The Phoenix Wars - Intro...

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The Phoenix Wars - Intro...

Parrent Chapter

Sometimes, the most intelligent people are often pitifully ridiculous idiots.

Stupid, foolish morons repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again!

It could also be considered insanity, really. Expecting a different result from a scenario you've gone through time after time?! Come on, that's pretty nuts!

As a middle age blonde thinks about this profoundly upon what she assumes is her living room couch, she wonders if she could ever break this seemingly unending cycle. Can she ever be smart? For once, just once?!

She also ponders why her 200 pound body feels lighter than usual, why her back doesn't feel stiff after a night on furniture not meant for sleep, especially for someone her age, and why, somehow, she didn't wake up with a unbearable hot flash!

And then she laughs, her voice youthful, without a trace of its mature tone she'd grown accustomed too over the years. Of course, of course this was happening again!

A slender arm raised, left hand on her flawless face, she moans in annoyance. Does it always have to be like this?

Once again, Mrs Emma Grey has found herself repeating the same bullshit she's gone through for countless lifetimes! It's practically her own, personal hell!

"God... God Damn It... Jean!" Emma struggles to speak, body tingly from head to toe.

Compare it to sleep paralysis, a stage between dreamland and reality, where the mind is up but the body is still in a slumber.

For a lot of people, it's a struggle to speak, like a powerful force literally keeping you pinned on the sheets. You wanna move, but you can't. You're aware of your surroundings, but there's nothing you can do but expect the moment till it finally passes.

And if Emma was normal, you could call it that and be done with it. But no, this was not some run of the kill example of sleep paralysis. Her mind was once again adjusting to a new existence... after having yet another fight with her wife.

She could still picture that bottom heavy redhead, lightly sobbing in the passenger seat of their minivan, yelling at Emma yet again to have another baby!

And yet again, Emma believed she had a say in it!

Try as she might, she soon accepts the new game Jean Grey has crafted. Her new persona awake on a world that fits Jean's needs, Jean's desires, up with pep, beginning her day as...

  1. A new teacher at a school for mutants
  2. A prostitute, at a sleazy bar, who happens to be a single mother
  3. A young woman... awake on a day of an emotionally complicated funeral
  4. A Victorian Maid to a Futa Lord
  5. A Half-Elf Mage, secretly attended to Dwarven, Orcish, and Lizard Women
  6. A hipster nerd who owns a comic book store/bakery
  7. Something else

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