The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..)

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The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..)

Postby klmmn » Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:19 am

This time I wanted to write something darker than last time. This is supposed to be a horror with breast, ass, pussy expansion, gender change and other more unusual transformations. For those who are here only for the transformation scenes: there are small hints of transformations at the beginning, but the real show starts in chapter 3.


"She came out of the woods dirty, scared and with the biggest pair of udders I have ever seen on a woman, I tell you." Patricia frowned. "It must have been at least 80 years ago if I consider you are 93 and .." The old man interrupted her. "It has been 82 years and I still remember it as if it has happened yesterday. It was a sight you do not simply forget, I ensure you. She came back naked and with a barn sized rack." Patricia turned to the other girl Mia. "I think you do not need to mention this in the paper. It might be just his imagination or false memory if we consider his age." The man protested. "I may be old, but my memory is still good, young lady. She came out, all the folk gathered around her and people started asking what happened to her, she had been away for a week and we already had her for dead. But she was silent, she did not utter a word and just went back to her house and locked the door." Patricia nodded. "That was probably a post-trauma stress or something." "Not something! She had been cursed. She gave birth to a daughter three months after." "So she had been pregnant already..." "And then another baby girl and another. Seven daughters, all of them redhead and so pale they looked almost white. Something you do not see, really." Mia smiled and wrote all that down. "This sounds interesting, we can consider it a present day myth." The old man frowned again and finished his glass. "You call it myth, but it was ghastly! They all were pale and had one brown eye and the other one blue. Strange I tell you. There is something in the woods." Mia winked at the barman and ordered another glass of whiskey. "So if we consider that there were 7 daughters 82 years ago there is a chance some of them are still alive." The man nodded. "One of those devilish children lived nearby, I will write down the address for you." "This is very kind of you. We will mention you in our paper."
Outside the girls joined a guy in their car. He had a map in front of him and was obviously planning the trip. Patricia took her notepad and checked it. "So we can meet local sheriff, then there is the girl who saw the devil a year ago or so and we can also try to interview the devil's daughter. So what next? Did you figure out where to go in the woods?" Mike handed her the map. "The Redcrook forest is quite big and it seems not quite favourite among hikers. By the way: did you know there was an actual Redcrook village? It was located in the forest, but was abandoned after a big fire in 1892. It was here." He showed her a small place in the southern part of the forest. Patricia looked at it. "It does not seem to be so interesting. Does it have any relation to the legend of the Black one?" "None I was able to find, but the fire seems strange enough for me. Perhaps we can at least look around there." "We may, but let's not waste our time, we have only two days. I need to be back in university next week."
Someone knocked on the window. It was Pete, the second friend of theirs. He returned from local shop and brought provisions. Mia looked at the map and did not look too happy. "So how much do we need to walk to the place?" Patricia smiled. "Do not be afraid. It is just a trail in the woods, no mountains, we will get there and back in no time." Mia sighed. She was a post-doc in ethnography, not an adventurer.
The next one on the list was the sheriff. A middle age man that looked quite surprised when they asked him about the Black one. "You know, it is just a legend of the oldsters. Nobody really believes it any more. But 60, 70 years ago, it was quite different. Even my grand ma told me she saw strange things in the woods. They were afraid to go there after dark and some places they considered cursed and avoided even in daylight. I remember the legend of the Black man of the woods that steals small children and kidnaps women grand ma told me, but I suppose you heard it many times." Mia tried to look as polite as possible. "If you could tell us your version, then we can compare it with the others. We would like to publish a paper on it in Journal of American ethnography." The sheriff smiled and offered them chairs.
"About 150 years ago there was a small village in the heart of the Redcrook forest. The people there were mostly lumberjacks and hunters, strange folk that usually did not socialize much with the people from this town, they had their own customs, called the other people the outsiders and the other people were telling strange tales about them. They told tales about a dark place in the woods where silent whispers could be heard, trees were moving on their own, tales about something old dwelling there. The Redcrook folk knew about it and avoided it, but some claimed there was an old woman in the village that spoke with the whispers and offered them sacrifices to get youth and health in exchange. They rumoured she made a pact with a devil that appeared in the form of a dark man that walked the forest. Some of the outsiders became curious and spied on the forest folk. When they returned they spoke about dark places with old buildings built before the white man came to America and about dark voices they heard there, the weird unhuman voices. They claimed the old woman was a witch and was responsible for a couple of lost children from villages outside. In the end they took torches and weapons and came for the witch." Mia wrote everything down and the others grinned. It seemed she was the only one interested in the story. "Nobody knows what had happened there, but the village was burned down, many people died and the witch disappeared in the woods. Since then a couple of people saw a figure that could have been her, but if it had been her then she would had been over 150 years old at least. I myself went to the forest to the places where they claimed to had seen her and I saw nothing. Just old ruins."
Patricia asked. "One old man told us there was a kidnapped girl long time ago that returned to the town with ummm... large breasts." The sheriff chuckled. "Old Ted? It is his famous story, but nobody actually believes that. He enjoys telling it to young women and watching them blush.."
Patricia laughed on their way back to the car. "So the case of the haunted boobs is closed. Do you want to visit the supposed to be devil's daughter?" Mia frowned. "There was something about his story. I do not believe it is completely fake. Let's take a look at her, she lives nearby."
The house at the address was old and neglected. Huge tree was pressing against one of the walls and the roof was full of moss and grass. They did not expect anyone to be actually living there, but still knocked the door. To their surprise an old woman opened and looked at them with anger on her face. "What do you want? I do not buy." Patricia quickly took the lead. "We do not sell anything, old Ted told us about your mother and ..." The woman interrupted her. "The old jerk tells that to everyone who pays him a glass. It is a nonsense, now get out of my yard." Her pale face was turning red so the friends quickly left. "There is something about his story. Definitely.", Mike said. "Did you see her rack? It was huge! It hung bellow her belly. I bet.." Patricia laughed. "You do not have to tell us. We all saw that. Yes, she was quite busty. But did you notice her eyes? They were exactly as Ted said. One was blue and the other one brown. So even this part of the story was true. So what next?"
Mike frowned. "Do not want to try to speak with her. So what is next in your list? The newest witness?" Patricia checked her paper. "That is the last item in here."
It took several minutes to find the right house and then to explain what they wanted. Older woman who opened the door was obviously mother of the witness so they had to explain they are not police or FBI and they are here only to look for interesting story that may be a good example of recent American myth. The actual witness was a young girl around seventeen. She did not want to speak with them at the first, but when the mother left and they offered her fifty dollars she was much more open.
"You know I do not want to speak about it. My mum does not allow me to go to the woods.. We go there usually with my friends, because we need privacy, you know. I was there with two other friends, but they kinda left me, because they needed more privacy." Patricia smiled and tried not to roll her eyes.
"We were not far from the Redcrook ruins. We go usually there, some of the huts are still standing and we repaired one quite well, so we can hang out. So I went to the wood to umm, to bathroom, because the others you know... It was late afternoon, almost dusk and I stood at the edge of the woods and suddenly I saw a strange animal. It was as big as a cat or a small dog, but it had human face. And it was watching me. I tell you, I got goosebumps all over. Once it realized I saw it it just ran into the wood and I did not follow it, of course."
Patricia interrupted her. "But you say it was almost dark, so how can you be sure it was not a rabbit or something else." "Rabbit? It was walking on all fours, but when it stood on the hind legs it played with his hands and they were also human. It was horrifying. I turned and ran back to the hut, did not care what was going on in there and we all ran home. We are usually not afraid of the forest, but since then we never came there after dark. It is quite far, and those were maybe the worst three hours I spent in the wood." Patricia handed her the map. "Could you tell me exactly where it happened?" The girl showed a spot near the ruined village. "And I know what it was," she added triumphantly. "It was a familiar of the witch. They call him Brown Jenkin. Half human, half dog or rat. One of the old hags in the senior's home told me that." "This sounds interesting." Mia took her notepad and started writing. "Did she tell you anything more?" "She told me it was a gift from the Black man and the witch used it for errands. She also told me it is a bad omen to see it. But I guess that part was not truth. Nothing bad happened to me since then." "And what about other parts of the wood? Did you go anywhere else than the village?" "Yep, once we went to a weird place north of the village. We even saw some old rocks and walls there, but it was strange. You know the feeling you are trespassing? Like you are somewhere you should not be? We quickly left. One of our friends even lost his camera there. He did not want to return though. It was sooo strange. It was somewhere here near this gorge." Patricia drew a circle on the map. "They also say there is the house where the witch used to live, but we did not see it. It was burned down during the lynching, probably."
The girl was the last person to interview, so the friends parked the car and packed their backpacks. Mia was a bit afraid, she had never been hiking before and the prospect of spending night in a cursed forest was a bit unnerving for her. The others seemed to be quite confident and Mike even seemed to be thrilled. So she sighed and took her bag.
They decided to go to the ruined village, look around there, then maybe look deeper into the woods. It may give them a hint in which conditions the legend was conceived. "But we are going to make it in two days, right?" Mia asked when Patricia put the map into her bag. "Only one night in the burned village and then we'll go back, right?" Mike smiled. "Yes, I promise. There is nothing to be worried about. I have my military grade GPS, detailed map, satellite phone. There is no way to get lost in there." Pete laughed. "In the worst case I have my Colt, so we can even shoot the Brown thingie if it shows up."


