sitting outside of a roadside cafe.

Pamela looked up at him, her breathing was slightly deeper and more intense than usual. "That would be totally great babe."

She sat down in the metal cafe chair. The thin arms slightly brushing against her wide hips. She had to keep her legs close together so no one would see her bare slit.

It took them roughly another twenty minutes to reach the club called "Tech Noir". The sign outside was illuminated by bright pink and blue neon and flashing yellow LEDs.

"Oh my gawd. Like how in the hell did you find this place?!?. It looks totally amazing!!"

"I have my ways..." Jim said mysteriously.

He left her side temporarily to take a call... it was Claire... she wanted to know where he was at... Pamela shrugged it off.

Eighties music emanated from the inside of the building. A very large african american body guard stood outside. He could've been a spitting image of Ving Rhames in both looks and stature. He held a toothpick in between his lips.

"Mmm mmm mmm... I'm gonna need your drivers license and a phone number...." the bouncer said, his eyes starting at her feet and traveling up her body til he reached her face.

Pamela giggled. "Well I'm like, sooo sorry but I'm taken... ummm..." she trailed off trying to find a name tag while handing him her ID.

He scanned over her information on her card.

Pamela Evelyn Paxton...
Age: 28...
Hair: Brown...
Eyes: Blue...
Height: 5'7...
Weight: 132 LBS...

His eyes bulged out of his head... "132 LBS?!?! Damn what the fuck happened to her?!?" He asked himself. He knew it wasn't a fake ID. He had seen many knock offs in the past to know it was real. He looked at the issue date... February of 2018... But how the hell did she balloon up so quick??

He tried to regain his composure. "Michael is my name... Well where's your wedding ring?" He asked out of curiosity.

"Oh ummm I had to like, remove it..."

The body guard looked unsure... "and why is that?"

"Well I put on a bit of weight..." she said passively.

"So you ARE married then?"

"Like I said... Yes... I totally am!"

"Tsk tsk tsk, well aint that a shame..." he said shaking his head. "Well if you ever get tired of settling for flank steak and want Filet Mignon, give me a call... he said secretly sliding her a business card with his number on it.

She slipped it into her purse with her ID, gave him a stern look and quickly kept walking into the club.

The guard glanced over Jim's drivers license and quickly waved him through.

The club was simply incredible! The song "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money was blaring over the clubs speakers. Lights were flashing every where, mirrored surfaces lined the tables and walls, fog machines were in full tilt and many scantily clad waitresses roamed about the building.

Jim and Pamela made a bee-line for the bar so they could grab some drinks and hit the dance floor.

It took nearly ten minutes just for the bartender to take their order.

It was understandable since the place was absolutely packed.

They recieved their beverages and started to make their way to the dance floor.

Pamela accidentally bumped into a very heavyset girl dressed in a glittery bright red Jessica Rabbit-esque dress.

Pamela turned around to apologize and realized that it was Claire.

"Oh my gawd! What are the chances that I'd run into you here?" Pamela said excitedly.

Claire smiled and sized her up. "Yeah no kidding! Wow... you look..." she trailed off. She wanted to say fatter, she wanted to point out the large tummy bulge and all of her other flaws but she abstained.

"You look gorgeous girl!" Claire said lying through her teeth and hugging her at the same time with a light couple taps on her bare fleshy back.

Jim had just turned around and noticed Claire. "Well hey Claire! Long time no see!" He said hugging her.

She returned the hug holding him tight. Pamela didn't suspect a thing though. Claire had always been very friendly and Pamela already had a healthy alcoholic buzz blurring her mental state.

"Well let's get out there and do some dancing huh?" Claire said energetically.

"Yeah... that like sounds great!..." Pamela tried to disguise her apprehension. Her legs and feet were still tired from the short trek there from the other bars.

The song "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey blared through the speakers and both of the girls squealed in excitement.

Each one of them grabbed Jim's hand and led him out to the dance floor.

They all danced as a group laughing and having a great time. But soon enough Pamela was getting gassed... She was able to make it to the end of the song before she had to call it quits.

"I'm gonna like go get another drink... you two just like, keep on dancin!"

