Avengers: Cute Daughters and Overbearing Moms - Who is Toni's mom?

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Avengers: Cute Daughters and Overbearing Moms - Who is Toni's mom?

Parrent Chapter

Pepper Stark was a genius, but she didn't look the part. If anything, she was the epitome of a trophy wife. No one would ever believe she was 53! But when you're a billionaire tycoon, why should you age gracefully? Why age at all? Pepper could pass for 35... if you turned off the lights and ignored how frozen her face looked!

"I'm so proud of you, sweetie." Pepper said with an emotonless expression on her face.

When she hugged her daughter, Toni felt uncomfortable. Her mom was clearly going through a midlife crisis, and dressed the part. She looked like a 21 year old going out for the first time to a club, but her body was a full figured woman! Her legs needed a lot more dress, and her clevage was practically out!

"T-Thanks, Mommy." Toni mumbled. She was a shy, nerdy little girl.

"What did I say about stuttering?" Pepper glared. "Mommy wants her girl to sound cute during interviews."

"Sorry, Mommy." Toni quivered.

"Mommy has a big date tonight. Auntie Natasha will be babysitting."

Toni was sixteen, she didn't need a baby sitter. But Pepper was very over-protective. Toni hated going to her Auntie Nat's. She wasn't her actual Aunt, and she had a thing for the scared little girl.

"Mommy loves you." Pepper kissed her daughter's forehead as she headed off to her date. "Be good to Auntie Nat. Kay?"

  1. Toni at her Auntie Nat's
  2. Stevie gets punished by her mommy
  3. Pepper on her date
  4. Something else

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