Regressing to the mean - Sam's new junk food addiction has made her very gassy

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Regressing to the mean - Sam's new junk food addiction has made her very gassy

Parrent Chapter

"What the hell is going on today...?" Sam muttered as she gingerly poked at the unwelcome red dot on her nose. She owned every skincare product and acne product known to man. Why was this happening, especially now, so close to prom? "Must be all the junk food I've been eating..." she sighed, eyeing the empty chip bags and feeling her stomach rumble. And yet for the life of her she couldn't remember eating them...

Her puzzlement was interrupted by the sound of the bell, and she grabbed her books and hurried off to class. Paying attention in class helped distract her from her recent unwelcome developments, and she had almost forgotten them completely when she felt another rumbling in her stomach. A boy in front of her turned to examine the source of the noise, but Sam's well-practiced glare sent him turning back around.

A few seconds later, this was followed by another one, louder this time and with an added gurgle at the end. This time, 2 or 3 students turned around, one of them poking their neighbor and whispering to them. God, were they staring at her forehead, she whined as she unconsciously felt for the new blackheads. Her hand came back feeling unusually wet and greasy. And when did she start sweating like this?

She sunk down in her chair, thinking this day couldn't get any worse when suddenly she felt the beginnings of a fart welling up in her stomach. As the pressure built, she realized she couldn't hold it all class and decided to release it as slowly and gently as possible. It began silently, but quickly erupted into a long, low rumbling sound. Sam felt mortified but couldn't stop it, the fart lasting for several seconds as more and more of her classmates turned around. She turned bright red as she tried sinking down in her chair even further, the fart trailing off with a high pitched squeak.

What the hell was going on?

  1. After school is cheerleading practice, and she finds she's a few steps behind the other girls.
  2. Her friends invite her out to cheer her up, but she decides to do homework instead.
  3. She finds she's having a hard time seeing, and finds a clunky pair of glasses in her bag.
  4. She wakes up the next morning and her features are more plain overall.
  5. She wakes up the next morning finding that her room looks different and she lives in a much cheaper house.
  6. Something else.
  7. Something else.

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