Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

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Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby SnowServal1 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:53 pm

So I started writing another thing:

Don’t Panic
By SnowServal1

Michelle 1

This was absolutely ridiculous! I’ve flown more flights than I could count, yet here I was waiting to get through security again. Oh well. I was the pilot, so there was no way I could miss the flight. It didn’t make going through security any less tedious though. My blood boiled when I saw the two stewardesses for the flight breeze through in half the time. I’m the pilot goddammit! Why was the TSA making such a fuss anyway? It was just a tiny flight from Los Angeles to La Paz, with a whopping total of eight passengers, two stewardesses and myself. What could possibly happen?
When I finally got through security, I practically ran to the gate. Sure enough, everyone was waiting on me. I think some of the passengers were glaring at me. Whatever, I’d only have to spend a few hours with them anyway, and I’d be locked up in the cockpit with nothing but the sky. That’s why I like doing these small flights. I get the cockpit all to myself and I don’t have to deal with any brainless co-pilots. I just hoped those two stewardesses wouldn’t bother me. If they had anything between their ears, they would be able to handle whatever might happen in the cabin. I walked onto the plane and into the cockpit, waiting for everyone to board.

Kelly 1

What am I doing? I sat at the gate just staring straight ahead, still debating with myself. It was stupid; I should just go home. My boyfriend Tim and I planned to travel to Baja California for spring break. He was constantly telling me how beautiful it was. What did he say again? “Its beauty is unmatched. Except for you of course!” Hmph! God, I should have known that he was just an asshole. I thought back to yesterday. We were watching a movie and he got up to go to the bathroom, but he left his phone. Then his phone rang. The caller I.D. showed a name that I didn’t recognize: Ange Kim. Who was this? I answered the phone and was greeted with a sultry “Hi Timmy sweetie, wanna come over? I won’t get to see you for a while and I’m soooo horny! Just the thought of that girl having you all to herself makes my thighs ache!” I hung up, stunned. He was cheating on me! When he exited the bathroom, I chewed him out and stormed off.
So why didn’t I sell my tickets? I don’t know. I was looking forward to the trip, and in a split-second decision I packed my bags and headed to the airport. I really hoped that Tim didn’t get the same idea. Thankfully, he didn’t. There were seven other people waiting with me and Tim wasn’t one of them. Thank God. There were six women and one man. Gee, I wonder who the air marshal was? Well, he was big, so I guessed that we would be in safe hands. Or not. Apparently, the pilot was late. Fine, I wasn’t in a hurry.
After what felt like an eternity, the pilot finally showed up. She looked young, maybe in her mid-twenties. She was young for a pilot anyway, though she was probably still older than 19-year-old me. Even though I only saw her for a second, I could tell that she was pretty. She had curly blonde locks and a great figure. Why do I notice these things? I don’t think I’m bi. Whatever, once the pilot arrived, we began boarding. A young stewardess helped me onto the small airplane. She was gorgeous too. She was east Asian, maybe Korean, svelte, and had deep brown eyes that fluttered when she spoke. Her voice sounded familiar though. It was when I looked at her name tag that realization slammed into me like a truck. Her name was Ange Kim.

Michelle 2

Take-off went well, as it always does. I sat back and prepared myself for a nice, relaxing flight. Then I heard a knock on my door. The two stewardesses invited themselves in to introduce themselves. I really couldn’t care less about who they were as long as they did their jobs, but I sat through their inane small talk anyway. One of them was named Charlotte. She was a mousy little girl with auburn hair and freckles. She was pretty though, with her bright green eyes, but she seemed to be a bit shy. Not sure why she chose to be a stewardess, but maybe she was just nervous around me. Shit, was I scowling at her? I try to force a smile when talking to people, but I sometimes forget. It’s not my fault! Why does everyone else have to be so annoying?
Speaking of annoying, the second stewardess introduced herself as Ange. She was also pretty, but in a much more sexualized way. She looked like she jumped right out of the pages of a Korean idol magazine. Her voice was also sultry, but not deep. She had a flirtatious vibe, not that it would work on me. After countless “I’m looking forward to working with you”s and the like, I finally managed to get them out of the cockpit. Now that my daily dosage of stress was hopefully over, I settled back in. I idly scratched my arms and flexed my toes. For some reason, my lower stomach felt sore. I hoped that I wasn’t coming down with something.

