Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby her revenge » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:50 am

Hi all the final chapter will be posted on Sunday after I've tweaked it, sorry for the delay
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby MsJumper » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:03 am

her revenge wrote:Hi all the final chapter will be posted on Sunday after I've tweaked it

While so looking forward to the next chapter its offset by sadness in hearing you say "final" chapter. Will she be so big that she cannot continue the agency or too busy with the kids. So many possibilities and likely never a full attitude change.
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Lyssa » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:34 am

I haven't the clue what you have in mind but both of msjumpers ideas are cool!

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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby her revenge » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:27 am

Chapter 13 -Six months later

Over the previous few months it was fair to say that Taylor's life had been turned upside down. Her once idyllic lifestyle of fast cars and glamorous people had crumbled and now lay in ruins.

She now spent most of her time cooked up in her flat and allowing Amy and Jan to run the day to day business of her fashion house because she couldn't bare to be seen in the office surrounded of pictures of herself in better or at least thinner times.

The last time she was brave enough to weigh herself she sobbed as she saw the needle of her retro scales gently nudge the two hundred and ten pounds mark.
She quickly stepped off and vowed never to get back onto the scales again.

Sylvia had now returned home, her work looking after Taylor now concluded, but she left Taylor, who she really took to more that she thought she ever would, with a fond wish for a good life and happy and healthy babies. Sylvia made Amy promise to keep her updated with news of the babies and how Taylor was managing, even making her agree to contact her is for any reason Taylor was struggling with anything,

Amy and Jan were now all but running the company and were making a great success of it to boot.

Best of all was that Josh had finally moved in with Taylor and the pair had settled into domestic life wonderfully. At least until the a few weeks before Josh' Thirty Fifth birthday.

The day had started normally enough. Josh was readying himself for work as Taylor waddled into the room. Taylor was now weighing in at a rather rotund Two Hundred and Thirty Three pounds. As Patterson had proclaimed she was carrying more to the front, but her hips and breasts had also seen substantial gain over the months. This was a combination of the babies and the bad eating habits she has picked up from Sylvia. Her face was now round and she sported an extremely prominent double chin which only served to emphasize her gain further.

Josh smiled as he caught a glimpse of Taylor

“Morning beautiful” he said chirpily as he downed the last of his morning coffee and prepared to leave for work.

Taylor, who was never at her best first thing in the morning, shuffled by in her large tent like smock, her hands bracing her back and providing much needed support to her enormous belly mumbled “Yeah, right beautiful!” sarcastically.

“Well I think you look wonderful” he replied defiantly

“Yeah you would, after all you did this to me, I'm a cow!” she replied as she dropped onto the chair next to Josh and gave him a peck on the cheek in thanks just the same.

Just then Josh' phone burst into life. Glancing down at the screen he said

“Oh it's my mother, she''s early”

With a smile he pressed the accept button and lifted the phone to her ear “Good morning mother” he proclaimed in a playful tone “Your up early” he added with a chuckle.

Taylor sat uncomfortable next to Josh trying to get into a position that didn't cause the babies to press on her bladder. She couldn't hear exactly what Josh; mother was saying so she was forced to try to read Josh' face for some form of indicators.
A few minutes into the call Taylor knew the conversation was more than just a good morning chat.

Josh' face hardened as he listened to his mother, only briefly attempting to butt in in protest.

Just then Josh stood up and stormed into the other room his voice becoming louder almost with each step.

Taylor was left alone and worried about the content of the conversation as she could hear Josh' voice growing louder in some form of protest with each passing minute.

Suddenly the place went silent and Josh returned to the kitchen where a worried Taylor sat uneasily

“What wrong?” asked Taylor nervously

Josh dropped back onto his seat read faced with anger

“Those small minded idiot of parents I have that's what's wrong!” he replied as he poured himself another cup of coffee to steady his anger before continuing.

“My wonderfully antique mother has just told me that she and my stupid father will not allow our children to inherit unless they are legally a member of our family!”

Taylor was shocked at the news. She had always considered her relationship with Josh' parents as good, although she did note an underlying disappointment with the situation.

“But legally they will be” said Taylor finally

Josh slipped his arm around Taylor “Yeah I know that, but dearest mother said we have to be married for her and father to consider them fully part of the family.

“Married!” said Taylor loudly

“That's right, “legally wed” were her exact words” replies Josh coldly “And before the babies arrive too!” he added coldly as she stared blankly into the air.

