The Assimitrax - A Modern Highschool

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The Assimitrax - A Modern Highschool

Parrent Chapter

A busy hall of students passed about on their day. Another day, another long mourning for classes and lessons, for educations and pretreatment of their idle young minds. Most had hardly even thought too hard about the mechanics behind their present situation, going through their day to day lives. It was something they took for granted all too often. However today, their lives would change. A stray book had fallen in the middle of a hallway, most walking straight past it. It was white and silvery, with mostly empty pages. Empty until someone picked it up that is, giving it the raw data and source of knowledge it inevitably needed to fulfill it's purpose, the changes it would deliver soon at hand.

The first person to pick it up would be...

  1. Jane Daehler, an adverage everyday Freshman girl
  2. Deliah, the Fashionista Senior Prom-Queen to be
  3. Kevin, a pot smoking deadbeat Junior
  4. Darin, a precoscious yet distant African-American Sophomore
  5. Louise, an intelligent nerdy reject
  6. Britney, the stereotypical Queen Bee Alpha-Girl
  7. Cindy, Britney's shallow lackey
  8. Mosley Virginia, an Overweight socially awkward outcast
  9. A different student
  10. Another Option

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