Kelly 2

I forgot how much I hate flying. It’s not because I’m scared of heights; I’m not. No, I just hate the idea of being trapped in a pressurized cabin with total strangers for hours on end. The plane was small, but there were still enough seats for everyone to have their own row. Despite that, the one man on the flight decided to sit next to me. Why me? I try to not be self-conceited, but I’d be lying If I said that I wasn’t pretty. I had long brown hair, a nice body and a face that’s gotten me many dates. I would have told the man to sit somewhere else, but I didn’t want to make a scene. Especially not with her on board. Fucking bitch. Why did she have to be here? Can’t a girl get a break?
As I marinated in my rage, I thought about the situation more thoroughly. Tim often travelled to Baja even before we started going out. I didn’t know how stewardesses’ schedules worked, but what if he met Ange on a flight? My God, how long were they fucking!? The more I dwelled on this, the sourer my mood became. This wasn’t how my vacation was supposed to go! I needed to relax, so I took out my book and started reading. As I did so, I started feeling a bit itchy crotch? Really? As if things weren’t shitty enough. I decided to aggressively ignore it. Just keep reading Kelly, we’ll land soon enough.

Michelle 3

I really love this route. We were flying south down the Baja Peninsula. The view out of the cockpit was breathtaking. I had the Gulf of California to my left, and the Pacific Ocean to my right. The Gulf was a bright green this time of year, almost looking like a lake. The blue of the Pacific made a striking contrast. I was so glad that it wasn’t cloudy. Then again, Baja is a desert, so my day would have to have been especially shitty. We were crossing the border between Baja California and Baja California Sur when I heard the stewardesses start carting around snacks. I didn’t even smell them, yet my stomach rumbled anyway. I was pretty hungry; I didn’t have time to grab food thanks to the security hold up.
As I was thinking about calling one of the stewardesses over, I glanced at my arms. While I normally keep them waxed, my arms had a dusting of little blonde hairs on them. They weren’t long or thick, but it was still weird. My breasts also started to ache. Was I on my period? My normally B cup breasts looked a bit swollen and started looking a bit more like C’s. I resolved to figure it out after we landed. The last thing I needed was a distraction. I did need to do something about food though. I didn’t really want to deal with Ange, so I pinged Charlotte’s little radio.

Kelly 3

As I kept reading, two things started to distract me. The first was the man next to me. I didn’t notice at first, but I could smell him. It wasn’t a bad smell, just a bit heady, but it distracted me. The second was the itchiness. It wasn’t just my crotch anymore; now my inner thighs and abdomen itched too. I could feel ten sore spots on my abdomen as well. That was it, I needed to know what was happening to me. I nudged the man next to me and told him that I was going to the lavatory. He gave me a strange look, and stood up to let me out. I walked on over to the back of the plane towards the lavatory. Damn, it was occupied. I leaned back against the opposite wall and waited. I fidgeted a little while I waited. For whatever reason, I just didn’t feel clean. I kept on brushing my hair with my fingers and licking my lips. While my hand was in my hair, it touched one of my ears. Was it me, or was it a bit larger?
Just my luck, as I was waiting, Ange showed up. She just walked to the cart in the back and grabbed some water. She then surprised me. Instead of taking it to a passenger or drinking it herself, she poured a little bit of it on her hands and started rubbing herself with it. First her face, then her arms, then she bent down and rubbed her legs beneath her short skirt. When she bent down, I could have sworn I saw a little nub pushing out of her skirt right above her ass. I must have been seeing things. She then turned around and saw me. She then blushed a little and smiled “Oh, hello there miss. I, uh, ran out of moisturizer. Um, did you want anything while you wait?” Well, if she knew who I was, she certainly didn’t show it. Did she really not bother to at least look at a picture of me? You know, so she knows to hide their little affair when I’m around. Come to think of it, this ditz called Tim’s phone and didn’t even wait to hear if he was the one who picked it up! How much more careless could you get? What the hell did Tim see in her? I looked at her smiling face and immediately knew the answer. As I noted before, the bitch was stunning, although I noticed that her lips were looking a bit chapped. I was so done. The door opened behind me and a young woman stepped out. She was looking straight down and power walked back to her seat. Was it just me, or was she kinda hairy. It also looked like there was something in the back of her shorts. I didn’t look for very long. I then stepped into the lavatory and looked back at Ange. I grinned at her and asked “How’s Tim?” Ange looked confused for about a quarter of a second, then her eyes opened wide “K...K...Kel-” I slammed the door.

