That Which We Hate - From Bombshell to Bonafide Shell: Brenda's Brand new Day

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That Which We Hate - From Bombshell to Bonafide Shell: Brenda's Brand new Day

Parrent Chapter

Sandals flopped their way onto a wooden floorboard, picking up dust as they went much to their owners chagrin. taking off her shades for a moment, Brenda examined the seemingly abandoned Apartment. It was empty, just as they'd said it would be. And while full of plenty of space and nice insulation, not fit for stay or even more than a slight visit. Brenda sighed, and leaned against a white painted wall.

"Why did I ever decide to come here in the first place? My old place is fine, this one is just, euuck." She flipped her long sassy blond hair only slight and took out her pocket makeup. Smothering creamy red lipstick across her fine lips, she made sure that her appearance was pristine and fine as always. In her halter top and mini-skirt, looking good came natural to the bombshell.

Looking around, the dull white apartment was vacant. No furniture or accessories, other than the toilet. 3 rooms other than the small lobby were visible for checking, although none offered much more than the other. The most notable detail of all, if any was a small framed portrait of a small family. A stern looking older man eclipsed in silhouette stood tall at the back. To his side was an aging woman with a kindly expression, she had a Cowl overtop her head and appeared to be praying. A younger woman with a gothy getup, a black veil over her forehead and an ankh around her neck stared stoic and stern at the viewer, and at the bottom was a small boy in a crisp suit nice enough that it would've been appropriate for church. They were postured straight and politely against the angle of the frame, all looking sullen and monotone in the rhapsody of their picturefied stupor.

Below the pictureframe was a small encrusted caption that read;
'Devote to piety. Live frugal. Mind Your Manners.'

"Who the hell are these boring A-holes? I've never seen anyone this pompous anywhere this side of the city, god was this picture taken on black and white film?" She slapped the picture off the wall and walked on, not noticing the changing expression on the portrait's face, their glowing eyes nor how some of the ink had rubbed off and stained her fingers.

"Tsk, what a waste of time." Pulling out a cigarette, Brenda thought it be best to open a window first. Which wasn't very difficult, allowing her to smoke one out and look across the city, the city she'd rather be partying, dating or just plain strutting in, rather than wasting her night hours here. As she blew out her cigarette the door seemed to shut again.

"What the fuck?" Grumbling, Brenda opened it, only to have it shut repeatedly. After repeated ordeals, the window weighed heavy on her hands. She felt like her hands were glued to it, as the glass began to liquify before her and smother itself onto her hands. "Oh hell, what the shit this is ridiculous!" The harder she pulled, the more it stuck. Faster, stronger and more adhesive, eventually the Window stuck to her like taffy, and as if in a cartoon swallowed her whole and pulled her through it.

Despite her grumbling, Brenda was relatively fine. She seemed to be on the floor again, and to her surprise not thrown out a window or splattered against stone concrete. Her surroundings were the same, the room untouched. Window unopened. She felt she'd rather not so much as try to open it again.

Her cravings already returning, she pulled out a new pack and decided it was best to get on her way. A picture frame left on the floor was kicked ahead and trampled in her way, and with a few profane words she was nearly out, hardly ready for a different life than she'd soon come to expect. She couldn't wait to hit the town.

And she could, if only the door to the apartment wasn't stuck.

  1. Brenda's desire for Cigarettes is curbed first
  2. Brenda starts to find Sex Nauseating
  3. Her habit of swearing suddenly feels unnatural
  4. Her physical appearance morphs and starts to seem more repressed
  5. She considers climbing out the window, to obvious consequences
  6. The door let's her out but not without some changes
  7. Something Else

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