They locked the car and Mia looked sadly at the town. The trail was quite wide and well visible, but as they went deeper into the forest it was obvious not many people walk these parts. The trail was full of bushes, fallen branches and thorny weeds, they did not walk fast. They all were thrilled they may see something unusual, to meet actual American legend, but in the end it looked like an ordinary hike.
The wood was quite dense and dark, only occasional meadows with yellow grass provided some light. Mike tracked their progress on the GPS and Patricia took some moody photos of autumn trees.
At 16:40 they arrived to a big clearing with ruined walls. "I guess this is the village. Let's look around." Patricia put down her bag and entered the nearest building. The others followed her example and spread around.
The village was ruined, it looked abandoned a long time ago, no roofs or ceilings survived the century and there were no signs of any inhabitants. In one of the better preserved huts they found an old cloth and small pile of cigarette butts so they considered it was probably the making out place of the youngsters.
They pitched their tents in the centre of the village. Mike and Pete went to the forest to get wood for a fire, the girls were still searching the ruins. "Pat? There are still some coals around here. This house was probably burned." Mia dug in the piles of dust and coals in the corner of one of the bigger huts. "Let me see." She quickly looked at nearest ruins. "It seems only some of them were burned and the rest just abandoned." Mia dug a bit deeper into the pile of dust and coals and a small piece of bone rolled out. She frowned and dug a bit deeper. The stick screeched on something solid, so she brushed it with her hand. "Oh god! There is a bone here!" Patricia quickly run to her. Mia was looking at the pile with scared face. There was a big bone in the centre and it looked definitely human. Patricia took a picture and then they both covered it with dirt.
The guys returned laughing. The carried a lots of wood. "Hey, girls! Look what we found. There is a Christmas tree back in the wood. It is full of these things." He handed Patricia a small object made of straw and clay. It resembled a human figurine (with enough imagination) with a pair of breasts and a piece of grass in the groin that was supposed to be a hairy vagina. Patricia took it and inspected it. "Looks strange. I have never seen this style. It does not look to be Indian or any European tradition." She poked the clay breasts and one flaked off. "Mia, look!" She wanted to hand it to Mia, but Mia was too shaken by the grave they found she did not care. "We found a bone. Human probably. Over there in the pile." She pointed at the ruined hut. "Show me the tree. I want to take a picture and maybe collect some samples." Pete laughed. "I already have my souvenir."
The tree was an ordinary tree at the edge of the forest. The figurines and ornaments were hanging on lower branches. All of them were made of straw and all resembled human bodies. Patricia took many photos and then looked for the best looking ones. She tore down a couple of them until she found one she was satisfied with and carefully wrapped it in paper. "I guess Peterson from department of native arts will love this."
It was getting dark and nobody was too eager to go to the other place, so they lit the fire and sat around it. They roased sausages they bought in the town and it all looked like a high school hike. They chatted and Pete opened a bottle of wine. "You know, I prepared quite well for this trip. In case any devil actually snoops around our camp I brought these." He opened his bag and took out two camera traps. "I will set them up and in case something shows up we will have it there." Mia looked quite worried. "Aren't we going to guard? No way we all sleep at the same time, someone needs to watch. This place is spooky." Pete laughed. "So the legends about the witch have gotten into your head? I don't think something would come, but in any case myself and Mike will guard you, girls." Patricia smirked. "We are in 21st century already, guys. I will guard as well."
Pete set one of the traps on the nearest wall to cover the camp and the other one on a tree to cover the widest trail leading to the forest.
Patricia was preparing for the sleep, when she noticed that her breasts are not only tender, but at least a cup size bigger then yesterday. The others were nearby and she was a bit ashamed of inspecting her breasts in front of them, so she just crawled into her sleeping bag and and probed them with her hands. Clearly she felt increased volume. The new flesh was very firm and she was even happy. She only wondered how this could happen and if it was because of her period. So she adjusted her sport bra and took a warm shirt for the night.
Mike was the second one to stand guard. The night was windy and full of noises. The leaves and branches were rustling and the fire was almost off. He had to admit to himself that it was quite unsettling. Once or twice he had the feeling that he is being watched and once he thought he heard more just than a rustling noises of branches in the wind, but he never saw anything.
They checked the traps in the morning, but even thought they had been tripped a couple of times it had been only because of wind.
Even thought the weather seemed to be worsening and the wind brought clouds they all had much better mood than yesterday. They packed their camp in fifteen minutes, had a quick breakfast and prepared for the second day.
When Patricia zipped up her jacket she noticed it is quite snug around her chest. Others seemed to be quite busy, so she turned her back to them and inspected her breasts. They grew at least a cup since yesterday and the nipples were very puffy. She thought about telling the others, but in the end she did not. When she took her bag and walked the trail she felt her nipples brushed much more against tthe material of the bra.
"So lets have a look at that dark place the legend spoke about. I would like to take some pictures. It may be good for the chapter about the environment the legends start in." Patricia smiled. Mia cheered up , but was still a bit uneasy. Pete took the map. "If I may guess the gorge is here between those hills. There are no other places where it may be. No rivers, no other hills." Mia looked at it. "And are we going to make it in a singe day?" "It is not further than six miles, so yes." "Six miles? We need to get to the place and back to the civization today. So let's hurry. I do not want to spend another night here."
They chose a trail heading north and went into the woods. The trees were rustling in the wind and the trail was full of dry branches and overgrown grass. They progressed slower than they expected.
Around noon they came to a crossroad. Pete consulted the map and pointed to a small trail to the north. "It seems we are half way there. We should hurry if we don't want to spend the nigth in the gorge." "Hey! Look!" Patricia pointed at a stake that was hammered in the middle of the thin trail. There were two planks crossing each other nailed to the top in a clear sign. Patricia brushed moss and dust down. "There was something written up here, but it is illegible now. The sign must be ancient, the nail is rusty."
Mia sighed. "Do you think it is a good idea to go there?" The others laughed. "There is nothing to worry about. The bad things happened more than hundred years ago. Have some drink", Mike handed her a small bottle. It was whiskey.
The trail was thin, but surprisingly there were no trees of bushes growing out of it, so they strode quite fast. At 3 PM they finally arrived to two small hills with a steep gorge between them.
The atmosphere was thick and they all went silent. They felt a strange threat hanging in the air and even birds seemed to avoid it. They put down their bags and went into the gorge. All of them went there except for Mia, who insisted on guarding the bags.
The gorge was surprisingly short. They walked around moss covered rocks and then suddenly reached a small clearing. It was a meadow bordered by old crooked trees with nine large rocks in the middle. Patricia took her camera and started taking pictures of the rocks. They seemed to be ancient, covered with strange weathered glyphs and moss. She tried to brush it off to read the writing, but the glyphs were distorted and indistinct, the sandstone was weathered and crumbled under her fingers. She took a couple of pictures and walked to the centre of the clearing. She was attracted by a small crooked tree growing next to a large boulder in the middle of the stone circle. She took picture of the strange menacing tree and noticed something strange. The tree had huge roots grabbing onto the ground like a clawed hand, but the root directed to the centre of the clearing was turned up like a serpent head or, she had to admit, like a huge erect penis. She smiled and knelt next to it. It was quite strange: the appendage was clean of moss and the tip was almost polished. She cautiously touched it with her hand. It was smooth, obviously alive, she even felt a hint of unnatural warmness. She took a couple of pictures of the thing and wanted to look at the other parts of the clearing, but then an idea crawled into her head. She quickly looked around, because she was afraid the others may mock her, but when she saw they are busy with their own investigations, she turned back to the root and grabbed it with her hand. It felt quite good, the shape was so arousing and she even imagined it may throb in her hand. Her single hand was too small to clutch it whole though, so she grabbed it with both hands. It was so wide only her fingertips touched. She slid her hands up and down the shaft and whispered: "You are quite a big man, aren't you." She grinned and took one more picture of the root.
Pete went to the boulder in the middle of the clearing. It was flat, not higher than three feet and the top was smooth as if polished. He sat on it and inspected shallow holes and dents that covered the whole rock. His palms were sliding on the smooth surface and he suddenly noticed there is a strange pattern formed by the holes. Next to him was a large shallow hole in a shape of two large hemispheres with a small ridge in the middle, then two smaller ones that looked almost like a palms with spread fingers in the centre of the boulder and two longer next to the big bowl at the edge. "Hey! Pat, come here. You should take a picture of this."
Patricia quickly looked at him, her face blushing. "What did you find?" she asked with almost trembling voice. "This seems strange almost as if someone actually sat here and left an imprint. Someone with a big ass." Patricia came with a camera and tried to find the best light for the photo. "This looks like an imprint of a knee and these like hands. Almost as if.." She hesitated. "As if someone knelt here."
Mike was inspecting one of the standing rocks and found a small stash of small objects in a tiny niche. "Guys, I found something. Something fresh. Seems someone was here couple of weeks ago."
They all gathered around him. There was a clay figurine, this time sculpted in much better detail, a figurine of a man with couple of notches for eyes, mouth and nipples. He took it and almost yelped. There was a blood dripping from the statuette. He quickly turned it around and found out it was dripping from a small piece of flesh with hair that was glued to the head of the figurine. "Oh god! This is fresh! Someone must have put it here almost yesterday." "That is gross!" Patricia pointed at the pile in the niche. There was also a human ear with remains of skin.
They all quickly stepped back from the niche and Mike dropped the statuette. "I think I have enough. It is getting dark and no way for me to sleep nearby." Pete said resolutely. They all agreed and quickly walked back to Mia. Patricia looked at the root for the last time and thought about the feeling of the firm, juicy wood in her hands.
Mia was scared, but fine. When she asked why all of them are pale and what happened they just quickly told her they found disgusting old things. She did not insist on learning the details, so they quickly grabbed their bags and strode back to the camp site.
It took longer than expected, they lost their way a couple of times and after the sunset they had to use flash lights.
Patricia felt that her breasts stuffed her sport bra to the limit and started overflowing under her arms. She didn't dare to look, but she guessed they had grown to a C cup at least. It felt strange, but she was not concerned at all. He mind was still occupied by the memory of the big wooden cock in her hands. She was imagining what it would feel like to let it penetrate her tight pussy, the horrible size of the thing, the smooth surface. It reminded her that she had not have man for three weeks and started to feel horny.
Both guys walked quickly and to reach at least the ruined village before the night, but had their deal of problems as well. Their chests felt tingly and itchy and they both felt an extra bounce when they walked. They did not discuss it, but they both felt there is something wrong with both of them.
When they reached the crossroads Mia was so happy she almost applauded. She was scared as hell that they would not find the correct path and would get lost in the woods. The flash lights did not provide much light and the shadows they cast were scary. To make everything worse the weather worsened and light drizzle was soaking the forest.


