Super Maria Sisters - It'sa me, Maria

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Super Maria Sisters - It'sa me, Maria

Parrent Chapter

Mario had just rescued the princess, for the millionth time, and really needed a break.

That Japanese-Italian Plumber was getting really tired of Bowser. How many times does he have to take down that Mutant Turtle before he realizes this game is going nowhere?

"Mama Mia!" Mario grunted with his stereotypical Italian accent as he laid in bed, sweaty and exhausted. "I really need a holiday!"

"Okay, Mario, Guess you're tired of the same old same old?" Master Hand wiggled its fingers dastardly in space. "Let me fix that for you!"
Mario felt amazingly refreshed. Maybe, this was the perfect start of his vacation.

But then a thud made his headache come back.

"Justa one weekend!" He muttered to himself, unaware of how feminine his voice sounded.

"Maria!" A Goomba and Koopa barged in, screaming loudly. That was strange to see, Mario was expecting a Toad.

"Queen Peach and her minions have kidnapped President Bowser!"

Queen Peach? President Bowser? And what were Koopas and Goombas doing in his room? And did they call him Maria? What's going on?

  1. Mario's mind starts to alter
  2. Mario kicks out the koopas and discovers he's now a girl
  3. Something else

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