Michelle 4

Charlotte gingerly opened the cockpit door and creeped inside, as if she was afraid I’d bite her head off. “Did you need something miss?” she squeaked. I guess I really scared her, and a pang of guilt rang through my body. I asked her to come closer. Maybe I could put her at ease. After all, it wasn’t her fault that I was having a rotten day. When she tiptoed closer, I could finally smell her. She smelled...really good. But not the perfume that she tried to hide behind. It was her scent beneath that seemed to almost call to me. I inhaled, and my nostrils flared out a little. I started to smell her even more. Some scents from the cabin started to reach me too. Everything just smelled so good.
The poor girl looked confused and asked “Um, did...did I do something wrong miss?” in a tiny voice. I knew that she was asking me, but it looked like she was asking her feet. More guilt cascaded through me. Why was I getting so sentimental? No matter, I quickly tried to put her fears to rest by saying “Oh, no don’t worry. I just had a bad morning. Really, it’s nice to work with the two of you. I was just cranky.” I smiled at her, and she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She then started addressing her feet again “Really? Thank God. I thought you were glaring at me when we met. I didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry.” This time, I sighed “You don’t need to apologize for anything. And you don’t need to talk to your feet. You have pretty eyes; I think people would like to see them.”
She then looked up at me and her pretty face twisted in confusion. I was probably doing the same thing. Her pupils were...slitted. Vertically. They were still a magnificent green, but they looked more like cats’ eyes than those of a human. Did she put on some weird Halloween contacts? Halloween wasn’t for another six months! Why was she looking at me like that? She was the weird one! I felt another wave of guilt accompany that thought. I looked at my arms. The hairs were thicker and curlier, and my fingers started to look a bit pudgy. Instead of wondering why that was happening, I simply though “Who am I to judge poor Charlotte?” I wanted to change the subject. Oh yeah, food! “Um, hey Charlotte?” I asked. “Y...Yes miss?” she quickly responded. Again with the whole “miss” thing. It made me feel weird. “Could you get me something to eat from your snack cart? I’m famished. Also, please call me Michelle.” I smiled. The timid little stewardess squeaked “Yes mis-uh, Michelle! I’ll be right back” and almost dashed out of the cockpit.

Kelly 4

That was so fucking stupid! Why did I do that? I was given a blessing in disguise and I completely threw it away. Ange didn’t know who I was! To her, I was just a regular passenger for her to serve. Now I’m a rival! Why is the room so bright? Why am I so stupid? Stupid! Stupid! Kelly so stupiiiiiiiid!
...Whoa. That was...odd. I had to cover my mouth to keep my mental outburst from becoming audible. I really, really needed to calm down. Looking in the mirror didn’t help. I let out a quiet gasp when I saw my reflection. My eyes were really dilated. Shit, did Ange see? Did the guy sitting next to me see? My eyebrows were also really bushy, and I could have sworn that my two front teeth looked bigger than usual. But I didn’t come here to look at my face. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. This time, my gasp was louder. My panties were soaked, and tangles of slick brown hair exploded out from under them. My inner thighs were completely hairy, and the rest of my legs were covered in prickly stubble. Not only that...I smelled a bit of feminine musk. It was...strong. I raised my shirt. There was a thick happy trail up to my belly button, with thinner hairs fanning out to the sides. There were ten red marks on my belly below by breasts. Five on each side. I just stood there fighting back tears. What...what was happening to me?
My sniffles and gasps were interrupted by a knock (more like a bang) on the door. Seeing it as an excuse to stop looking at myself, I let down my shirt and pulled my shorts up. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a strange sight. There was another girl fidgeting in front of me. She seemed to have Filipino features, and was really quite pretty. Except she Her nose looked like it was blackened with soot, and her ears flopped downwards. She seemed to be sniffing something, but I couldn’t tell what. I startled her though, and she stammered “Oh! S...Sorry for knocking!’s urgent. I need…’re…” Without another word, she whisked behind me and shut herself away in the lavatory. What the hell’s going on?
My heart began hammering as I started to panic. Was some disease going around? I’ve never heard of anything like this! Shaken, I walked back to my seat. The man stood up again to let me in, but he didn’t sit back down. Instead, he grunted and rubbed his temples. They almost looked like they were bulging. He then turned around and headed for the lavatory. At the same time, one of the stewardesses (the other one) ran past us to the cart, then ran back to the cockpit. I just sat there, but I noticed that his seat smelled really good. I licked my fingers and rubbed them on my face. One little sniff wouldn’t hurt.
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:56 pm