Claire faked compassion. "Well like, how about I go with you? This place is toootallly nuts!"

Pamela shook her head. "No no no... just keep dancing! I'll be back soon enough! Just don't go stealin my fuckin husband or anything!" She said laughingly knowing her old friend would never do something like that.

Pamela made her way to the bar working her way through the sea of people.

The song "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran made itself known.

Claire licked her lips enticingly while looking at Jim. Now was her chance to make a move...

She pulled him in and started lightly grinding on him. He was going to object but between a mixture of alcohol and the simple fact that it felt so good he went along with it.

"Mmm you like that don't you?" Claire growled in his ear. She could feel his erection pressing into her fleshy ass.

"Well it can like, all be yours Jimmy. You just have to ditch that bitch of yours..."

Jim frowned. "But I'm married to her... I DO still love her!"

Claire smiled. "Well I'm like, here whenever you do decide to..." and she walked off leaving a confused and sexually frustrated Jim standing out on the dance floor by himself.

Pamela was just about to reach the bar when she accidentally bumped into one of the scantily clad waitresses making her drop her tray. The busty but very thin waitress sneered at her only giving her a short glance. Pamela was about to apologize until she realized...

It was her younger sister!! "Vanessa?!?" She squealed.

Claire positioned herself about ten feet away watching the scene unfold as she ordered another drink.

Just what Claire was hoping for... for Pamela to bump into her sis...l

The raven haired girl had tattoos going up both arms and multiple piercings decorating her face.

Vanessa looked at her inquisitively. "P-p-ppamela??? Is that you?!??"

Pamela knew what was coming...

Vanessa looked at her bewildered. "Jesus... you're fucking fat!..."

Vanessa took a peak at Pamela's rear end. "Holy shit, your ass is fucking huge!"

Pamela shrugged.

Vanessa continued on. "But it suits you... and it looks like you don't really mind it, seeing how you're dressed. It's about time you cut loose!"

Pamela accepted the back handed compliment but also hid her excitement. "Thanks I guess..."

Vanessa moved her foot awkwardly. "Well it's just you were always so uptight and shit... But fuck, I haven't seen you in like what?"

Pamela knew exactly how long it had been. "Like five years and some change..."

Vanessa shrugged. "I know I know... when I stole your boyfriend..."

Pamela sneered. "You mean FUCKED my boyfriend."

"Pshhh. You had to know it was coming... your legs were locked at the fucking knee!" Vanessa said defensively.

"Oh yeah... and your legs were open to any and all men who would come your way!!" Pamela shot back.

Vanessa flicked her hair out of anger. "Well excuse me! So what if I have a healthy sexual appetite? Is it really such a bad thing?"

Pamela fired back. "Well not when you're like, fucking a different guy every fucking day of the week!"

Vanessa looked for a wedding ring. "So I see you're still not married huh? I thought you would've been by now..."

"I AM married... I just... just like, outgrew my ring and I haven't gotten it fucking resized yet..."

"Ah I see..." Vanessa said showing signs of disbelief.

"Well you want me to fucking prove it to you then? I'll prove it to you!" She pulled Vanessa into the crowd.

Claire grabbed her new drink and followed Vanessa and Pamela back out to the dance floor.

"Vanessa I'd like you to meet my husband Jim! Jim I'd like you to meet my little sister."

Jim was still standing in bewilderment but regained his composure. "Nice to meet you Vanessa. Umm... Pamela hasn't told me a whole lot about you..."

"Ah why am I not surprised..."

Claire worked her way back to her group of friends. "Ah Vanessa! I haven't seen you in forever!! How are you doing babe?" She asked while giving her a hug.

Vanessa was unsure of who this huge blonde was. She studied her facial features closely. "Wow, is that you Claire? Man, what is it with the two of you... you're both fucking huge!!"

Claire looked down towards the floor. "Yeah... I gained a bit of weight... but I'm totally working on losing it! I'm already down twenty two pounds from when I started a month ago!" She said triumphantly.

"Well good for you! You think you could get my fat ass sister to follow suit?" Vanessa said laughing.

