Justice League: Cute Daughters and Overbearing Moms - Who is Bryce's mom?

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Justice League: Cute Daughters and Overbearing Moms - Who is Bryce's mom?

Parrent Chapter

The Justice League was just another competition between a bunch of old women, using their daughters to look good.

And the Joker was no different, Even if she was more fun about it.

The Joker was a curvy woman, dressed in a purple tux with bleeched white skin and long green lockes of hair. As a kid, Bryce found it entertaining that her mother was literally a clown. Now it just annoyed the goth.

"Well done, Sweetie. Front page! Fatty Lane must be devouring a whole cake because of this!"

Bryce sighed, sitting down on their expensive couch and turned on the tv. It was set to nickelodeon. Her moms were so immature.

"When'll Harley be back?" Bryce asked.

The Joker glared.

"Don't call your mother by her first name, young lady. That's very rude."

"Until I was ten, you kidnapped politicians and celebrities and locked them next door to my room! What's with the polite shit lately?"

"Language!" The Joker scolded.

Bryce sighed. Joining the Justice League sucked. The Joker had this image she demanded her daughter to hold, but it was so boring! They use to rob banks, steal from museums, torture millionaires. But the Joker and Harley got obsessed with the Justice League. They wanted to show up the other moms, always looking down on them for being gay... and villains.

"You're mother is visiting an old friend."

"Visiting?" Bryce raised an eyebrow. She wanted to curse, but she knew Mama Joker would punish her.

"Yes, Visiting." The Joker blushed. Her relationship with Quinn was very open, Bryce knew that, but the Joker didn't want her daughter knowing that of course!

  1. Super Girl gets a spanking from her mommy
  2. Who is Harley Quinn visiting?
  3. Something else

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