Avenging MILFs - Scarlet Witch with her kids

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Avenging MILFs - Scarlet Witch with her kids

Parrent Chapter

"Mom! Mom! Vision won't stay out of my room!" Mags shrieked.

"Magda has stolen my favourite panties, Mother," Vision said.

Wanda Maximoff sighed as she waddled upstairs to deal with the trouble. She didn't think she had such trouble when she was fighting crime with the Avengers, But, then again, she had been several decades younger and in a lot better shape then.

"Vision, you're just a dumb robot! I can take you apart!" Mags yelled.

"Magna Maximoff, never threaten to take your sister apart with your powers!" Wanda yelled.


  1. Wanda disciplines her teen kids
  2. She has an important meeting to get to
  3. The Avengers meet for their regular coffee
  4. One of the Avengers is super bored
  5. Something else

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