Claire joined in on the laughter. "Haha I doubt it! She's an eating machine!!" She said poking her in the belly to add to her statement.

Vanessa smirked and looked at her watch. She turned to her sister. "Well shit, I gotta get back to work but I'd like to stay in touch... can i get your phone number? I know I've been a shitty sister in the past but I want to make it up to you..."

Pamela tossed the idea around in her head for a few seconds. "Ummm sure. Just don't go stealing my fucking husband okay?" She said joking.

They exchanged phone numbers and Jim and Pamela looked at each other. "Well it's been an eventful night so far... what do you want to do?"

Claire smiled. "Well I'm down to like do some more drinkin!"

Pamela looked down at her stomach that was rumbling once again. "Well how bout we like, dance for a little bit longer, drink and then we can go grab some burgers or somethin. I'm cravin some greasy fuckin fast food..."

Jim smiled... "You've got a deal..."
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby myxomatosis » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:41 pm

I love the premise for this story, and am enjoying the pace. Plus, mind control is a huge kink for me, so that's a bonus as well. The only critique I have is on the copious amounts of "like" and "totally" in the dialogue. Pamela is supposed to be losing her intellect, but Claire isn't, so why does Claire sound just as vapid as Pamela?
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:50 pm

myxomatosis wrote:I love the premise for this story, and am enjoying the pace. Plus, mind control is a huge kink for me, so that's a bonus as well. The only critique I have is on the copious amounts of "like" and "totally" in the dialogue. Pamela is supposed to be losing her intellect, but Claire isn't, so why does Claire sound just as vapid as Pamela?

Thanks for the comment! As far as Claire's intellect, in chapter seven where she's first introduced, she's described as a "textbook ditz". Pamela is slightly more intelligent than her, but its a very slim margin. Trust me, intelligence will be playing a good sized part in this next chapter.
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby Junketh71 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:54 pm

Well, this was exciting. Thanks for updating.
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby Matt L. » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:02 pm

Another well-done and equally enjoyable chapter.
Top notch!

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby audipwr87 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:48 am


Jim had awoken with an excruciating hangover. His head was pounding, his stomach was doing somersaults and it hurt to even open his eyes.

He was snuggled up to his rather soft wife. Due to her increasing weight, the mattress was sinking in towards her side.

Pamela had a bit of a headache but otherwise felt fine. "Huh that's weird... Usually when I drink that much I'm out of commission the next day..." she thought to herself.

"But then again... I am a good sixty pounds heavier... maybe alcohol doesn't affect me like it used to..."

The previous night had been a whirlwind of fun for the young married couple. Both Pamela and Jim had gotten decently drunk and went dancing.

However the highlights of the night were vastly different between Pamela and Jim.

Jim had honestly had alot of fun with his wife the night before... But the moment that stuck in his mind was being hit on by the always flirtatious Claire. He had mixed emotions about the event. Sure, it erotically excited him that she was interested in him. Even though she was as large as she was. He still found overweight women to be rather disgusting. But the fact that she was continuing to lose weight helped...

However he was overcome with a heavy sense of guilt and betrayal. Pamela had been nothing short of an amazing wife. Even due to the current predicament that she was in thanks to him.

It's just that her personality and figure had done a complete one-eighty. He just simply couldn't stand someone who embraced a lifestyle filled with laziness and gluttony. He felt helpless knowing that there was nothing he could do about the current situation except try to pay Mr. Fisk back the rest of the way...

Pamela enjoyed the night nearly as much as her husband did. She enjoyed the food and drinks, dancing with her hubby, the eighties club, running into her friend Claire and finally getting back into contact with her sister.

She had harbored an extreme hatred for what her younger and severely more immature sister did to her many years prior. She even moved out from her parents house because of it. Her parents believed that while what her sister had done was wrong, that she should still forgive her... It had caused a rift between her whole family. So she hadn't talked with them since...

But she was coming to terms with what had happened. "Hell, if it weren't for her slut of a sister, she never would've met Jim..." she thought to herself.