They pitched tents near the sign at the crossroads and Mike tried to light a fire, but everything was wet. After ten minutes he gave up. Mia was frightened by the prospect of night without fire and they had to force her to drink a sip of whiskey to calm down.
Mia shared a tent with Pete. They were undressing from the wet clothes and when Pete took off his shirt he almost screamed. There were two obviously womanly breasts on his chest. All of his chest hair fell off and the breasts were perfectly smooth with quite large nipples that stood erect. "Oh god! What has happened to me?" Mia yelped, she did not know what to say. Mike quickly ran to them and when he saw startled Pete and his new endowments he also lifted his shirt. His chest underwent the same transformation. His breasts were even bigger than Pete's.
"How this could happen? This is not normal. Pat, come here!" Patricia was sitting in her tent and thinking about the wooden monster cock. She could not let it go, it filled her mind with arousing images and she was unable to focus. She even did not notice that her hands were drawn to her crotch and started caressing her pussy. When Pate shouted she did not care. She woke up from her horny intoxication only after Pete opened the tent and shook her. "Are you okay? We were shouting at you. Something horrible have happened to us."
They all gathered in front of the tents, both guys already covered their chests. "How this could happen?", Pete asked with dejected voice. "Can any herb cause this?" Patricia still had trouble focusing, but tried hard. "We did not eat any herbs. Not any I would be aware of. I must admit I have the similar problem." She said and lifted her shirt. On her chest jiggled also two C cup breasts, but in this case it looked almost natural. "They have grown since yesterday." They all turned to Mia. Her eyes widened, but she quickly shook her head. "I do not know how it could happen. Mine are still the same." And as a proof she thrust her B cup breasts forwards. "What did we do?", Patricia thought aloud. "Why our boobs grew and yours did not. What did we do you did not?" Then it came to her! "The dolls from the tree. We touched them and Mia didn't!" They quickly searched the bags. Pete cautiously covered his hands with his shirts and brought the dolls as far into the wood as he was brave to go. He hoped that his boobies would eventually return to their manly shape.
"Are we going to guard the camp?", Patricia asked. "Yes, first me, then Mike and you the last one?" Patricia shook her head. "You can go to sleep. I do not feel sleepy, so I can have the first watch."
Pete set up the traps again, even though they did not expect to actually see anything. The night was windy and even though it stopped drizzling the visibility was low due to light fog. Patricia was happy she could sit alone in front of the tents. She waited for the others to fall asleep and started playing with her pussy. It was all wet, her panties were soaked and she was desperately horny. She did not remember being so horny in her whole life. She slipped a finger into her slit and started pumping, but it was not enough. First she thought about a black muscular guy with a big cock as usual, but her mind inevitably brought an image of the wooden monster. It reminded her the wonderful feeling when she had it in her hands and she imagined it to was alive and throbbing in her hands. Like a huge penis, writhing snake or muscular tail of the beast it was coiling in her hands and searched for the sweet entrance to her pussy. After an hour she was almost insane from arousal, but her pussy refused to cooperate. She could not climax regardless on how hard she tried. She searched her things, but did not find anything that would satisfy her, nothing was at least remotely similar to dildo or big enough. In her dream like state she zipped her jacket, made sure the others are asleep and went down the trail.
The woods in the night were an unsettling place, but Patricia did not mind. She was thinking of the thick cock that would stretch her pussy to its limits and didn't mind the rustling noises or the shadows swirling around trees. The journey was long, but her arousal almost forced her forwards, she even ran a couple of times.
In a couple of hours she stood at the entrance of the gorge. In the night it looked even more menacing, but she was eager to see the thick root that seemed to attract her so much. She almost ran through the passage and stepped into the circle of the stones. In the dim light of her torch the root seemed to be even more alive than before. She hastily pulled down her pants, tossed them on the flat boulder and with swaying hips stepped to the root. "Hello, big boy. I have been dreaming of you." She stepped forth to have the root in between her legs and brushed her pussy against the round slippery top. She almost came when the cold tip touched her cunt for the first time. She squatted down a bit and let the huge cock slowly slid into her. It was so arousing! The top slid inside a few inches, but she needed more. The few inches were just a hint of all the pleasure she may get. The top was thinner and slippery, so it slid inside without any effort, but then the root became thicker. She had to spread her lips with her fingers and forcefully push herself lower. The huge girth of the thing made her scream. Her hole was stretched over its limits and new limits were set. She pushed hard and the root was sliding into its place. Her pussy ached like a hell, but she was aroused beyond belief and did not feel a thing. Soon she squatted almost on the ground and the gigantic cock was buried deep inside her. She screamed as if she hadn't been in the middle of the woods but rather in her safe bedroom. She did not remember being so horny, aroused or pleasured in her whole life. The root was sliding in and out of her cunt, the wetness was dripping to the ground and her whole body seemed to be wrapped around the thing. The root was slowly entering depths of her body and her pussy was changing in progress. The lips were stretched never to return to their original small size, the canal inside that was wrapped around the thing swelled into new shape to be able to swallow a cock as long as a forearm.
She did not mind the surroundings, but still some small part of her brain noticed strange noises on the hill over the gorge as if something was walking there. She did not mind, because she had been impaled on the biggest fucking cock she ever saw.
It took long for her to reach satisfaction, she had to pump it for many minutes before she felt the familiar spasms of coming orgasm. When it came it hit her like a hammer. She screamed, her body shaking, eyes rolling. She almost fainted and fell to the ground, but her body was held in place by the stake she was impaled on.
Many minutes later she awoke from the dream. She still squatted on the root, but suddenly noticed what had been happening over last hours. The forest became darker, it was much more sinister and she became afraid.
Carefully she got up and the cock slid out of her. She looked at her crotch and almost yelped. Her tortured pussy had been stretched to much bigger size. It seemed her lips grew a bit and the hole was gaping where her small pink slit used to be. She poked it with her fingers and almost jumped. The cunt was both sore and sensitive. The light touch was enough to remind her the pleasure and her arousal grew again. But this time she noticed she was in the dark place and there was probably something hidden that was watching her.
She picked up the light, but was too afraid to look around, so she carefully pointed it under her feet. She grabbed her pants that still laid on the flat rock, pulled them up and ran for the camp. Her heart was racing, legs were tired and she could not close them together, because as soon as her thighs touched her pussy it itched and hurt. She ran with her legs spread and tried not to notice strange shadows behind the rocks.
She felt a big relief when she ran out of the gorge and ran as fast as she could with her sore cunt to the camp.
It was almost morning when she came there and was grateful all the others were still asleep. She sat in front of the tent and tried to look as if she had been guarding the camp for the whole night.
"Good morning", Pete looked out of the tent and seemed to be a bit angry. "Why didn't you woke me up for the watch?" "I was not tired, so I stayed up whole night. I thought the long sleep would do you good." "The agreement was that we share the watch." He was looking at her with strange expression and she hoped he would not notice her swollen crotch and reddened face.
"No watch? What happened?" Mike's head emerged from the tent. "Pat decided we should have more sleep and watched all by herself", Pete frowned. They all seemed to be angry, only Mia was silent as usual.
They packed their stuff and went on. The weather was even worse than before, it soon started to drizzle and in the afternoon it turned into rain. Mike was leading them according to his GPS, but something seemed to be wrong. "Hey guys, this is strange. The signal is fading, it needs to search for the signal every other minute and each time I found it the position changes. I have never seen anything like this." Mia sighed. "So you are telling us you have no idea where are we?" "No! We still can follow the trail on the map. But it is strange."