Taylor was shocked to say the least “But I'm due in three months!” she said her voice now cracking with nerves.

“I told mother that and she said that is why they have decided to give us a few weeks to sort the arrangement out”

A few weeks” echoed Taylor “Weddings can take moths to arrange!” she protested “There are flowers to choose, guests to invite, cakes, cars to find, the venue!” that stuff takes months!” she started. Just then she stopped in her tracks as she realized something truly shocking

“And look at the size of me, I can't walk down the aisle like this I'm massive!” she protested

“I'm sorry” replied Josh as she picked up his things and readied for work. “I know my mother all too well, she won't back down, so I guess we have to start looking for a church and stuff! He said without sounding preachy “Maybe Amy can help you with the dress and stuff after all your in fashion!” he added with a smile

Josh' flippant attitude angered Taylor and she replied angrily

“It's alright for you, but unless you haven't noticed I'm not exactly in the right shape for fashion, you fool look at me I'll need a god-damned tent not a dress and all those people looking at me waddling along, it'll be horrid! I mean, most brides try to drop weight for the big day, I'm packing on pounds like mad daily ” she said as she rested the hands on her dome shaped belly

Josh chuckled “Well all the more reason to sort things out quickly...” he lovingly patted Taylor on her bump and added “ while we can still get you through the door!”

Taylor shot an angry look at Josh. Words were not required to express her thoughts on Josh' last comment

Josh continued to collect his things “Well you leave the church and stuff to me, I'll get Mother to help as it's her idea and you sort out you dress and stuff, hows that?” said Josh as he finally reached the door.

Taylor simply nodded her head in agreement before Josh disappeared.

After Josh had left Taylor picked up the phone and punched in Amy's number. She briefly explained the situation and after Amy's sincere congratulations the conversation turned to that dress.

“Look “ started Amy trying to contain her excitement “This should be easy, how about Jan and me coming over tonight and we can sort something out for you?” she added

Taylor pondered the idea for a moment before realizing that she had no real choice in the matter

“Sure that would be great, thanks” she replied

The two chatted about the business for another twenty minutes during which Amy calmed Taylor's concerns over not being there. Then Amy bid Taylor a good bye.

The moment the call from Taylor was ended Amy punched in Jan's office number.

Amy was aware that she was babbling as she explained to Jan Taylor's latest predicament. Jan laughed at the news.

“Wow she's gonna look hugh and ridiculous!” she said

Amy laughed at the comment but understood she had to keep the conversation on track

“I know, right” she agreed before continuing “I was thinking , do you still have that sample you were working on for her, the Maternity one?”

Jan smiled as looked up from her desk “Yeah sure, I'm looking at it right now” she replied.

Amy smiled “Perfect, we'll have to use that then,I mean she can't wear White right!” she said with a chuckle “Can you alter it at all?” said Amy as she pictured Taylor dressed in the peach satin monstrosity of a dress.

Jan eased back in her chair “Sure I can, what do you need?

Amy's heart quickened at the news. “Well I think you'll have to add an extra panel in the back for her as she really big out front and maybe you could make it a little more fitted across the bust and hips, after all we want everybody to know how well she coming along, right?”

“We certainly do!” replied Jan

The arrangements were set to meet at Taylor's that evening with the dress and the call was ended

Later that evening Amy and Jan met up outside Taylor's flat. Jan eagerly clutched a zipped up suit bag containing Taylor's dress and Amy was carrying a small bag which contained the nursing bra she had bought several months before and some more recently acquired lingerie she had just bought from the same store.
Ten minutes later the pair were stood in Taylor's flat.

Jan was genuinely shocked at Taylor's appearance. It had been several weeks since Jan had seen Taylor due to work commitments and the weeks had not been kind to Taylor at all.

Outwardly Jan was excited for Taylor and she told her that she looked great, but in reality she thought she looked a mess. Taylor's hair had grown out some and it now resembled a short bob, this did nothing to hide her round face chubby cheeks and prominent double chin she now sported. Her skin had broken out and Jan could see that Taylor had taken to putting on more make up to cover her newly formed pimples.

Her bust and belly had expanded massively and Jan could clearly see the effects of the ongoing pregnancy in her engorged boobs.