This is a rather interesting and fun story. Very enjoyable, too!
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby SnowServal1 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:21 pm

Part 2

Michelle 5
I immediately flicked on autopilot and started looking myself over once I sent Charlotte out. I took out a small hand mirror that I always kept in my purse and looked at my face. I stifled a scream. There were multiple things wrong, but my eyes caught the most of my attention. I had blue eyes, but the ones staring back at me were yellow. My usually trim blonde eyebrows were thick and bushy, and my button nose looked slightly flattened with wide nostrils. Even my hair looked weird. While I was normally almost a strawberry blonde, my hair lightened to an almost creamy color. It was also longer and curlier, almost looking like...wool. As I looked, my now yellow eyes started to bother me. When I looked at my eyes again, I saw my pupils dilate, and the room got really bright for a second. Then, as I gaped in horror, my pupils flattened into horizontal bars.
I dropped my mirror and held my face in my hands. Just then, Charlotte opened the cockpit door holding some bags of snacks. She saw me curled up on my seat and rushed to my side. “Michelle? What’s wrong?” she asked, her voice dripping with concern. I looked up and showed her my warped and tear-covered face, only to see that Charlotte wasn’t spared either. A few thick white hairs poked out from the sides of her upper lip, and her cheeks had some auburn hair on them. She still had the eyes of a cat, and I noticed that her arms had a dusting of auburn and black striped hair. Why wasn’t she freaking out? I guess I had to make up for the two of us. I simply sobbed “What’s happening to us? Charlotte, something’s wrong. Our eyes and-” Charlotte interrupted “Shh. Don’t panic. I’ve tried to keep quiet, but I think something’s happening to everyone on board. Ange’s skin is drying up, and some of the passengers are growing hair in strange places. I don’t know why this is happening, but I do know that if we panic we’ll crash the plane. Please Michelle...don’t cry.” Her eyes were still and serious, but her voice was soothing. I guess some people really do shine under pressure. I don’t.
Instead of answering the poor girl like any reasonable person would, I started surveying the damage to my body again. Charlotte just looked outside into the cabin, probably checking to make sure everything was ok. When she turned, I could see something writhing underneath her skirt. I opened up my uniform, which was buttoned down the middle, and threw it off. I then unbelted my slacks and freed my shirt, which was tucked underneath them. In one fluid motion, I lifted my shirt off and threw it on top of my discarded uniform. My breasts were straining against my bra, my chest and abdomen were covered in light, wooly hair, but my eyes were fixed on my nipples. My extra ones. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The four irritated points on my abdomen have been bothering me for a while, but I now knew why. I had grown four long teats, each surrounded by loose skin. In fact, my entire lower abdomen seemed to be pooching out. I then looked at my thickly woolen arms and my hands. My fingernails were black, and both my hands were numb.
I then pulled down my slacks, not caring that there was another woman in the room. My shapely legs were growing wool, and my toenails were also black. I then looked at my soaked panties. They were stuffed with wool, and the itchiness was unbearable. Once again ignoring Charlotte (who I could hear sniffing the air,) I pulled my panties down and freed the sticky, musky and wooly mess that I called my pussy. That was it. My scent completely took over the small cockpit, and Charlotte couldn’t ignore it anymore. Leaving the door open, she turned to me and licked her lips. Said lips seemed to be bulging as if she was wearing vampire teeth, and the hairs on her upper lip now could not be mistaken for anything other than whiskers. Was she purring? Also, was she always that tall? No, I could see her toned midriff between her blouse and her skirt; I couldn’t see that this morning. Charlotte had definitely gotten taller, and as she tiptoed over to me, I couldn’t help feeling very small.
Kelly 5

