The DC Cafe - Sister in Blue

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The DC Cafe - Sister in Blue

Parrent Chapter

A 20 year old Japanese Woman, with pale skin, red eyes, and
curls of bleach blonde hair, wearing a blue maid outfit that complimented her top heavy figure, pouted as she sat at the counter of her cafe, sipping on a blueberry milkshake with Oreo Crumbs.

Her cafe was rather small, on a lively street in Gotham. Filled with Traditional Japanese decor and artifacts, with a painting of the Demonic Queen in a black robe sitting atop a throne of blood stained bones with a rose in her slender left hand.

"It's not fair." Bell Saitama sulked. "I really, really, really wanted to mess with Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Charles Xavier... Stupid Lucy, she's such a meanie!"

It was gonna be a busy day, tormenting heroes and villains from a DC Universe... but Bell's heart wasn't fully in it.

Sure, fucking with Batman could be fun; but Bell was a very stubborn demon who hated not getting things her way.

"Now... What's my theme for the day?" Bell thought to herself.

  1. Cougar Maid Day
  2. Milfy Mommy Day
  3. Sissy Maid Day
  4. Butch Butler Day (Futa)
  5. Something else

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