Sisters - Invite some friends over.

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Sisters - Invite some friends over.

Parrent Chapter

Brittany got up and got out ofher bed, she took a shower once out of the the shower she got dressed and applied make up. Jade on the other hand was still asleep, Brittany tried to wake her up "Jade wake up , you can't sleep all day its already 11 get up I'm going to invite Sarah and Ashley Bradley over you need to be sociable this time insted of hiding in your room". Jade woke up and threw a pillow at Brittany "go away" Brittany replied "look here bitch, if you don't get up I'm going to drown your ass with a bucket of water" Jade got up "bitch I'm tired" Brittany replied "I don't care". Jade took a moment to wake up while Brittany called and invited Sarah and Ashley, Ashley answered the phone "hello?" Brittany asked her "hey do you and your sister want to come over to for a little bit?" Ashley answered "yea but I have to warn you my sister is being a moody bitch today" Brittany replied "mine too she is being really anti social today". Jade came down stairs dressed and sat down "its about time you got up " Brittany told her sister Jade asked Brittany " why do you have so much make-up on? Its only Sarah and Ashley coming over" Brittany replied "I like to look good".

There was a knock at the door, Brittany answered it was Sarah and Ashley. Ashley and Brittany jumped like a couple of school girls and hugged each other Sarah upon entering walked past the two rolling her eyes , she sat down next to Jade on the couch. Ashley and Brittany sat on the couch across Jade and Sarah, they were giggling acting immature, Sarah and Jade rolled their eyes at the sight of their outgoing sisters. Ashley asked Brittany "what should we do?"

  1. Road trip!
  2. A knock at the door!
  3. Go to the mall
  4. a mystery package appears
  5. bimbo virus
  6. something else

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