Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for a busy mom

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Mary Jane Lands the Role - The role is for a busy mom

Parrent Chapter

"You need the work, MJ." Mary Jane muttered in the waiting room for her audition.

She wasn't about to let her life spiral anymore.

But the movie... it really wasn't what she expected.

Twenty applicants and she was definitely the youngest auditioning. By at least 15 years.

Everyone had a Mom vibe, they were all dressed that way too. Plump, stressed out women with little indication of youth to speak of. None the image of slenderness, beauty was present but just aged a tad passed what's Hollywood tends to show. Given that the film's title was Single at 40, they fit the bill.

Honestly, MJ questions why and how Felecia got her an audition for this movie. She clearly didn't have the look for the part.

"Ms Watson?" An Intern announced from the auditioning room. "They're ready for you."

  1. The movie's director is mutant with a desire to change MJ for the role
  2. The Team is magic and will alter Mary Jane to a plump Mommy
  3. They're normal, but they work with Oscorp and have chemicals to physically and mental change MJ
  4. Something else

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