The man was still in the back, waiting for the Filipino girl to come out of the lavatory. I had to be content with the remnants of his scent on his seat. I was shamelessly leaning over and burying my face in it. I heard a noise and looked up. Ange was walking up and down the aisle, looking at all the passengers. She was furiously licking her lips, sometimes even sticking her tongue out. It looked like she was keeping tabs on everyone. By this point, everyone must have known that something was wrong, but no one wanted to be the one to break the spell of silence. Ange looked at me and glared. Without saying a word, she quickly stuck her tongue out at me and I could have sworn I heard a hiss. Ange wasn’t the only woman glaring at me. I could also see the girl sitting across from me, the one who was in the lavatory before me. She was curled up by the window in a hoodie she must have put on when she got back to her seat. Her face was slightly turned towards me though, and I could see that she had a slight unibrow, hair on her cheeks, and eyes filled with envy. She looked at the man’s seat, then at me, then pulled her hood over her face. When she reached up to pull her hood down, I could see that the back of her hand was thickly furred.
I then decided to look around. The woman in front of the hairy girl in the hoodie also looked like she was cowering by her window; her ears were very long, and she looked like she was nibbling on something. The seat behind the hoodie girl was empty. I think that’s where the Filipino girl was sitting. I then looked behind me and saw a red-headed bombshell. Her scarlet hair cascaded down her shoulders, and her body was lithe and trim. She looked like she could win any beauty pageant that she decided to grace with her presence. Her face was buried in a book, but she looked up when she caught me staring at her. Until then, I thought that she wasn’t changing, but then I saw her face. Her nose was upturned and her nostrils were huge. Her lower canines were sticking out and she snorted and blushed. She then buried her face again, this time making sure that I couldn’t see any of it. I blushed myself, then turned around and looked in front of me. There were two more women. One was in front of the nibbling girl with long ears. She almost looked goth with her purple and blue hair. I couldn’t see her face because she was both at an odd angle, and was staring at her hands, or what were her hands. The goth girl had hooves, and she didn’t seem thrilled.
Finally, there was the woman in front of me. I couldn’t see her until she tapped Ange on her flaky arm as she walked by. The woman whispered something into Ange’s...very small ear and they both headed to the back. That’s when I got a good look at her. She was an African American woman who looked to be in her early thirties. Her hair was dark and kinky, which made the white feathers in it stand out even more. On any other day I would have written it off as a strange fashion statement, but I knew better by this point. I then started looking at myself again. My arms were covered in thick brown hair, and my calves below my shorts were also furry. My feet were sore, so I took my shoes off. Black claws were poking through my socks, so I removed them as well. Underneath were my big, hairy, rat’s paws. I’M TURNING INTO A RAT!? No, no, no, no! Please, anything but that! Rats are dirty and smelly. Kelly not dirty! Kelly pretty and smells good! Panicking! Panicking! So bright! Breathe. Breathe. Calm down you fucking rat whore! Kelly...I...I need answers. Need to stand up and talk to stewardess. Fuck, Ange’s the only one. Where did that other bitch go? Whatever. I got up and out of the seat. I felt something snake its way down my pants. Fucking rat’s stinking fucking tail! So dirty, Kelly so disgusting! Stop it. Get a hold of yourself. Think clearly. Breathe, smell...myself. I smell like a rat. Fuck.
I walked barefoot to the increasingly crowded back. The man was scowling at the lavatory door, and Ange was talking to the woman who called her over. Ange then shot a venomous glare at me and demanded “The fuck do you want?” Even though this was the skank who was fucking my boyfriend, I was still taken aback. She was a stewardess after all. I didn’t really know how to respond. I hated her and she clearly hated me, but I needed to ask someone for help. The woman next to Ange shot her a venomous look of her own and smiled at me. “I apologize. She’s very stressed, but that’s no excuse for her to forget her courtesies. Please let me apologize on her behalf; my name’s Lithera Stokes. I’m a federal air marshal.” She then showed me her badge. Shocked, I looked at the thin woman in front of me, then to the hulking man to my left. I really should stop making assumptions.
I wasted no time and asked “Do you know what’s going on?” She shook her head and responded “No, I haven’t a clue. But everyone seems to be affected by...whatever this is. I think it might be some sort of attack. I was just telling miss Ange here to keep everyone calm while I talked to the pilot. We need to land ASAP. Could you help her? And you too Mr…?” Lithera waited for the man to give her his name, but he just stared at the door. Lithera shrugged and started to put her badge in her pocket. Just then, the badge made a hissing noise and Lithera dropped it onto the floor. “What? What happened? Was there something in my-AGHH.” Lithera doubled over, clutching her rumbling stomach. Her beautiful hair whitened, while each strand thickened and burst into a fractal pattern. Each strand became a white feather. I looked down and saw that her previously slender thighs were thickening, and her pants started to tear. She fell to her hands and knees, sticking her ass up in the air. Her jeans were already straining when a nub started to push out from above her ass. It was covered in little goosebumps which soon sprouted more white feathers. Lithera, with her face touching the floor, started to make strange noises, almost like clucking. She stood up as her thighs and ass continued to expand and her body sprouted a coating of feathers. Her face showed nothing but the purest confusion. She then held her stomach again as it rumbled and barreled outwards. While she held her growing abdomen, her fingers stretched out and her arms sprouted long feathers. She then looked at her hands and tucked her arms to her sides. I heard ripping and looked at her jeans again. They were bursting at the seams as the bottom half of the poor woman’s body swelled. Something finally gave out, and the tatters of her jeans fell to her feet, revealing her soaked panties. Her shoes burst and her feet lengthened along with her toes and toenails. I looked back up and saw an inhuman creature staring at me. Lithera’s entire body was covered in white feathers, except her pretty face. Yet, even her face couldn’t be seen as entirely human, as it was below a mop of messy white feathers, and gave off no spark of intelligence. She just cocked her head and clucked.
By that point though, I was distracted. Ange started hissing very loudly and fell to the floor. I looked down at her but was distracted yet again by the grunts of the large man next to us. The veins in his neck bulged as two horns grew from his head. He then smashed his head into the lavatory door, breaking it free from its hinges to reveal...something. I knew that it was the Filipino girl, but I still had trouble believing it. She was sitting in the corner with her hairy legs spread wide open. Her left hand was deep in her dark pussy and her right hand was squeezing one of her nipples. The problem was that this nipple was next to her belly button, and one of four that were below her breasts. They were also surrounded by dark brown hair. She just stared at the man with her wide tongue sticking out. The man then jumped on top of her...and I got distracted again.
This time, I was distracted I started to feel really itchy and dirty. I looked down and saw the stubble on my legs thicken. I scratched at them furiously, but the hairs kept growing. Stupid filthy hair! My arms too! They might have been hairier that my previous two boyfriends’ arms combined! My thoughts went back to them. All the men who I believed to have honored with my sex. I pulled my pants down and ripped my shirt off. If only they could see me now. Their bragging would die in their throats. I was disgusting. I am disgusting. I had a harder and harder time imagining myself with a mate. I reek, I’m covered in hair, I stupid rat pretending to be girl. I have big tail. Why am I standing? Pretty girls stand, smelly rats don’t. I bend down, put hairy hands on floor where they belong. Hairy ass up, ugly tail up. No mistake. Me rat. No lying. Me dirty. Male on plane. Bitch dog girl has him. Fuck. Tim maybe? No, he far away and he boy. Me rat; not good enough. Too filthy. Other girls? Pretty girls, but smell like animals. Changing. Perfect. Horny. Wet.
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby Pigs Brains » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:58 am

