The Assimitrax - Cartoons

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The Assimitrax - Cartoons

Parrent Chapter

Suddenly, in some household unseen the Assimitrax took the form of a Ruby Red remote. The television at the time was set to some cartoon, an animated show made of moving pictures and frames that had it's own set of rules and conventions, quite far from everyday life. For some these toons would be a meager pastime, a hobby or atleast distraction. Some might be passionate about them, others might think very little, or even negatively of these productions. The Assimitrax itself however, cared not for any of these distinctions.

Having taken them into itself, it would make another a part of them without discrimination.

What sort of Cartoon was the Assimitrax stuck on when it set it's Preset Design?

  1. Some generic cartoon
  2. A kid's show, maybe edjucation or just plain youthful
  3. An 'Adult' comedy show (Like Family Guy, South Park, ect)
  4. An old fashion slapstick cartoon (Looney Toons)
  5. A cheap Canadian flash cartoon
  6. A highly anticipated Adventure show (Think AtLA or Korra)
  7. A cgi Feature length Movie
  8. Something Disney
  9. A foreign knockoff
  10. A foreign cartoon (Anime)
  11. An american knockoff a a foreign cartoon (Faux Anime)
  12. An occultic show that reached critical acclaim, or atleast an overzealous fanbase (Adventure Time, MLP)
  13. Some Combination of the above
  14. Another thing
  15. A different option

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