Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

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Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby SnowServal1 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:53 pm

So I started writing another thing:

Don’t Panic
By SnowServal1

Michelle 1

This was absolutely ridiculous! I’ve flown more flights than I could count, yet here I was waiting to get through security again. Oh well. I was the pilot, so there was no way I could miss the flight. It didn’t make going through security any less tedious though. My blood boiled when I saw the two stewardesses for the flight breeze through in half the time. I’m the pilot goddammit! Why was the TSA making such a fuss anyway? It was just a tiny flight from Los Angeles to La Paz, with a whopping total of eight passengers, two stewardesses and myself. What could possibly happen?
When I finally got through security, I practically ran to the gate. Sure enough, everyone was waiting on me. I think some of the passengers were glaring at me. Whatever, I’d only have to spend a few hours with them anyway, and I’d be locked up in the cockpit with nothing but the sky. That’s why I like doing these small flights. I get the cockpit all to myself and I don’t have to deal with any brainless co-pilots. I just hoped those two stewardesses wouldn’t bother me. If they had anything between their ears, they would be able to handle whatever might happen in the cabin. I walked onto the plane and into the cockpit, waiting for everyone to board.

Kelly 1

What am I doing? I sat at the gate just staring straight ahead, still debating with myself. It was stupid; I should just go home. My boyfriend Tim and I planned to travel to Baja California for spring break. He was constantly telling me how beautiful it was. What did he say again? “Its beauty is unmatched. Except for you of course!” Hmph! God, I should have known that he was just an asshole. I thought back to yesterday. We were watching a movie and he got up to go to the bathroom, but he left his phone. Then his phone rang. The caller I.D. showed a name that I didn’t recognize: Ange Kim. Who was this? I answered the phone and was greeted with a sultry “Hi Timmy sweetie, wanna come over? I won’t get to see you for a while and I’m soooo horny! Just the thought of that girl having you all to herself makes my thighs ache!” I hung up, stunned. He was cheating on me! When he exited the bathroom, I chewed him out and stormed off.
So why didn’t I sell my tickets? I don’t know. I was looking forward to the trip, and in a split-second decision I packed my bags and headed to the airport. I really hoped that Tim didn’t get the same idea. Thankfully, he didn’t. There were seven other people waiting with me and Tim wasn’t one of them. Thank God. There were six women and one man. Gee, I wonder who the air marshal was? Well, he was big, so I guessed that we would be in safe hands. Or not. Apparently, the pilot was late. Fine, I wasn’t in a hurry.
After what felt like an eternity, the pilot finally showed up. She looked young, maybe in her mid-twenties. She was young for a pilot anyway, though she was probably still older than 19-year-old me. Even though I only saw her for a second, I could tell that she was pretty. She had curly blonde locks and a great figure. Why do I notice these things? I don’t think I’m bi. Whatever, once the pilot arrived, we began boarding. A young stewardess helped me onto the small airplane. She was gorgeous too. She was east Asian, maybe Korean, svelte, and had deep brown eyes that fluttered when she spoke. Her voice sounded familiar though. It was when I looked at her name tag that realization slammed into me like a truck. Her name was Ange Kim.

Michelle 2

Take-off went well, as it always does. I sat back and prepared myself for a nice, relaxing flight. Then I heard a knock on my door. The two stewardesses invited themselves in to introduce themselves. I really couldn’t care less about who they were as long as they did their jobs, but I sat through their inane small talk anyway. One of them was named Charlotte. She was a mousy little girl with auburn hair and freckles. She was pretty though, with her bright green eyes, but she seemed to be a bit shy. Not sure why she chose to be a stewardess, but maybe she was just nervous around me. Shit, was I scowling at her? I try to force a smile when talking to people, but I sometimes forget. It’s not my fault! Why does everyone else have to be so annoying?
Speaking of annoying, the second stewardess introduced herself as Ange. She was also pretty, but in a much more sexualized way. She looked like she jumped right out of the pages of a Korean idol magazine. Her voice was also sultry, but not deep. She had a flirtatious vibe, not that it would work on me. After countless “I’m looking forward to working with you”s and the like, I finally managed to get them out of the cockpit. Now that my daily dosage of stress was hopefully over, I settled back in. I idly scratched my arms and flexed my toes. For some reason, my lower stomach felt sore. I hoped that I wasn’t coming down with something.

