The magic diary - Popularity

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The magic diary - Popularity

Parrent Chapter

Kimberly paused as she wrote. Even if she didn't believe this would work, flights of fantasy were right up her alley. She looked around at her book lined shelves, at the figurines of dragons and unicorns decorating her room, and she smiled.

What would she wish for though? If this could really work, what would she want the most? Money? Power? A Life of Adventure? That last one appealed, and Kimberly was about to write it down as she heard herself giggling.

This reminded her of something that happened yesterday, when Laura Jackson from school had said she laughed like a child and then proceeded to tease her for her immaturity and "kiddy" interests for 5 minutes. Kimberly had nearly cried, and felt like doing so again at the memory. She was sensitive to accusations of childishness; she knew that her general style had that connotation. Suddenly, she felt very self conscious about her androgynous pyjamas, even though she was completely alone.

Her best friend Anne, something of a goth, had tried to console her after the incident, but it hadn't really worked; Kimberly had thought, and immediately felt guilty for thinking, that maybe the only reason she and Anna were friends at all was that nobody else liked them, more like a support group than real friends.

No, that was what she really wanted: acceptance. She just wanted her peers to respect her for who she was, not have to feel like a freak or afraid to be herself anymore. Recklessly and without a thought, she wrote "I want to be popular" in the diary in her practised, careful hand. Immediately the diary's surface seemed to shake, and it appeared to almost drink the ink, hungrily. Kimberly had the uncomfortable impression that it was laughing somehow, as impossible as that seemed, and she was overcome by a profound sense of foreboding. Suddenly, the diary snapped shut.

Kimberly struggled, to no avail, to open it again. After trying this for some time, she dropped it in a panic. She could hear a faint sound... it seemed to come from the diary itself. Cautiously, she approached it and picked it up again: holding it up to her ear, she could hear the scratching of a pen writing on paper, although the diary was shut. Suddenly, she felt dizzy, nauseous, even a little disoriented.

Placing the diary on her writing desk, Kimberly quickly turned the lights off and fell into her bed. She was terrified, wanted to fall asleep (or wake up) as soon as possible. As she fell headlong into a restless sleep, her head spinning, all she could hear was the scratching of a pen.

When she woke up the next morning, her whole world was different.

  1. She was now a Princess in a fantasy castle.
  2. Everybody else was now more like her, or wanted to be.
  3. She was now more like everybody else, and thus accepted.
  4. Nothing had changed in the world or past, except now everybody adored her unquestioningly.
  5. Something else.

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