Regressing to the mean - Sam gains a little weight while making fun of Hannah Kim the Honor Student

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Regressing to the mean - Sam gains a little weight while making fun of Hannah Kim the Honor Student

Parrent Chapter

As Adria passed behind Sam, she quietly mutttered an incantation in a long-forgotten language. As she did, her breath suddenly turned icy cold and began swirling towards Sam. As Sam laughed at some comment her beliefs about how inferior her classmates were to her, Adria's words entered her mouth and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She suddenly felt a powerful mix of emotions, fear, anxiety, sadness. But, as soon as it came, it was gone.

"I dunno Sam," freshman cheerleader Lexie said between bites. "Hannah is like really smart and really nice, everybody loves her."

Sam's eyes flashed with anger, and the other cheerleaders looked at each other silently.

"That whale?!" Sam practically spat. Sam was perhaps being a bit unkind. It's true the Asian honor student was a bit overweight, especially around her ass and thighs. But, rather than be taken down for it, Hannah would usually be the first one to poke fun at her extra weight, and she proudly wore outfits that flattered her bulging belly and thick thighs.

Sam suddenly felt an uncomfortable pinching around her waist, but quickly readjusted the waistband of her jeans and ignored it. Suddenly, she spotted Hannah walking by across the room.

"Look, there's the cow now," Sam grinned, all eyes turning towards Hannah. "Look at how much that belly of hers jiggles and tell me she could be homecoming queen..." Unknown to Sam, Adria's magic had also affected Hannah, and she frowned as she realized Hannah's belly wasn't jiggling as much as she had hoped. Her supporters halfheartedly agreed with her then turned their attention back to their meals.

Oh well, Sam reasoned as she returned to her meal with an unusual gusto. It didn't matter how fat Hannah was, there was no way she was competing with all this, she smiled as she surveyed her own figure. Her flawless skin, her perfect D cup breasts, her small belly roll...

Sam practically choked on her food as she made the discovery. Looking under the table she realized she had a small, but noticeable belly roll. This was impossible, she hadn't had an ounce of extra fat on her since middle school. She hadn't been cheating on her diet that much recently, had she? Looking down at her nearly empty cafeteria tray, she quickly pushed it away, promising herself she'd double down on her dieting efforts.

  1. Sam's bad day gets worse when her pants rip in her final period.
  2. Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into greasy Veronica.
  3. Sam is in a foul mood, when she runs into weirdo Carly.
  4. Sam wakes up the next day and her pants barely fit, showing off a growing muffin top.
  5. She wakes up the next day and none of her regular pants fit at all.
  6. She wakes up and realizes her ass is starting to resemble Hannah's, but magically her outfits have adapted.
  7. Something else.
  8. Something else.

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