She rolled over to her nightstand and picked up a fully wrapped double cheeseburger left over from the previous night and took a healthy bite of it and washed it down with a flat coke.

Both Jim and Pamela slowly lifted themselves from their respective sides of the bed.

She approached the scale in the corner of their bedroom. Out of a mixture of curiosity, fear and erotic excitement she stepped onto the scale.

*** 212 LBS***

A number that greatly excited her but scared her just the same... She felt like she was bipolar given the mixture of emotions she had running through her...

Her weight gain seemed to be picking up speed... She simply nodded accepting her new weight.

Pamela started to get dressed in her yoga pants and red top once again per Mr. Fisk's request. The outfit was becoming painfully tight already. She began quietly sobbing as she struggled to get it onto her expanding figure.

Jim heard her crying and approached her to console her even in his current state.

"What's the matter sweetheart?"

"I'm getting to be like, too fat for my fuckin fat clothes! A part of me is sooo grossed out by this but it feels like a larger part of me is enjoying it... it's all so fucking confusing!!!"

Her head lowered into her hands as she cried even harder.

"I don't wanna go back to Mr. Fisk's fucking mansion! He made a total mess of me last time. Who knows what he'll like, have in store for me this time..."

Jim held her close. "Aww it'll all be okay hun. Just try to stay positive.

Pamela sniffled. "It's just... I can feel my old personality slowly losing out to my new one... It's scaring the absolute shit out of me..."

Jim kissed her deeply. "Just try to...


They both knew who that was... They opened up the front door and there he was.

Mr. Fisk...

"Aaaaaah... and how is my favorite couple getting along?"

"Good..." Pamela sighed.

"That doesn't sound entirely genuine... such a shame for quite a beautiful little butterball."

Jim was getting fed up with Mr. Fisk and approached him full of anger. "I'm getting tired of your bullshit! Why don't you just get on with it? You don't have to gloat about what you're doing to my wife!"

Pamela put her hands on him to try to calm him down and keep him from getting too close to Mr. Fisk out of fear of what would happen.

Mr. Fisk smirked. "My my my... look at the big balls on Jimmy here!" He said mockingly.

Pamela's attempt at calming her fuming husband proved to be nothing but futile...

Jim clinched his fist and took a powerful swing. Mr. Fisk being made of brains and braun as well, was able to catch the incoming punch easily.

Jim had fallen right into Mr. Fisk's trap. Just as he had planned... and hoped.

Jim was in complete shock. He was always used to being the athletic superior in all things.

Jim's whole fist fit in Mr. Fisk's grasp. He shook his head. "Oh Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy... I thought you were smarter than that..."

A look of terror splashed across Jim's face. Going as pale as a ghost.

"You know... maybe three days with your wonderful wife isn't long enough..."

"No please don't! I'm sorry!!" Jim pleaded. Putting his hands together and getting down on his knees seeking forgiveness.

"I'm thinking a full week is an appropriate punishment for your outburst."

"Please Mr. Fisk don't like, do this... He's tootally sorry!" Pamela begged. She said crying holding onto Mr. Fisk's rather large forearms.

"I'm afraid it's too late... the decision has already been made."

Pamela let go of her captors forearms and started crying again.

"Besides, I have alot of fun things in store for you this time around. I think a week with me will be perfect to make sure everything develops properly." The smirk on Mr. Fisk's face made the married couple very uneasy.

Pamela collapsed in on herself terrified at what was going to happen to her... Her fear had turned to anger at her husband for making things even worse.

Jim's head sunk low and he started crying. He walked up to his wife and gave her a deep kiss. "I love you!"

She pushed him away without saying a word. Only pointing an angry digit towards him with a flat but stern look.

"Well I think it's time we left Pamela dear. Don't you think?"

Pamela just slowly nodded "Whatever you like, say Mr. Fisk..." and was led out the front door by him followed closely by Jim.

She turned around once more. "I'll like, see you in a week Jim." She said flatly.

Pamela entered the limo and looked out the car window to see Jim disappear off into the distance as they pulled away.

She didn't utter a single word on the way to Mr. Fisk's mansion.

