Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for porn star

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Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for porn star

Parrent Chapter

Felecia was usually pretty good at her Job. MJ got pretty good commercials thanks her friend.

But there was a lot of doubt today.

"This is a porno." MJ blushed red.

Dozens of sexy women and muscular men were auditioning. MJ felt so out place, there was so much skin being shown. They all looked very experienced too.

Mary Jane wanted to leave, but Felecia dropped her off and the Director was apparently a close friend. She had to at least meet the man. Say hi and politely leave.

"Like, Ms Watson?" A Blonde Bimbo with massive tits asked in a high pitched voice. "We're, like, ready too see you and stuff."

  1. Time skip, MJ finds herself in the middle of her new role as a porn star
  2. MJ meets with the Director, who convinces her to take the part
  3. Something else
  4. Something else

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