The Hellfire Club - Jean meets with her special client

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The Hellfire Club - Jean meets with her special client

Parrent Chapter

(Hey, wasn't sure if this was a reality with or without superpowers)

Scott Summers was an all American football star. Nicknamed Slim, he was one of the fastest players on the field... unless you count that piece of shit Pietro from Lehnsherr Tech.

When Scott learned the Hellfire Club hired a new girl, and a redhead at that, he had to see the new tits for himself.

"Don't you play for Xavier University?"

Scott nodded.

"I'll be going pro soon enough." Scott grinned. "Ever been with future celebrity?"

Jean shook her head. Truth be told, she had little to no experience in bed. She took this job to pay for college. It was the best option she had, somehow. As humiliating it may be for the prelaw student, the pays adequate enough for the full time schedule at school.

She just... Jean just wished her clients were all men. Honestly, she never really found herself that aroused over the male form.

"Don't tell me, I'm your first fuck?" Scott smirked. "Ever?"

Jean sighed.

Scott pulled out his massive cock, too big for Jean's liking, and watched it become erect almost instantly.

"This is gonna be a fun night." Scott smiled.

  1. Scott fucks Jean
  2. Emma has a chat with her Boss
  3. Meanwhile at Xavier University
  4. Something else

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