The limo was once again filled to the brim with many types of fattening foods. All of which Pamela decided to stuff herself with out of depression and anger.

She only stopped to catch her breath and wash the food down with soda in between bites.

By the time they had reached the mansion, Pamela was sweating from her stuffing session. It did nothing to help her anger or depression. However she was experiencing another sensation. A burning, tingling desire down below.

Pamela was once again brought to her special room in the mansion. Some new additions had been added to her room.

The first thing was a massive walk in closet had been added that was filled with revealing, tasteless clothes that Pamela would never dream of wearing. Directly outside of that sat three floor to ceiling mirrors for Pamela to view all angles of herself.

The second thing that she noticed... an area filled with various bongs pipes and more marijuana than she had ever seen in her whole life.

The third... a vanity table with tons of high dollar makeup.

The fourth and final thing... a top of the line laptop computer complete with a high dollar DSLR camera on a tripod.

"Ummm... I don't know who you like, think I am but I'm not going to touch any of this new shit that you have in here..."

Mr. Fisk smiled evily. "Oh my dear Pamela... you still have no inkling of what I am truly capable of, do you?"

Pamela felt a chill run down her spine...

"Well I'll let you get comfortable. We have a very busy but fun week ahead of us. I'll come back in awhile to check up on you."

Pamela laid down on her bed and had continued to cry in between mouthfuls of food. She fed herself with one hand, while pleasuring herself with the other and watching some mindless entertainment show on the big screen.

Her sobs were slowly turning to cries of passion. She kept looking at the red digits hovering above her head eating more and more watching the number increase.

In between her sessions of sexual decadence, she laughed at how stupid some of the people were in the Jersey beach show. "Yeah right... like, even I know that you can't save a lobster by submerging it in tap water! That Snoobie, she's such a like, total ditz!!"

As she was enjoying the stupidity of the cast, Mr. Fisk slowly walked in with someone behind him... a rather large someone...

She soon recognized who it was... It was Claire!

Pamela got up and hugged her friend.

"Well well well... I can like, totally see that you're starting to really like your new life huh?"

Pamela released her friend. "Well I'm just like, trying to make the most of it..."

Another voice made itself known... "Ah... so this is why you've blown up like a balloon." The source of the voice stepped out from the shadows. It was her sister! Dressed in her usual slutty attire.

Pamela didn't like the look of this...
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby badcompany8888 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:14 am

Incredible new add!! The looming new 4 additions are going to make such wonderful changes to Pamela! And a full week with Mr. Fisk! Love it! And with Claire and Vanessa now against her too... great stuff!
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:57 pm

Well, this was intriguing. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:51 pm


Pamela was beginning to sweat... she remembered what kind of horrors she had to endure the last time Mr. Fisk had brought guests to the house...

Mr. Fisk cracked his knuckles. "Well I believe you know what this means don't you my dear little piggy."

Pamela was dumbstruck. "I... I... I like, can't believe it..."

Vanessa approached Pamela while she sat on the bed. "Well believe it tubby!" She poked her sister in the flabby stomach. "Did you honestly think I'd change?...

"I thought you had yes..." Pamela said disheartened.

"Our parents disowned me and cut me off after you moved out... It's because of YOU that I was homeless for nearly a year. It was because of YOU I had to whore myself out to make ends meet... which one broken condom later, left me eighteen and pregnant... It's because of YOU I'm stuck as a waitress at some shit club."

Pamela studied Vanessa's form closely. Her stomach did indeed seem a bit softer than she remembered and also light stretch marks graced its surface... Her breasts had followed suit. They were indeed larger but appeared to settle lower in her bra. Her hips had widened considerably showing the signs of child birth and her once lean thighs had thickened considerably.

She had no idea that all of these horrible things had happened to her sister... "Look Vanessa... I'm like, sooo sorry!! I'm sure there is like, some way we can totally make ame..."

Vanessa burst out. "YOU RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!!!"

Vanessa kept pacing back and forth out of fury. "No college schooling... no hopeful prospects... a shitty dead end job and I live in a shit studio apartment that I can't even afford... Do you know that I have to fuck the old fat land lord Sergei once a week so he will let me and my fatherless child stay there?... Well no more of that!!"

