The Shapeshift - Male-Female Bodybuilder

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The Shapeshift - Male-Female Bodybuilder

Parrent Chapter

She decided into a Male-Female Bodybuilder. Then she felt dizzy and felt a bump into her pantie and she look and saw a nice small penis. Then her panties tore as her penis grew and spew out white cum and fell down the bed. She drank the the stuff causing her penis to grow along making her muscles grow. Later...

She woke up and saw her penis is now 75 inches big and look at the mirror and saw her muscles are huge, just like an extreme bodybuilder but 5x bigger her boobs are so huge and hard and her butt is so hard and also her penis. Soon she think of ideas

  1. She gets a date
  2. Calls her friends over
  3. Masturbate
  4. Something else

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