Adaptable Present - Your choices when young affects who you'll be

People find that they have been returned to their youth with no explanation. Everyone they know acts like they have always been that way. Somehow they know it's just for the night, and they'll return to their original age in the morning.

What they don't know is that they may not be the person they were when they were originally older. The choices they make during their night of youth set the path for who they'll be from the next day on.

Spend the night staying in and being lazy and you could find yourself a lazy couch potato. A night of partying and drinking could lead to a life as a lush. Trust your metabolism and eat fatty and junk food and wake up much heavier.

Who gets to experience youth again first?
  1. A 30 year old model finds she is a teen again
  2. A 42 year old mother of 2 (blank)
  3. A 27 year old bartender (blank)
  4. A 62 year old grandmother becomes the same age as her granddaughter (blank)
  5. A stressed out CEO (blank)
  6. A 32 year old finds herself with a night of youth the night before her wedding
  7. A 37 year old biker girl
  8. Celebrity options (blank)
  9. Someone else (blank)
  10. Someone else (blank)

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