Lovely story with a great sense of the confusion that would happen in such a scenario.
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby SnowServal1 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:58 pm

Part 3

Michelle 6

Charlotte towered over me. I was sitting, granted, but that really didn’t seem to matter. She then bent down and put her hands on my thighs. I could feel the prickles of her tiny claws. She was hyperventilating and struggled to say “Hey, what arrre you doing? You’rrre naked. Why?” She then purred and licked her lips. “Smell good. You. Distracting. I need. FUCK IT!” With a roar she grabbed me and kissed me furiously. First on the lips, then on my growing breasts, then the cream colored jungle between my legs. I… lost track of time. Head felt fuzzy. It good. Nice girl looks at me and me look at her. hair pretty. More of it grow on her arms. She talk “Hey, M-Michelle. Harrrd to think. Fuck me and we think morrrrre. Maybe. Think betterrr. Fly plane. Need to think good.” She right. I’m pilot person. Need to think better. Relax. Calm down. There we go. Michelle is better. A little bit.

I stand up. Charlotte is still taller than me. She’s… wait no. She’s ripping off her clothes. Wait, that’s bad. It’s hard to think when I’m excited, and...oh God. She’s very exciting. She ripped off her shirt first. Multiple nipples, like me. fur on her chest. Big boobs. She jumped on me. Licking me. It’s hard to ignore. She smells so good. She had slim arms, but I could feel them rippling. She’s getting stronger. I can’t help it; I lick her face. Her whiskers are soft. She then stood up again and stripped naked. She shredded her poor skirt and snapped her panties. Her pussy was growing more orange fur. The entire room smells like us. Fuck, if only she had a cock. Oh, well. That’s what imagination’s for. Charlotte grunted and held her stomach as it rippled. Her flat stomach tensed and hardened into a set of powerful abs. Her thighs also thickened with muscle and I could see her tail swish back and forth behind her. She stomped towards me, trying to mutter something. I think it was “Sorrrry.”

