All-New Jean Grey: Reality-Hopping with Myself - Meet the Future Brotherhood

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All-New Jean Grey: Reality-Hopping with Myself - Meet the Future Brotherhood

Parrent Chapter

In all honesty, a bunch of weirdly dressed, old versions of the X-Men coming through the Beast's portal completely randomly and unannounced wasn't exactly a bizarre event for the young X-Men. For Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl, this kind of stuff was pretty normal. After all, they themselves had been plucked from their own timeline and placed in the future.

It had been a normal day, for the most part. They had been having another argument about whether the time-displaced X-Men should go back to 1963. The real X-Men, of the right time period, said yes. The time-displaced X-Men said no. For them, it made sense. Most of their lives were shit in the future and now they would have to go back to their original time and live out those horrible lives. For Jean especially, she had little to look forward to back in the 20th century. Death, death, divorce, death. It wasn't exactly appealing for the sixteen-year-old.

Jean was just about to embark on another forceful diatribe on why she shouldn't be sent back just to be killed some ten years later when suddenly the portal the Beast had constructed began to glow. Within seconds, it began to open up, releasing a torrent of gases along with a group of figures. There were seven in total. Wolverine jumped to the forefront, his claws elongated, his face expressionless and ready.

But they looked familiar - too familiar. Kitty followed Logan and put herself between the younger X-Men and the intruders.

"And who exactly are you supposed to be?" she asked harshly. The group of seven walked into the room just as the portal shut behind them. A masked figure, who looked strangely like Xorn - Jean Grey's final killer - stood near the front.

"We're here because your worst fears have been did screw everything up," the feminine voice said. "Everything."

"And which of our numerous, terrible mistakes are you referring to?" Logan asked, still in a slight crouch.

"Wait, is that ice guy supposed to be me?" the young Bobby asked, clearly frightened by the huge lumbering ice mountain that was the future Bobby Drake.

"Who are you?" Scott said, finally speaking up.

"How far into the future have you come from?" the Beast asked.

Kitty rolled her eyes and put out a hand, silencing the group. "Everyone, keep it calm and let's figure this out like mostly mature adults."

A young man, dressed in a robe and cloak, came forward. "My name is Xavier. You knew my grandfather. The day you let the original X-Men live here in your time turns out to be a disastrous mistake."

A blue, hairy monster with horns and sharp fangs came up behind the man. "We're here to reverse that mistake and give our people, and the X-Men, a chance at surviving with some dignity."

"So, you're supposed to be the grandson of Charles Xavier?" Logan asked, gesturing to the young man who nodded.

"Yes, sir."

"And you would be old-as-dirt Hank McCoy," Logan continued, pointing to the horned blue menace.

The beast frowned. "Logan."

"And you're Kitty Pryde all grown up," he finished, locking eyes with a middle-aged version of Kitty Pryde. She smiled, causing her crows feet to become more obvious.


For a moment they just looked at one another before immediately embracing in a dramatic hug.

"Where's my hug, Wolvie?" an elderly Deadpool said, grabbing hold of the stout mutant and giving him a wet smooch.

"Get the hell offa me," Logan snarled, tossing the merc off with a sharp jab.

"And, who are you?" Logan asked, looking at the last member of the group - a tall, muscular woman with a metal arm.

"Molly Hayes, from the Runaways," she said simply. "We've met like six times."

"Huh," Logan muttered, clearly not interested. "Don't remember."

<"I don't like this, Scott,"> Jean said suddenly, through their telepathic link. <"I can't get a read on any of them. Their shields are crazy strong. And wasn't Xorn the one who...killed me?">

Scott grabbed his girlfriend's hand and squeezed it tightly. <"You want to try and leave?">

<"I have a bad feeling,"> Jean reminded him. <"And that usually means bad things are about to happen.">

<"Got a plan?"> he asked, already going into team-leader mode.

<"How about we -">

<"I can hear you, you know,"> a soft voice said, echoing through both Jean and Scott's minds. They jerked upright, catching the inanimate gaze of Xorn. <"If you only knew, you would want to go back.">

<"Who are you?"> Jean asked.

<"I'll show you.">

With a flourish, Xorn took off her mask, revealing a beautiful woman underneath. The younger Jean gasped and nearly fell to the floor in shock. She couldn't believe it. It was her.

"This may seem frightening," the older Jean said. "But trust me, all we want is what's best for you."

"Jean?" Logan asked, his voice trembling. "Is that really you? Why aren't you as old as the others?"

Jean nodded and tucked a strand of long red hair behind her ear. "My powers never stopped growing. At around thirty-five I got to the point where I could control matter itself and change the shape and appearance of things. After that, I quit aging but I was forced to wear Xorn's helmet to help control my powers. I am here to warn you all...but most importantly, to warn Jean."

The younger Jean felt the room's eyes all over her and she paled. It was the most bizarre thing, staring at an older version of herself. She had seen pictures and memories but having the real thing just a touch away was almost unreal. The older Jean struck her as womanly and mature in her beauty, with killer curves the younger Jean had always craved. Though she had never thought she would have an ass quite that large...

  1. Lady Xorn pulls the younger Jean aside to talk
  2. Lady Xorn takes the younger Jean through the portal and into a different reality
  3. something else

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