They all strode and their mood worsened. Patricia was the last in the group, she was afraid they may ask stupid questions about her gait. Her pelvis hurt a bit and her pussy was itching. She felt it twitch under the fabric of the pants. There was something happening down there and she was a bit afraid. After an hour she told them she need to stop and pee and hid behind a bush. She pulled down her pants and gasped. Her pussy had grown a lot! Her once small pussy changed into a gaping hole. Her lips were peeking out of the slit a great deal and were dark violet. She cautiously pulled one of the folds of swollen skin and was surprised how big it was. Big and sensitive. The single touch was enough for her to feel aroused. She slid one finger into the black moist hole and the hole swallowed it effortlessly. She almost did not feel it, so she slit there second and third finger. Her arousal grew to another level and she noticed huge clitoris peeking out of the fleshy hood. It was as big as her pinky finger and throbbed. She swallowed hard, memories of the huge cock flooded her head and she noticed the smell that came out of her gaping cunt. She pulled up her panties, but her lips were too big to fit inside and poked around the crotch part of the panties and brushed against her thighs. She tried to stuff them inside, but it just lead to further arousal, so she gave up and pulled up her pants. Her pants were really tight now and she noticed that her hips widened a bit. Her huge cunt was outlined under the snug fabric and when she stood up she felt arousal grow. Huge camel toe was clearly visible, so she tried to fix her jacket around her pelvis and hoped the others would not notice. She took a couple of steps and froze. Her cunt brushed against the fabric, thighs and her swollen lips also brushed against her big clitoris so the walk was both itching and arousing.
She returned to the others and the walked on. They progressed, but after a few hours it was obvious they were lost. They did not recognize any trees or rocks they passed around and there were no signs of civilization. Rain was also terrible, they all got wet and prospect of building tents in the rain was awful. But these were not the only issues they had. Both guys felt their breasts grew again and now they bounced and brushed against their shirts making the walk uncomfortable.
Around noon they finally came to a familiar place, but when they realized where they were Mia almost broke into tears. They stood at the entrance of the gorge. "Fuck!", Mike cursed. "I thought I knew where are we going. This is strange. But if we hurry then we may get to the village in the evening. At least we know where are we."
They turned around and walked the trail again. Patricia looked into the gorge and fought the impulse to go there and fuck that marvellous cock again. Her pelvis grew a lot since morning and her pants were stretched to limit. Her pussy had to be huge, she did not look, but the huge mound in her crotch hinted that her lips had to be enormous. When she was walking last she occasionally brushed her clit under the fabric with her fingers and her arousal was filling her brain with intoxicating memories of the root.
They walked for many hours, but there was no sign of the village or even the crossing with the sign. The forest was dark due to the rain, so at 5 PM they decided to build a camp. Patricia squatted down to get torch from her bag and felt her pants broke. Her wide hips finally tore the seams. She quickly covered it with her hand and hoped nobody noticed it.
Pete opened his bag and searched for a bottle he had there, but he suddenly yelled. He held a figurine of a busty woman his hand. "What the hell! I saw you throwing it away! How did it get in here!" He looked at Patricia. "How did you guard the camp? Or did you put it there? This is not funny!" Patricia was lost in her horny dreams so it took her several seconds to regain reason. "What?" "Someone put this awful thing into my bag. Do you know anything about it?" "Of course not! Why the hell would I do it?" "I'm not telling it was you, but you were the only one who was not asleep." "Maybe you put it there yourself!" They argued for several minutes, but then Patricia crawled into her sleeping bag angrily and said she does not want to speak with them any more.
They wanted to dismiss it, but then Mike found another figurine if his bag, so they all searched their back packs and found one in each of them even in Mia's. They argued about whether they forgot to throw it away or not, but then Mia pointed out she did not have one, because she did not want to touch them and broke into tears. Mike burned the figurines, but failed to lit the camp fire, because there was no dry wood around.
Patricia lied in her sleeping bag and felt uneasy. She wore only panties, but they were too small to cover her huge cunt. It grew a lot since morning, her lips were too big to be contained and the pussy grew even longer reaching to her belly, her pelvis was wider and she also felt a thick bush in her groin. She probed her crotch with her finger and the pussy was getting wet. Soon the tent was full of her smell.
It seemed Mike noticed something, because he seemed to be uneasy as well and thrashed in his sleeping bag. Patricia did not want to draw attention, so she tried to calm down and waited until Mike was breathing deeply and seemed to had fallen asleep. Then she pulled down her panties and caressed her cunt. There was not much space in the sleeping bag, but it seemed to be enough. She was kneading, probing and poking her snatch, but her orgasm did not come.
Half an hour later she was horny beyond comprehension and when her hands did not help she decided she needed it so bad she would wake up Mike. Silently she crawled out of her sleeping bag, took off her shirt and lied next to him. She carefully unzipped his bag and slid her hands into his pants. He was asleep, but as soon as she touched him he opened his eyes. She muffled his scream by one hand and started jerking his cock with the other. He seemed to be surprised, but soon succumbed to her and unzipped his bag as well.
Tent was full of erotic musky smell of Patricia's pussy and Mike seemed to be prepared: his cock was rock hard and even though it was much much smaller than the wooden cock Patricia hoped he would suffice. She smiled at him hungrily and squatted over his crotch. Her huge pussy was swollen, her lips dark violet and her clitoris was almost as big as thumb. Mike's eyes widened when he felt her moist lips engulf his cock but Patricia pushed him to the ground and he submitted. It felt so good at the beginning. She slowly rode his cock (that was smaller than the root but still above average), but soon found out the pleasure it brings is not enough. Her pussy was swollen and wet, but by far too big to clench around his cock. She tried to change positions, but it did not help. In the end she almost screamed from frustration. Mike was not aware of her disappointment and when she sat next to him and told him his cock is too small so she needs him to stick his fist into her huge hole he was surprised.
She lied in front of him and spread her legs. The huge pussy opened in front of him, huge gaping hole with nether lips so big they protruded at least an inch from the fleshy slit and raging red clitoris looking like a small glans. Mike at first he tried to stimulate her clitoris, that was throbbing and moving under his finger, but when angry Patricia directed his hand into the folds of her pussy he protested. They had been silent until then, but Mike protested and whispered. "No! Please! this is wrong. What happened to you?" "I need it! Just fist me, please. Stick your hand into me!" She sat in front of him and the gigantic cunt was gaping open. "I'm so horny. I do not mind you have boobs.." "What?" Mike grabbed his pants and was pulling them up. "Cover yourself", he spat angrily. Patricia was desperate. She needed to fill her pussy, to sate the hunger she felt. She needed it so much she pushed herself onto Mike and started fighting him. She grabbed his arm and struggled to stick it into her cunt. In a minute they toppled over the ten.
The muffled screams woke the others and when they understood what was happening they pulled Mike away from Patricia's grasp. She stood in front of them naked with her extremely wide hips and dripping huge pussy. "She tried to rape me!" Mike was zipping up his pants. "We were sleeping and suddenly she came down on me and tried to rape me. She is ill. Look at her crotch." Patricia herself looked down and even she was surprised how big and obscene her pussy has become. "I'm so horny, help me!" She pinched her violet lips with both hands and spread her cunt wide open. "I need it! I need something big." When she saw the others are perplexed by her she simply grabbed the flash light and ran into the dark, her hips swinging wildly.
The others silently watched her run away in the direction of the dark gorge. Soon the light disappeared among the trees. They stood silently and Mia was crying. They sat in the remaining tent and tried to figure out what to do. They decided they would stay here, nobody was willing to follow Pat into the dark. It took several hours for them to calm down. Mike stayed awake and watched over them, but was too tired so he fell asleep.
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

