The Assimitrax - A Workplace Environment

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The Assimitrax - A Workplace Environment

Parrent Chapter

From time immemorial the Assimitrax had wondered from place to place, world to world, period to time period. Now having set it's parameters, it had spent months dormant within a stuffy business office. Yellow with pink on the end, it's power simply sat, inactive and yet passively on, absorbing and collecting all the data from it's present location.

Which happened to be that Office.

"Debra, I want that paper faxed onto my desk this morning." A manager shouted.

"Yes Mr. Hemsworth." Debra said, sighing and typing away on her key board.

Cubicles and desks sat throughout the room. In each little cube a different employee say, accustomed to the oppressive atmosphere but otherwise indifferent to it's greater effects on the longitudes of their lives or wider picture taking place. None had time to see one another's affairs or monitor the status quo, their was work to be done.


"And than she said, I'll tell you what she said..."

"No way, she said that?"

"Oh so totally, I tell you Shirley by the time she gets around to my office.."

3 older secretaries chit chatted away.

Throughout the Office, employees in slacks and ties, pantsuits and sharply dressed uniforms went about their day. The mindset of the office had been drilled in them poignantly enough that this was their norm, their routine. But it was a living, so they were fairly accustomed to it. Atleast the one's inside the office were.

"I'm sorry, can I use the bathroom?" a stranger said.

"First hall to your left, third entrance. Make it quick honey." The receptionist told them.

The stranger ran so fast, in their haste they knocked over a small container. "Ooops, sorry!" And made their way to the bathroom. A quick trip later, they came back and put mostly everything back in, save for a single pencil that'd caught their eye. They didn't know what was so significant about it, but some instinct compelled them to keep it.

And so they did. A short walk later they were back outside, but not for long.

The stranger to find the pencil; Actually the Assimitrax that'd set it's Present Data to a "Office Work" setting was...

  1. A Gym enthusiast on the run
  2. Just a teenage kid
  3. A housemother
  4. A drab Goth
  5. An art student
  6. An elderly person
  7. Someone out on the streets
  8. A lovestruck colledge student eager to dream
  9. Someone else

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