Pamela was terrified. "Oh no... like, what did Mr. Fisk have you agree to?"

Vanessa smirked while looking down at her. "Oh not much really... he did agree to help me and my baby out if I helped him..." she said with a foreboding tone. "You'll find out how, soon enough."

Mr. Fisk enjoyed how everything was playing out. "Thats right Pamela! And of course no introduction needs to be made for your "best friend" Claire..."

Mr. Fisk approached her from behind and placed a large hand on Claire's fleshy shoulder.

"We're going to help her out too... Or more precisely, YOU'RE going to help her out."

Pamela looked at Claire questioning. "How so???"

Claire had a sickeningly sweet smile form on her chuberic face. "Well for like, starters... he's going to inject me with some kinda shit that will boost my metabolism... so before long, you'll totally be the fat ass like, you deserve to be n I'll be thin and beautiful."

Pamela caught on to one part of that last sentence. "For starters?"...

"Yup! I'll just let you like, guess what else is going to happen to your fat fuckin ass..."

Pamela shook her head in disbelief. "Why are you being so fuckin mean to me you bitch?"

"Well like, it could either be the fact that you totally stopped talking to me when I blew up like a fuckin balloon... OR The fact that I want your husband all to myself."

Pamela was dumbstruck. He's my husband you skank! You can't fuckin have him!!"

"I can like, do whatever I want biatch!"

"But... do you like, even know anything about Jim? How do you even know if you'll like him or even get along with him?"

Claire grinned an evil grin. One so sinister it sent a chill down Pamela's spine. "Well for one, he's smokin hawt! Second... like, Jimmy and I have gotten reaaaally close over the last couple weeks or so. Ever since you two like, stepped into the cafe."

Pamela shook her head. "What do you mean Claire?"

"Well do you like, know the workouts that Jim does every day?"

Pamela nodded slowly starting to piece things together.

"Well I've been working out with him... but also I've been trying to totally steal him out from underneath you."

Pamela lowered her head and began crying once again. "You're like, one vengeful, disgusting bitch!!"

"Well I'm like, betting that Jim didn't tell you about our totally hot session of dancing did he? I grinded up against his suuuuper hard cock, he was toootally begging for me to fuck him. He's had enough of your lazy ass!"

Pamela had heard enough. She flung herself off the bed as quickly as she could and clumsily ran at Claire.

Claire stopped her, easily over powering her "friend".

Pamela laid on the floor absolutely startled that Claire was so much stronger than her...

"So..." Mr. Fisk began. "You'll obviously be receiving traits from both your sister and Claire... But I'll be a gentlemen and let you decide how you want to start...

Will you pick door number one?... or door number two?..."

Pamela looked back and forth between her sister and fake best friend. Weighing her options...

"Well I guess I'll pick Claire first..." Pamela said depressed.

Mr. Fisk rubbed his hands together. "Okay thats great! If you'll do me a favor and walk back over to your bed, we can get this going!"

Pamela trudged back over to the king sized bed and lazily sat down cross legged in the center of it. Another apparatus lowered from the ceiling and rested on top of her head. She felt a slight tingle as the apparatus fired up.

"So as you can see, the contraptions that will be attached to your heads are very similar to what you've used in the past. However these ones have had major upgrades done to them. They're capable of oh so much more!..."

Claire walked over to the bed that she had laid on during her previous visit and a similar apparatus was connected to her head.

"So what are you going to do to like, do to me this time? You've already tooootally given me all of her feedee traits and what not... whats left?"

Mr. Fisk motioned for some scientists to enter the room. One scientist carried a syringe that held a chartreuse colored liquid and approached Claire and injected it into a port on her helmet.

Another scientist approached Pamela carrying an identical syringe although it held a bright pink liquid instead. The scientist proceeded to inject it into the port on her helmet.

"So as you see, your helmets have been injected with special liquids that will effect the brain in certain ways..."

"How so?" Pamela asked nervously.

