Regressing to the mean - Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into weirdo Carly.

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Regressing to the mean - Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into weirdo Carly.

Parrent Chapter

Just after Algebra, a class Sam despises, an hour she spent puzzled over her newly added weight, which no one seemed to be surprised about, she walked towards her locker and spotted that weirdo. Carly Anderson.

Wearing an Adventure Time T-Shirt, a Doctor Who Beanie, and a Bob Marley Button on Rasta bag.

Carly was listening to a song from Rebelution, full blast on her headphones. She was a pretty girl, African-American on her Dad's side, Japanese-Hawaiian on her Mom's. She had long black locks of hair that all the girls were jealous over and long, slender legs all the boys ogled. She always wore shorts meant for the beach. And they were always one of her three favorite colors. Green, Red, or Yellow.

"Hey." Carly nodded quickly while unknowingly leaning against Sam's locker. Her eyes were bloodshot and she reeked of weed.

"Move." Sam demanded. "I need my History book."

Carly wasn't fully sure what Sam said, the music made her deaf from the outside world.

"What?" Cary asked loudly.

Sam ripped off Carly's headphones and shouted.

"Get out of my way, you stupid dyke!"

Carly Anderson has a shot for Homecoming Queen for two good reasons. She was gorgeous and she was president of three very popular clubs.

Music Appreciation Club, which is involved with all after school events and festivities and provides only the best songs for the occasion.

Quidditch Club, albeit a very nerdy club filled with Harry Potter Geeks and Stoners, had a very surprisingly large amount of members and funding. They even were involved in tournaments with local college clubs. That made Quidditch a lot cooler.

And the LGBTQ Alliance... which was why Sam called the girl, who amazingly had a busy schedule, considering her chill demeanor, a dyke.

As Sam's blood boiled, her body began to tingle. The spell began to change her life, yet again.

  1. Sam becomes a member of Music Appreciation Club and randomly ends up talking to Carly about reggae
  2. Sam starts talking about the Quidditch Finals with Carly and gains a little more weight in her hips
  3. Carly mentions to Sam about an LGBTQ Alliance Meeting and encourages her to attend
  4. Something else

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