Mojo's Brave New World - Intro...

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Mojo's Brave New World - Intro...

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In the heart of Africa, long before Homo Erectus spread to Europe and Asia, an obese alien with a robotic lower half hovers over a gathering of hominids.

A people living their lives, avoiding the dangers of their harsh environment as best they can, unaware of the powerful threat above.

"You're watching Mojo Earth!" Mojo cackles to a dozen mini cameras circling around him, flashing red or green depending if they're in use.

"You may be asking? What makes it Mojo?" Mojo smiles, snowing his disturbing yellow chompers, placing a bony finger on third chin.

"Well, that's simple! It's an Earth of my own making! See those prehumans down there?"

Several cameras flutter to early man foraging for food.

" Sooner or later, they'll build cities, they'll bake bread, they'll start wars, and they'll birth superheroes in tight fitting spandex! Tight fitting, sexy spandex, ladies and gentlemen!" Mojo grins. "But what if I changed things around, not too much, just a slight change? Well... maybe not that slight a change." Mojo laughs.

His robotic part makes two actions. First, it shoots a spray down onto the hominids, second, it projects an image of a man and a woman.

"We're going to view a Modern Earth shortly. Not too different from the one we're use to. There will still be a China, an Egypt, a Roman Empire and all that boring history junk. But... there's one difference..."

The images fade, and three pop up in is place.

From left to right, all three are female shaped... but with three very distinct differences.

"I present to you a world with three genders. Female, Male, and Futanari. Now, here's the thing about the last two genders: Males are physically female and Futa? They've got male and female genitalia! I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see where this goes! Caped Crusaders with tits and dicks! Woo Boy, that's gonna be fun!"

A time vortex appears and Mojo jolts inside, soaring in the vast expanse of space, a devilish grin on his ugly face.

"So, let's start Mojo's World by watching..."

  1. The Fantastic Four
  2. The X-Men
  3. The Avengers
  4. Something else

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