Regressing to the mean - Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into greasy Veronica.

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Regressing to the mean - Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into greasy Veronica.

Parrent Chapter

Sam stormed out of the cafeteria in a huff. She cursed to herself as she felt her pants digging into her softer stomach.

"No more snacking. Period."

As Sam stormed toward her locker while being distracted by the unwelcome new pudge around her waist, she eventually ran into Veronica. The force of the hit caused Sam's shirt to ride up showing off her softening mid section.

"Watch where you're going greaseball."

"Shut up, Sam. You're just jealous because I'm going to beat you for homecoming queen."

"Yeah right, pizza face!"

With that Sam continued toward her locker after making sure to pull her shirt back down. Upon opening her lock, Sam was surprised to see a bag of pork rinds fall out.

"What is this? I don't eat that shit."

But looking in her locker showed another mostly empty bag of pork rinds and a half empty family size bag of potato chips staring back at her. That's when she caught her reflection in her lock mirror. Staring back at her was a huge zit on the tip of her nose and three developing blackheads on her forehead.

"The fuck?!?"

But that wasn't the extent of her changes as her body once again tingled.

  1. Sam gains more weight and is now sporting a very noticeable muffin top
  2. Sam gains more weight and rips her pants
  3. Sam's new junk food addiction has made her very gassy
  4. Sam's now greasy and sweaty with bad BO
  5. Something else
  6. Something else

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