Mary Jane Lands the Role - Casting Call

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Mary Jane Lands the Role - Casting Call

Parrent Chapter

It hadn't been a good week for Mary Jane Watson. As she walked down 34th street, cutting straight through Manhattan as a heavy rain poured from the cloudy heavens, MJ could hardly hold back her tears. Her boyfriend of three years, Peter Parker, had just broken up with her.

At least, she reasoned, he had the backbone to meet with her and do it in person. He had been quick but sympathetic with it, holding back all the cliche "it's not you, it's me," and giving the, somewhat expected, "it's Spiderman, not you."

It didn't help that Peter's long-dead high-school sweetheart, Gwen Stacey, had somehow miraculously come back to life and had fallen straight into the arms of the non-caped crusader. MJ was kicked to the side for a blonde. Typical.

Mary Jane pulled up her hood and crossed her arms across her slender chest. Just because Peter was kind about it didn't mean it hurt less. It felt like somehow had just kicked her in the damn gut. She had thought her and Peter were going to end up together. Sure, he had been distant lately but she truly thought the guy was planning an engagement. Never did she think he would just break it off so quickly.

Now she felt like she had nothing. Well, not quite. She still had her budding career. With Peter, she had put it on hold, but now that she was a single woman once more, she promised herself that she would take every casting call her agent sent her way. No role would be beneath her.

A few hours later, MJ was curled up on her sofa, going through her computer and deleting all the pictures she had of her and Peter. She wasn't furious with him or anything like that, but she did want to rid herself of him. She wanted a new start.

Just as that thought flitted through her mind, MJ's phone began to vibrate. A quick glance showed her that it was her casual agent, Felicia - once Peter's enemy now MJ's friend.

"Hey girl," MJ greeted with worked-up happiness. "What's up?"

"I have a huge role for you," Felicia spat out quickly. She sounded as if she was running. "I'm going to the director's office now. This is big, MJ!"

"I really needed this right now," MJ said with a slight laugh. "This is exactly what I needed! What's the role?"

Felicia was quiet for a moment before saying: "Well, see, it's a little different than your normal..."

"I'll take anything," MJ promised. "I need the work."

  1. The role is for a busy mom
  2. The role is for porn star
  3. The role is for a slutty professor
  4. The role is for an overweight business woman
  5. The role is for a pregnant co-ed
  6. The role is for a lesbian
  7. something else

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