Jan hugged Taylor in congratulation before stepping back

“I bet Josh loves these!” she said jokingly as she patted Taylor's boobs playfully

All three of the women laughed at the comment

“Yeah...” started Taylor going with the comment “ ...He sure does, a little too much really he can be a bit rough and I'm so sore all the time, and I think I'm starting to lactate too, I mean I'm sure I was leaking a little yesterday, but that's way to early, right?” she asked

Amy knew that this question would pop up at some point. After all she had made sure Taylor had been taking the medication that Patterson had given her so it was inevitable.

“Well better early than late I say” said Amy trying to sound positive “Now lets get you sorted out.

With that the trio moved into the bedroom. Josh was working late s the women knew to the y had the place to themselves for the evening

Firstly Jan pulled out the dress and hung it up.
Taylor stood silently looking at the large shapeless gown and pondered how she would look in it.

Amy fought back a smile as she inspected the dress “Nice work Jan” she said finally. The double meaning lost on Taylor

“Thanks” replied Jan as she dropped onto the bed

Amy then instructed Taylor to undress and try on the gown.

Every fiber in Taylor's body told her not to, but something over rode her repulsion and before long she stood in the center of the room in her ill fitting bra and pants.
Her balloon tight belly stretched out in front of her as she waited to try on the dress.

Jan and Amy took the opportunity to inspect their handy work and it had to be said they were pleased with the results.

Taylor moved towards the dress to slip it on and cover her embarrassment form

Just then Amy stepped in and held up the small shopping bag “Not so fast” she said coldly “We have to make sure everything is right for your big day, right?” with that she pulled out the bra ans a matching pair of panties.

Amy handed the items to Taylor “Your wedding night Lingerie” she said

Taylor cast an uneasy eye over the items, but again couldn't summon up the energy to argue the point

“Go and slip these on we want the whole picture” said Amy coldly

With out a word of objection or complaint Taylor slipped into the bathroom to change

With her gone Jan and Amy chuckled between themselves, “Wait till you see her now” whispered Amy

A few minutes later Taylor waddled from the confines of the bathroom. She stood in the center of the room awaiting the others comments.

“Well don't you look nice” said Jan

Taylor surveyed her figure for a moment. She had to agree the bra was good, it felt supportive and comfortable but lacked the sexiness of her usual underwear, but the panties were a different story. The were large and unflattering with a hint of lace around the waist band to add some form of femininity to them.

“These are hugh” said Taylor finally

Amy smiled “I know, but unfortunately there your size now” she said as she moved closer to Taylor and gently pulled up the waist band a little “Gotta cover that nice big bump!” she added

Taylor found it difficult to argue any point but she did manage to reply

“But their not very sexy!”

Jan and Amy laughed out loud at the comment, much to Taylor's annoyance

Amy finally managed to compose herself enough to say “No, their not sexy, but it's sexy pants that got you into this condition in the first place, right!”

Jan and Amy exploded into laughter leaving Taylor red faced and humbled

Next Amy handed Taylor the dress

“It's just rough at the moment”Explained Jan as Taylor pulled the dress over her head

Finally, and after a slight struggle, Taylor stood there in her dress. Whether on purpose or accidentally the dress fitted pretty well. The sides were not fitted too well and the bodice hung poorly.

“Don't worry about the alterations, I can sort those out easily” chimed Jan

Taylor stood forlornly in the middle of the room in the shapeless gown unable to argue

She was upset at just about everything about the dress. The color, the cut, the horrible large bow on her belly but she was unable to argue her point s oo she agreed with the other two.

Jan hurried around Taylor with small tailoring pins folding the material and pinning it into place.

Finally she finished and Taylor struggled out of the garment once again. Taylor slowly disappeared back in the bathroom to dress
As she left the room Amy quickly moved over to Taylor's bed and lifted the mattress. To her relief the small Idol was still in place. She quickly pulled it out and placed it into her bag

“I think our friends work is just about done, don't you?” she said

Jan smiled and replied “And some!”

Amy moved closed to Jan “Now be sure to alter that dress to highlight her best features, right!” she said

Jan knew exactly what she meant and she nodded in agreement. “Snug on the hips and bust right, and how about I fit it around the butt too, she's carrying quite the booty these days, it would be a pity if she kept it to herself!” she said

Amy smiled “Well your the designer, what ever you thing best works for her on her big day” she started “Ill get out little friend back to the shop tomorrow! She added glancing at her bag

“Yes I guess it has” agreed Jan with a smile

Just them Taylor returned. The three of them chatted for a few hours before parting fr the homes.