Postby Melvillain » Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:19 pm

I'm surprised nobody's commented on this yet. So great! A nice change up of the typical and I'm excited to see more
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

Postby klmmn » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:11 am

Thank you. I appreciate any feedback and I'm glad someone likes it.

Coming chapters will contain many more transformations.


When they woke up it was already light. Silently they packed the tent and Pete collected the traps. Surprisingly one of them was knocked over, so he took both and downloaded the content into his phone. Then he sat down and quickly skimmed it. The footage was dark and uninteresting. It had been triggered mostly by wind, only swinging branches and leaves. He wanted to delete it, but then suddenly he froze. There was something on the film in the end. Around 3:20 he saw a strange shadow pass around the trap. Just a blur with almost no details. He rewound and slowed it. Yes! It was there! A small creature as big as cat or small dog knocked the trap over. He slowed it more and stopped it at the time when the creature was the closest. It looked like a cat or even a very large rat, but there was something unnervingly human about the head. It looked almost like a face. There was certain malice in the eyes and the nose was not animal-like at all. He was quite startled, but when he turned to the others he saw Mike comforting crying Mia, so he decided not to tell them. It would only make things worse.
This time it took a bit longer to collect all their things so they left the camp at 10. Mike tried to follow the map as close as possible, but still at the noon they all felt they were lost. Mia was crying all the time, nobody was able to comfort her.
In late afternoon they reached familiar parts of the wood. Even though they returned to the crossroads they all were relieved. It was still raining, so they build the camp and went to sleep.
Mia was sleeping uneasy. It took her awfully long to calm down, she was listening to noises of the night and thinking about their fate. She had almost lost hope about leaving the place alive and she was thinking about what had happened to Patricia. In an hour she finally fell asleep.
Mia almost woke up around midnight. She was still half dreaming, the dreams were unpleasant, but she was too tired to fully wake up. Whole night she dreamt of an annoying dog that was licking her face and body and even though she fought it she was not able to escape. She sighed and turned to the other side but then she realized there is something in her sleeping bag. Something small crawled in and now she felt it was touching her butt. She felt small paws or even a tongue caressing her behind and slipping in between her slim ass cheeks. She woke up immediately and started screaming. She thrashed in the bag, kicking and squirming. The small animal was moving around she felt it and she could not get it off her. In the end she slipped out of the bag and ran into the woods screaming.
It all happened so fast Mike and Pete were not able to react. When they saw Mia running away Pete grabbed his flash light and followed her. She was just a short ahead of him, but the pursuit was still very difficult. He was stumbling over roots and branches were hitting his face. He had to stop when a particularly sturdy one knocked the light out of his hand. It took just several seconds to pick it up but Mia had disappeared in the dark. He walked in her direction and shouted. The night was windy and his voice was weakened, so he started to worry.
Suddenly her scream split the air. Pete quickly ran to the direction and found her laying on her belly in a shallow ridge. She screamed and when he reached her he realized why.
She lied there with her pants torn and her once tight ass turned into two jelly-like quivering hemispheres that were at least as big as two basketballs pushed together. She lied there, her hands touching the soft flesh, trying to understand what had happened to her. The gigantic booty changed her centre of gravity so much it was difficult for her to stand up. Pete looked at her with unbelieving face and it took him several minutes to get back to his senses. "What happened to me? What is back there? I cannot see it!" He came to Mia and tried to lift her. "Your butt has grown, it is huge. I don't understand how this could have happened. It is so huge." Her eyes widened. Finally she stood up and now she was probing her enlarged posterior. She felt as if someone stuck a pillow to her body, it was heavy and jiggly and there there was no chance her pants would fir her. The pants were torn and wrapped around her knees anyway. It seemed her expanded thighs broke the seams, but the change stopped there, so her calves were still the slim sporty ones she used to have. "Hey, there is something in there!", Pete whispered with surprise. She reached down, spread her enormous ass cheeks a bit. There was a small wig or dry grass poking out of he ass hole. He cautiously pinched it and pulled it out. Mia yelped as a small root or onion slid out of her. Pete inspected it with his light and then cautiously threw it away. "How the hell did it get in there?" Mia sobbed. "How am I supposed to know.. I was in the sleeping bag all the time and asleep. But I suspect something crawled inside and licked me." "Licked?", Pete was horrified. "I know it sounds disgusting. I had a strange dream and when I woke up I felt something crawling up my ass.."
Mia was shaking, tears running her face and tried to stuff the huge ass into the remains of the pants. In the end she gave up and pulled them down and walked back to the camp with bare ass.
Mike was as frightened as the others when they finally returned. To Mia's dismay no clothes fit her new posterior, so she had to wrap two sweaters around her waist to cover it at least a bit. Her ass was not nude, but still very far from being covered. The cold air teased her pussy (that did not change much) and her fat thighs peeked at her sides.
They waited in tents until the sun dawn and then inspected her disfigured body once more. She was extremely shy and self conscious about her ass, but it was not possible to cover it any more, so in the end she got accustomed to being almost nude below her waist.
The ass grew many times and was almost hemispherical. He small pussy was almost lost in a deep cleavage of fat and when she closed her huge thighs it was invisible. The new skin on the ass was almost milky white, but her crack was brown and contrasted with the rest of the body sharply. This made her feel even more self conscious. She tried to hide her deep crack and brown ass hole, but nothing fit.
In the end she signed and walked the trail buck naked with her huge ass swinging under the temporary skirt made of the two sweaters. The huge booty was not the only problem they had nonetheless. It seemed the breasts of both guys grew again and now they both felt they swung when they walked. None of them wanted to speak about it, but it was obvious this time they hung much lower than before. The brushing of the nipples and the sweat flowing to the ridge under their boobs made the journey very uncomfortable.
Mia was walking the last one, she did not want them to watch her ass from behind and she was too focused on her own disfigurement to notice the guys suffer the same.
They walked for several hours and in the end were much surprised they actually came to the village. Mia would had been happy if they came to the village yesterday, but today she was full of concerns how she would be able walk into the town like this. She used to be quite proud of her slim body and now she had been reduced to walking ass.
The evening was sad. Nobody was in the mood for talking, so they set up the camp in the same ruined house as the first night and Mike lit a camp fire on a dry spot. The fire cast spooky shadows all around them, but they were wet and appreciated the warmth. Mia tried to squirm into her sleeping bag, but her ass was almost too big. She tried hard for several minutes and managed to fit in, but the bag was so snug she could not move in it at all. Guys split the night watch and went to sleep.
The night was calm. It seemed even the weather decided they had enough. The rain subsided although it was still windy. Pete sat in front of the tent and looked into the fire. When everyone fell asleep he pulled up his shirt and checked his new endowments. It was clear he had big boobs now. They were too big to fit into his palms, the areolae had at least two inches across and were dark pink. He sighed.
He looked into the dark and froze. His eyes were still dazed by the fire, but it almost seemed there was a human figure standing in the wood just at the border of the lit area.
Pete hid into dark corner of the ruin and waited for his eyes to get accustomed to the darkness. Yes! It was true. There was a whitish figure walking among the trees. Too far to identify, but definitely human.
He crawled closer. Now it was obvious the figure is a woman. Pale skin contrasted with the darkness, wide hips swinging, dark triangle between her legs visible even from afar. Suddenly it hit him: it was Patricia. She walked naked among the trees and she was hanging something on the lower branches. It was far and the light was flickering, but when she moved closer he realized she was hanging those horrible busty sculptures. Their camp was already surrounded, the wooden symbols were hanging from every other tree. Patricia was walking around and made sure the circle was complete, she herself had a bunch of these things hanging around her neck, her breasts had already grown to size of ripe cantaloupes, and from time to time she took one of the symbols and hung it to a lower branch of a tree.
Pete was thinking fast. Pat did not seem to be sane, but she still was his friend, so he decided to try to capture her. Maybe if he would tie her down and take her to the town someone would be able to help her. He crawled closer, but when he left the safety of the ruins she spotted him.
"Hello Pete! What are you doing?" Patricia walked towards him and stopped at half way. She stood there and smiled seductively. "Do you want to fuck? Do you like my pussy?" She swung her hips and turned her back to him. Even from behind her cunt looked huge, her dark brown pussy lips were visible even in the dim light of the fire, her hips were extreme. Pete did not remember ever seeing a woman with hips so wide. She bent a bit. "Do you want to take me from behind, Pete? My pussy is hungry. I need a big man, very big man. Do you think you are big enough?" She laughed. "Show me your cock!" Pete tried to slowly approach her. "Pat, what happened to you? We can help you. Calm down." She laughed hard. "I need a real man, real huge cock, not any help!"
Pete ran fast towards her, but she ran away and she was surprisingly fast. He chased her, but each time he almost got her she leaped or turned around a tree. A couple of times he touched her body, but had nothing to grab and his hand just slipped on her skin. His big tits hindered him a lot, the wild swinging and bouncing was almost painful. After ten minutes of wild chasing it was clear he will not be able to catch her. Soon she laughed at him from afar and teased him. He still tried to follow her, but she soon disappeared in the dark.
Pete caught his breath and realized he is alone in the woods with no idea where the camp is. He switched the light off and looked for the light of the camp fire, but it was either too dim or he was too far to see it. In the end he decided he would try to follow the path when he had cased Patricia. He walked for ten minutes and then saw a dim light.
He was happy and speeded up, but when he got closer he saw a wooden hut instead of he camp. Quickly switched off the light, ducked behind a bush and watched it. He did not remember anyone mentioning any people living in the wood, so he expected the worst. There were no signs of any inhabitants, only a candlelight was in one of the small windows, so he carefully crawled closer.
The rough wooden door was unlocked, so he pushed it. It swung open with a silent squeak. He carefully looked inside, but it seemed nobody was home, so he entered. The only room was small with a table, bed and a large stove. He looked around and his eyes were drawn to the table. It was a thick wooden desk with many strange objects. He quickly rummaged though them: a clay figurine of a largely fat woman, a pile of small bones, knife and other strange tool he did not know and a lots of roots and branches. He wanted to take a closer look at the figurine, but then suddenly heard a noise from outside: a sound of steps.
Pete's heart was racing. He quickly looked around and the only hideout he found was behind the door, so he crouched behind it. The steps were moving closer and when the invisible one stood behind the door he heard a heavy breath. He tried to be as silent as possible, even his own breath seemed to be too loud. And then suddenly without warning the person entered. He saw a back of a someone in black skirt, black shirt. Someone with branches and leaves entangled in thick black hair. He saw this as his the only chance, so he kicked the door he hid behind and raced out of the hut.
He thought he heard an angry yell, but the person was too slow. Soon he was far from the hut surrounded by dark wood. Again he stood still and tried to remember the direction of the camp, but it took him four hours to find it. It was almost dawning when he returned back.
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

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This is honestly one of the more interesting and unique stories I've read on this site. The dialogue is a bit clunky, and the grammar could use some work, but overall it's very enjoyable. Keep going, please!
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

Postby Melvillain » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:16 am

"a clay figurine of a largely fat woman".... :)
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

Postby klmmn » Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:42 am

Thank you. I appreciate any feedback. I will try to work on the dialogs, although there is not much space for it in this story. I'm not a native speaker and my English is bad.