"You will enter a dream like state like you did the last time thanks to the specially designed helmets... The special liquid that my scientists invented has thousands of tiny nano-bots that communicate with each other wirelessly. With the simple press of a button..." He pressed a button on his computer. "You are now both connected to one another."

Mr. Fisk just smirked. "Just for curiosity sake... Can you tell me what was your gpa when you graduated high school?"

"Like a perfect 4.0... why?" Pamela asked becoming nervous.

Mr. Fisk studied his notes while muttering to himself. "Hmmm and Claire had a 1.6 GPA..."

Claire heard her name mentioned. "You didn't graduate, did you Claire?"

"Nopeee, I tried to... but like math, biology and english was waaaay tooo hard."

Mr. Fisk turned back towards Pamela. "And you were part of the honor society correct?"

Pamela slowly nodded.

"Hmmm okay... well with how your reduced intelligence is now, you could still pass with a C average at best."

Pamela only nodded.

Mr. Fisk smirked. "But not for long! Our goal will be to bring Claire up to where you were academically."

Pamela frowned and became irate. "So you're going to reduce my fucking intelligence even more?"

"Yep! Thats totally right! And it'll be transferred to meee!" Claire said excitedly.

Pamela frowned once again. "So like, by the end of this..."

"Claire will be MUCH smarter than you...yes."

"And you'll just be like, some dumb fat ditz." Claire said with a sadistic smile.

"Go like, fuck yourself Claire... and you can like, go fuck youself too Mr. Fisk!"

Pamela thought for a few moments about what Claire had said about her beloved Jim... She felt her heart breaking into a million pieces... how could Jim do this to her... with Claire of all people...

"Let's just like, get this fucking over with... my husband is totally cheating on me, I'm an obsessive overeater and I'm turning into a fucking blob... do your worst... at least when this is over, I'll like, be too stupid to realize anything is wrong..." Pamela said flatly.

Mr. Fisk simply chuckled. "Well without further ado, let's get this going!!" Mr. Fisk said excitedly.

Mr. Fisk flipped the switch on his new invention.

The liquid quickly began to work it's magic on both of their malleable minds.

Pamela woke up in the dreamscape. It appeared as if they were located in a stadium. Pamela was lined up on a stage. She looked down at herself and noticed she was in a graduation style cap and gown. She smiled also noticing that she was back to her thin self. She remembered this day. Her parents were so proud of her!

She could see them in the crowd cheering her name and clapping.

She started absentmindedly chewing a piece of bright pink bubble gum. She began to blow a bubble...

She heard her name permeate through the stadium speakers. She felt weak..."Pamela Evel...

The bubble grew larger...

She felt dizzy..."Pamela..."

The bubble was roughly the size of her head...

She looked down and noticed her belly causing her gown to bulge out and hide her feet from view... She felt her thighs press together harder and harder...

Her bubble popped letting out vivid swirls of pink that enclosed around her. Her mind going fuzzy.

"Pam..." her name faded out before it was fully spoken.

She felt a pang of hunger shake her to her core... she looked down and noticed she was no longer in her cap and gown... but a fast food outfit... one that was incredibly tight.

"Pam!" She heard someone yell out.

"Don't just stand there like an idiot!" A rather infuriated heavyset woman yelled at her.

Pam looked down at herself. She was nearly two hundred pounds in a tacky blue and orange fast food outfit. She could feel her spongy belly pressing into the front counter as she stood behind the register chewing on some bubblegum.

"Did you hear me? I told you to clean the fryers Pam!"

Pam just stood there and looked at her boss slack jawed for a few seconds. "Ummm.... like, oh yeah... I'm soooo totally ummm sorry bout that boss!"

The manager just shook her head and growled. "Ugh, I just dunno what to do with you Pam... I'm honestly surprised you made it to your sophomore year before you threw in the towel..."

Pam just looked at her with a glazed over look. "Ummm sorry like, what was that?"

The boss threw her hands up. "Gah! Nevermind you god damn ditz! Just clean the fryers! And remember... no eating any of the food!"

"Like okie!" Pam said bubbily.

The fast food restaurant faded to black and she was once again inside the stadium... however now she was in the stands looking down at the graduating class.

