Life with Emma and Jean Grey-Frost - A Rude Awakening...

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Life with Emma and Jean Grey-Frost - A Rude Awakening...

Parrent Chapter

Emma rolled over in bed, feeling the silk sheets rolling across her heavy breasts and a hot body curled up beneath them. The figure unfurled and snuggled into the blonde's neck, breathing in the woman's heady scent. The bed smelled of sex and Emma's lavender scented perfume. She made a mental note to tell Ellis, the head of this branch of Frost Hotels, to get someone to change the sheets a day early.

"Good morning, baby," the woman murmured, looking up into the blue eyes of her wife. "Happy anniversary."

"Morning, love." Emma pulled the redheaded woman so she was lying on top of her, with her head resting on the blonde's pillowy breasts. The position was difficult, but the redhead enjoyed her wife's embrace so much that she maintained it. "I can't believe it's been four years since I said 'I do' to the love of my life."

Jean smiled softly and laid a few soft kisses on Emma's exposed breasts, focusing her ministrations on her puckered nipples. "Our lunch date isn't until the afternoon...which means we have three hours to celebrate, honey."

"Hmmm...I love celebrating," Emma cooed. She slid her hands down her wife's curvaceous body, exploring her bountiful ass with the excitement of a hormonal teenager. Jean bit her lip as Emma spanked her a few times, causing the hormonal redhead to moan.

"Lay down," Emma commanded softly. Deftly and delicately, Emma plucked her wife off of her and flipped her over, so she was on her back. She giggled and spread her thick thighs, revealing her wet slit.

<"You're soaked,"> Emma commented through the mental link she shared with her wife. <"All those pregnancy hormones, huh?">

Jean smirked and caressed her five-month baby bump. <"I've been wet ever since you knocked me up, Emmy-Bear.">

"Dear God, you really know how to get me going, babe," Emma moaned. She placed a hand on her wife's bloated belly as she leaned down and began kissing her inner thighs. Effortlessly, without missing a beat, she slid three manicured fingers into Jean's wet pussy and began thrusting them in and out as her mouth grew closer and closer to the redhead's swollen clit. Jean's breath hitched and she fell back against the pillows, panting and moaning.

"Ohh, oh, fuck me, Emma Frost! Fuck me!" Jean cried passionately, not caring if anyone else heard. That was a perk of the lifestyle she had inadvertently married into: her billionaire wife owned
(among other businesses) a chain of mutant-run hotels that allowed the couple to travel whenever the thought pleased them. Privacy and the best service were demanded by Ms. Frost and, for the most part, it was dutifully given. Except for today.

With ferocious need, Emma dove into her wife's cunt, eagerly licking at the woman's juices. It was as perfect as it always was...aside from one thing: the heat. Her wife was warm - unhealthily warm. Hot, even. She was about to say something about the strange warmth when a loud knock came from the front door of the elegant suite. The two telepaths perked up, though Jean was merely confused while her wife was livid.

"What the bloody hell," Emma growled, pulling away from Jean's pussy.

"It's Ellis," Jean said, telepathically sensing the man outside their door.

"I know," Emma returned sharply. "That fucking imbecile obviously doesn't understand the meaning of privacy. It's my anniversary! I clearly told them to stay away from this room - from this floor! - if we were in here."

Jean pouted and pulled the sheets up over her swollen breasts. Occasionally, Emma's dominating personality came out, rearing its ugly head. In bed, Jean quite enjoyed it, but in their relationship, it could sometimes cause problems. But, after four years, Jean had learned how to handle the Ice Queen, even in her bitchiest states.

Jean grabbed her wife by the shoulder and gave her a smoldering kiss on the lips. Aroused but confused, Emma deepened the kiss, grabbing hold of Jean's meaty ass. But, before anything could happen, Jean pulled away and pointed at the door that was located in the living room of their suite. "Go answer the door...unless you want me to go take a shower and start getting ready for our lunch date before either of us are satisfied."

Emma blinked, surprised by her usually soft-spoken wife's audacity. After a moment, she smirked and pulled herself out of bed, grabbing a translucent kimono to cover her naked body. Jean rolled her eyes but made no move to follow her.

"What is it, Ellis?" Emma asked the middle-aged mutant who was in charge of making the couple's stay at Frost Resort as seamless as possible. <"We've only been here for a few days and already he's doing a poor job,"> Emma thought wryly.

"A message from Charles Xavier, Ms. Frost," Ellis chirped nervously. "He called your cell phone and, like you asked, it was directed to the front desk so as not to disturb you and Ms. Grey-Frost."

"Okay, continue," Emma said in a bored tone.

"He said, and I quote, 'Tell them to return to the mansion immediately. An emergency has come up.'"

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes. Typical Charles, unable to survive two whole days without his precious Jean Grey by his side. Ever since Emma and Jean had gotten married, Charles had acted like he constantly needed Jean for every little disturbance.

Since they wanted a house to raise their children in, the couple decided to find a nice suburb to settle down in. They wanted somewhere nice but close to Emma's office. Emma wanted something lavish, of course, but Jean just wanted a place that would be good for her future children. Emma was the businesswoman while Jean was the housewife - they had decided that before they even got married. Of course, Charles wasn't exactly willing to give up his star pupil - and especially not to Emma Frost. After a little convincing he persuaded Jean to build their house on school-grounds, near the lake used by students for recreation. Emma didn't really mind since she was still getting her alone time with her wife, but she really didn't like it once she realized what Charles had in mind. He wanted Jean to go back to teaching. Now, here they were a year later, and Jean is still teaching, even though she's pregnant. It infuriated Emma, especially since she knew Jean would rather be nesting than teaching a bunch of teenagers about basic telekinesis. She loved teaching, sure, but she was ready to be a mommy.

"Fine," Emma muttered darkly before slamming the door in the man's face. She turned around and saw her pregnant wife standing there, holding a blanket to cover her breasts.

"We really have to leave?" she asked softly.

"I'll make it up to you on the jet, baby," Emma promised, removing the scowl from her face and replacing it with a smile. "And then again at the house, and then maybe on the kitchen counter..."

She came up behind the giggling Jean and breathed in her scent, allowing it to linger for a moment before she slapped her on her plump ass. Already, the issue she had encountered during their morning romp was foregotten. "Alright, get dressed and I'll call to get someone to pack up. Charles needs his prized pupil once more."

  1. Jean and Emma have sex on their private jet
  2. Charles calls the X-Men together for an important meeting concerning Jean
  3. something else

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