Shoes of fate - Blue ballet shoes

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Shoes of fate - Blue ballet shoes

Parrent Chapter

You instantly recognise those ballet shoes are Ballora's from five nights at freddys: Sister location. You try to slip them on but they wont come on. The shoes are curved so it's impossible to get them on but somehow you do. You try to walk but you cannot. Its impossible but you get an idea. Maybe if you stand the same way Ballora did you could stand up. You are finally standing up straight. Suddenly you can feel your hair turning into blue plastic hair just like Ballora's. Your hips and ass expand and you moan as hard as you can when 2 plastic boobs pushed their way out. You moaned as your penis became a vagina. The transformation was almost done. Your body was coated in plastic. You cry as your insides turn to metal. The demon gives you a choice

  1. Go back to your old life
  2. Have a new life

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