He was quite cheerful when he arrived, but his mood quickly changed when he saw what had happened in the camp. Mia was sitting in front of the fire with her ass bare and Mike was pale with blood stains on his shirt, pushing a cloth onto hie head. Pete quickly ran to them. "What the hell have happened?" Mike turned his face to him and Pete saw he was pressing the cloth to a wound. "An animal attacked me. I guess it was the bastard the girl spoke about. How did she call him? Jenkin?" He showed a small but bleeding wound on back of his head. "When I heard you and Patricia I tried to quickly get the shoes and help you, but as soon as I crawled out of the tent something small jumped on my back. I tried to shake it off, but it held onto my back fast. I guess it had small monkey paws with claws. When I failed to shake it off I simply lied on my back and tried to crush it, but it quickly climbed into my hair and bit me. Then it run away. I was bleeding like hell and was not in the mood to follow it. It was lightning fast anyway." Pete sat next to Mike and inspected his wound. "It had have bit teeth. It seems it tore or bit off a hand full of hairs and a piece of skin they grew from. Let me disinfect it." They cleaned the wound and it stopped bleeding. While they were tending the wound Mia was sobbing. Nothing happened to her, she was too tired to be woken up by the fight, but when she woke later she realized her ass grew again. The seams of the sleeping bag were almost torn, the ass was too big to fit.
"Do you think we would ever get out of these woods?" Mia's despair was obvious. Pete tried to look optimistic, but he was not very persuasive. "These woods are not big. This country is not big. Even if we walk any single direction we may reach end of the forest." Mia smiled sadly. "I know, someone said that before, but it seems we are just stumbling in circles around this accursed place."
"I will try to think up something. Maybe if we light a fire big enough someone might see it and send a helicopter or whatever for us. Don't cry again, please.." He almost pleaded.
"I thought about it, you know. When we get out you two may go for a breast reduction surgery or something, but it seems my fucking bones grew. I don't know how it was possible, but I can feel my bones are huge now. It is full of fat, sure, but even if they suck it out then I will still be stuck with horribly huge butt." Pete sighed. The prospect of a breast reduction for a twenty year old man did not seem to be such a good prospect. "In the same way as Patricia..", he added. Mia's eyes widened as if she had just remembered there were four of them a couple of days ago. "What do you think happened to her?" "She probably gone insane. I tried to stop her, called her and she just laughed." He quickly considered telling the others of the hut. "It seemed almost she led me to the hut." Mia's face went pale. "The hut? Abandoned hut? Whose hut?" "I don't know. It was empty, but it looked as if someone left just an hour ago." When he saw her horrified face he quickly added: "It was probably abandoned. It just looked strange." "If it was inhabited then they may help us." Mia looked at him with a hint of hope. Pete just shook his head. "No. It was a bad place, same as the rest of this fucking forest. I don't want to go there ever again." Mia sighed. "Is there something you don't tell us?" Pete smiled and it was obvious he is hiding something. "No. Don't ask, please."
They sat around the fire and each of them was thinking. Pete was still considering the legend. "You know it may sound strange, but Patricia came back to our camp with hips much wider than before and much big breasts. If I remember correctly then the lost girl also returned like that. The one Ted spoke about. "The one with seven daughters", Mia whispered. "Oh, god! I do not want to end up like that. Tell me it is not going to happen, please..."
She sat next to the fire and tried to warm up. Her ass was milky white, the fat layer was full of dimples, the crack darkened and it also seemed that her pubic hair had grown a lot. She did not mind the others seeing her like this much, among the tragedies that hit her it was one of the least annoying. She sighed and got up. Mike tried not to look at her, but was fascinated by the size she had grown into. Her ass was almost a perfect sphere, her thighs were thick and sharply contrasted with her slim calves. It was marvellous how the humiliating transformation hit only her ass and thighs. She looked at him and tried to smile. Mike quickly looked away.
In the end they again packed all their stuff. This time they hoped they would reach the town. The journey from the ruined village should be quite clear. Mia was again the last one, her huge ass burdened her and the thighs brushed together so hard it itched. In the afternoon she noticed they were probably lost again. They obviously walked in circles and Mike and Pete stopped and consulted the map quite frequently. "Mike? Do you know where are we?" She asked with a quiet voice. Mike tried to think up something comforting, but failed. "Mia, we will be fine. I promise." Tears were running down her face. "Mike, I'm turning into a fat monster. We cannot spend another single night in this fucking wood, so try to find the right path, please..."
They all tried hard, but when the darkness fell it was obvious they are heading for the dark gorge again. They reached the entrance at eight, it was already dark. Nobody wanted to break a camp near the horrible place, so without word they turned back, but when Mike looked at the rocks for the last time he noticed there is a light inside at the clearing. Mia pleaded not to go there, but the guys insisted, so in the end she convinced them to climb one of the hills that surrounded the gorge instead of going in.
The climb was difficult and probably noisy, but they hoped the wind would silence all the rustling and cracking noises they boots did in the undergrowth. At the top of the hill Mia refused to go to the cliff to look down into the gorge, so they both crawled there and left her guarding the bags.
The gorge was dark, lit only with a single torch pinned to the ground in the middle. At first they did not see any movement. It was too dark and too far, but as their eyes got accustomed to the light they noticed there is a pale figure down there. Mike guessed it had to be Patricia, it had womanly outline with wide hips and huge breasts. Breathlessly they watched her and then suddenly saw another silhouette enter the circle. It was tall, black and although human-like at the beginning the more they watched the more it emanated a uncertain feeling of threat and evil. The other had to be at least eight feet tall and when it walked to the centre they noticed it had hoofs instead of feet. It was the last they needed to see. Quickly they took their bags and fled down to the woods.

Patricia returned back to the gorge. She hung the sculptures as She told her and the last two were hanging around her neck. With a satisfaction she looked down on her chest. The sculptures were brushing against her breasts with every step and her boobs have grown immensely. Now they reached below her navel button and were heavy as if full of milk. They swung like two huge pendulums and all the swinging and jiggling made her horny.
The root was still there and it looked almost alive in the light of the torch. She smiled and licked her lips in expectation. Her pussy was flowing wet, the droplets were running down her thighs and her nether lips were violet and swollen. Without hesitation she positioned herself on the root and slowly impaled pussy. It slid into her gaping hole and she felt it deep inside her. She was a bit sorry that her pussy was so big. This time the feeling was so much weaker! She wanted to feel being torn apart again, but this time the thing was sliding in and out without any friction.
She was pumping herself for several minutes and her arousal was growing. Then suddenly she felt something. Strange feeling washed over her, feeling as if something was watching her. She stood up and looked around. It seemed the gorge was as deserted as before, but when she looked carefully into shadows around the rocks she noticed a tall black silhouette. "Come here, I'm prepared for you!", she shouted, her voice filled with lust.
The figure stepped into the light and Patricia gasped. It was dark and hairy and a huge cock was dangling in between the black knees. "Come on! I need you! I want you to stretch me to the limit! I need my pussy to be torn apart!", she whispered.
Slowly as if she tried not to scare the Black one away she walked near. The huge penis stirred and slowly rose. She knelt next to it and patted the black veiny surface. The black skin was pulled back and huge pink glans emerged out. It looked almost human, it was only huge beyond any human measures. She caressed the silky skin and slowly jerked it. Her pussy was gushing and she was waiting for the right moment to beg him to penetrate her swollen cunt.
Her hands moved faster and faster and big drops of pre-cum poured from the mushroom like glans. She smiled and slowly lifted it to her mouth. Her tongue circled the hole, the whole thing was throbbing in her hands and her mouth was watering. She opened her mouth wide and tried to swallow at least the glans, but it was too big to fit. She licked all the droplets hungrily and massaged huge testicles that hung in a veiny but bald sack under the huge pole. Finally the dark figure pointed at the flat boulder in the middle of the clearing.
Patricia smiled and stood next to the boulder. She parted her legs and swayed her hips. Her huge ass was luring the Black One to her and her gigantic hole was glistening in the light of the torch. She gazed at the dimpled surface of the rock and now finally understood. She nodded and put her knees into a pair of shallow holes at the edge and her hands into two round dimples in the middle, then she wiggled her hips a bit, perfectly ready to be penetrated by him. She almost trembled when the Dark one stepped forth and his penis swung towards her awaiting cunt.
At first she sceamed from pain as the huge glans grilled its way into her body, but it soon changed into screams of pleasure. After such along time of emptiness she finally felt full.