Kelly 2

I forgot how much I hate flying. It’s not because I’m scared of heights; I’m not. No, I just hate the idea of being trapped in a pressurized cabin with total strangers for hours on end. The plane was small, but there were still enough seats for everyone to have their own row. Despite that, the one man on the flight decided to sit next to me. Why me? I try to not be self-conceited, but I’d be lying If I said that I wasn’t pretty. I had long brown hair, a nice body and a face that’s gotten me many dates. I would have told the man to sit somewhere else, but I didn’t want to make a scene. Especially not with her on board. Fucking bitch. Why did she have to be here? Can’t a girl get a break?
As I marinated in my rage, I thought about the situation more thoroughly. Tim often travelled to Baja even before we started going out. I didn’t know how stewardesses’ schedules worked, but what if he met Ange on a flight? My God, how long were they fucking!? The more I dwelled on this, the sourer my mood became. This wasn’t how my vacation was supposed to go! I needed to relax, so I took out my book and started reading. As I did so, I started feeling a bit itchy crotch? Really? As if things weren’t shitty enough. I decided to aggressively ignore it. Just keep reading Kelly, we’ll land soon enough.

Michelle 3

I really love this route. We were flying south down the Baja Peninsula. The view out of the cockpit was breathtaking. I had the Gulf of California to my left, and the Pacific Ocean to my right. The Gulf was a bright green this time of year, almost looking like a lake. The blue of the Pacific made a striking contrast. I was so glad that it wasn’t cloudy. Then again, Baja is a desert, so my day would have to have been especially shitty. We were crossing the border between Baja California and Baja California Sur when I heard the stewardesses start carting around snacks. I didn’t even smell them, yet my stomach rumbled anyway. I was pretty hungry; I didn’t have time to grab food thanks to the security hold up.
As I was thinking about calling one of the stewardesses over, I glanced at my arms. While I normally keep them waxed, my arms had a dusting of little blonde hairs on them. They weren’t long or thick, but it was still weird. My breasts also started to ache. Was I on my period? My normally B cup breasts looked a bit swollen and started looking a bit more like C’s. I resolved to figure it out after we landed. The last thing I needed was a distraction. I did need to do something about food though. I didn’t really want to deal with Ange, so I pinged Charlotte’s little radio.

Kelly 3

As I kept reading, two things started to distract me. The first was the man next to me. I didn’t notice at first, but I could smell him. It wasn’t a bad smell, just a bit heady, but it distracted me. The second was the itchiness. It wasn’t just my crotch anymore; now my inner thighs and abdomen itched too. I could feel ten sore spots on my abdomen as well. That was it, I needed to know what was happening to me. I nudged the man next to me and told him that I was going to the lavatory. He gave me a strange look, and stood up to let me out. I walked on over to the back of the plane towards the lavatory. Damn, it was occupied. I leaned back against the opposite wall and waited. I fidgeted a little while I waited. For whatever reason, I just didn’t feel clean. I kept on brushing my hair with my fingers and licking my lips. While my hand was in my hair, it touched one of my ears. Was it me, or was it a bit larger?
Just my luck, as I was waiting, Ange showed up. She just walked to the cart in the back and grabbed some water. She then surprised me. Instead of taking it to a passenger or drinking it herself, she poured a little bit of it on her hands and started rubbing herself with it. First her face, then her arms, then she bent down and rubbed her legs beneath her short skirt. When she bent down, I could have sworn I saw a little nub pushing out of her skirt right above her ass. I must have been seeing things. She then turned around and saw me. She then blushed a little and smiled “Oh, hello there miss. I, uh, ran out of moisturizer. Um, did you want anything while you wait?” Well, if she knew who I was, she certainly didn’t show it. Did she really not bother to at least look at a picture of me? You know, so she knows to hide their little affair when I’m around. Come to think of it, this ditz called Tim’s phone and didn’t even wait to hear if he was the one who picked it up! How much more careless could you get? What the hell did Tim see in her? I looked at her smiling face and immediately knew the answer. As I noted before, the bitch was stunning, although I noticed that her lips were looking a bit chapped. I was so done. The door opened behind me and a young woman stepped out. She was looking straight down and power walked back to her seat. Was it just me, or was she kinda hairy. It also looked like there was something in the back of her shorts. I didn’t look for very long. I then stepped into the lavatory and looked back at Ange. I grinned at her and asked “How’s Tim?” Ange looked confused for about a quarter of a second, then her eyes opened wide “K...K...Kel-” I slammed the door.