Cabin 1

The first things that made people restless were, of course, the physical changes. Once the vapors started leaking from Lithera’s badge and got into the air circulation system, they started. Michelle started changing first, and was then swiftly followed by Kelly. Naturally, those were the two people on board who were experiencing the most extreme emotions. In the case of Michelle, it was sheer annoyance at both being held up at security, and at having to deal with two stewardesses that she didn’t know. Kelly was mired in a toxic soup of emotions stemming from her discovery of her boyfriend’s infidelity and the subsequent break-up. As it turned out, one of the stewardesses, Ange, was the woman with whom Kelly’s boyfriend had an affair with. Ange started out the flight in a good mood. She thoroughly enjoyed her job, and was looking forward to returning to the States with souvenirs to cheer up her lover, who she might finally have a chance to turn into an actual boyfriend. Of course, when Kelly revealed her identity, Ange flew into a panic. She had no idea how to handle the situation, and she was once again convinced of her own stupidity by forgetting what her lover’s girlfriend looked like. This began to exacerbate her changes. Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Michelle and the stewardess Charlotte encouraged them to change further as well.

By the time Lithera’s badge released a highly concentrated dosage of the transformative vapors, the rest of the passengers started reaching their limits. The 19 year-old Filipino girl, named Yanet, was afraid of flying. Since there were no people behind her seat, she sought to distract herself by covertly watching pornography on her phone. This caused her to change almost as quickly as Kelly and Michelle. The positive feedback loop of her sexual thoughts causing her to change, and said changes increasing the intensity of her sexual thoughts eventually drove her to a point where she could not prevent herself from openly masturbating. In a frantic rush for privacy, Yanet fled to the lavatory and pounded on the door. After Kelly left the lavatory the scents of both Kelly and the woman in the lavatory before her assaulted Yanet’s deteriorating mind. Unable to control herself, she locked the door and tore off her clothing. She was too far into heat to worry about her new teats or long tongue, and set to work furiously masturbating. Her dark brown fur grew in all over her body, and her mind shrunk with every subsequent orgasm. By the time the door to the lavatory was ripped open, Yanet had completed her metamorphosis into a dog-girl whose mind was perpetually shrouded in a fog of heat.

In regards to the woman in the lavatory before Kelly, her name was Melinda. She had just turned 18 and missed her flight to La Paz the previous day. She was travelling with her friends to celebrate the spring break of Senior Year. She was a shoe-in for prom-queen, so all the men in her little group were quite put out when they found out that she would have an extra travel day. As fate would have it though, this flight would result in her being far too hirsute to be considered for such a position. Unlike the two women who followed her, Melinda went to the lavatory to use it for its intended purpose. The problem started when she pulled down her pants. She was planning to spend almost the entire vacation in a bikini, so the dark prickly stubble that she found on her legs made her...panic. Melinda began hyperventilating and her heart started to race. This was an open invitation for the vapors in the air to begin their dark work in earnest.

With every breath she took, and with every beat of her pounding heart, Melinda circulated more and more of the transformative chemicals that laced the air. The formula overstimulated her hair follicles all across her body. Melinda pulled down her panties and watched in horror as little black hairs sprouted around her formerly shaved pussy and up in a line to her navel. She couldn’t see it, but her armpits also grew stubble. Her leg hair lengthened and thickened while her forearms itched. When she looked at her forearms, she almost shrieked. Her forearms were growing hair too, but her mind’s voice replaced the word “hair” with “fur.” She then felt an itch in her butt crack and scratched herself without thinking. Repulsed by the fact that she just stuck her fingers up her ass, Melinda leaned on the wall to collect herself. It didn’t work. In fact, it couldn’t work. Nothing could truly calm her down anymore after the vapors in the air began altering her very brain. Her frontal lobe, the very one that her myriad of ancestors spent so much time and effort evolving, began to shrink. She had taken it entirely for granted, but this important organ allowed her to plan for the future, control her animalistic impulses, make rational decisions, communicate with other humans effectively, and control her focus of attention. All of these things were slowly eroding away, reducing her ability to rationalize what was happening to her. Instead, she just continued to panic.

