The Traveller - Audrey, the mother

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The Traveller - Audrey, the mother

Parrent Chapter

"Can I help you?"

Standing in the doorway was Audrey Barnes, the matriarch of the Barnes family. She was a very pretty, blonde woman. Despite having three children, she had kept herself in good shape though if you asked her she could stand to lose fifteen nonexistent pounds. Though she was a touch above 40, she looked about five years younger. Pretty as she was, she possessed a very natural beauty and put on very little cosmetics. Her hair gave off its own natural, healthy shine. All in all, Audrey Barnes was a very beautiful woman.

The Traveller looked up from his papers, "Hello, you must be Ms. Barnes I presume?"

Audrey nodded her head hesitantly in confirmation. "Umm, yes? Can I help you with something?" The Traveller could sense the apprehension in Audrey's voice. "Forgive me, ma'am. If you would just invite me inside I can explain what exactly I came here for." With that, Audrey reluctantly opened the door and allowed the Traveller to enter the home.

Inside was the luxurious, spacious home that one would expect a lawyer and his or her family to live in. The Traveller allowed Audrey to usher him inside into the living room where he would explain his situation.

Photos of the Barnes family hung all the way across the hallway leading the living room. David was still an attractive even though he was entering his mid-forties. Their eldest, Cara, was a carbon copy of her mother, thin and pretty as she was. The boy, Tyler, was definitely his father's son as the resemblance was prominent. Ally, the youngest, was the only brunette but still possessed her mother's beauty even at her young age.

"Now I know this seems quite odd, Ms. Barnes, but if you can just bear with me I can explain why I am here today."

"I'm all ears"

"I was sent here today by my employers at the the Agency. What I do exactly here today is actually determined by you. What we do at the Agency is take a person's innermost desires or any past regrets and right them. We take that and we try to give you exactly what you want."

The Traveller looked at Audrey and tried to gauge what kind of reaction he was getting. She seemed somewhat intrigued and yet still skeptical at the improbability of the situation. He confined on, "For example, if you had a particular desire to have been a brunette all your life or perhaps there was something you regretted doing something in college. We make it as though you had always been a brunette or never did that particular thing."

The whole idea of this seemed entirely stupid to Audrey. Going back and altering reality was entirely ridiculous. The absurdity of the offer relaxed her and she offhandedly proposed...

  1. If you can help me to never have to worry about my weight, go right ahead.
  2. Well, I did do some pretty stupid stuff in college that I'd like to forget.
  3. I can't get Cara and Tyler to stop fighting. Can you get them to act more mature.
  4. I miss some of my old high school girlfriends and I'd like to reconnect with them.
  5. Something else

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