Fantastic Futas - Sue awakens the next day feeling strange

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Fantastic Futas - Sue awakens the next day feeling strange

Parrent Chapter

The next day, Susan Richards slowly opened her eyes and stretched. She sighed. The bed was empty. It looked like Reed had spent another night in the lab again.

Sue sighed. They had just spent the last month battling strange forces in another universe, and he still couldn't just let one day go by without his experiments?

Sue wandered out of the bedroom, not noticing all the blonde hair that was left behind in clumps on her bed. She entered the bathroom and yawned.

"Feel so strange."

She looked at herself in the mirror.


All her hair had fallen out! She was totally bald!

Sue ran her hand over her bald scalp in surprise. She also seemed a little bigger, tough. And -- how odd, her skin had taken on a slight purple hue.

"The energy must have affected me," Susan said.

And it was true, she did feel energized.

  1. Sue asks Reed for help
  2. She starts to enjoy her new, more muscular body
  3. She continues to transform
  4. Reed feels a little strange in his lab
  5. Something else

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