Avenging MILFs - One of the Avengers is very controversial

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Avenging MILFs - One of the Avengers is very controversial

Parrent Chapter

A 45 year old blonde sits on a stage couch, left of a redhead, pleasantly plump with just enough Botox where it's not completely plastic Barbie, but youthful by intent, right of yet another redhead, bottom heavy, with strands of white in her wavy locks, glaring at the former heroine with intense disdain.

"What?!" Stevie Rogers, the legendary Miss America, crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "This is ridiculous! For god sakes, I've saved the world more times then you've plopped out babies, Grey!"

Mary Jane Stacy shook her head, hoisting her body up and sitting next to the pear shaped head mistress of Xavier Academy.

"You think that excuses you of calling Jean a Mutie Dyke at a McDonald's in Westchester?"

"She got that last hash brown patty!" Stevie pouted.

"You are such a child!" Jean laughed.

"Well, you'd know, wouldn't you?"

"Stevie, quit attacking Jean for being a Mother." MJ shook her head. "That's ridiculous."

"Why shouldn't I? Geeze, you're 40, why the hell are you pregnant with baby number 15? Shit, I'll never get hash browns at McDonald's if you're around!"

Jean glared.

"I'm sorry I don't spend my time partying like a withering old hack." Jean crossed her arms.

"Whatever." Stevie smirked. "I deserve to have fun. So what if I..."

  1. "Party with Toni and Brucie every night! Girls gotta have fun!"
  2. "Have fun with the Brute, Susan Storm's shecock is yum yum yummy!"
  3. Something else

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