Pete ran away from the hill and did not care much about the others. The huge silhouette was menacing enough. It was so huge and so frighteningly silent. When it moved in the grass he did not hear anything at all! Even his own breath seemed to be louder. He ran for a long time and stopped only after he realized he did not see the torches of the others. He was alone again.
He sat on a stump and waited. The forest was quiet and there was no sign of his friends.
He waited for a while, but when it seemed nobody had been chasing him he cautiously got up and started searching for his friends. It was dark and the situation looked hopeless at the beginning, but then he saw light in a shallow ridge not far from him. It was Mike and Mia, both dirty, their faces scratched, but safe and sound. All sat together and waited, nobody was brave enough to start talking about what they saw. Pete sat next to Mia, she leaned onto his shoulder and they both almost fell asleep. His head was full of unpleasant dreams and then he suddenly noticed two whitish spots on a tree above them. He took his flash light and looked there. There was a small animal, monkey or rat holding on to a branch and looking down on them with malicious face. "Look! The bastard is here again!", Pete whispered almost aloud. Mia almost screamed and tried to hold onto him, but he stood up and searched for a weapon. "I will not let him get away this time!" He picked up a sturdy stick and threw it at the creature. It laughed with a ghastly human like laughter and jumped down to the ground. Pete opened his bag and took out his colt. "This time I will kill him!"
Mia and Mike only watched Pete disappear in the wood in a wild chase. Mike shouted at him, but Pete did not listen. "That stupid jerk. In the dark the animal has the upper hand. For sure it knows the wood and god knows where it would lead him."
Mike searched around to pick some wood for a fire, but suddenly screamed and held his crotch. Mia freaked out and ran to him and found him lying on the ground screaming, his body in pain. "My crotch! Fuck! It hurts like hell!" He yelled and tried to get out of his pants to see what had happened. He pulled them to his knees and screamed even more. There in between his legs where his cock used to be.. there was a small slit of a pussy. "Oh god! Help me!" Mia did not know what to do. She tried to pull down his trousers and her eyes widened. The flesh on his thighs was jiggling as if huge fingers were kneading it. Slowly like a rising knead his thighs were expanding, soon the pants were ripping in the seams. His legs were slowly swelling into womanly shape. At the beginning they were slim and shapely, but as they grew bigger and gained volume and the shape became distorted. His feet shrunk a bit, but the rest of his lower body filled with fat. He screamed, his voice remarkably higher. It was not outright girlish, it was low and sounded like a voice of an older woman.
The pain probably diminished, because Mike stopped yelling and stood up. His pants were torn and hung wrapped around his ankles. His ass was almost as big as Mia's, but the shape was different, it was formed by fast growing fat rather than muscle and his pelvis was not was wide. He stood there inspecting his lower body with a flash light, touching his crotch as if he did not believe he had transformed.
Then suddenly he felt a strange pressure. It almost felt as if two large hands grabbed his hips and started to pull it apart. He screamed and felt his pelvis widen. The bone was changing and the fresh fat wrapping it was adjusting. "Stop, please!" He dropped the light and put his hands onto his hips as if he could stop the expansion. He felt the skin under his hands twitch and the bones moved as if they had a life of their own. "No.. I cannot be like this." He inspected his huge ass and insanely wide pelvis. His hands were so small in comparison to the gigantic ass cheeks and bottomless crack. He made a couple of steps towards to Mia. "What is happening to me?", he shouted in despair. But then a strange feeling washed over him. His body squatted almost on it's own as if it was controlled like a puppet. He was squatted and frozen in the humiliating position and could not move. "Help! Please!" Mia watched him in horror unable to react.
Mike suddenly felt something press into his cunt. Light touch at the beginning, that changed into strong pressure in a second. Something huge that was never supposed to fit tried to spread his lips and enter. It was obvious it was too huge to fit, but his body yielded. Like a fresh clay his pussy widened, bones adjusted and his body continued it's humiliating change. It was clear an invisible cock was penetrating him, enormous pole that spread his lips and opened his pussy wide. He grunted and panted, the invader brought both pain and unwanted pleasure, he was unable to control himself. He just prayed that was the last change, but was betrayed. Same feeling soon invaded his ass as well. His ass cheeks brushed against something huge and soon his brown hole was spreading under an invisible cock. This time it hurt even more and the utter humiliation he felt was horrible. "Oh! Ah.... Mia, help me.. It is fucking me...."
It took many minutes for the cocks to finish their job and retreated back to where they came from. Mike was panting, both of his holes gaping open, moist dripping to the ground. He felt he can move again, so he stood up with a relief. "Mia, what has happened to me, I do not see there..", Mike asked with a broken voice. Mia was trembling and did not find any words to describe the horrible transformation. She took a couple of steps towards Mike, but then he again felt a sinister touch on his body.
The strange change was moving upwards. His belly felt as if kneaded by a big hand and slowly expanded into a round belly of an obese woman. His breasts started growing and turned into huge spheres high on his chest ripping the shirt in progress. They both looked at the giant milkers with a frightened looks, blue veins were appearing, nipples growing and engorging. He tried to at least wrap his hands around the huge chest, but when he touched the firm spongy mass he noticed his boobs started to sag. At first they looked like two unnatural spheres, but under the pressure of the invisible fingers they gained more tear drop like shape. They hung to his belly at first, but soon reached his belly button and then waist. In comparison with Mia they were enormous. "Oh god! I have turned into a woman! I'm gigantic!", Mike whispered the obvious. Mia gulped. He was not only a woman, he was a living fertility goddess statue, his body seemed to be made for sex and child bearing. The cunt was big enough to fuck a horse and his ass was just a bit smaller. Both holes were gaping open and engorged. His breasts were overblown milk factories, horribly heavy and swinging with his every move. He would not be able to run or even walk fast ever again. "Help me! I feel so empty.. I need something..."
Mike spread his breasts and looked down on his pussy. As a last touch dark hairs started growing and covered his groin lower part of his belly and the dark brown crack of his ridiculously huge ass.


Pete was racing through the wood. The small creature was still in front of him, from time to time he saw it jumping with long leaps in the undergrowth. He tried to shoot it, but after two hopeless attempts he gave up. He would need to wait for a better opportunity.
Suddenly he saw a light in front of them: there was the hut. The small creature quickly slipped into the open door and Pete followed it. He barged into the room brandishing the colt. He heard a rustle and turned around, but before he could shoot, something hit him in the head and he lost consciousness.

Mia looked at Mike with unbelieving frightened stare. The boy had been turned into a fat, over endowed woman just in a matter of minutes. She tried to tend to him, but surprisingly he did not seem to be as much shocked by the transformation but rather overcome by feelings of emptiness and need to fill his new moist holes. She tried to find any clothes that might fit, but at first glare it was hopeless. The sheer volume of his milkers was too big to be contained and his ass was beyond any measurable size. She tried to comfort him, but he just lied on his back and tried to stick his fist into his gaping pussy. Of course he failed, because his puffy belly and monstrous boobs got into the way.
"He is so horny, so empty. I know what it feels like and I know how to help him.." A voice full of sex and malice sounded among the trees and Patricia appeared in a blink of a flash light. She walked nude and barefooted, her huge hips swaying sensually, her pussy gaping and dripping as ever. She wore only several of the wooden figurines around her neck, her breasts already grew into mammoth proportions. Mia looked at her with fear, but was too weak to run away. "Your ass grew nicely, but your cunt is still too small for Him. We will prepare you though." Mia started crying and shouted hysterically. "Why are you doing this? Who is the Him? Who the fuck is He?" Patricia laughed. "You will get a lots of fucking! He will spread your cunt so wide you will faint!" She came to Mia and stroked her cheek. "Let's go!" "Where to go? Why are you doing this?" Patricia laughed again. "I'm doing it for Him of course. Finally I found a cock that can satisfy me, you silly."
She took a rope from one of the bags and tied it around Mia's neck and bound both of her hands to it, so Mia had to walk with her hands up in a very uncomfortable position. Then she untied the sweaters Mia had around her waist and ripped her shirt, so Mia stood there nude. Patricia stroked Mia's breasts and licked her nipples. "Your boobs are too small, but I will help you." She took two of the wooden figurines and tied them around Mia's neck and made sure they both brushed against her breasts. "Please... No... I do not want to have such gigantic breasts.." It took only several minutes and Mia's mammaries started itching and growing.
Then Patricia turned to Mike who still was trying to stick his fist into his cunt and did not care about his surroundings. She gently took his hands and tied them to his neck as well. "You do no need to worry, soon he will fill you up. But we are forbidden to pleasure ourselves. We need to stay horny and moist for him." She helped Mike to stand up, because his huge endowments pulled him down and his centre of gravity was too odd for him.
Once she tied both of them she took the rope and pulled it. "Let's go. We have an important appointment. An appointment with the biggest cock you have ever seen.."
The walk was slow and painstaking. Both captives were burdened by their huge bodies and their bound arms were of no use. Often they both fell to the ground and Patricia had to help them. Mike was so horny he panted and tried to at least brush his pussy with his succulent thighs. Patricia occasionally pinched his fat ass or slapped his heaving breasts. Mia was scared and did not have any power to fight, so she silently followed the others. The figures tightly wrapped around her chest were scratching her tender nipples and the itching of growing flesh was a sign that the figures are expanding her boobs even further. At the moment they hung just above her belly button, but the despair from having melon sized breasts was the least that bothered her. She did not recognize any path or trees, but she was pretty sure where they were heading.
Patricia led them through the gorge into the dark meadow and they all felt a presence of something powerful. She led them to the centre of the clearing and then untied Mia. She hefted Mia's boobs and slapped her ass. With a mad laughter she forced her to bend over and inspected her ass hole and pussy. "You are not ready yet. You are too small." Forcefully she tried to push three fingers into Mia's ass and Mia yelped. "By far too tight, so let's prepare you." She positioned her over the root and with gentle but resolute push forced her lower. Mia pleaded and cried, but as soon as her pussy lips were parted by the wooden cock the lust overcame her and she willingly impaled herself onto the stake.
Suddenly a feeling of dark power surged through their minds and they all turned to the entrance of the gorge. A huge black figure was approaching, gigantic floppy cock swinging in between the black knees. Patricia applauded, the other girls were watching the Black one with fear. "Oh master! She is almost ready!" Mia stood up from the root, her pussy distorted and engorged in the same way as Patricia's. She breathed slowly and watched the huge black cock rise. But the Black one gestured that she was not ready yet. Patricia wanted to untie the figures from Mia's chest, but the Black one did not seem to agree. Mia's breasts, huge pillows with saucer sized nipples hanging to her belly were probably not big enough. The dark hand made a strange gesture, but Patricia understood. She positioned Mia once again over the root and this time parted her gigantic ass cheeks, exposing her dark brown crack. Mia gasped and slowly let the cock enter her virgin ass. In a second it spread and she was able to fuck the wood effortlessly. When she got up two minutes later her ass hole had been stretched to a new size, the puffy flesh around her opening promising new pleasures to anyone penetrating it.
Now the Black one seemed to be satisfied, Patricia removed the figures from Mia's chest and her boobs swung free. Expanded into size of pillows they hung almost to her waist, they swung from side to side with each step and her nipples were cringed with arousal. Patricia laid her on the flat boulder, Mia's gigantic ass fitting perfectly into the hemispherical shape, her still small feet were helplessly lifted into the air. Both breasts threatened to suffocate her with the horrendous weight, but Patricia pushed them away from Mia's chest and they felt to her sides, pinning her to the boulder. The Black one approached, his cock rigid and jutting far in front of him like a silky black spear with bulbous pink tip. When the monstrous glans touched Mia's tender ass hole she screamed with pleasure.

