Madame Jean Grey's House of Pleasure - Enter the House of Pleasure

Avalanche, Pyro, Mystique, Destiny, and Blob were all members of Freedom Force, the government's team of mutant operatives. After a hard mission, they liked to unwind, and what better place to unwind than here?

In another universe, it was Professor X's School for Gifted Youngesters, but though the mansion, from the outside, looked almost the same here, it had a very different name: "Madame Grey's House of Pleasure." It was an unusual brothel, in that most of its "employees" were mutants, and it catered to all kinds of kinky pleasures. All under the firm hand of Madame Jean Gray.

"Yum-yum," Avalanche said. "Let's have some fun, boys and girls!"

Freedom Force sauntered into the building, eager to cut loose.
  1. They are met by Madame Grey herself
  2. Freedom Force decides to gang-bang some lucky hooker (blank)
  3. Each member goes off with someone else (blank)
  4. They are approached by someone surprising (blank)
  5. Something else (locked)

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