She spotted her beautifully thin blonde haired friend Claire down below in her graduation gown. Pam waved at her.

"Claire can't see you from there dumbass!" Her younger sister Vanessa stated.

"Like you don't have to be such a meanie just because you have all the smarts!" Pam stated.

Pam just sat there and pouted. Her parents looked over at her and shook their heads in embarassment.


Claire opened her eyes to a diner that felt all too familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it... She looked down at herself noticing that she was once again her skinny high school self.

Many shades of green decorated the interior of the fairly warn down diner.

Claire was seated in a booth. She was scantily clad in a green crop top and a white short skirt. She was currently looking at her instashot account. Across from her sat her beautiful and lithe friend Pamela. Pamela looked quite fetching in a rather conservative dark blue blouse and black slacks. She was reading from her high school chemistry textbook and taking notes.

Claire looked at Pamela's textbook turning her head sideways. "Aren't you like, toootally bored readin that kind of shit?"

Pamela just chuckled. "Actually no... it's quite interesting actually." She set the book down for a second. "Did you know if you exposed a glass of water to space, it would boil rather than freeze. However, the water vapor would crystallize into ice afterward.?" She continued to read from her book.

"Like no, I had no idea..."

Truth be told, Pamela was a cerebral champion. She was smarter than anyone Claire knew, and she also knew that Pamela had a bright future ahead of her...

A large green and pink swirled gallon sized shake was brought to their table with two large bendable straws. One in green... and one in pink...

Pamela decided to start sucking from the pink straw while Claire sucked from the green straw.


Pamela kept reading news from her phone. "Did you know space is silent?"

Claire blinked a few times clearing her head. "Umm no... thats like pretty interesting."


Pamela was dressed in a pink tank top and skintight jeans reading fun facts from her cell phone. "Did you know that like, the HOLLYWOOD sign came about in 1923?"

Claire shook her head. She looked down and saw that she was dressed in a green tank top and jeans as well. "No, I had no idea..."


Pamela was reading from a celebrity gossip website. "Oh did you like, hear that Kim K's ass is like, toootally real?"

Claire scoffed at her friend. Claire was dressed in a casual blouse and somewhat loose jeans. "I don't know why you read that crap..."

Pamela stuck her tongue out at her friend. "Well I like, enjoy it kay?" She was wearing a bright pink tank top and a white skirt. Her nails matched her top perfectly.


Pam was reading from her favorite tv website. Her eyes widened. "Like, Oh mi gawd! Did you like, hear that Jersey Beach is starting up another season?!?!" Pam squealed. "Oh how I like, wish i could totes join that show! I'd totally show like, those other gals whose like, boss!"

Claire slammed her Chemistry text book down in disgust. "Ugh I despise that show... it's full of vapid, shallow girls who do nothing but party and get drunk..."


Pamela was wearing a revealing tube top. She looked down at her chest. "Aint it like, soooo cool that when I do this, my boobies look tooootally bigger!"

Claire was reading from her Chemistry text book and taking notes. "I swear, you're all breasts and no brains..."

Pam smiled at her not knowing that it wasn't a compliment. She hefted her tits up snd looked at them. "Gee like thanks! Ur the best friend ever!"

Claire just shook her head.

Suddenly she heard the tick-tock of a clock... time was going by at light speed. She looked over towards where Pam was sitting and witnessed her dimwitted friend changing. Her attire began to shift becoming a bubblegum pink waitress outfit that highlighted her expansive chest. A name tag pinned itself over her right breast that read "Pam".

Next her chest seemed to inflate and press outward showing an obsene amount of cleavage.

Her chest wasn't the only thing that expanded however...

The rest of her body exploded in a wave of fat easily weighing over three hundred pounds. Her inflated ass created a shelf behind her that caused the waitress outfit to become even more inappropriate.

"Well like, I hafta go backta work. I'll chat with ya later. The boss aint to friendly if i take long breaks. See yuh!

They both opened their eyes simultaneously with completely different outlooks...
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Re: Worth her weight in debt - (WG, Mind control, IQ, more?)

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Loved the new part, especially the transformation part.
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