Pete woke up. He tried to move and realized his body was limp. He tried as hard as he could, but after a minute of huge effort he only managed to move his toes. It seemed he still lied on the ground of the cabin, it was still dark outside and rain was pouring on the wooden roof. He lied there trying to collect his wits, then suddenly heard a low womanly voice. It was just more than murmuring and he understood only a few words. " my...boy....body" He tried to turn around to see the woman, but his body was paralysed.
He lied there helplessly for several minutes listening to steps of the woman. A shadow was cast over him as the woman sat on the ground next to him. He tried to speak, but only muffled moaning escaped his stiff lips. She sat next to him and stoke his hair. He smelled a strange mix of herbal, animal and womanly scent, the hand was rough with long finger nails and in a corner of his eye he saw the witch.
She started slowly undressing him, did not bother with unbuttoning his clothes, she simply cut it with a short crooked knife. Soon he lied in her lap naked. She stroked his chest and almost sang to him. His body was limp and she manipulated him like a rag doll. He looked at her with frightened eyes, but she did not seem to mind. She smiled and brought a bowl and a small bag. He tried to crawl away, this time his legs jerked a bit, but she grabbed his ankles and pulled him back.
She started massaging his whole body with a strange oil. It tingled a lot and he started sweating. She laughed and took special care while massaging his face and head. Pete was too scared to think, but still noticed she massaged his whole body with the exception of his cock and balls. When she finished her sinister work she sat on a small chair and watched him and he had some time to inspect her. She did not seem to be old, he guessed forties at most, her face was hard, but if he had met her elsewhere he would had consider her almost pretty. She looked at him and whispered. "my.. servant... small... sweet..." Peter was feeling horribly hot, his body sweating like hell, but still lying limp, refusing to obey his mind. At first he did not understand why is she doing this, but then it hit him! His whole body was shrinking.
She watched him for an hour and when the oil seemed to soak into his flesh she knelt to him and started massaging him again. He noticed how small he looks in comparison to her. He had lost at least half of his height and looked like a small boy in her embrace. His body looked small smaller except for his cock. It remained the same and looked huge in his shrunken lap.
After the second dose of the oil his body shrunk to two feet. His voice was much higher and his high pitched moans sounded almost comical. His body was coming back to, so she held him on to the ground and her fingers were massaging his spine. He was scared beyond control. The towering woman seemed to have utter control of him and it seemed she had a plan how to transform him or something worse. She knelt on his back and started pinning needles into his spine. It did not hurt much, he felt only sharp pain at the beginning, but his body became stiff. She laughed and said something he did not understand. "....hard.. standing.. inside me. Small one... son.. black.."
She finished and positioned his small body in front of her. He sat on his heels, his upper body stiff and rigidly erected, his arms at his sides. She smiled, walked around him and started massaging him again. He moaned and panted, the needles did not seem to freeze his face, but his pleads did not seem to bother her. She watched him shrink, this time he was not bigger than a foot. He looked down at his tiny body and almost cried. All his surroundings looked so big now. His cock lied in his lap and looked enormous. He guessed that if he had stood up it would almost reach the ground.
The witch watched him with satisfaction. She inspected his head and checked if his back is hard enough. Then she untied the black skirt she wore and sat on the chair in front of him. She had long and muscular legs of a woman who has to walk many miles every day, her pussy was big and hairy. She caressed her crotch with her hand and smiled at him. At first she was just massaging her inner lips and teasing her clitoris, the moister and more swollen was her pussy the more she stuck her fingers inside and stretched her canal, pinching and pulling her nether lips to loosen her cunt. Pete was helplessly watching her preparations for him, his body rigid as a piece of wood.
Her pussy was glistening and her face reddened, she seemed to be prepared. Pete begged and cried, but walked to him and positioned herself to have him right in between her feet. Pete watched the towering legs around him with horror. He smelled her juices and sweat, he did not remember ever smelling a woman with scent so intense. She looked at him for the last time and laughed. Pete begged, but she simply lowered herself onto him. At first he was afraid he would be crushed, but she suddenly stopped just a few inches above his head. The scent became so strong he almost fainted, huge pussy lips gaping above his head, the moist dripping into his hair. He swallowed and closed his eyes.
First touch of the pussy he felt was a gentle touch of swollen nether lips on the top of his head. The huge lips were soft and slowly engulfed his head like a swollen mouth swallowing a cock. The insides of the cunt were hot and dripping wet. Pete tried to move, but his body only trembled. The legs slowly lowered the cunt and it quickly slid down to his chest. His prison was searing hot and pulsed with a beat of witch's heart, his ears were deafened by her puffy moist walls and her heart beat was the only thing he could hear. His prison constricted with first signs of her orgasm and Pete was afraid she may crush him with her pelvic muscles, but then suddenly she rose a bit and he saw light again. He caught his breath and a hint of hope appeared in his mind, but it was soon dampened. She squatted onto him and almost his whole body was sucked into her cunt. He screamed with his ridiculously high pitched voice, but it was muffled by her body.
She pumped him a couple of times and he felt her slowly rise again. She was rising, but his body was lodged deep in her cunt this time. A couple of steps caused constrictions in her pelvis, he felt his body was massaged and kneaded, her hand massaged her clitoris for a while and then grasped his legs. He thought she would pull him out, but she only repositioned him and started stuffing him deeper instead. His cock, thighs and knees were already swallowed by the huge hole. He felt an impact as she sat on the chair and then rhythmical movement hinted him she started massaging her clitoris again. She moaned and screamed, her pussy was going wild and the orgasm was close. Last thing he felt was a resolute push on his feet that forced him inside and the cunt swallowed him whole. Her coming orgasm was so strong he fainted, not noticing a strange tingling sensation in his whole body.


"It is true! Look! I took a picture!" The girl showed him a very fuzzy picture of vaguely humanoid figure among trees. "This was the devil! We saw it near the ruined village." Sheriff sighed. "You remember I advised everyone to stay away from there, right?" "Yes, but you cannot forbid it to me." Sheriff sighed. Stupid brat! "It was not to forbid you. It was for your own good. Don't you remember that two guys disappeared there a year ago?" The girl nodded and looked a bit guilty. "I was just curious. But this may help you! This is an evidence!" "An evidence of what?" "Of the witch of course. This is the devil she summoned. She is still there somewhere."
"OK, let me look at it." He inspected the fuzzy picture. "There is not much to be seen on the photo. Can you describe the 'devil' a bit more?" "It was small, not bigger than three feet, dark brown and.." She laughed. "How to put this.. It had a huge penis in between its legs. It was almost long enough to hung below its knees and the balls were as big as two cantaloupes." Sheriff did not seem to believe her much. "It was on the clearing where they found those big breasted women couple of years ago. You do remember, don't you? They had incredibly huge asses.."
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Re: The Black one of the Redcrook forest (horror, ag, be, ..

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Really enjoyed the unexpected ending and the different tone of this story. ALways love to see your work!
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