Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for a lesbian

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Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for a lesbian

Parrent Chapter

MJ hid in the bathroom stalls, nervous and terrified about her audition.

"I... I don't know if I can do this." MJ told Felecia on the phone.

Her agent laughed.

"It's a great role. Do you have any idea how popular Blue is the Warmest Colour is? If you get the role as the American version of Clementine, this will definitely open doors for you!"

"There's... There's so much sex in this movie! It's almost a porno!"

"Wow, that's pretty close-minded, MJ. And it's not a porno. Most of the sex scenes are passionate displays of love between two lovers. I mean, I guess the High School boyfriend and the Work colleague you'll later have an affair with would be considered just sex..."

"Have you watched the movie?" MJ asked curiously.

"And read the graphic novel. It's honestly better as a graphic novel. The message is more clear."

"Felecia, I... I just don't think I can do this!"

"Mj, trust me, it will be a great first movie for you and will show the world what a talented actress you are."

  1. MJ's audition
  2. Time skip to the preparations for the role
  3. Something else

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