Michelle 4

Charlotte gingerly opened the cockpit door and creeped inside, as if she was afraid I’d bite her head off. “Did you need something miss?” she squeaked. I guess I really scared her, and a pang of guilt rang through my body. I asked her to come closer. Maybe I could put her at ease. After all, it wasn’t her fault that I was having a rotten day. When she tiptoed closer, I could finally smell her. She smelled...really good. But not the perfume that she tried to hide behind. It was her scent beneath that seemed to almost call to me. I inhaled, and my nostrils flared out a little. I started to smell her even more. Some scents from the cabin started to reach me too. Everything just smelled so good.
The poor girl looked confused and asked “Um, did...did I do something wrong miss?” in a tiny voice. I knew that she was asking me, but it looked like she was asking her feet. More guilt cascaded through me. Why was I getting so sentimental? No matter, I quickly tried to put her fears to rest by saying “Oh, no don’t worry. I just had a bad morning. Really, it’s nice to work with the two of you. I was just cranky.” I smiled at her, and she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She then started addressing her feet again “Really? Thank God. I thought you were glaring at me when we met. I didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry.” This time, I sighed “You don’t need to apologize for anything. And you don’t need to talk to your feet. You have pretty eyes; I think people would like to see them.”
She then looked up at me and her pretty face twisted in confusion. I was probably doing the same thing. Her pupils were...slitted. Vertically. They were still a magnificent green, but they looked more like cats’ eyes than those of a human. Did she put on some weird Halloween contacts? Halloween wasn’t for another six months! Why was she looking at me like that? She was the weird one! I felt another wave of guilt accompany that thought. I looked at my arms. The hairs were thicker and curlier, and my fingers started to look a bit pudgy. Instead of wondering why that was happening, I simply though “Who am I to judge poor Charlotte?” I wanted to change the subject. Oh yeah, food! “Um, hey Charlotte?” I asked. “Y...Yes miss?” she quickly responded. Again with the whole “miss” thing. It made me feel weird. “Could you get me something to eat from your snack cart? I’m famished. Also, please call me Michelle.” I smiled. The timid little stewardess squeaked “Yes mis-uh, Michelle! I’ll be right back” and almost dashed out of the cockpit.

Kelly 4

That was so fucking stupid! Why did I do that? I was given a blessing in disguise and I completely threw it away. Ange didn’t know who I was! To her, I was just a regular passenger for her to serve. Now I’m a rival! Why is the room so bright? Why am I so stupid? Stupid! Stupid! Kelly so stupiiiiiiiid!
...Whoa. That was...odd. I had to cover my mouth to keep my mental outburst from becoming audible. I really, really needed to calm down. Looking in the mirror didn’t help. I let out a quiet gasp when I saw my reflection. My eyes were really dilated. Shit, did Ange see? Did the guy sitting next to me see? My eyebrows were also really bushy, and I could have sworn that my two front teeth looked bigger than usual. But I didn’t come here to look at my face. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. This time, my gasp was louder. My panties were soaked, and tangles of slick brown hair exploded out from under them. My inner thighs were completely hairy, and the rest of my legs were covered in prickly stubble. Not only that...I smelled a bit of feminine musk. It was...strong. I raised my shirt. There was a thick happy trail up to my belly button, with thinner hairs fanning out to the sides. There were ten red marks on my belly below by breasts. Five on each side. I just stood there fighting back tears. What...what was happening to me?
My sniffles and gasps were interrupted by a knock (more like a bang) on the door. Seeing it as an excuse to stop looking at myself, I let down my shirt and pulled my shorts up. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a strange sight. There was another girl fidgeting in front of me. She seemed to have Filipino features, and was really quite pretty. Except she Her nose looked like it was blackened with soot, and her ears flopped downwards. She seemed to be sniffing something, but I couldn’t tell what. I startled her though, and she stammered “Oh! S...Sorry for knocking!’s urgent. I need…’re…” Without another word, she whisked behind me and shut herself away in the lavatory. What the hell’s going on?
My heart began hammering as I started to panic. Was some disease going around? I’ve never heard of anything like this! Shaken, I walked back to my seat. The man stood up again to let me in, but he didn’t sit back down. Instead, he grunted and rubbed his temples. They almost looked like they were bulging. He then turned around and headed for the lavatory. At the same time, one of the stewardesses (the other one) ran past us to the cart, then ran back to the cockpit. I just sat there, but I noticed that his seat smelled really good. I licked my fingers and rubbed them on my face. One little sniff wouldn’t hurt.
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Re: Don't Panic (Multiple Animal TF's)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:56 pm

This is a rather interesting and fun story. Very enjoyable, too!
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