Sisters - Jade Shows Brittany An Object She Found

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Sisters - Jade Shows Brittany An Object She Found

Parrent Chapter

21-year old (African American) Brittany stood in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, admiring her curves. DD-cup breasts, wide hips, a classic ghetto booty ... she had it all. Sometimes, for some reason, people mistook her and her younger sister Jade for twin sisters, but despite being two years apart, Brittany was obviously the hotter of the two. Not that Jade was bad-looking or anything, but being the shyer, more petite, somewhat nerdier of the two, it was clear that she was the less sexy of the two of them.

A knock at her bedroom door caused her to groan and ask "Who is it?"

"Sorry, sis," Jade said. "I didn't mean to bother you, but I found this outside and thought you might know what it is."

Brittany looked at the flat metal disk that had some kind of reddish-orange jewel in the center of it. Jade was holding it out to her, so she grabbed a hold of it.

But as she did, the jewel suddenly began to glow! And suddenly, the entire bedroom was bathed in a reddish light. And when the light was gone ...

  1. Brittany and Jade Swap Bodies, So Jade is in Brittany's Body and Vice Versa
  2. Brittany and Jade Swap Personalities, So Jade is An Outgoing Party Girl and Brittany is a Shy Nerd
  3. Brittany and Jade Become Black Ghetto Stereotypes, Acting, Dressing, and Talking Like the Stereotype
  4. Brittany and Jade Become the Template For the Changes That Will Happen to Anyone They Meet ... So If Jade Meets Someone (Other Than Her Sister) That Person Will Become Similar to Jade, Becoming a Black Nerdy Girl Version of Themselves
  5. Brittany and Jade Become White (Caucasian) Versions of Themselves
  6. Brittany and Jade Travel At Least 50 Years Into the Future
  7. Brittany and Jade Travel At Least 50 Years Into the Past
  8. Brittany and Jade Become Male Versions of Themselves
  9. Brittany and Jade Become 20 Years Older (No Time Travel)
  10. Brittany and Jade Become 10 Years Younger (No Time Travel)
  11. Brittany and Jade Become At Least 150 Pounds Fatter
  12. Brittany and Jade Transform Into Animals
  13. Brittany and Jade Become Geniuses
  14. Brittany and Jade Become Bimbos
  15. Brittany and Jade Both Have Telepathy, Able to Hear Each Other's Thoughts ... But That's Just the Start, Because They Discover That They Can Also Control Other People's Minds (But Not Each Other's)
  16. Something Else Happens

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