The following day Amy returned the Idol to the shop

“Was the Idol helpful?” asked the old woman

Amy smiled “Oh yes, very, she's a totally different woman now!” she replied as he left the shop chuckling

Several week s later the bg day arrived and Amy along with Jan sat at the back of the small hurriedly arranged Church.

They glanced around at the sparse congregation as the waited for Taylor to arrive.

“Well we did it” whispered Amy with a smile “I didn't think we would” she added
Jan nodded in agreement “I know, but it was worth it, we took a career maniac and turned her into a plump subservient stay at home mom”

Just then the music struck up and the congregation stood as Taylor entered.

Amy glanced over at Taylor who was clearly not enjoying the spectacle. Her face looked tired and drawn an she slowly padded down the aisle.

As Taylor passed the two women they took the opportunity to inspect their handy work.

Despite the short time between being told they had to wed and the actual day Taylor's ravenous appetite had caused her to gain another eight pounds, taking her into the mid two hundred and twenties. And as a result of Jan's Tailoring skills every pound was clearly on show!

Each step caused Taylor's hips and to giggle uncontrollably and her boobs to gently bounce . She lowly waddled down the short aisle desperately clutching a small pose of flowers that matched the ones in her hair and trying to force a smile.

Amy and Jan smiled throughout the service content in their work.

Finally the short service was over and Amy and Jan waited outside the Church to greet the happy couple.

Their patience was not tested for long as Taylor and Josh soon emerged from the church to a warm welcome as a married couple.

Amy and Jan waited at the back of the gathering until the finally got the greet the couple

“Congratulations!” said Amy excitedly. The comment was echoed by Jan“

Josh smiled back at the women “Thank ou both for everything, you've both been great!” he said

Jan and Amy laughed at the comment. “It was our pleasure” replied Amy

“Yes , that's right” agreed Jan

Josh then looked at Taylor and a smile broke out “ Shall we tell them?” he asked mysteriously

Taylor tried to force a smile as she shuffled uncomfortably on the spot “Sure, but lets make it quick my back is killing me!” she replied

Amy smiled at Taylor's comment “I bet it does, you look like your gonna pop any day!”

Taylor grunted in agreement “I know and I still have a couple of months of this!” she added

Josh then cut in “Right we have decided that Taylor is not coming back to work for a while, she's going to stay at home and look after the babies for the immediate time, so we hoped you two would take over the day to day running of the business until she's back”

The question was unexpected but welcome and the Amy and Jan agreed on the spot.

After agreeing to meet to iron out the legal stuff after their honeymoon Taylor and Josh continued to mingle.

Amy and Jan were ecstatic with the news and the each picked up a glass of champagne and continued to mingle.

Finally they were stood with Josh' mother. A loud foreboding looking woman

Amy explained that she and Jan were going to look after the business while Taylor looks after the babies

Josh' mother smiled at the news “That's very good. I'm sure you'll both do wonderfully in her absence” she said

“Well I'm sure shell be back with us and and raring to go soon” said Jan

Josh' mother looked down on Jan sternly “Oh. She's not going to be coming back for quite some time yet ” she said as she glanced over at Taylor who was obviously flagging badly at this point and added

“No, that girl is going to be giving me quite a few more new grand children before she ready to come back. I told Josh they have to at least match his brothers six!” she added coldly.

Amy and Jan were shocked at the comment.

Just then Josh' mother was called away leaving the two girls to ponder her comments

They looked at each other silently for a moment before both bursting into laughter

“Just think of it, Taylor's gonna be a baby factory!” said Jan excitedly

Amy smiled content that her plan had finally come to fruition. She glanced over at Taylor and simply said


The end

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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Matt L. » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:33 pm

Your conclusion was handled superbly, very satisfactory, and well written.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Lyssa » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:01 am

Taylor's transformation is a nice way to end your story, looks like the most important things in life changed for her, diapers and the housewife chores :D

Fun story!

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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby her revenge » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:58 am

Thank you both for your kind words. The end of the story is slightly different to my usual work, but I thought in this case it fitted the story better.
I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:55 pm

The conclusion was certainly rocking! Thanks for finishing the story.
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Hongo1000 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:37 pm

Enjoyed the story! Wait8ng for idol 4 ;)
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Re: Idol 3: Taylor Made. By Her Revenge

Postby Leviathan » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:46 pm

I actually feel like it was a pretty happy ending for everyone.
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