Luckily for Melinda, her reduced attention span caused her to stop fixating on her hairy arms. Unluckily for her, what grabbed her attention next was less than calming. With her hands still on the wall, she pushed her ass towards the mirror behind her and spread her legs. She then craned her head to look at her reflection. She saw nothing but her ass. What was once beautiful and the subject of many of her classmates’ wet dreams was now covered in dark hairs, especially her crack. That sight took up the entirety of her attention, causing her to miss the little nub sticking out just above her hairy ass. Her devolving mind still felt the horror that she should have felt, but it was mixed with a twisted sort of pride. She began to wonder what her hairy ass must have smelled like. She took a deep sniff of the air in the lavatory as her nostrils flared and her piriform cortex swelled. There was plenty of room in her skull, as her frontal lobe continued to shrink. She got much more information from her sense of smell to be sure, but she had trouble actually using that information to make decisions. For example, she just found out that there were two people right outside the lavatory. One of them smelled...dirty, while the other one smelled...dangerous. Those thoughts came to her unbidden, and felt very alien. Of course, she had smelled dirty things before, so the first thought checked out. The second thought though… how could anything smell dangerous? Sure, she had smelled a natural gas leak before and became worried, but that was because she knew what natural gas was and that it was explosive. But this smell didn’t smell like anything other than another woman and...something else. It was that “something else” that terrified her but she didn’t know why. She just knew that the smell meant danger.

As hard as she tried, Melinda just couldn’t rationalize her new thoughts and instincts. Because her attention span was shrinking, she had no choice but to accept it and move on. Speaking of which, she felt like she was in this tiny room long enough, and she also didn’t want to be trapped in a small space with such a scary smell right outside the door. It is worth mentioning that her decisions were becoming almost exclusively short-term. If she had the capacity to realize it, she would have known that her reasoning made no sense. Sure, she would leave the room that she was trapped in, but she would have to come face to face with whatever was scaring her in order to do so. Instead, she opened the door and was surprised to find that the terrifying smell belonged to one of the stewardesses. Melinda’s infantile thinking led her to believe that if she didn’t look at the scary stewardess, said stewardess would disappear. To that end, she just stared at her aching feet and walked to her seat as quickly as she could. The existence of the dirty-smelling girl was completely forgotten.

When Melinda got back to her seat she immediately sat down. She shifted a little when she thought she sat on something long and slender. She then felt her eyebrows itch as they grew bushier and started to connect. When she brought her hand up to scratch at them, she noticed that her arms were really hairy. A flash of anger passed through her. How could she forget that she was getting hairier? She glanced around and saw that no one was looking at her. Doing nothing with this information, she decided to cover herself anyway. The decision was based more on emotion than on reason. She felt ugly and didn’t want anyone to see her. She didn’t really care about any potential consequences of being found out for the monkey that she was. Wait...what? She just thought of herself as a monkey as if it was the most natural thought in the world. It was weird, but it didn’t hold her attention. Her thoughts ricocheted back to covering herself. She stood up and went into the aisle. After struggling a bit trying to figure out how to open her overhead bin, she fished out her grey hoodie. She didn’t remember this, but she had packed it in case she was out on the beach on a chilly night. All she remembered was that it was there and that it could conceal her.

As Melinda put on her hoodie, she noticed a strong scent coming from behind her. It was a male. Every other thought that she could possibly have was launched out of her small mind. She needed him. She just stared at him with a slack jaw. He wasn’t particularly attractive but she didn’t care. The minuscule amount of humanity she had left kept her from jumping on him. In fact, in what would become a rare moment of self-restraint, she sat back down in her seat. She kept staring at him though. She didn’t even notice the girl behind her, who unbeknownst to Melinda was named Yanet, get up and walk to the back. She also didn’t notice that said girl pounded on the lavatory door and forced the dirty-smelling girl out. The dirty-smelling girl, whose name was Kelly, although Melinda didn’t know that, walked back to her seat. When she did so, the male stood up and walked to the back. Melinda considered following him, but she was too scared of the stewardess who might still be back there. Instead, she flew into a silent fury. Her hands shook as their backs and knuckles grew a dusting of coarse fur. All of her hatred was zeroed in on the dirty-smelling girl, who was smelling dirtier by the second. Leave it to a disgusting, unclean wench to drive away a potential mate. She almost attacked when the two made eye contact. Instead, Melinda just pulled her hood further down and turned away from the ratty bitch and stared out of her window with unseeing eyes. Her mind’s increasingly perverted eye just played scenarios of her fucking the male on repeat, as her human mind faded to nothingness, leaving the former beauty as nothing but a monkey sitting in a human’s seat.
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

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So far, this is really cool.
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